Winner Takes All Chapter 1525-1526

Chapter 1525

Inside the room.

There was silence, and Gu Qingying’s forced sobbing questioning sounded as if a large invisible hand was strangling everyone’s throat, making it difficult to breathe.

On the phone, Gu Guohua hesitated for two seconds.

Only then did he respond, “Oh, mum is taking a nap, what’s wrong baby?”

“Um, nothing, daddy I’ll hang up first.”

Gu Qingying smiled sadly and pressed the hang up button.


Zhuge Qing, Qin Xiao Qian, Wu Chang and Chu Reed sighed in secret relief at the same time.

They did not know the exact facts, but there was one irrefutable point, that was that Gu Qingying’s body, right now, could not withstand the shock, and more was better than less, and if Gu Guohua and his wife were fine, it would be a great good thing for Gu Qingying and them.

“Sister Xiaoying, it’s alright, that Gu family demon girl, she must have swindled us and deliberately provoked you.”

Qin Xiao Qian moved to Gu Qingying’s side, took Gu Qingying’s hand and persuaded her.

As she said this, not only Qin Xiao Qian, but also Wu Chang, Zhuge Qing and Chu Reed, could clearly see that Gu Qingying’s expression was rapidly dulling and desperate, her tear-filled eyes were obscure, and her grief was overflowing.

Just as the crowd was astonished and dismayed.

Gu Qingying’s body suddenly trembled, as if she had been emptied of her strength in an instant, and she fell to the ground.

Almost simultaneously.

Gu Qingying sobbed sadly, “My dad’s reaction is a bit wrong, and my mum, no nap habit, in the past, even if my mum was resting, my dad would definitely call my mum to answer the phone, did ……”

Know your father as well as your daughter!

The companionship of living together night and day since childhood has allowed Gu Qingying to know her father’s words and actions like the back of her hand.

The slightest hint, the delicate-minded Gu Qingying, could detect the hints.

It was as if she could tell at a glance whether Chen Dong was lying or not!


At those words.

The crowd’s faces changed greatly, terrified.

“Sister Xiaoying, don’t think nonsense, it’s fine, it must be a coincidence!”

Qin Xiao Qian supported Gu Qingying, and at close range, Gu Qingying’s grief seemed to turn into substance and pounce on her body.

At this moment, Gu Qingying’s state made the crowd feel somewhat powerless with no way to console her.

When a thought is rooted in the mind, if it cannot be uprooted, the thought will only swell and grow more and more in the mind.


Gu Qingying’s eyebrows knitted tightly, revealing a painful look, and then her eyes slowly closed, her grief rising from her heart, and she directly fainted.

“Sister Xiaoying!”

Qin Xiao Qian screamed loudly.

Inside the room.

Changeless, Zhuge Qing and Chu Reed were also horrified.

“Send them to the hospital, send them to the hospital immediately!”

Wu Chang was the first to react and pushed Zhuge Qing, “Zhuge Qing, hurry!”

The situation was so urgent that they no longer cared about Jiang Qilin and Fan Lu and the others.

They carried and supported Gu Qingying and rushed outside.

In the living room of the villa, strong winds howled.

Fists and kicks exchanged blows and thuds.

The whole living room was in shambles and things were broken all over the place.

The figures of Elder Long, Fan Lu and Ancient Dragonfly were staggered in the living room, killing intent raging.

The seemingly delicate Ancient Dragonfly, fighting against two with one, actually did not lose out at all.

She even had a few moments of ease when facing Elder Long and Fan Lu’s siege!

“Elder Long, Xiao Lu, kill this demon girl!”

As soon as he came downstairs, Wu Chang greeted Zhuge Qing, Qin Xiao Qian and Chu Reed and took Gu Qingying outside, while turning back to Long Lao and Fan Lu who were fighting furiously in the living room and shouted sternly.

Bang Teen!

Long Lao and Gu Longfang clashed their palms together and were forced to stagger back by the fierce force.

With Fan Lu wrapped around him, Dragonfly did not immediately rush forward, but followed the sound of Changeless’ stern shout.

As soon as he saw Zhuge Qing carrying the unconscious Gu Qingying and running outside, Long Lao sat waxed on the spot, his mind buzzing blank.

“Impermanence, my young lady ……”

“Fainted, the old body immediately sent to resuscitation, here leave it to you!”

Impermanence scolded with a cold and stern look, but no longer lingered and rushed straight out.

The battle in the living room, if she joined in now, she would soon be able to determine life and death!

But in the situation before her, Changeless knew better, Gu Qingying’s safety was greater than everything!

Elder Long and Fan Lu were able to clamp down on the Ancient Dragonfly and rely on time consumption, and eventually they would be able to drag it to death.

But after Gu Qingying was brought to the hospital by Zhuge Qing and the others, there was only one Zhuge Qing who could be considered a fighting force!

If anything else went wrong, it would be difficult to cope at all!

“D*mn it, the demon girl deserves to die!”

Long Lao instantly burst into a rage, his eyes scarlet like a ferocious beast, directly pouncing on Gu Longfang.

And Fan Lu, who was tangling with Ancient Dragonfly, also heard the same stern shout from Changeless, and was instantly filled with depressed anger and killing intent.

Bang Bang Bang ……

The situation of two against one lost its balance as Elder Long and Fan Lu struck out in anger.

The Ancient Dragonfly, who had been at ease earlier, was immediately pinned down by the two men, and his fists and kicks were in close proximity to each other.

But the furious Long Lao and Fan Lu did not even notice.

The cold eyes of Ancient Dragonfly, who was clearly in a disadvantageous position, suddenly flickered with glee and delight, with both eyes curving into crescents.

It was a fleeting scene that was not caught by Elder Long and Fan Lu!

Just as Changeless and the others were sending Gu Qingying to the hospital.

In the back garden of the villa.

Under the night, the dense forest of formations glowed brightly.

But after Li Danggui’s sword stormed the sky just now, the entire dense forest of formations fell into silence, depressing and dull as hell.

If there was only sound.

The only sound was the rustling of the leaves blown by the night wind.

Every branch of the trees, every leaf, was glowing with light, dulling the lights inside the villa.

Inside the formation, it was a different scene.

“Ho ho ho ……”

Rough, sharp gasps echoed through this side of the dense forest.

The leaves that were flying all over the sky had drifted to the ground and no longer continued to stir the long air.

Jiang Qilin stood indifferently on the spot, looking down at the figure not far away, covered in wounds and dripping with blood.

And behind him, Zhao Broke-Ru shook his head helplessly, “What rubbish!”


Li Danggui jerked his head up, his face full of blood, hideous and terrifying, a pair of scarlet and cold eyes, instantly locked onto Zhao Broke-Ru.

Zhao Baolu looked aghast, instantly having a sense of death crisis of being locked by a fierce beast, his heart banging faster.

His throat squirmed twice as he mumbled, “Heh …… think this, is it over?”

The cold sound of the words was eerily calm.

This made Zhao Breru confused on the spot.

It was D*mn near being stirred into dumplings, and it wasn’t over yet?

“Yes, it’s not over yet!”

Jiang Qilin suddenly nodded his head and said seriously, “The inheritors of the Li family in Guanzhong will not be this weak!”


The corners of the kneeling Li Danggui’s mouth curled up into an evil and eerie smile.

Under the watchful eyes of Jiang Qilin and Zhao Breaking, he slowly raised his hands and rubbed a handful of blood from his face.

cricket …… cricket ……

As he lowered his hands, a small squeezing sound was actually emitted from his body.

As this squeezing sound rang out, a bloody gash on Li Danggui’s body squirmed as if it was a living worm, and the blood that had been flowing freely, quickly stopped bleeding in the process.

A whirlwind.

Li Danggui slowly tilted his head back and closed his eyes, with an intoxicated look as he took a deep breath.

“The taste of fresh blood is truly obsessive, and the Li family’s genetic modification really can’t be hidden from the Jiang family ……”

Chapter 1526

Li Danggui’s voice trembled a little.

This, coupled with the intoxicated demeanor, gave people a perverted feeling.

Jiang Qilin said indifferently, “It’s true that the Li family can’t hide from the Jiang family, your Li family’s genetic modification should focus on the path of tenacity of life force, just like you obviously can’t manipulate all your muscles, yet you are able to forcefully stop bleeding for yourself according to your genetic instinct.”

Every word, without a ripple, was a coldness that was well understood.

Zhao Brocade was a little confused: “Do all of you gentry and clans play such a wild path?”

“Genius, also divided into innate talent, acquired talent, a mere savage, not worthy of understanding!”

Li Danggui slowly rose up, his gaze morosely gazing at Zhao Bailu.

Even though his body was stained with blood, and the remnants of blood dripped onto the ground as he rose, Li Danggui still looked as if nothing had happened!

Zhao Brocade rolled his eyes: “You are so powerful, but you were also hung up and beaten by a wild man like me?”

The shrewish words were incomparably harsh.

Li Danggui’s eyes instantly narrowed into slits, and he was silent for two seconds, but he simply ignored Zhao Broke-Ru.

Instead, his gaze fell on Jiang Qilin.

“Dare I ask, what is Mr Jiang’s genetic modification? Is it as Chen Dong did, a full optimization?”

The words came out.

A meaningful smile suddenly appeared on Jiang Qilin’s always indifferent face.

“Before you die, I’ll tell you!”


Mighty Qi instantly burst out from Jiang Qilin’s body, a mountainous and overwhelming force.

In an instant, the ground beneath Jiang Qilin’s feet exploded in response, and the terrifying qi energy washed out in ripples visible to the naked eye, along Jiang Qilin’s feet and out in all directions.

There was no warning.

Jiang Qilin’s body swayed and twisted for a moment, directly disappearing in place.

“Not good!”

Li Danggui’s heart beat wildly and his scalp exploded.

In an instant, a strong sense of death crisis swept through his entire body.

With the disparity in strength, he hadn’t even caught how exactly Jiang Qilin had disappeared.

But it didn’t affect in any way the fact that Jiang Qilin had disappeared, giving him the sense of panic of a fierce beast hunting.

In a flash of lightning.

Li Danggui didn’t even have time to think, completely instinctively, his blood-stained body lunged forward, his feet stomped hard on the ground, and his whole body swooped and flew out like a stray arrow.



Almost as soon as he flew out, a large, snow-white, five-fingered hand swept across the air to where he was standing before.

The seemingly boneless palm was a blow that made the air burst, and even faint ripples of air were visible to the naked eye.

“How strong!”

When Li Danggu felt the terrifying force behind him, his face immediately sank to the extreme and fear grew.

“Ancient Dragonfly, are you …… finished or not?”

This was the thought in Li Danggui’s mind.

In the next instant, his body fell to the ground, using the momentum to roll, rising brazenly and turning back.

“Worthy of being a Jiang Family Qilin, this ……”


The gust of wind pounded in his face, lifting leaves all over the ground and blurring his vision.

Li Danggui then felt a blur in front of his eyes as something shook.

By the time he woke up with a start, Jiang Qilin’s indifferent and handsome face had already appeared in front of him.

“It’s a disgrace to me that you still have an opening to speak when I’m at full strength!”

The cold words were indifferent, but they were full of untamed outlook.

The words had not even fallen.

Jiang Qilin’s right hand had already landed lightly on Li Danggui’s chest.

Bang Teen!

The majestic Qi energy was instantly like a broken river, following Jiang Qilin’s right hand and slamming into Li Danggui’s chest.

Li Danggui let out a miserable cry and instantly flew out like a cannonball, his entire body was wrapped in a spiralling airflow, cutting a perfect parabola in the air, spitting out a mouthful of blood and landing heavily on the ground.

This scene was so dumbfounding to see that Zhao Breru’s eyes were about to fall to the ground.

Was this guy …… already almost as good as Old Man Xu?

In shock, a thought surfaced in Zhao Breru’s mind.

But in a flash he shook his head fiercely and discarded the thought.

His martial strength was not very high, otherwise he would not have fallen into the streets.

He was only judging the strength of Jiang Qilin and Xu Qingfeng by the sensation caused by Jiang Qilin’s slap, but it was too biased to judge them!


Landing on the ground, Li Danggui let out a fierce roar.

The fierce qi instantly roared out like a celestial dragon rushing through the sky, directly breaking through his body.

Wrapped in the qi energy, Li Danggui, who was covered in blood, ejected straight up, and there were obvious signs of denting in his chest.

But the moment he ejected himself, he seemed to be fine, without stopping, and instantly moved at high speed like a cannonball.

Boom, boom, boom ……

Within the dense forest of formations, light filled the air.

The majestic qi energy mountainous and tsunami-like surged through the forest, stirring up a deafening sound.

Every now and then, there would be the sound of Li Danggu’s miserable screams!

And at the same time, there was also a long stirring of Li Danggui’s soft sword sword qi.

Zhao Brocade’s eyes were rounded as he strained to catch the figures of Jiang Qilin and Li Danggui, but with all his eyesight, he could only see two blurred black shadows moving as fast as lightning, fighting brutally.

This scene alone made his body dripping with cold sweat.

This was a battle that was completely beyond normal human perception!

Although he couldn’t see the battle clearly, Zhao Brocade still deduced the battle situation in front of him from Jiang Qilin and Li Danggui’s reactions.

The roar of qi was interspersed with the sound of one explosion after another, as well as Li Danggui’s miserable screams.

It was clear that Jiang Qilin was overpowering Li Danggui!

Jiang Qilin, who was at full strength, was moving at high speed, and in the silence of the battle, he looked like a shura in the dead of night.

Even though it was silent, it still gave off a powerful sense of oppression that overturned the heavens!

“This guy, he’s too perverted!”

Zhao Brocade couldn’t help but let out an exclamation.

The words had not yet ended.

Suddenly, his eyebrows raised and his expression gloomed.

“Someone has entered the formation again? What kind of demonic wind has risen tonight that so many people have negotiated to come together?”

On the other side.

Inside the villa.


An explosion, smoke and dust rolled and filled the living room, blurring the vision.

With the explosion, the air was also filled with a strong pungent smell.

Fan Lu and Elder Long coughed violently, their vision was obstructed and their attack was helplessly suspended.

By the time the two of them burst out of the smoke, the Novel Villa was deserted in all directions, and the ancient dragonfly had disappeared!

“Find it, find it!”

Long Lao was like a manic lion, gritting his teeth and saying, “I’ll make sure this demon girl is left here tonight, this revenge will never die!”

Just as Elder Long and Fan Lu were rushing out of the villa to look for her, a silhouette came around to the villa.

But a shadow had already gone around to the back garden of the villa.

The ancient dragonfly, with a smug smile on her face, did not panic in the slightest, looking at the glittering forest in front of her, a look of surprise appeared on her pretty face.

But it was only for a moment.

“Li Danggu should know to flee if he really can’t fight, right?”

Gu Dragonfly murmured and ran directly towards the courtyard wall, “Forget it, I’ll remind him later!”

However, she had just run forward two steps.

A black shadow, like a ghost, suddenly rose up from outside the villa’s courtyard wall and landed in the villa’s back garden.

The ancient dragonfly’s mind was shaken.

She did not wait for a reaction.

A large hand stretched out from the dense forest of the diagonal formation, grabbing her arm and grabbing her directly into the Eight Divine Ghost Formation Diagram!

In panic and fear, Gu Dragonfly was about to resist.

A familiar voice suddenly rang out in her ears.

“Dragonfly, it’s Dad!”

After Gu Dragonfly fixed his eyes and confirmed that it was Gu Cangyue, he instantly became excited and ecstatic.

“Dad, you’ve come just in time, I’ve separated this group of people, now Gu Qingying has been sent to the hospital, it’s the time when the protection force is most empty, this is a once-in-a-lifetime time to remove the foetus from the abdomen!”