Winner Takes All Chapter 1523-1524

Chapter 1523

The tune is lilting and gentle.

It is not harsh, it is gentle and breathes a sense of peace and tranquillity.

The snowy lion’s ears twitched twice and his nose twitched as he let out a sharp puff of air.

The lion’s eyes, which were originally full of fierce hostility, quickly calmed down, and the two lion’s eyes turned as deep as two vast seas, drowsy.

In just a few seconds.

The Snowy Lion slowly opened his mouth and yawned, then his eyes closed uncontrollably and he slumped to the ground, completely drifting off to sleep.

This short period of time before and after was an extremely bizarre feeling.

Who would have thought that a few tunes would be so powerful?

“Hehe ……”

The ancient dragonfly put down the bone flute, slowly stepped forward and bit through her right index finger, blood seeping out.

She crouched directly outside the beast cage, unscrupulously stretched her right hand into the cage, and with a single finger of blood from her forefinger, she pointed at the middle of the Snowy Male Lion’s eyebrow, staining it with a bloodstain.

From the beginning to the end, the snowy lion did not even react halfway.

If this scene was seen by Elder Long and the others inside the villa, their jaws would definitely drop in shock.

A fierce beast was already difficult to approach, let alone a fae beast king like the Snowy Lion!

Even Gu Qingying had been trained by Chen Dong on the spot, and only then did the Snowy Lion have the idea to protect Gu Qingying.

Before that, everyone in the villa, except Chen Dong, the Snowy Lion would never allow anyone to make such an intimate gesture!

“Da Bai, have a good sleep yo, I’m going in to do some business.”

Ancient Dragonfly withdrew his right hand and smiled playfully, then he got up and stepped forward to push open the villa door.

Inside the villa.

It was quiet enough to listen to a needle.

Elder Long and the others looked awe-inspiring, their brows filled with vigilance.

They had all heard the sound of the flute.

But in just a few seconds, the sound disappeared.

“Auntie Wu Chang, you are senior and have seen a lot, that flute sound ……”

Fan Lu frowned sadly and asked Changeless in a worried manner.

With this question, the eyes of Elder Long and the others also fell on Changeless.

Among the people present, in terms of age, it was definitely Long Lao who was the oldest.

But in terms of insight, Fan Lu’s words were indeed correct as well.

The most crucial reason was that Elder Long had spent the first half of his life in the Hong Society, and the second half around Chen Daolin, so he had a lot of experience, but it was limited to the experience of a powerful family, and his knowledge of the secrets of martial arts was extremely “narrow”.

But he was a top a*sa*sin on the Death List of the Hidden Killers, and he was always out on his own, travelling and sharpening his skills.

The knowledge he had accumulated through this kind of lifestyle was far beyond what Elder Long had.

It was just that when the crowd looked at Changeless, they were shocked to find that Changeless’ face was extraordinarily grave, and it was as if a cloud of gloom was staining his brow, unable to disperse!


Elder Long had some palpitations.

Impermanence’s gaze flickered for a moment as he returned to his senses and exhaled heavily, “All get ready, the Gu family is coming, at the moment of necessity, Elder Long and Zhuge Qing, the two of you don’t need to get attached to the battle, remember to take Miss Gu and drill towards the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts!”

With a single word, Elder Long and the others’ faces changed greatly.

This was the meaning of …… not having to fight?

“Who in the Gu family can make us fight four to one and possibly end up needing to take shelter with the help of the formation?”

Zhuge Qing was stunned and amazed, he knew the power of the “Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts”, and he also knew the combat power of the four people present.

To put it politely, among the four of them, the strength of Wu Chang represented the number one person under Qi Jin, while the strength of the three of them was definitely not bad either.

With the combined strength of the four of them, even if a Qi Jin powerhouse came, it would be enough to get around!

Instead, they might appear to take refuge with the help of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts that could stop a thousand armies!

“The Gu family has Cang Yue!”

Wu Chang squeezed a sentence out of his teeth, “That’s someone that even Dao Monarchs have to be afraid of, if it wasn’t for Gu Cang Yue back then, the Gu Family would have been wiped out long ago, I hope it’s not him that’s coming!”

“Gu Cang Yue ……”

Elder Long’s brows sank as if he thought of something.

The room, with these words from Changless, also became extraordinarily oppressive and tense.

Snapping …… Snapping ……

The sound of footsteps suddenly came from the corridor outside.

It was not too fast or too slow, as if it was a leisurely step.

But when it fell into the dead silence of the room, it was like a big thunder.

In a flash.

Both Changeless and Fan Lu stepped forward at the same time and took up a fighting stance.

No matter who it was, their priority was to protect Gu Qingying, even if it was Gu Cangyue, they would not hesitate to fight for their lives!

And Elder Long and Zhuge Qing also raised their hands at the same time, pulling Gu Qingying back and leaning against the window.

Long Lao said to Zhuge Qing with a sideways glance, “Zhuge, my young lady is in your hands! If you can’t rush out, jump off the building, and I’ll surround myself with them!”

“Elder Long, you’re not with me?”

Zhuge Qing’s brows knitted together.

Long Lao looked back out of the window and said, “Do you think at my age, jumping from a building with Young Madam is not too high, but guess if my bones will fall apart?”

Zhuge Qing: “……”

At that very moment.

Knock knock knock ……

A knock sounded on the door.

The crowd was instantly confused and looked at each other.

They were beating on the door, and they were still so polite?

Immediately following, the ancient dragonfly outside the door smiled and asked, “Can I come in?”

Four simple words.

But it made Gu Qingying’s delicate body tremble, and her whole body leaned against the windowsill, indignation and anger surfaced on her pretty face, and her eyes even swished red.

“It’s her, it’s her!”

The scene at the beginning had long been buried in the depths of Gu Qingying’s mind, but as this voice rang out, it savagely and cruelly tore the scars of her memory apart and surfaced once again.

She would always remember that day!

And would always remember every detail of that day!


Elder Long and the others simultaneously looked at Gu Qingying in astonishment and trepidation.

In full view of everyone, Gu Qingying couldn’t stop her tears from coming out of her eyes, pearing with rain.

“That woman who killed my child with Wang Nan Nan!”


“Ancient Dragonfly?!”

A fierce aura emerged in Elder Long’s eyes as he gritted his teeth in full fury!


Almost simultaneously, the sound of the door opening rang out.

The door to the room was slowly pushed open.

The figure of Gu Longfang was revealed to the crowd.

In the light of the lamp, Ancient Dragonfly was smiling, even a little playful, giving people the impression that she was in no danger.

She raised her hands in mock surrender, “Don’t misunderstand, I’m just here to inform you of the news!”


Fan Lu, Wu Chang and the others sat waxed on the spot.

All this fanfare, just to come and deliver news?

How could that be possible!

Almost simultaneously.

Elder Long’s body shook, and a flash of panic suddenly surfaced in his eyes full of fierce aura.

He was the only person in the whole family, apart from Chen Dong, who knew things that many people didn’t know!

Chen Dong would hide it from everyone, even Gu Qingying, but there were some things that would not be hidden from him!

The Gu Guohua couple’s tragedy …… Gu family!

In an instant.

The old man’s mind went “boom”, as if he had gone mad, and he directly pushed the strong wind out of the crowd and forced himself towards the ancient dragonfly with killing intent.

“Shut up, you yellow-haired girl!”

The sudden scene caught Fan Lu, Wu Chang and the others off guard.

Gu Qingying, who was pearing with rain, was also stunned.

Gu Dragonfly faced Elder Long, not flustered in the slightest, and shrugged with a smile on his face.

“These days, it’s hard to be a good person, yo, Gu Qingying, your mother is dead!”

Chapter 1524


Words exploded like thunder.

No winding, simple and direct, yet every word is like a thunderbolt, like a knife, piercing the heart!

In an instant.

Everyone was choked, frozen like a wooden chicken.

“How arrogant!”

Long Lao’s body was filled with strong wind, his features were tense and twisted, and he roared in rage.


With a roar, Elder Long leaped up in the air and slapped his palm directly at the ancient dragonfly’s sky.

The wind whistled.

This palm was a powerful strike of anger.

“It’s not good for an old man to have a big temper!”

The ancient dragonfly’s clothes were blown around, but he laughed playfully.

Facing the furious Old Man Long, he tapped his feet on the ground like a gossamer, while his hands, which were already in the air, were folded and pushed towards Old Man Long’s big hand.


The palms clashed with a loud bang.

The ancient dragonfly’s face changed drastically, and a muffled grunt escaped his lips as he felt a violent force crashing down on him.


Landing outside the corridor, Dragonfly stomped her right foot on the corridor wall before she was able to stabilise herself.

In a flash, her face turned white, her throat swelled a few times, and she made a fierce swallowing motion, but the smile on her face remained the same.

Long Lao landed steadily on the ground, his eyes were now scarlet, and in his rage, his features were taut and twisted, his eyes were so fierce that he wanted to eat the ancient dragonfly alive!

A scene from the past emerged in his mind.

When Gu Qingying’s child had died, he had been feeling guilty and remorseful.

This time, when Chen Dong left, he made a special request, and he swore an oath of a*surance.

But unexpectedly, the window paper was directly pierced by a word like this from Gu Dragonfly at his door!

“The Chen family bloodline, this is the Chen family bloodline!”

Long Lao hissed and wailed in his heart, his body trembling vaguely, his killing intent pouring out, biting coldly.

And behind him, Gu Qingying and the others had finally returned to their senses at this moment.

Gu Qingying, bracing her limp body, took a step forward, clasping her hands together, her eyes in tears, and asked in a trance, “Is …… it true?”

A few simple words, but as if with all their might, trembling with a sobbing voice.

“Young lady, it’s false, it’s all false!”

Long Lao, his eyes scarlet with tears, turned around brazenly and hastily denied: “She is a member of the Gu family, young madam don’t forget that incident at the beginning, old slave guarantees with his head, this is absolutely a lie!”

His voice was hoarse, swearing!

At this moment, Long Lao no longer cared about anything else, even his own life.

For a human slave, even if the heavens were to condemn him, he must first appease Gu Qingying’s mind!

He knew clearly that Gu Qingying’s belly was now big, full of months, and tending to be stable.

But Gu Qingying couldn’t afford such a stimulus from her late mother!

If she broke down, it would be bad news that would endanger her mother and child!

And yet.

“True or not, fake or not, wouldn’t you just call and find out?”

Gu Dragonfly leaned his back against the corridor wall with a smile on his face and deflated his mouth.

“Snake scorpion heart, I’ll palm you to death today!”

The anger and murderous intent in Elder Long’s eyes seemed to turn into substance and gush out in an instant.

Bang Teen!

There was an explosion under his feet, and his entire body was like a cannonball as he charged directly towards the ancient dragonfly.

He was clearly a venerable old man, but at this moment, he was bursting out with the strength of a young man!

“Remember to call, yo!”

With a face full of teasing, Gu Dragonfly gestured at Gu Qingying to make a phone call, and then with a cold expression, his clothes bulged all over his body, his right foot stomped on the wall, and he directly met the raging Old Man Long.

As soon as the two exchanged blows, they went straight into a white-hot fierce battle.

Fists and kicks were thrown at each other, moving and dodging.

Elder Long’s killing intent was majestic, and his furious strikes were deadly.

But Dragonfly was always smiling, his body like a willow leaf, dodging quickly, but only defending, not attacking, as if playing a game!

And in the room.

In the room, it was a different scene.

Fan Lu, Wu Chang, Zhuge Qing, Qin Xiao Qian and Chu Reed were all staring at Gu Qing Ying with fearful expressions.

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled, her hands holding her stomach, her features twisted, her grief so great that bean-sized teardrops kept dripping down.

“Mom …… mum ……”

The low cry of sobbing pathos, but the grief is incomparable.

The ancient dragonfly’s playful laughter, like a magic sound filling her ears, kept echoing in her ears.


Fan Lu’s expression was solemn as she gently dropped one hand onto Gu Qingying’s stomach and said in a deep voice, “Little Ying, that’s the Gu family demon girl, if you really listen to her one-sided words, then you’ll be playing right into her hands!”

“Yes, yes, Miss Gu, if she can harm you once, she can harm you a second time!” Changeless, who was old and experienced, immediately agreed.

Zhuge Qing and Qin Xiao Qian and Chu Reed were also busy echoing.

“Sister Xiaoying, calm down, her trivial words are nonsense, if something was really wrong, we would not know?”

“Right Sister Xiao Ying, if something is really wrong, Brother Dong will not hide it from you even if he hides it from us!”

“Miss Gu, don’t think nonsense, you and the child are the most important, this big emotional turmoil is not good for you and the child!”

Gu Qingying’s teary eyes swept over the crowd, her lips mouthing and sobbing, “None of you know? Then she must have deliberately lied!”

“Yes, that’s for sure!”

Fan Lu spread her face and smiled, as if relieved.

In a whirlwind, she said directly, “Auntie Wu Chang, Zhuge Qing, you guys take care of Little Shadow, I’ll go help Elder Long, this demon girl, she has to die here tonight!”

Killing intent was raging.

With a single word, the atmosphere in the large room suddenly exploded down.

Only after Fan Lu left did Wu Chang and the others continue to calm Gu Qingying.

Gu Qingying’s face was full of tears, but she still tried her best to squeeze out a smile in response to the crowd.

But no one noticed that just now, her hand had pulled out her mobile phone and slowly moved to her back, pressing it against the windowsill.

While catering to the crowd, Gu Qingying dialed Gu Guohua’s phone number in her communication records.

She didn’t have time to search for the number, nor could she do so in front of the crowd, so she had to dial the number through her communication records.

After all, her contacts were very “cold”: Chen Dong, her parents, Fan Lu and Long Lao, and a handful of other numbers.

During the previous time, she was also worried that she would not be able to contact her parents and was secretly worried, but Chen Dong’s rea*surance time and again made her discard her worries.

After all, when Gu Guohua and his wife had left at that time, they had stated that they had to go back to deal with important matters urgently!

It made sense that her parents hadn’t contacted her when they couldn’t get in touch for a while!

But Gu Longfang’s words seemed to have pierced a thorn in her heart.

Regardless of Gu Guofang’s initial intentions, she had to confirm her parents’ safety immediately!

As the call was answered, Gu Guohua’s “Hello, Xiaoying” rang out clearly in everyone’s ears.

Gu Qingying’s expression eased a little, for to her, contacting her father was the same as contacting her mother!

In a moment, Wu Chang, Zhuge Qing, Qin Xiao Qian and Chu Reed all breathed in and out, like they had been struck by lightning, and sat waxing on the spot.

“Xiao Ying, is there something you want to see your father about?”

In the silence, Gu Guohua’s warm voice rang out again.

Gu Qingying swept a glance at the dumbfounded crowd, and no longer hiding, she took her mobile phone out and held it up in front of her, forcing back her tears and sobs as she asked.

“Dad, is she asleep, mum?”