Winner Takes All Chapter 1521-1522

Chapter 1521

The roar of the snowy lion is incessant.

Inside the forest, the night breeze rose sharply.

Li Danggui rubbed his face, a look of grave scruples on his evil face, his suit was also blown out of shape by the strong wind, and his silvery white hair danced with the wind.

A cold and piercing chill emanated from his body as he took a step towards the depths of the dense forest of The Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts.

“I don’t know if I can delay it or not!”

A gruff, low murmuring voice emanated from Li Danggui’s mouth.

His formation attainment was not deep, but it did not mean that he knew nothing about formations.

The formation in front of him, even though it had not been activated, he could feel an extremely redundant and oppressive feeling with just a glance with his one-sided understanding of formations, giving him a sense of powerlessness that his brain was completely inadequate.

This feeling alone was enough for Li Danggui to guess the terrifying power of the Eight Divine Ghost Formation Diagrams.

As Li Danggui penetrated deeper into the forest, the sound of rapid footsteps and the “rustling” of shifting leaves rang out in the distance.

When Li Danggui looked at them with cold eyes, he vaguely saw two figures walking towards him.

“Heh …… really look up to me, two against one?”

The corner of Li Danggui’s mouth tugged, revealing a contemptuous and disdainful smile, “But now that Chen Dong is not at home, apart from him, which one of you is my opponent?”

The battle with Chen Dong at the Qin family at the beginning was one that he remembered particularly fondly.

However, as a result of the Li family’s genetic modification programme, Li Danggui had his own pride and confidence in his heart.

Although there were many experts around Chen Dong, according to the intelligence data, there was not a single one who could make it into his eyes!

Genetic transformation is a metamorphosis from the deepest level, and this kind of transformation into a butterfly is not something that can be compared to ordinary so-called talent!


“Mr. Jiang, you attack and I’ll defend!”

In the darkness, Zhao Breaking’s voice suddenly exploded.

The words were crisp and decisive, not dragging in the slightest, very different from his usual hangdog appearance.

“Kirin, listen to the order!”

At almost the same time, Jiang Qilin’s calm voice resounded through this side of the world.

The contemptuous and disdainful smile on his face suddenly disappeared, and his eyes widened in disbelief as he murmured.

“Jiang …… Jiang Qilin?”

The next second.

As Zhao Breaking and Jiang Qilin approached in a hurry, Jiang Qilin’s face was revealed in Li Danggu’s line of sight.

Looking at the figure running wildly towards him.

Li Danggui’s face turned as white as paper, and his mind went blank for a moment as if he had been hit by a hammer.

His lips were mumbling and he could not help but burst out foul: “Nima …… like a F**king dream!”

“Start the formation!”

In a flash of lightning, Zhao Breru looked stern and didn’t hesitate in the slightest, his hands made a bizarre gesture, immediately the wind swept through his body, and while he ran forward, his steps shifted from side to side, looking extremely bizarre.

He took seven steps in a row, and the moment his last step landed on the root of a large tree.


In an instant.

From the rhizome of the big tree underneath Zhao Baolu’s feet, a luminous glow miraculously blossomed out, and with a swift speed, it quickly spread towards the surrounding trees and bushes.

The glowing light, though not blinding, was particularly striking in the darkness.

In the blink of an eye, everything around was covered with a layer of light, gorgeous.

Gah …… gah ……

As the glow filled the darkness, a sound of tree stems tightening rang out.

Li Danggui’s expression changed greatly and he looked at the sound with his very eyes.

But this glance made his scalp instantly tingle.

He had night vision!

In the Li family’s genetic transformation programme, from the moment he was born, everything was trained according to the martial arts weapon.

But now, with his exhausted eyesight, he couldn’t actually see what was going on in the direction the sound was coming from!

It was going to be bad!

An ominous premonition suddenly struck Li Danggu’s heart.


Without the slightest hesitation, Li Danggui waved his right hand, but directly drew out a soft sword as thin as a cicada wing from his waist and stood ready.

“Mr. Zhao has profound attainments, Qilin admires him!”

Jiang Qilin glanced in amazement at Zhao Bailu, who was standing upright on the roots of the tree, and gave an arching fist.

He had been strictly “protected” by the Jiang family since he was a child, and now he had reached the age of maturity without understanding the ways of the world, so his compliment was more genuine than anything else!

Zhao Brou couldn’t help but puff out his chest: “I’m kidding! I set up this formation, Mr. Jiang, just attack, the area is already a barrel, this little B*****d won’t be able to get out!”

The words of a city rascal were sharp and piercing.

But when it fell on Li Danggui’s ears, it was like a million needles conking his heart.

This was a naked insult to him!

Li Danggui clenched his teeth in anger and shot a deadly glare at Zhao Brelu, then fell back on Jiang Qilin’s body, his eyes suddenly turning scornful.

The Jiang family had always been very protective of Jiang Qilin.

But after the Sixth Master Jiang had forcibly expelled Jiang Qilin from the Jiang family before, this matter had long since become no secret at least among the top clans and gentry.

Li Danggui naturally knew Jiang Qilin’s background!

This person in front of him was a fierce weapon that had been hammered for thirty years by the entire Jiang family behind closed doors, with the strength of the entire clan and the majestic heritage of a thousand year old family and gatehouse ……!

“The qilin dedication!”

In a moment, Jiang Qilin smiled faintly and was about to step forward.

But as soon as he took a step, Li Danggui, who was standing by in a strict position, suddenly twitched his body and sternly chided.

“The Jiang family Qilin is now fighting two against one? It’s simply disgraceful for a great man!”


Jiang Qilin’s footsteps gave a beat, and his expression suddenly sank down with some resentment.

Clearly he had been poked by Li Danggui’s words!

When he saw Jiang Qilin stop, Li Danggui secretly breathed a sigh of relief and was overjoyed.

He had deliberately provoked Jiang Qilin!

The formation in front of him was already terrifying enough, and Jiang Qilin was also a vicious weapon!

If the formation and the vicious weapon were to come together, then what would be the point of playing?

Li Danggu’s intention was to trigger the formation and stall for time, so that the ancient dragonfly in the shadows would have enough time to perform.

And yet.

There was silence.

Surrounded by light, Zhao Broken suddenly viciously spat a mouthful of spit on the ground.

“D*mn it! I’ve been in society since I was a kid, and I’ve never heard of any two idiots who can bully the few with more people and have to fight them one on one!”

Zhao Ru crossed his arms with a villainous look, “Mr. Jiang don’t listen to this calf’s nonsense, these days you have to bully the few with the many, and if you don’t take advantage of a son of a B*tch!”

Li Danggui: “……”

Jiang Qilin’s face was hesitant as he turned back to Zhao Baolu, “But this is indeed a bit shameful!”

Zhao Brocade waved his hand, “It’s not shameful, it’s called humane!”


A flash of colour rose in Jiang Qilin’s eyes and he nodded vigorously, “I understand, thank you for teaching me, Mr. Zhao!”

The words had just fallen.

Li Danggui’s face had already turned iron blue, he had the urge to vomit blood, and the way he looked at Zhao Broke-Ru, he could not wait to directly eat Zhao Broke-Ru alive!

The next second.

He gritted his teeth and cursed angrily with all his might, “I groove nima!”

Chapter 1522

The angry curses echoed through the dense forest.

But Zhao Breru was pleased instead of annoyed, and smiled disdainfully: “Cut …… up, I’ve heard this from my ears since I was a kid, how old are you?”

Jiang Qilin: “……”

Li Danggui: “……”

Both of them were from noble backgrounds, unruly and untamed, and had been brought up with the family training of the noble families.

However, Zhao’s words, “the world of human kindness”, made Jiang Qilin no longer have any qualms.

He had been expelled from the Jiang family by the Sixth Master because he did not understand the ways of the world and had deliberately come to the human world for training.

Now that Zhao Breaking had the heart to teach him a lesson, Jiang Qilin couldn’t be more grateful!

“Is this what the world of people is like? I’ve finally learnt a profound lesson since I left the Jiang family, I’ll have to take note of it!”

This was the thought that went through Jiang Qilin’s mind.

In a flash.


A majestic and turbulent Qi energy surged out from Jiang Qilin’s body, like a tidal wave, wreaking havoc in all directions.

The thick fallen leaves on the ground were instantly lifted up by the violent and fierce qi energy, turning into fragments and scattering in the air.

As the qi surged, Jiang Qilin’s entire aura changed dramatically, like a sheathed sword pointing straight at the sky, so severe that it seemed to rise up to the sky, wanting to tear the night sky!

The fearful pressure crushed down on Li Danggui.

Li Danggui’s expression was sunken, and he could not hide the fear in his eyes.

Facing Jiang Qilin, he even felt like he was facing a churning and turbulent sea, a terrifying sense of oppression that made his body tremble and his sweat stand on end.

Clearly there was not much difference in age between the two, but the strength of the two gave Li Danggu a sense of desperation that made him feel dishevelled and powerless.

Was this the fierce weapon that the Jiang family had refined with the strength of their entire clan and a thousand years of heritage?

For the first time among his peers, Li Danggui felt humble, “How can the light of a grain of rice dare to compete with the glory of the white moon?” Even when he faced Chen Dong, he had never felt this way!

“Hoo ……”

Li Danggui exhaled heavily and said, “Ancient Dragonfly, hurry the hell up, or you’ll really have to die here today!

The whirlwind.

He raised his hand and clasped his fist, solemnly saying, “I am Li Danggui!”



Mighty Qi energy wrapped around Jiang Qilin, and without any unnecessary nonsense, just one word was spat out like thunder.

With that, Jiang Qilin took a step forward.

Swish swish swish ……

The trees covered in glittering light around him instantly trembled.

An invisible, harsh killing intent filled this side of heaven and earth, as if the shadow of swords and light were spreading across the long sky.

This scene, if Zhuge Qing had seen it, would definitely have exclaimed smacking his lips.

After all,…… now in this Tianmen Mountain villa, no one understands the consequences of all this before him better than he does!

Li Danggui’s silver-white hair twitched a bit, his expression was austere, and his qi energy then broke out of his body.

He sensed the harsh killing intent around him.

But not being well-versed in formations, he was not sure what would happen next!

Therefore, he directly crossed his soft sword in front of him and took a step back, a*suming a defensive stance.

With no change, he would respond to all changes!

The next second.


Jiang Qilin’s expression was solemn and cold as he suddenly opened his voice.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh ……

The dark air instantly resounded with a dense sound of breaking wind, as if ten thousand arrows had been fired at once!

In a flash of lightning.

A strong sense of crisis engulfed Li Danggui.

Li Danggui’s face changed greatly, his pupils following closely to the extreme.

In the snap of his fingers, he exhausted his eyesight and clearly saw countless leaves shaking down from the big trees all around the roaming sky, each and every one of them blazingly harsh, cutting through the air and swallowing him in unison.


Li Danggui’s heart and soul shook as the leaves came close to him, and he cursed, his soft sword instantly wrapped in qi energy, whistling as fast as lightning, bringing up fragments of shadow, forming a curtain of sword qi that pushed directly towards the countless leaves around him.

Clang clang clang ……

The sound of metal clashing with metal resounded intensively.

There were even clusters of sparks that erupted as the leaves shot out at the soft sword.

It was hard to imagine that a soft leaf could cause such a movement on a sword.

And yet, it was happening now!

The leaves fell from the sky and spilled down, sending a wave of qi into the air, so powerful that it looked like a leaf blade, devouring Li Danggui.

From the beginning to the end, both Zhao Breru, who was guarding the formation, and Jiang Qilin, who was in charge of the attack, stood in the same place without making any other changes, indifferently watching the leaves devouring Li Danggui.

The mystery of the formation was at its best at this moment!

The so-called “one burst to stop a thousand armies” can also be seen in the scene before us!

Amidst the sword shadows and metal clashes, the sound of leaves cutting into Li Danggui’s clothes and flesh was heard every now and then.

There was also a muffled grunt of pain from Li Danggui!

Not far away.

Zhao Baolu looked at Jiang Qilin’s back with his jaw dropped, all his attention focused on Jiang Qilin.

Even at this moment, he no longer cared about Li Danggui’s death!

The feeling Jiang Qilin gave him was nothing but a shock, but still a shock!

“Just by deducing a bit, he can command my Eight Divine Ghost Formation Diagram to such an extent, if the complete Eight Divine Ghost Formation Diagram was given to him, would he be able to achieve what Old Man Xu did? No, would it be better than Old Man Xu?”

Zhao Broke-Ru’s heart leapt with fear as he speculated.


Suddenly, Li Danggui, who was surrounded and engulfed by the endless leaves, let out a roar.


The majestic and vast sword qi instantly erupted in hundreds and thousands, instantly strangling the leaves swallowed down around him in a fierce and domineering manner.

The power of the sword did not stop there.

As the sword qi broke through the countless overpowering leaves, the glowing light in the entire dense forest of the formation shone brightly.

With Li Danggui’s sword qi, a one metre diameter pillar of light was formed blatantly, rising to the sky and illuminating the night sky!

A sudden scene.

The sudden scene caused Zhao Brocade and Jiang Qilin to change their expressions at the same time, their pupils shrinking.

And inside the villa.

Elder Long, Wu Chang, Zhuge Qing, Chu Reed and Qin Xiao Qian had already gathered in the room where Gu Qingying and Fan Lu were at first.

The Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts and the Snowy Lion were warned at the same time.

This matter was not trivial!

The warning of the formation was only detected by Zhao Brocade and Jiang Qilin, but the warning of the Snowy Lion was a blast from heaven and earth, it would be difficult not to detect it!

By the window of the room, there was a sideways glance at the dense forest of formations in the backyard.

At this moment, all the people are gathered at the window, but even if they gather to watch, Fan Lu and Wu Chang are standing on the periphery near the door, while Elder Long and Zhuge Qing are guarding Gu Qingying left and right, and Chu Reed and Qin Xiao Qian are standing in random positions because of their standing.

The crowd looked at the formation within the dense forest, rising up, incomparably eye-catching pillar of light, have been shocked dumbfounded.

Only Chang’s expression, different from the crowd, was incomparably complicated.

“The person coming is too strong!”

Zhuge Qing let out a gruff sigh, “If he wasn’t strong, he would never be able to break through the blockade confinement of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, and none of us present would be able to do this!”

The gruff sigh caused Elder Long and the others’ faces to change greatly.

Everyone knew that Zhuge Qing had already entered the state of enlightening the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, so Zhuge Qing’s words were tantamount to …… authority!

“Be careful and guard against it, I’m not afraid of that person being strong, but I’m afraid that the person in the formation has strong support, it’s the openly repairing the stacks and the darkness that will kill you!”

Elder Long lowered his eyebrows and sighed with a gloomy expression.


In the front yard of the villa.

A delicate silhouette came in.

The ancient dragonfly faced the fierce-eyed snowy lion inside the beast cage, but was calm as usual, smiling as she took out a small piccolo as white as bone, about palm-length, from her pocket.

“Big White, take a nap.”

Whirling, her red lips rested on top of the piccolo ……