Winner Takes All Chapter 1537-1538

Chapter 1537

Just now, under the crisis of life and death.

Changeless was unable to take care of anything.

When Chu Reed stepped forward to stop Miyamoto Yidao, she could only turn back to save Gu Qingying.

But just now, it was clearly Zhuge Qing who had dragged Miyamoto down the stairs to his death and died together!

Hearing Changeless’ alarming cry, Elder Long and Fan Lu were also horrified.

Sitting paralyzed on the ground, Chu Reed’s eyes filled with tears as she trembled with fear, “Jumped, jumped down!”



Elder Long and Fan Lu were struck by lightning.

On the other hand, Changeless, who was lying on the windowsill and looking down, was at this moment breathing a long sigh of relief.

In her line of sight, she could vaguely see three figures standing below.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Daogun’s voice then reached Impermanence’s ears, “Impermanence, you are not doing your job well.”

“Master Daojun?!”

Changeless’ eyes instantly burst with a brilliant aura of joy, “It’s alright, the Daoist Monarch is here, then it’s alright!”

Downstairs in the hospital.

Chen Daogun was holding Zhuge Qing with one hand, but with the other hand he was holding the back of Miyamoto’s neck in an iron grip.

The terrifying pressure was like a prison, crushing the heaven and earth.

The cold killing intent engulfed Miyamoto Ichidao.

It made Miyamoto’s eyes fearful and dumb as a chicken, not daring to resist in the slightest, just like a chicken being caught.

That terrifying feeling of oppression was something that Ichidou Miyamoto had never experienced before, even when facing the Iga Patriarch!

He had no doubt that if he dared to move an inch, this God of Killers around him would end his life!

“Senior, many thanks.”

Zhuge Qing, his face covered in blood, said weakly in gratitude.

Just now, when he and Miyamoto Yidao were about to fall to the ground, Chen Daogun arrived in time and caught them in the air with his powerful and terrifying strength.

The weight of Zhuge Qing and Miyamoto Ichidao caused a gravity shock that Zhuge Qing could not even imagine.

If there was a cost, it was only that when they landed, Chen Daojun’s feet made two craters in the stone floor.

“No harm done.”

Chen Daojun responded calmly.

With a whirl, his left hand gently exerted force.


Miyamoto Yidao’s body jerked violently as he screamed miserably.

In an instant, he felt as if his neck bones were about to explode, and the excruciating pain was too much for him to bear.

crunch …… crunch ……

As Chen Daogun’s left hand gently turned, Miyamoto Ichidou simply had trouble resisting, and his head slowly turned sideways to face Chen Daogun.

“Miyamoto Ichiban? The man from the Amaterasu Project?”

Chen Daogun suddenly smiled, his narrowed eyes cold and biting.

Miyamoto Ichidou was completely frozen, his eyes filled with fear, unable to control himself.

Staring at Chen Daogun, even though Chen Daogun was smiling, the smile made him feel more terrifying than a ghost or god.

The next second.

“Iga Ryu …… is gone!”

Chen Daojun suddenly spoke, his voice cold and stern, as if he was pronouncing a death sentence on Iga Ryu.


Miyamoto Ichabod’s body shook, and his mind immediately went blank.

He forced himself to endure the tremendous pain in his neck bone and spat out a sentence almost instinctively, “No one can pronounce a sentence on Iga Ryu, that’s the …… Ninja Holy Clan!”

“Holy clan? The holy clan of the land of bullets, in my eyes, is bullSh*t!”

With a wave of his left hand, Chen Daojun directly threw Miyamoto Ichidao to the ground.

He did not wait for Miyamoto Ichidao to resist.

Chen Daojun took a step forward and his right foot was as fast as lightning, with the terrifying power of cracking stone, he kicked Miyamoto Ichidao in the lute bones of both shoulders.

Two explosive sounds were heard.

It was accompanied by two sounds of bones bursting and shattering.

“Ah ……”

Miyamoto Ichidou threw back his head violently and spurted out a large mouthful of blood, letting out a miserable scream like killing a pig.

The screams only lasted for a short while before they came to an abrupt halt as Miyamoto Ichabod’s head tilted and he pa*sed out.

Blood dripped from Miyamoto’s mouth, staining a large part of the ground.

It was a sudden scene.

Even Zhuge Qing, who had been caught unawares, was silenced by sweat.

A shattered lute bone is fatal to a martial artist!

With Chen Daogun’s ruthless force, even if Miyamoto Ichidou had been genetically modified by the Iga Ryu, and even if the Iga Ryu had called in the world’s greatest doctors, it would never have been able to repair Miyamoto Ichidou’s lute bone.

With his lute bone broken, it meant that from now on, Miyamoto Ichidou’s arms would be crippled, and his combat power would no longer be enough to describe it as an explosive drop!


Chen Daogun sensed Zhuge Qing’s fear and gave a sidelong glance.

“To the enemy, it’s not called cruelty.”

Zhuge Qing shook his head.

“Fear not, there are more cruel ones in the back.”

Chen Daojun’s expression suddenly became gloomy and complicated, “With Dong’er’s character, what happened tonight is enough to break the Iga Ryu lineage and extinguish its seed!”

“But the cause of this matter is the Gu family!”

Zhuge Qing said with some confusion as he braced himself.

“Heh! The Gu family cannot be destroyed for now!”

Chen Daogun shook his head, “Little Shadow and the child are Dong’er’s scales of rebellion, and persecuting the bloodline is such an immortal feud, so since I cannot let Dong’er destroy the Gu Family, I will have to avoid the heavy and take Dong’er to destroy the Iga Ryu first!”

Zhuge Qing swept a complex gaze at the fainting Miyamoto Yidao on the ground, but did not say a word.

He did not know why the Gu family could not be destroyed for the time being with Chen Daojun.

But he was clear that when Chen Daogun spat out from his mouth that the Iga Ryu had to be extinguished, the so-called Ninja Saint Sect that was a thousand miles away had ceased to exist!

All the dust had settled.

Elder Long and Fan Lu quickly called for the doctors and nurses and sent Qin Xiao Qian and Zhuge Qing into the resuscitation room.

Not long after, Jiang Qilin also arrived at the hospital with Zhao Brezhong and sent Zhao Brezhong to the resuscitation room as well.

Only then did everyone’s heart sigh with relief.

But as they stood in front of the door of the resuscitation room, everyone’s faces were sullen and complicated.

It was clear to everyone that the current lull was just a sign of the coming storm!

“Young master should be on his way back.”

Elder Long mouthed his lips, breaking the dead silence in front of the door of the resuscitation room.


Chen Daogun nodded calmly and added, “Jiang Qilin, you are responsible for protecting them while I go to the airport to welcome Dong’er.”

Welcome Chen Dong?

Elder Long, Fan Lu, Wu Chang, Jiang Qilin and Chu Reed were all confused.

Chen Daogun and Chen Dong were the eldest and youngest generations, and with Chen Daogun’s status and out-of-the-way arrogance, he would even think of going to greet Chen Dong?

Sensing the gazes of the crowd.

Chen Daogun’s face rarely squeezed out a helpless smile, “The matter is so serious, Dong’er’s temperament is understood, I will go to the airport to meet him and then go directly to Iga-ryu, you guys act carefully over here, if we let Dong’er see these scenes in front of us first, I’m afraid even I can’t stop him from overthrowing the Gu family!”

Long Lao and the others bowed their heads and did not say anything.

In itself, because of the matter of Gu Qingying’s father-in-law and mother-in-law, Chen Dong was already scouting out the location of the Gu Family’s mountain gate regardless of everything, vowing to take revenge!

If he were to be shocked by everything in front of him again, the rage would be enough to instantly wear down Chen Dong’s sanity!

At that point, it would be beyond the power of man to control!

A sensible Chen Dong could still be stopped.

But when he loses his sanity, Chen Dong ……

The old man, Long, and the others had seen Chen Dong’s demonization, that kind of terrifying strength, even Chen Daogun was afraid of it!

Chapter 1538

It is darkest on the eve of dawn.

The lights are off at the airport on the outskirts of the city.

With an airport announcement, martial law was instantly put in place.

There was no hint of winding up.

It was simple and brutal.

It caught the pa*sengers waiting in the lobby off guard and there was a lot of grumbling.

But this time, even the floor-to-ceiling windows, which overlooked the runway, were all covered up, shutting out everyone’s view of the airport.

The cacophony of curses was suddenly plunged into dead silence with a deafening explosion in the night sky.

Everyone was terrified and trembling.

What the hell …… had happened?

This moment.

On the runway of the airport on the outskirts of the city, all aircraft were banned from taking off and landing, as if they had been frozen in place.

Only a Rolls Royce, slowly driving in.

Chu Reed drove the car with an indifferent expression.

Every now and then, she would glance through the rear-view mirror at Chen Daojun and Miyamoto Ichiban, who had pa*sed out from serious injuries, in the back row.

Nowadays, the situation was so dangerous that the hospital needed a living force for protection.

She was only an ordinary person in terms of martial arts, so she volunteered to take on the responsibility of driver.

Whether it was Chen Daojun’s indifference or Miyamoto Ichiban’s tragic condition, Chu Reed was left with a sense of remorse about everything that had happened tonight.

Everything, it was all just a little bit close!

Zhao Brezhong was so close to dying!

Zhuge Qing was so close to dying with Miyamoto Ichiban!

Gu Qingying was only saved from death by Qin Xiaochen’s desperate efforts to guard her.

And now, Qin Xiao Qian was also close.

A sound burst, like rolling thunder, rolled across the night sky.

With supersonic planes flying at full speed in the night, it was incomparably difficult to capture with the naked eye.

“Right here.”

Chen Daojun spoke.


The Rolls Royce stopped on an airport runway.

Almost simultaneously.

A plane was the one that descended from the sky, its speed had slowed down a lot, and after landing, it glided on the airport runway for some distance before finally stopping.

“Go over.”

Chen Daojun rubbed his nose, “Rather a great verve, blasting away a hundred domains along the way, froze and cut the time to come back in half.”

Chu Reed was also mentally shaken at the same time.

Mobilising a supersonic aircraft was already an extremely difficult task.

It was even more difficult to obtain airspace clearance for the various domains along the journey from the other side of the ocean to the domain within a short period of time!

As the Rolls-Royce drove up to the supersonic aircraft.

The door of the plane opened at the same time.

Ye Linglong was the first to jump out of the plane, followed by Chen Dong.

Chen Daojun and Chu Reed, who had just gotten out of the car, froze at the same time.

They had clearly seen Ye Linglong snuggling on Chen Dong’s body!

It was hard not to let people think about that kind of action.

“Daojun Chen?”

Chen Dong was a little surprised to see Chen Daogun.

Followed closely by.

Chu Reed took the lead and stepped forward, “Greetings Mr. Chen, the family is safe and sound.”

These were the words that Chen Daogun had asked him to report so!

What had happened to Gu Qingying had already forced Chen Dong’s anger to a critical point, if he then rushed to the Lijin Hospital and saw the situation of Qin Xiaochen, Zhuge Qing and Zhao Breaking, the critical point would inevitably be blown up!

At that point, the Gu family would be certain death!


Chen Dong pulled the corner of his mouth and looked at Chu Reed with a meaningful smile.

Chu Reed instantly choked on her expression.

Staring at Chen Dong, she suddenly felt a sense of panic and helplessness of being seen through.

“Alright, I’ll take you to destroy the Iga Ryu!”

Chen Daojun stepped forward and took over the conversation.

As Chen Dong’s gaze moved away, Chu Reed’s tense body visibly relaxed.

Under the lamplight.

Chen Dong and Chen Daojun faced each other, their gazes intertwined.

There was a three-second standoff.

Chen Dong’s expression came down coldly, “You know that I came back not against the Iga Ryu, but the Gu Family!”

“I know!”

Chen Daojun put his hands behind his back, taciturn.

“The Gu family should be exterminated and exterminated!”

Chen Dong squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth, his eyes as cold and stern as if they were ten thousand years of ice.

The coldness emanating from his body even caused Ye Linglong and Chu Reed’s pretty faces to change and their sweat to stand on end.

“I know that too.”

Chen Daogun nodded, “But right now you can’t be extinguished!”

The words had just fallen.

Chen Dong’s clothes suddenly exploded with a “bang”.

The fierce qi energy broke out of his body.

The ground trembled.

Ye Linglong and Chu Reed felt a huge invisible thrust hit them and staggered backwards with a scream.

When the two of them stabilised themselves, they fixed their eyes and took a look.

Chen Dong was already like a ferocious beast, his eyes were scarlet as he pounced in front of Chen Daojun, and his right hand was directly pinching Chen Daojun’s neck.

The atmosphere was suddenly stern to the extreme.

The smell of gunpowder in the air was so strong that people were suffocating.

“Chen Dong ……”

“Mr. Chen!”

Ye Linglong and Chu Reed shouted in alarm at the same time.

But Chen Dong ignored them, full of resentment and anger, and gnashed his teeth at Chen Daojun.

“Why should I be made to listen to you again? The Gu family harmed my wife and son, why should I give up this great revenge just because of a word from you!”

Every word was like a beast hissing with all its might.

A monstrous resentment and anger seemed to turn into substance as it gushed out from Chen Dong’s eyes.

The biting, knife-like qi was released from Chen Dong’s body, frightening Ye Linglong and Chu Reed.


Faced with the furious Chen Dong, Chen Daojun was exceptionally calm.

He did not have the slightest intention to fight back, his hands still behind his back, calm and collected.

His lips slowly opened and closed, and his calm voice slowly exhaled.

“Because you’re the key, because I’m your eldest uncle!”

“BullSh*t Key!”


Chen Dong’s tongue burst into thunder as his Qi energy once again exploded, and at this moment, the veins on his neck stood out in a hideous manner.

He gritted his teeth and said, “BullSh*t Chen Daojun! Time and time again, you make me back down time and time again, what the hell are you trying to do? Oh …… you’re my eldest uncle? You’re a big deal? You can do whatever you want with your hands? The Gu family has harmed me, harmed my wife and children three times, yet you ask me to put up with it again and again, do you F**king think I’m a coward who can be bullied?”

“You stopped the Jiang family from helping me, I don’t mind, I can use my power to investigate, but now the Gu family wants to kill my wife and son, this revenge, you stop me from taking revenge, then you are my enemy!”

“I was born a human being, but I can’t even protect my wife and son, so F**k you and your key!”

His voice was hoarse and he roared like a madman.

In the midst of the raging Qi, Chen Dong choked Chen Daojun’s right hand and could not help but apply force quickly.


There was a sudden change.

“Spill your hand!”

Chen Daogun, who was calm and collected, suddenly opened his voice.


A majestic, hell-like Qi broke out of his body without warning.

Like a shocking wave, it crashed into Chen Dong’s body, and the ground collapsed into a five-metre diameter crater.

Chen Dong’s face changed dramatically and he was caught off guard. His right hand instantly broke away from Chen Daojun’s neck and he flew backwards.

But Chen Daojun, with a stern look, stepped forward and grabbed Chen Dong’s right hand with his left hand, and with the force of a thunderbolt, he slammed Chen Dong into the circular pit.

Ye Linglong and Chu Reed screamed, their faces pale.

It was all as fast as lightning!

When Chen Dong landed on the ground, he felt a sharp pain in his chest and almost pa*sed with a breath.

“You’re not even close to giving me a hard time!”

Without waiting for Chen Dong to resist, Chen Daojun’s cold and stern voice rang out in his ears.

Almost simultaneously.

Out of the corner of Chen Dong’s eyes, he glimpsed Chen Daogun seemingly holding something and landing it blatantly towards him.


There was a stinging pain in his right arm, and even a splash of blood flew out.

Chen Dong then felt like something had been injected into his body, his consciousness instantly became dazed, and his entire body seemed to be imprisoned, unable to move his arms and legs.

The only thing he could feel was what had been injected into his body, as if a million horses were rushing around, rampaging through his blood ……

Immediately after.

Chen Daojun let go of Chen Dong, looked down at Chen Dong who was like mud on the ground, and said firmly, “I will take you to destroy the Iga Ryu, as a way to make up for this blood feud, the Gu family cannot be destroyed for now, after overthrowing the Iga Ryu ……”

“Dong’er, eldest uncle will give you a reason that you can’t refuse!”