Winner Takes All Chapter 1517-1518

Chapter 1517

Bang bang bang ……

“Let her go, please let her go …… ooooooooo …… please!”

Gu Guohua kowtowed heavily again and again.

The sound of miserable pleading resounded in this quiet cemetery.

This scene, in the eyes of Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang in the distance, was nothing more than the now mad Gu Guohua still remaining in the scene when Li Wanqing was killed, treating Chen Dong as the bad guy and bitterly begging for protection of Li Wanqing on the tombstone!

But in Chen Dong’s eyes, it was very different!

He knew that his father-in-law was pretending to be crazy!

This kowtowing and begging was a cry for him to divorce Gu Qingying!

For a moment, Chen Dong’s eyes were hazy with tears, his features were trembling and twisted, his heart was like a knife twisting, and his body was in indescribable pain.

A father kneeling to his son, the heavens will strike him down!

With such a gesture, his father-in-law’s determination was like a million swords, lashing out at Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s mind was blank, slowly propped up and sat up, looking at the insane state kowtowing and crying Gu Guohua, speechless and choked.

Did …… it really have to go that far?

The tears came out like a broken river.

The guilt and self-blame, the monstrous waves of the sea engulfed Chen Dong.

The sound of his father-in-law’s cries and kowtowing kept echoing in his ears.

“After all …… is unable to fight this heaven? Must I repeat my father’s mistake even though I am unwilling to do so? Is father-in-law pretending to be crazy just to take a humble enough stance to be able to save his life and preserve Little Shadow and the child?”

These were the thoughts in Chen Dong’s mind.

A tidal wave of questions surfaced in his mind as he drifted in and out of a trance.

“Please …… please ……”

Gu Guohua kowtowed his head and begged more and more violently.

Even the rupture of his scalp from kowtowing, blood flowing, did not stop, his gaunt and mottled old face was equally old and tearful.

Time and again, he raised his head, and his tearful eyes swept over Chen Dong’s body with determination and severity.

Say yes, Dong’er!

Only then will you be able to go forward without any worries!

Otherwise ……

Gu Guohua ruthlessly clenched his teeth and suddenly pounced on Chen Dong like a wild animal, pouncing on him once again and swinging his fist down on Chen Dong’s body.

Bang Bang Bang ……

“Ahhhhh …… and you fight, I fight with you, she can’t live, I won’t live either ah!”

The fist to flesh crazy action, let the distant Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang all face changed greatly, but hesitated.

It was Chen Dong who had already torn his heart and lungs out in grief.

His father-in-law’s frantic hissing was clearly something else.

The next second.


Chen Dong suddenly opened his mouth, tearing his heart out with a roaring yell that shot straight to the clouds.

“Let her go, I’ll let her go!”

With each word, it was as if Chen Dong had used all his strength.

When the last word came out, Chen Dong’s entire body collapsed to the ground, like a puddle of mud, his gaze fluttering and empty, except for the tears flowing down from the corners of his eyes.

“Hahahahaha …… is saved, saved!”

Tears also flowed from Gu Guohua’s eyes as he got up and staggered back to Li Wanqing’s tombstone, hugging it and saying soothingly, “Honey, saved, he let it go, he let it go, hey hey hey …… home, we’re home.”

Seeing the situation calmed down.

Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang also defied Chen Dong’s orders and brought the Hong Society members to welcome them.

Seeing Chen Dong’s face full of bruises, Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang looked complicated, and the shame and self-blame in their eyes were so strong that they seemed to turn into substance.

If there was no decision to gamble, why would Chen Dong be facing his father-in-law like this today?

“Mr. Chen ……”

Ye Yuanqiu squatted beside Chen Dong and said with pathos in his tone, “It was the old man who was wrong, it was the old man who did wrong ah!”

“Haha …… hahahahaha ……”

Chen Dong lay on the ground and laughed uncontrollably, his body kept trembling.

But in the eyes of Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang, it was a heart like a knife.

Parental affection, this had always been something more important than life to Chen Dong.

This was true of Li Lan at the beginning, and it was equally true of Gu Guohua and his wife today!

The sound of laughter echoed through the cemetery, sad and determined and desolate.

Everyone’s attention was on Chen Dong, and no one noticed that Gu Guohua, who was leaning on the tombstone, was also looking despondent and gloomy to the extreme, looking at Chen Dong with tears in his eyes, the corners of his mouth trembling incessantly.

This process lasted for a few seconds.

Chen Dong sat up and wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth, and then walked up to Gu Guohua with the pretense of caution.

And Gu Guohua duly cooperated by revealing a frightened and alert look.

“Dad, Dong’er carry you home.”

Chen Dong turned around and squatted in front of Gu Guohua.

He did not rush to break down Gu Guohua’s pretence of madness, either to simply protect Gu Qingying, or perhaps for another reason.

The scene in front of him, Chen Dong did not even think it was a good opportunity to break it down immediately.

It was obviously vital that his father-in-law, after so many years in the mall and after witnessing his mother-in-law’s life and death, still had the calculations of pretending to be crazy in his mind this time!

This time, Gu Guohua seemed very “calm” although alert, but the previous intense exercise, so that his strong days of sleepless body, but also reached the limit.

He hesitated for a moment.

Gu Guohua then leaned on Chen Dong’s back and whispered, “What about my wife?”

These words were obviously spoken to Ye Yuanqiu, Yuan Yigang and the members of the Hong Society.

However, it still left Chen Dong with mixed feelings in his heart.

“It’s alright, go home first, eat well and sleep well, Mum’s here.”

Chen Dong smiled sadly and said comfortingly.

Gu Guohua let out a “mmm” from her mouth and nose, and only then did she stop showing the slightest resistance.

All of them walked out of the cemetery in a great hurry.

After getting into the car, Gu Guohua leaned on Chen Dong’s shoulder for a short while before falling asleep.

His breathing was steady and his chest rose and fell regularly.

Chen Dong is clear that in order to pretend to be crazy, his father-in-law may have really pushed his physical fitness to the limit in the past few days, and only now, with himself by his side, can he sleep at ease.

Just …… was there another reason for father-in-law to pretend to be crazy or not?

Chen Dong slowly turned his head to look out the window, his eyes were deep, as if they were two black holes.

Mountain River Club.

Ye Linglong’s eyebrows were furrowed and she sat sullenly in the courtyard, her hands clenched together and circling.

Initially she did not know what had happened when Hong would mobilise three thousand six hundred gates.

But as Gu Guohua and his wife were found and Chen Dong successfully settled in the southwest of the domain, the news blockade on her within the Hong Society was much looser.

When she learned of the situation, Ye Linglong was so frightened that she lost her face and was depressed and apprehensive day and night for the past two days.

“If you knew about it, you would be very sad, right?”

Ye Linglong propped her chin up with her right hand and murmured in a lost voice.

At that exact moment.

A man came running in.

“Ye Hong stick, Ancestor and Dragon Head and the others are back, and Ancestor Chen is here too!”


Ye Linglong’s eyes erupted with a brilliant smile in a flash, and he stood up with a start.

“Ye Hong stick, you ……”

The visitor looked at Ye Linglong in dismay.

Ye Linglong playfully spat out her tongue and reacted: if he saw me like this, he would definitely misunderstand, right?

Thinking of this, Ye Linglong looked as normal and waved her hand, “Got it, you go out first, I’ll go see them later.”

Chapter 1518

The caravan drove into the Shanhe Guild.

Chen Dong declined the banquet invitation from Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang and others, and directly carried the insane Gu Guohua on his back and entered the room in the mansion arranged by the Hong Society.

With the courtyard door closed.

In the large courtyard, only Chen Dong and Gu Guohua remained.

But Gu Guohua, who was lying on his back, never “calmed down”, so Chen Dong did not rush to ask him.

It was not too much to say that the walls had ears.

After carrying Gu Guohua into the bedroom, Chen Dong slowly put Gu Guohua down.

“Dad, you take a good rest.”

Gu Guohua’s face was full of exhaustion and haggardness, sitting on the chair like a statue, but the eyes he looked at Chen Dong were incomparably complicated, with tears welling up.

The two men looked at each other without words.

It was as if the interplay of their gazes was telling something, or as if they were simply staring at each other.

A few seconds later.

Chen Dong turned around and made a pot of tea and handed it to Gu Guohua.

Gu Guohua’s eyes lit up and he grabbed the teapot and poured it into his mouth with a “gulp” at the spout.

Even though he did this, in Chen Dong’s eyes, he still looked a little bit crazy.

It made his heart clench.

My father-in-law and I were alone together, but he was still trying his best to act crazy, what was he worried about?

Chen Dong’s mind was complicated to the extreme.

The grief over the loss of his mother-in-law remained.

But it was clear to him that the first order of business was to turn in with Gu Guohua.

The matter of pretending to be crazy could be simply for self-preservation and to protect Gu Qingying, but what he feared most was that there was something else hidden!

With a pot of tea down, Gu Guohua let out a long, full burp, then with a heated smile, got up and collapsed on the bed, soon snoring.

Chen Dong carefully adjusted Gu Guohua’s sleeping position, covered him with the quilt and set the air-conditioning temperature to the most suitable one before turning around and walking out of the bedroom.

After closing the door.

He didn’t go anywhere, he was in the living room and moved the table and chairs before entering his workout.


In the courtyard of Ye Linglong’s residence.

After learning the news, Ye Linglong washed up, changed her clothes and was about to go out.

However, Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang joined hands and walked into the courtyard.

“Stand still!”

Ye Yuanqiu scolded in a stern voice.

At the sight of them, Ye Linglong became a little flustered, and at the rebuke, she stomped her feet in place in anger.

“Grandpa, Brother Yigang, I was just going to look for you guys!”

Ye Yuanqiu rolled his eyes, “Linglong, do you take me and your brother Yigang as fools?”

With her mind torn apart, Ye Linglong panicked for a moment, then spat out her tongue to hide her panic and settled back into the courtyard.

On the contrary, Yuan Yigang calmly pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose and gave Ye Yuanqiu a sidelong glance.

“Elder Zu, next time when you scold yourself, can you not take me with you?”

Ye Yuanqiu lightly stroked a handful of beard: “We are all from the Hong Society, we share the same difficulties!”

With a whirlwind.

Ye Yuanqiu walked up to Ye Linglong with a serious expression, looking down on the seated Ye Linglong from a high position, his eyes deep and powerful.

Feeling the light of Ye Yuanqiu’s eyes, Ye Linglong was a little uncomfortable, sitting on pins and needles.

She waited for two seconds.

Ye Yuanqiu suddenly said in a deep voice, “Linglong, until Chen Dong returns to the domain, you are not allowed to leave the residence!”

Ye Linglong’s expression froze as she stared at Ye Yuanqiu in surprise, “Grandpa, on what grounds?”


Ye Yuanqiu let out a cold snort, “Grandpa knows what you have in mind, so does your brother Yigang, Chen Dong has arrived at the Shanhe Club, don’t you just want to go and see him? Girl, a daughter should respect herself, he is already a family man!”

“But I’m just meeting him, it’s not like I’m doing anything else!”

Ye Linglong immediately felt aggrieved and said with pursed lips, “Grandpa, are you so determined and tough?”


Ye Yuanqiu smiled, the tragic scene of Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing came to his mind in a trance, and he smiled sadly, “Be tough, be tough, Chen Zuoren is a true dragon in the old man, indeed attractive enough, but anyone who comes near him will not end up well, grandpa will really be tough with you this time!”

“Grandpa ……”

Ye Linglong beauty eyes with tears in the light, some anxious panic.

Just about to get up.

Ye Yuanqiu, however, pressed his big hand directly on her shoulder, forcing her down on the stone bench.

“The better a person is, the further they go, the lonelier the road becomes. Ye Linglong, grandfather has only one single child like you, do you want to gasp grandfather to death?”

The words were sharp, straight to Ye Linglong.

Ye Linglong’s lips were mumbling on the spot and she was speechless.

“Stay well at home, and when Ancestor Chen leaves, grandfather will return your freedom.”

Ye Yuanqiu’s eyebrows lowered, showing all his disillusionment as he slowly turned around and walked towards the outside.

Yuan Yigang looked at the aggrieved and unwilling Ye Linglong and sighed a little heartily.

In the end, he did not say much and followed Ye Yuanqiu out of the mansion.

In the courtyard, it was quiet, with a gentle breeze.

Ye Linglong’s beautiful eyes were red and shimmering with tears, waiting for a long time before mouthing her lips and murmuring in aggravation, “But I just miss him ……”

Night falls.

Yuan Yigang asked someone to deliver the meal to the Chen Dong mansion.

Since entering the mansion during the day, Chen Dong had been guarding Gu Guohua and had not left the mansion half a step.

When Gu Guohua woke up, he looked at the sumptuous meal in front of him, but he was silent and lost in thought.

“Dad, let’s eat.”

Chen Dong called out softly and whispered again, “I checked every little thing in this mansion during the day when you were resting, and there is nothing unusual.”

Gu Guohua glanced at Chen Dong before he picked up his rice bowl and took a big bite of rice into his mouth.

He was really hungry and physically and mentally exhausted.

Chen Dong admonished him to slow down while he kept putting vegetables into his bowl.

But Gu Guohua paid no attention to it, and kept on gobbling up the rice.

As he did so, his body trembled and tears fell into his bowl of rice.

This scene, looking at Chen Dong’s nasal cavity sore and his vision blurred up.

“I’m sorry …… I’m sorry ……”

Gu Guohua was full of rice, whimpering and crying, “Dong’er, this is the only way Dad can think of, your mother and I have reached this point, if I don’t take Xiaoying away from you, in the future her mother will be a lesson for her, Dad only has such a daughter and such a grandson ……”

“Dad …… I, I understand.”

Chen Dong’s eyes blurred with tears, his voice trembled, but the eyes beneath his tears were resentful and fierce.

The Gu family!

The D*mned Gu family!

“You don’t understand, the future road, only you can walk alone, we are beside you that is a burden!”

Gu Guohua cried like a child: “Dad won’t blame you, because your path was already destined to be like this, Dad also begged you not to blame Dad for taking Xiao Ying and the child away, it was for the sake of their mother and child.”

“No, dad, I won’t.”

Chen Dong cried so hard that his features twisted up, that pain was even more unbearable than death by a thousand cuts.

But then suddenly.

His heart gave a vicious twitch, reacting over the taste of Gu Guohua’s words.

A trace of surprise flashed across Chen Dong’s eyes as he said, “Dad, did you know something and that’s why you deliberately pretended to be crazy, that it wasn’t just to protect Xiaoying, but that there was something else going on?”