Winner Takes All Chapter 1541-1542

Chapter 1541

The sun is slightly warm.

Iga-ryu is surrounded by lush greenery.

The Iga clan site, which is located in the middle of it, is a paradise, a paradise of beauty.

On the huge pagoda, the words Iga Soto are solemn and solemn.

The surroundings were silent.

Chen Daojun stopped in front of the pagoda with the bodies of Chen Dong and Miyamoto Ichidao.


The surrounding area was instantly silent with killing intent.

Swish swish swish ……

The sound of a strong wind whistling echoed in the air.

“The ninjas are coming out.”

Chen Dong was carried by Chen Daojun, face down, with a teasing smile.

“Just a bunch of jumping clowns.”

Chen Daojun’s expression was unruffled, “Watch this, I’ll teach you how to take revenge!”

With that, he placed Chen Dong on the ground and helped him to sit cross-legged, with his eyes right on the Iga clan ground.

“Who is visiting?”

A scolding sound suddenly exploded in the air.

As a ninja sect, it had its own majesty, and the sect’s location was even more secret.

Even if a ninja from one of the major sects were to visit the clan, they would have to inform the clan in advance, not to mention ordinary people.

“Chen Daojun!”

Chen Daogun slowly picked up the corpse of Miyamoto Ichiban, his figure was erect in the sunlight, and his eyebrows were out of the corner of his eye: “I’ve come to …… to exterminate the clan!”

The words were chiseled and domineering.

Every word, as if it was thunder, rolled and echoed in front of this Iga clan’s gate.

The next second.


Chen Daogun’s body suddenly erupted with violent qi, forming a swirl of qi visible to the naked eye, resembling a pale dragon that ran straight through the clouds.

From beneath his feet, waves of sand and rocks were sent flying.

Chen Dong’s eyes were narrowed by the waves of qi, and in his sight, Chen Daojun’s upright body carried the corpse of Miyamoto Ichiban and took two steps forward.

Then, bending down, he waved his hand.

With an explosive cry exploding in the sky.


The corpse of Miyamoto Ichidou was wrapped in qi energy, just like a cannonball, roaring and tearing through the air, smashing directly into the middle of the lofty Iga sect gate plaque.


With a loud bang, the huge plaque exploded into two pieces in the air, and the terrifying destructive force caused Miyamoto’s corpse to shatter like a firework in the air.

And with an ear-splitting roar, the towering sect’s plaque collapsed to the ground, sending up a cloud of smoke and dust that filled the entire front of the mountain gate.

Using a corpse as a cannon, the mountain gate collapsed, unparalleled in its power!

Even Chen Dong, witnessing this scene, could not help but feel his heart and soul tremble.

Almost simultaneously.

In front of the Iga Mountain Gate, which was rolling with smoke and dust, figures appeared out of nowhere, as if they were ghosts.

Without exception, they were all Iga ninja dressed in professional ninja costumes!

Clank, clank, clank ……

A katana was sheathed, and the cold light instantly stirred the air.

Chen Dong also clearly felt that ninjas were appearing to his left, right and behind him, all with cold armour and killing intent.

But Chen Daogun, who was in front of Chen Dong, had his back straight and his aura majestic, as if the hundreds of ninjas around him did not exist.


Suddenly, one of the ninja cursed out loud.

The words had not yet fallen.

Chen Daojun’s qi surged and his right foot kicked up a stone on the ground.


The stone shot into the long air like a bullet, pa*sing through the rolling smoke and dust.


There was a muffled sound, accompanied by a miserable scream.

Chen Dong clearly saw a ninja fall straight down.


Chen Daogun’s deep and stern voice rang out with it.

This scene made the ninjas, who were already in a strict position, like an enemy, even more terrified and frightened.

The whole room was dead silent.

Chen Daogun stood in the same place, his qi was released, and his fearful pressure was like a prison, overwhelming the whole room.

Even though hundreds of ninjas knew that Chen Daojun had come to destroy the sect, they were all frozen in fear, unsure of what to do.

There was silence.

Grunts ……

The sound of rolling suddenly rang out.

In front of the mountain gate of the Iga clan, hundreds of ninja had their eyebrows raised, gazing in the direction of the sound coming from the smoke and dust.

The moment Miyamoto Ichiban’s head rolled out of the smoke and dust, the hundreds of ninjas’ pupils instantly dilated and shouted in shock and clamour.

What had just happened, it was only a matter of seconds before Chen Daojun used his corpse as a cannon to blast down the mountain gate, then hundreds of ninjas showed up and Chen Daojun killed another ninja.

The fallout from the collapse of the mountain gate pagoda had not yet subsided.

“Miyamoto-kun, it’s Miyamoto-kun!”

“Ah …… baka yalu, baka yalu …… Miyamoto-kun ah ……”

“Die, die, ah ah ah ah! Revenge, must avenge Miyamoto-kun!”


The noise was noisy and hundreds of ninja completely exploded.

“Dong’er, come with me to exterminate the clan!”

Chen Daogun turned around and walked over to Chen Dong with a look of disdain on his brow, as if the Iga Sacred Clan in front of him was nothing more than a clay chicken and a dog, disdainful.

“Are you sure you want to take me with you to destroy the sect?”

Resentment knotted horizontally in Chen Dong’s heart, and he could not help but smile teasingly.

In his current state, apart from his consciousness and the ability to move his mouth, his arms, legs and body were all sore and weak.

If Chen Daojun were to take him to exterminate the clan, he would undoubtedly be asking for chains and burdens!

The Iga Ryu was not a self-appointed name, but the strongest and most powerful sect in the entire Shinobi world.

Such a terrified Dagaku-like existence would be difficult enough for one person to overthrow.

Chen Daojun still wanted to bring him along?

“Why not?”

Chen Daogun smiled proudly, his left hand directly picked up Chen Dong and held him by the waist, as his Qi energy tumbled, he directly led Chen Dong in large strides towards the Iga Sect Gate.

Was he really confident to such an extent?

Chen Dong’s body was so limp that his strength to stand up came from Chen Daojun’s support.

As he strides forward, even he cannot help but feel anxious, worried and at the same time, deep inside, there is a hint of anticipation!

The surrounding area was noisy.

There was an uproar and clamour.

As Chen Daogun led Chen Dong towards the sect, hundreds of ninjas screamed and shouted.

There was not the slightest hesitation.

Even though everyone was tense and sweaty from Chen Daogun’s immense pressure.

But at this moment, hundreds of ninjas waved their katanas, like a tidal wave, wrapped in a monstrous killing intent, and swallowed them directly.


Chen Daogun’s right hand swung brazenly, and the majestic qi coils were like celestial dragons across the sky, directly pumping out horizontally.

There was a wave of miserable screams.

Several ninjas were knocked up by the Qi energy in the air and spat out blood.

And as Chen Daogun’s right hand curved his claw and grabbed, a terrifying suction force directly sucked a samurai long sword into his hand.

“Watch out Dong’er, Eldest Uncle gives you an answer you can’t refuse, starting from this moment!”

Chen Daojun’s eyes were stern, his brow was majestic and domineering, looking down on everything.

This moment.

Even if Chen Dong was relying on Chen Daogun’s support to stand, at such a close distance, he still had the illusion that the figure of Chen Daogun beside him was pulling up frantically at a terrifying and appalling speed!

The next second.

Chen Daogun held his sword in his right hand and slashed out with a single slash.

There was no fancy, no lingering.

Just a simple slash out.


The terrifying and overbearing qi instantly transformed into a giant blade qi nearly ten meters long, as if it was suppressing, and landed blatantly on the ground.

Rumble ……

The hard ground shook instantly, sinking and cracking, and the terrifying giant blade qi instantly strangled a dozen ninjas along the way, sending flesh and blood flying everywhere, without even having time to scream.

The sword qi did not dissipate immediately after it broke away from the long sword, but instead ploughed its way across the court and pushed its way to the gate of the Iga clan.


With a loud bang, a huge gap was instantly blown out of the lofty gate of the Iga clan, and the sword qi continued to push across for more than ten metres before it dissipated!


A dead silence.

Hundreds of ninjas witnessed this scene and were silent as if they had fallen into an ice cave.

Even Chen Dong’s mind was blank as he looked at the horrific ground and the gate of the Iga sect that had collapsed into ruins.

Is this …… really something that a man can slice out with a single slash?

The same question was not something that Chen Dong had not had before.

When he was escaping from the Huns, Huo Zhenxiao showed up to rescue him, and his shot “Great Snow Dragon Cry” was similar to Chen Daojun’s slash!

But they were not on the same level at all!

Huo Zhenxiao’s shot was a full-force “Great Snow Dragon Rattle”!

Whereas Chen Daojun’s slash was just a random chop!


Deep within the Iga Ryu.

The Iga Patriarch was meditating on his tea when suddenly the ground shook, his eyes suddenly bursting with horror, and the teacup in his hand fell to the ground in pieces.

An indescribable feeling of heart palpitations engulfed Patriarch Iga as the ground shook.

It was also at this moment.

A ninja swished into the courtyard and reported in a panic, “Sovereign, Chen Daojun has come to destroy the clan!”


Patriarch Iga’s body shook and his face swished as pale as paper, his expression terrified to the extreme.

His hands were propped up on the stone table and he tried to get up, but as soon as he raised his body, it went limp and he sat down on the stone bench with a thud, unable to stand up at all!

Chapter 1542

Inside the courtyard, silence reigned.

The Iga Patriarch’s old face was as white as a sheet, terrified to the core.

The ground trembled faintly.

The Iga Patriarch slowly raised his head and looked up at the distant sky where the mountain gates were located, which was already grey and covered with smoke and dust.

Even, he could faintly smell blood!

“Patriarch ……”

The ninja urged in panic.

The next second.

Patriarch Iga’s body shook violently, his eyes swished red, and he raised his hands high: “Raise the clan to meet you!”


The four words were like great thunder.

The ninja sat on the spot and waxed.

Raise the clan to meet you?

From what he knew of the Iga Ryu, no one, no, no power had ever made the Iga Ryu so fierce as to raise their clan to welcome them!

And now, outside the mountain gate, one man had the honour!

The next second.

The next second, as the ninja watched in horror, the Iga patriarch turned and hurried towards the house.

A cold, urgent voice rang out in the ninja’s ears.

“Do not barge into my room until the entire clan is destroyed!”


The Iga ninja were completely confused.

Chen Daojun alone had come to destroy the clan, and the clan had been welcomed, yet the clan master wanted to avoid him?

But shock is shock, as a ninja, obedience is the first goal from the day you join.

The Iga ninja watched the Iga Patriarch enter the room, bowed and took orders, and then quickly retreated outside.

And inside the room.

After closing the door behind him, the Iga patriarch walked quickly to a row of weapon racks in the corner, fumbled with his right hand on the wall for a while, and then pressed down.

There was a click.

The machine expanded and moved, and the whole wall parted from the middle into a gap and began to part towards the left and right.

And the floor tiles, too, began to sink, revealing a deep, dark cavernous pit.

Some blood returned to the Iga Patriarch’s vicissitudes of old face, and his scarlet eyes revealed a few moments of expectation.

“Chen Daojun, you have not yet reached the point where you can only cover the sky with your hands and alone I am without a king!”

With a hoarse murmur, Patriarch Iga then hunched his body and took a step towards the cave pit.


As soon as his right foot landed on the steps, a cluster of flames burst into flame on the wall.

Immediately, a cluster of flames lit up along the wall, spreading directly into the depths of the pit, illuminating the long, cramped pa*sage.

The air was filled with a pungent smell of soot and oil lamp smoke.

It had obviously been dusty and untouched for a long time.

Even the ground, a fine thick layer of dust had accumulated.

But Patriarch Iga did not care at all, leaving a footprint on the ground and walking quickly towards the depths of the pa*sageway, while his mouth was chanting words that echoed through the pa*sage.

On the other side.

With the order of the Iga Patriarch, all the ninja of the Iga Ryu were mobilised.

The large Iga clan was filled with murderous intent, as if the air was filled with the shadows of countless blades and swords.

The ninjas were quickly weaving through the roofs of the houses, converging on the Iga Ryu mountain gate like a tidal wave.

The night sky had been clear, but from afar a thick cloud of darkness came overhead, shrouded in haze, with the faint sound of thunder booming.

In front of the mountain gate.

The sound of shouting and screaming was deafening.

The majestic sword qi was like a dragon, and with every swing of Chen Daogun’s sword, it pushed out with the terrifying might of the mountains and the sea.

There was a loud roar.

The ground was ploughed into a hideous and terrifying furrow.

The ninjas along the way were unable to resist, and were crushed like a great mountain, exploding on the spot and sending flesh and blood flying!

The once holy sect of ninjas was now transformed into a shura prison.

Smoke and dust rolled in the air, and the smell of blood was so thick that it made people gag.

On the ground, there were even more blindingly red, broken limbs and broken arms.

Chen Dong walked weakly forward, not him forward to be precise, but Chen Daojun’s left hand, which was stretched across his waist, held him stiffly and dragged him forward.

He looked fearfully at what was before him, a scene like purgatory, like a great thunderbolt blasting hard against his eyes, and a cold chill all over his body.

Is this …… his true strength?

Chen Dong’s heart set off a monstrous wave of horror.

In the corner of his eye, he saw Chen Daogun wielding his sword again and again, the thick, dragon like, fierce and domineering sword qi, blatantly pressing down, as if the strength of all ninjas had become insignificant.

With one strike of the sword, all beings were equal!

Such a fight, a horizontal push and crush was no longer enough to describe it!

It gave Chen Dong the feeling that it was more like a top-down, nakedly descending blow!

It was not as if he had never seen a big fight before, nor had he never experienced one himself.

His experience as a soldier in the Northern Region’s Great Snow Dragon Riding Army had given him a particularly profound experience.

Whether it was him, or even him after he had become a demon, or Huo Zhenxiao, Chen Dong was certain that he would never be able to do what Chen Daogun had done so casually and calmly!

Not to mention.

In an extra-territorial army, the fight was about overall strength, and in an army, the role that a single soldier’s strength could play was infinitely reduced.

Unless, like the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, the strength of a single soldier as a whole made a leap.

The Iga ninjas, who are …… trained to fight alone, are even more powerful than the military!


Chen Daojun slashed out again, a fierce and domineering sword energy, out of the corner of his eye, destroying everything in front of him in an instant.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Daogun’s right foot stomped on the ground with a loud bang, cracking the ground inch by inch, and the majestic qi instantly formed a ripple and pushed out across the ground.

The sound of wailing and screaming reached Chen Dong’s ears from all directions.

The ninjas who were originally approaching were sent flying in unison with Chen Daogun’s kick.

Some of the weaker ninjas even vomited blood in the air and struggled to barely stand up after landing on the ground!


Chen Dong could not help but suck in a cold breath backwards.

In a trance, feeling the force of Chen Daojun’s left hand around his waist, he had the feeling of walking with the ghosts and gods.

“Dong’er ……”

Chen Daojun’s voice suddenly sounded in his ears.

It was calm, and even made Chen Dong feel that the voice had a few rare moments of kindness and gentleness.

Chen Dong made an effort to look sideways and cast his eyes onto Chen Daogun.

In the line of sight.

On Chen Daogun’s cold, stern face, there was no sadness or joy, and his eyes were deep, seemingly sparkling with starlight.

The whole person gave off a stern and slaughtering, out-of-this-world domineering feeling.

He wielded his sword, too, in such a state, extremely casually!

Chen Daogun turned his head sideways and his gaze met with Chen Dong.

Chen Daogun pulled the corner of his mouth and smiled teasingly, “What you saw was just a molehill, just one of the answers that Eldest Uncle gave you that you could not refuse, next, you will truly be unable to refuse again!”

An answer?

Chen Dong was stunned.

The previous resentment and indignation could not help but be a little shaken at the moment as he witnessed Chen Daojun’s strength being shaken.

What exactly is that reason …… that I can’t refuse?