Winner Takes All Chapter 1531-1532

Chapter 1531

A sudden scene.

Even Chen Dong and the pilot inside the supersonic plane were startled.

Chen Dong’s face changed dramatically, and in his vision, Ye Linglong, who had leapt, was rapidly coming this way.

And the supersonic plane was taking off!

If she jumped into the air, the speed of the supersonic plane would definitely tear her apart!

In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong had a fierce decision in his mind.

In the midst of the pilot’s alarm, Chen Dong directly opened the hatch cover and yanked Ye Linglong, who was close to the front, directly into the cabin.


The shocked pilot could not help but burst out a foul mouth.

As the cabin closed, the gliding speed of the supersonic plane gradually reached its peak, and along with the plane pulling up, a powerful sonic boom suddenly exploded into heaven and earth.

The terrifying inertia pressed Chen Dong dead in his chair, while also squeezing Ye Linglong in his arms to the point where he could not move.

Luckily, although the two of them had not received professional and systematic training, their achievements in martial arts had also enabled them to completely resist the supersonic flight of the plane.

“What are you doing?”

Chen Dong looked cold and stern as he angrily stared at Ye Linglong in his arms, “Playing with your life, is that fun?”

The scene he had just witnessed was still a bit of an afterthought.

If he had half hesitated just now and did not immediately open the hatch and pull Ye Linglong in, once the supersonic plane was elevated, the consequences could not be imagined!

“I’ll go back with you, together.”

Ye Linglong slowly raised her head, her eyes gazing profoundly at Chen Dong.

The four eyes met.

Chen Dong, however, felt as if his heart had been knocked by something, and his brows lowered.

A cold, indifferent voice then emitted from his mouth, “After you reach the domain, you will immediately return to the Mountain River a*sociation, I don’t need you to join me!”

“But I want to help you with something!”

Ye Linglong’s willow brows knitted, her eyes a little unwilling.

“I don’t need your help with anything!”

Chen Dong’s voice was resolute, not giving Ye Linglong the slightest chance.

Inside the cabin, silence suddenly fell.

The plane flew at supersonic speed, not only exploding with sonic booms, but also forming a transparent wall of air visible to the naked eye as it broke the sound barrier in front of the nose.

As the aircraft crossed the ocean.

The domains below the airspace were now in a state of anxious agitation.

“Here it comes, here it comes, to release or not to release?”

“Supersonic planes, crazy! This guy is absolutely insane, do we let him through now or not?”

“Let go! Let him pa*s!”

The same scene was repeated as the supersonic plane Chen Dong was in crossed over the airspace of every domain.

Land, sea, airspace, it was an autonomous right that each domain had to defend!

But after the anxiety and noise, each domain said the word “release” with gritted teeth.

No one knew what Chen Dong was up to!

But the letter of order was like a huge hand falling from the heavens, crushing these small overseas domains!

The Hong Society, Chen Dong and Rothschild were three decrees that they could ignore.

But the imperial edict from the domain lord, and the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon Decree issued by Huo Zhenxiao of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, were like two lofty mountains, suppressing the heads of these small domains.

“Here they come, the planes are coming, should we stop them!”

At the headquarters of a military base in one of the overseas domains, a middle-aged man, with a rigid expression, asked.

Inside the control room, there was silence.

The invisible great oppression kicked everyone out of breath.

“Chief General has arrived!”

With a proclamation, the control room door opened.

A stout old man with pale white hair and a majestic brow walked in with big strides.

“Greetings, General!”

The crowd shouted in unison, respectfully.

The middle-aged man from earlier hurried forward with an indignant look on his face, “Generalissimo, Chen Dong’s plane is coming over, in order to defend our domain rights, stop it immediately?”

“Let it go!”

The old man did not hesitate, and hissed decisively, “Block him, and your fate will be cut short!”

Silence reigned in the control room.

Even the middle-aged man frowned for just a moment, and then turned to give the order.

No one bothered whether to let go or not, the Chief General’s words had spoken the answer!

Blocked …… might as well cut it all off!

As one of the initial small domains chose to let go, the subsequent small domains caught wind of the situation and had even stopped dwelling on the anxiety, and as the supersonic plane Chen Dong was in flew by, everyone gazed in silence at the markings on the radar that were rapidly sweeping across the airspace.


Lijin Hospital.

The night was heavy and the whirring of emergency vehicles echoed through the hospital.

In front of the resuscitation room.

The hospital’s main office is located in the heart of the city.

The long corridor was empty and silent enough to listen to a needle.

The situation was so dangerous that Chang didn’t dare to be careless, so as soon as he arrived at the hospital, he went straight to Dean Liu to explain the situation.

President Liu made an immediate decision and directly set aside an exclusive area to rescue Gu Qingying.

This exclusive area also allowed Changeless to increase their level of protection!

There were no more idle people, but anyone who came near this level of the resuscitation room was a suspicious person!

“It’s over!”

Qin Xiao Qian exclaimed.

The few people who were each thinking about something instantly revealed a mixture of surprise.

The door of the resuscitation room opened.

Dean Liu came out with a few obstetricians.

“For the time being, there are no major injuries, we still have to rest and recuperate.”

Without waiting for Wu Chang and the others to ask, Dean Liu said directly.

A blessing among misfortunes!

Changeless and the others looked relieved at the same time, and exhaled a mouthful of pent-up breath in their chests.

“Thank you, Dean Liu, for your trouble.”

Impermanence said gratefully.

“She is my own niece, Old Gu and the others ……”

Dean Liu’s eyes were a little red, when Changeless explained the situation to him earlier, there was some mention of the two Gu Guohua’s affairs.

Decades of friendship, not blood brothers, but has long been like blood brothers!

I’ve already asked the hospital security to put this floor under strict security, and I’ve also informed Old Meng that he will soon arrange for the relevant departments to send someone over for protection!”

“Thank you, President Liu.”

Changeless, Qin Xiao Qian and the others thanked.

Waiting for Dean Liu to leave with the others.

Gu Qingying was soon sent to rest in a ward on the same floor as well.

The four of them gathered in the ward, but the atmosphere was oppressive.

“Zhuge Qing, how many points of the Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram has your boy mastered? Can you set up a little outside the ward, so that you can maneuver around if there is danger.”

Wu Chang said in a deep voice.

Although Dean Liu had already arranged for security, and Lord Meng would also send someone over.

But Chang knew that those security forces were only for ordinary people, or people who had a little training.

Any further up the ladder, the so-called protection would be described as empty!

Gu Qingying had a lot at stake, and she was not willing to leave the outcome in the hands of others!


Zhuge Qing nodded, then walked out of the ward.

After the door to the room closed, Wu Chang instructed again, “Xiao Qian, Reed, you are responsible for taking care of Miss Gu.”

After a whirl, she then stepped in front of the ward window, her eyebrows eerily overlooking the hospital below, murmuring softly, “I always feel that this is somewhat inexplicable tonight, that Gu Dragonfly came too abruptly and acted too directly, so directly that I feel she did it deliberately, hopefully nothing will happen next ……”

Chapter 1532

A low, heavy murmur.

It caused Qin Xiao Qian and Chu Reed to glance sideways.

Although the two were only ordinary people, they were able to traverse the mall, and their minds were by no means comparable to those of ordinary people.

Hearing Changeless’ words, the two of them also frowned one after another.

“Indeed, according to the logic of normal human behaviour, how did the ancient dragonfly’s behaviour within the villa not make sense!”

Chu Reed pushed up her gla*ses and analysed.

Immediately after, she and Qin Xiao Qian exchanged a glance, their eyes exploding with shrewdness at the same time.

And Changeless, who was in front of the window, also turned around abruptly.

The three of them stared at each other.

Qin Xiao Qian said, “Of the few of us now, Auntie Impermanence has the highest battle power, Jiang Qilin, Zhao Breru, Elder Long and Sister Xiao Lu are all dragged in the villa, if the ancient dragonfly’s target is on Sister Xiao Ying, then her deliberate logic is clear, transferring the tiger away from the mountain!”

Both Changeless and Chu Reed did not object.

For the fact before their eyes was precisely that they were now the weakest in this little detachment I had!

It was not that Wu Chang and Zhuge Qing were not strong!

It’s because of the presence of Gu Qing Ying, and Chu Reed and Qin Xiao Qian, two people who are powerless!

Once something happened in the hospital.

Not only would Chang and Zhuge Qing have to protect Gu Qingying to the death, they would also have to take care of the two of them!

The pressure they had to bear was much greater than Jiang Qilin and the others!

“Zhuge Qing, spread the formation directly to the lift and the stairway!”

Wu Chang immediately walked to the door of the room, opened the door and said to Zhuge Qing, “We’re the ones in the most danger!”


Zhuge Qing, who was concentrating on setting up the formation, was horrified and momentarily lost in thought.

But when he felt Changeless’ aura, he still nodded in response.

At that very moment.

Changeless’ phone rang.

It was Elder Long calling!

“Elder Long, how are you guys doing?”

Pervasive asked immediately when he picked up.

When he found out that the Ancient Dragonfly hadn’t fought with Elder Fan Lu for long and had immediately fled, Perverse’s heart sank to the bottom!

The speculation had come true!

“You and Xiao Lu should come here as soon as possible, that demon girl of the Gu family should still be aiming at Miss Gu, the demon girl knows how to play this game!”


Hanging up the phone.

Changeless turned around and closed the ward door.

The atmosphere was heavy and depressing.

She didn’t say anything more, and directly sat down on the floor with her eyes closed.


The entrance of Lijin Hospital.

The night was dreary and the lights were dim.

Scattered people came and went.

There were private cars and ambulances, whistling past.

Two figures slowly appeared at the entrance of the hospital, stopping to pause, their shadows on the ground stretched by the light.

The ancient dragonfly’s pretty face was covered with a layer of cold frost, but her right hand slowly slid down to the short knife at Miyamoto Ichabod’s waist.


As if he had been electrocuted, Miyamoto Yatou instantly squeezed Ancient Dragonfly’s hand with his large hand and said in a deep voice, “What are you doing?”

“Don’t be nervous, I just want to see if this blade of yours is sharp.”

The ancient dragonfly smiled sweetly, “After all, you will have to use this knife to cut open the abdomen and take out the fetus later. Why are you so defensive of me?”

“Snake scorpion woman!”

Miyamoto Yatou’s eyes were cold as he spat out four words.

“Cuts …… say as if you didn’t come with me to disembowel the fetus.”

Ancient Dragonfly shrugged with disinterest and glanced at Miyamoto Ichabod’s mask, “You might as well take it off, you’re too flashy in that getup in the hospital.”

“No one can spot me!”

When he reached a shadowed corner, there was a low buzzing in the air and his form distorted for a moment, disappearing “out of thin air”.

“A genius of the Iga Ryu transformation, his ninjutsu is much stronger than even the three great ninjas!”

With a sly smile and his hands behind his back, the ancient dragonfly strutted into the hospital with brisk steps.

Inside the ward.

Zhuge Qing came in dripping with sweat, wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, “Auntie Wu Chang, it’s all set up, but the limited materials can only set up some maze and trap formations, so if there’s really a situation, it can only delay it for a while.”

“Few are better than none.”

There was some helplessness in Changeless’ heart.

Seeing Changeless looking grave, Zhuge Qing said, “Auntie Changeless, you don’t need to worry so much, if the ancient dragonfly really comes to the hospital, are you still no match for her?”

“I’m not sure about her battle strength, but to be able to face Elder Long and Fan Lu in a stalemate with one against two, her strength must not be bad!”

Wu Chang looked at Zhuge Qing: “If the old body and her go one-on-one, the victory should be able to be split 60-40!”

“Then you’re making a big deal out of asking me to set up a formation just now, aren’t you?”

Zhuge Qing shrugged, “You’re 60% sure to win in a single fight with her, so if we fight two to one, that demon girl is dead!”

“Be careful!”

Wu Chang said in a deep voice, raising an eyebrow: “The old body can trust its own strength, but not the calculations of the demon girl of the Gu family, and the strength of your boy, the heir of the Zhuge family, who is still inferior to a small rascal in the formation technique ……”

Zhuge Qing: “……”

He subconsciously scratched his heart, his heart hurting badly.

“Wait, after Elder Long and Xiao Lu arrive, we will be able to rest easy.”

Changeless lamented in a deep voice.

Compared to Zhuge Qing’s strength, she had more confidence in Elder Long and Fan Lu.

One was an ancestral elder of the Hong Society’s Ming Dynasty in the past, who was old and strong in his own right.

The other was still a top a*sa*sin who was on the Death List like her!


The words had just fallen.

Zhuge Qing, who was in pain, suddenly twisted his eyebrows, and a sharp aura suddenly exploded in his narrowed eyes.

“Coming so fast!”

Four simple words instantly caused the ward to become tense to the extreme.

Qin Xiao Qian and Chu Reed’s faces changed drastically.

And Changeless also got up with a stern expression, but instead of approaching the door of the room, he walked to the window and pulled the curtains completely shut with a clatter, lifting just a slit to peer into the air outside.

It was in the process.

A dark shadow, as if haunted, lay silently on the wall directly above the window.

Like a gecko, it was glued to the wall, not moving a muscle!

The aura was so tight that it was a stone’s throw away from the Changeless in the ward, but the Changeless didn’t even notice!

And outside the ward, in the long corridor.

Ancient Dragonfly stopped at the entrance of the staircase and looked at the cumbersome scene of tables, chairs and bins that had been barricaded up in the corridor like a rubbish dump, and could not help but shake his head in contempt.

“Such a little formation, what a way to take my ancient family seriously!”

After saying that.

She then took a step, and the moment the sole of her right foot landed on the ground, a strong wind swept around brazenly.

Boom rumble ……

The surrounding arrangements were instantly washed away, and the so-called Disorientation Formation was gone under this kick of hers!

As the killing machine descended.

The Tianmen Mountain villa, in the dense forest of formations, was a different story.

Bang Bang Bang ……

Boom! Boom!


Jiang Qilin and Gu Cang Yue brought up streaks of shadow, like ghosts and gods, weaving through the dense forest and killing each other.

Every time they exchanged blows, it was like an explosion, and the majestic and volatile qi energy impacted the surrounding trees and shrubs, shaking them violently and causing the leaves to fall.

Zhao Brocade felt the shadows of swords in the air, the piercing killing intent, and was already a little numb.

When Jiang Qilin and Li Danggui had fought before, he could barely catch the trajectory of their activities.

But now in this battle, his vision could no longer follow them at all!


A look of horror appeared on Zhao Baolu’s numb and dull face, and then his five senses quickly cried out.

He pounded his chest and wailed, “D*mn motherF**ker, we’re so busy tonight, how come there’s someone here again?”