Winner Takes All Chapter 1505-1506

Chapter 1505

Chen Daocheng’s laughter sounded like a cold wind from the depths of the Nine Phenomena, which entered his bones and marrow.

Chen Daoye shuddered violently, horrified and terrified.

“No, Young Master, run away!”

With a shrill cry, Chen Daoye stood up with all his might and rushed outside like a madman.

The pain of losing his son had left him devastated, but he still had what was left of his sanity.

The Chen family had changed, there were mountains of corpses outside, and Chen Daocheng’s faction was showing its scales and claws.

But he had just reached the door.

The man in charge who had come to report the incident suddenly looked hostile and took a step forward, hitting Chen Dao Ye’s abdomen with a brutal knee strike.

Chen Daoye let out a scream, his face turned pig’s liver and he bowed directly into a shrimp shape.

He then pulled Chen Dao Ye back into the living room, and then he gave Chen Dao Ye a heavy thump on the chest.


Chen Dao Ye spat out a mouthful of blood, his chest was in severe pain, and he almost pa*sed out directly, even his eyes became dazed and hollow.

“How many people have come?”

Chen Daocheng asked with a fierce smile as he looked indifferently at what was happening in front of him.

The man in charge said with an odd expression, “Just him! Oh yes, and the special plane pilot.”

Just one?!

Chen Daocheng froze in shock.

After three seconds of silence, he laughed disdainfully, “This wild B*****d, does he really think that the Chen family is the Chen family of yesteryear, does he really think that we still have to be mindful of the family’s iron law and don’t dare to take action against him easily?”

At the end of his sentence, Chen Daocheng took a deep breath with force.

The smell of blood that filled the air poured into his nasal cavity, and he instantly narrowed his eyes slightly, revealing a look of obsession and madness.

“Up and down the Chen family, has Laozi cut down more than a hundred people? Since he dares to come, then …… will chop him up too!”

Chen family airport.

With a command from Chen Daocheng.

The closed airport finally gave permission for the planes hovering in the night sky to land down.

This was the only “outsider” during the day and night of the Chen family’s change!

The lights were out.

The tower on the ground was standing by.

Without waiting for the plane to land, a team of bodyguards were already lined up around the airport, ready to go.

The loud roar of the engines resonated through the night sky.

Like a falcon, the plane swooped down and began to taxi.

The plane came to a halt.

The bodyguards, who had already been watching intently, swarmed up like a tidal wave and surrounded the plane.

“Chen Dong, come down!”

An explosive shout suddenly exploded in the crowd.

These bodyguards, all of whom were Chen Daocheng’s and others’ close friends, had long since become red with murder after participating in the Chen family’s family mutiny.

Even if their master had no regard for the family bloodline, these “hawks and dogs” had even less regard for it!

The hatch slowly opened.

Chen Dong, dressed in a suit, stood indifferently at the door of the cabin, looking down on the crowded bodyguards below.

Immediately, a teasing smile crossed his indifferent face.

“What dog has ever dared to bark at its master?”

The thick banter pierced to the bone.

The people who had just burst out to drink at Chen Dong instantly turned blue and gritted their teeth.

In full view of the crowd.

With his hands in his suit pockets, Chen Dong walked down the street step by step, strolling leisurely and calmly, with a look of disdain between his eyebrows, as if the dozens of murderous bodyguards in front of him were all as if they were nothing.

From the beginning to the end, these bodyguards did not dare to make a move, and the whole room was as quiet as a pin.

The Chen family had changed overnight, but Chen Dong’s prestige in the Chen family had not diminished in the slightest.

He was known as a wild child, but he had defied the Chen family’s iron law and disobeyed his superiors time and again.

Not to mention the fact that on Chen Daolin’s birthday, Chen Dong, with his world-renowned achievements, had overpowered all the successors of the Chen Family and secured the position of young master in one fell swoop, causing the world’s most powerful families to compete for congratulations.

So much so that at this moment, when facing Chen Dong, the dozens of bodyguards, who were covered in blood, actually felt a sense of fear similar to that of the animal world, where they were suppressed by their bloodline.

Chen Dong walked up to the man who had just burst into song, “Dog, you want to devour your master?”

Being gazed at by Chen Dong, a hint of panic flashed in the man’s eyes, before anger surfaced again.

Who the hell was this to escort who?

A strong sense of humiliation arose, and this bodyguard was about to sternly shout.

However, Chen Dong smiled teasingly, “Forget it, go to the plane and bring my sword.”

“Chen Dong! The current Chen family is no longer the Chen family it once was, and this young master status of yours is no longer useful to us!”

This bodyguard was full of anger and scolded in a stern voice.

“The Chen Family is naturally no longer the Chen Family.”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes and pretended to take a deep breath, “This air is filled with the stench of blood and decay, how could the Chen Family, which holds all the world’s wealth, have such a foul stench?”

One word came out.

The dozens of bodyguards in the room all changed their faces dramatically.

Chen Dong continued, “I’m here to find your master, Chen Daocheng. Dogs, they should do what they are told, otherwise …… you ask your master?”

This bodyguard hesitated at once.

Chen family family changes, indeed kill the heads rolled.

But his status, compared to Chen Dong’s, was not worth mentioning at all.

And when Chen Daocheng had given the order just now, he had not told them to kill Chen Dong on the spot.

After hesitating for a moment, this bodyguard forced himself to hold back his humiliation and stifled his head as he ran onto the plane.

Ignoring the dozens of bodyguards, Chen Dong slowly turned around and looked towards the cabin door, the corners of his mouth were smiling, but his eyes gradually narrowed and a bitter cold light raged out.


The bodyguards were red-faced and straining to drag the bladeless heavy sword out of the cabin door.

Squeak …… squeak ……

On the way, the bladeless heavy sword scraped against the ground, emitting an ear-splitting sound.

The atmosphere, too, became extraordinarily stern.

“Here comes the sword!”

Chen Dong stuck his left hand in his pocket, and his right hand directly reached out to the bodyguard.

With this action, a fearful, jail-like pressure pressed down horizontally on the bodyguard in front of him.

The bodyguard’s eyes fluttered for a moment, and in an instant, his sweat stood on end, as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

Chen Dong’s voice rang out in his ears, filling his ears like magic.

Without even the slightest hesitation, he strained to push the hilt of his bladeless heavy sword into Chen Dong’s right hand.

The next second.


The gale rose.

Bang Teeny!

With a loud bang, blood flew into the air, and with it splattered out pieces of flesh and bone, clattering to the ground.


A dead silence!

The sudden scene caught all the dozens of bodyguards present off guard.

When they woke up, all of them looked terrified and silent.

In the line of sight, a headless corpse was spurting a fountain of blood as it fell towards the ground.

It was as if the scene had been slow-played in the eyes of each of the bodyguards, and the chill went to their bones!

The whirlwind.

Chen Dong turned around and casually swept off the blood and flesh from his body before sweeping his eyes across the room, “You have to have the consciousness of a dog to be a dog, take me to see your master!”

Chapter 1506

The lights were sporadic and cold.

Chen Dong sat in the car, resting his bladeless heavy sword on his legs, his expression indifferent, but his gaze sweeping the surroundings was complicated and hard to understand.

How grand was the Chen family in the past?

Even late at night, the Chen family airport was comparable to the general airports in some regions.

The night was like daylight, and the flight paths that pa*sed through the night sky were even marked out enough to form a splendid star map.

But once the family changed, the Chen family tonight made Chen Dong feel an unprecedented coldness and withering silence, the corruption and decay that diffused upwards from the roots of decay.

Even with Chen Dong’s six senses, even though he was still some distance away from the Chen family pagoda, he could still smell the blood in the air.

This made him appear calm on the surface, but his heart had already set off shocking waves.

“Dad, did you already anticipate this scene of the Chen family today? It’s just that this scene came at a time that far exceeded your expectations.”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind.

All the way forward, around the vehicle Chen Dong was in, the dozens of bodyguards from earlier were sitting in a dozen vehicles, as if the stars were arching over the moon, clustering around the vehicle Chen Dong was in as it approached the Chen Family’s Zhuang Yuan.

The few bodyguards who were travelling with Chen Dong were now enveloped by Chen Dong’s aura, and were even more silent and stiff, even their breathing was deliberately suppressed.

The scene of Chen Dong’s killing and decisiveness just now was like a nightmare that haunted the minds of these bodyguards, lingering in their minds.

After pa*sing through the Chen family pagoda.

Chen Dong then got out of the car, carrying Fengless on his back, and walked towards the Chen family manor garden, surrounded by dozens of bodyguards.

Under the light, the silhouette of the man stretched long and long, showing a stern and cold look.

In the silence around them, the only sounds were those of Chen Dong and his bodyguards raising their feet and taking steps.

It was hard to imagine that the Chen family, which had once been trodden down by the world’s giants and giants, would actually have such a silent moment.

All along the way.

The smell of blood in the air was getting thicker and thicker.

Chen Dong looked indifferent, but his mind was getting more and more complicated, and an invisible pent-up Qi was clogging up in his chest.

Although he was regarded as a wild child by the Chen family, he was after all the rightful young master of the Chen family.

Now that the Chen family has collapsed to such a state, he too has mixed feelings, and his heart is suffocating.

The magnificent Chen family, with all its wealth, standing in the clouds, overlooking the world’s giants like ants, all these words of praise now seem ridiculous in the context of the Chen family, which has changed so drastically in one day and one night!

If this scene within the Chen family were to get out, how much more would the world …… be shaken?

The world has really come to a point of chaos with the collapse of the Chen family in a single night of dramatic change?

The company’s business is a very important part of the company’s business.

The number of bodyguards around him had obviously increased.

Wherever Chen Dong pa*sed, gazes were bound to lock onto him.

They were indifferent, murderous, or complicated ……

Chen Dong’s gaze slowly swept around, and he could even see that the doors of some of the mansions were open, and through the lights, he could vaguely see the blinding blood red spilled on the ground in the courtyards.

Even he could see a fearful, pale face with dead eyes.

Those …… were all the once high and mighty Chen family members!

But now, each and every one of them had fear and despair written all over their faces, mute and indistinguishable from those who had been captured and about to be sold into slavery on the snowy plains outside the domain!

The Chen Clan was no longer magnificent, it was like a purgatory at the moment!


Chen Dong walked into Chen Daocheng’s mansion.

As soon as he entered the mansion, a cold light swept across Chen Dong’s face, catching him off guard and causing him to narrow his eyes.

In the courtyard of the mansion.

Rows and rows of bodyguards lined up.

Cold weapons glinted with a biting coldness in the light.

As Chen Dong swept past, he could clearly see that each bodyguard was equipped with hot weapons.

There were at least hundreds of them in the entire compound!

The courtyard was so densely packed that only a path leading from the main gate to the hall was left open.

The atmosphere was stern, as if the air was filled with the light of swords and shadows.

With so many people, all with bloodstained hands, gathered together, the oppressive feeling created was too much for ordinary people to bear.

But Chen Dong had already been to the Northern Region, where he had gone into the midst of ten thousand armies and fought to the death.

He had even been to the snowy plains outside the domain and witnessed the purgatory on earth.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and calmly walked towards the hall.

The bodyguards behind him, upon entering the courtyard, stopped at the same time and closed the door.

Some, even, had already quietly drawn their swords and taken out their hot weapons.

What was waiting for …… was nothing more than an order from Chen Daocheng in the hall!

Through the tide of people, Chen Dong walked into the hall.

Inside the hall, there was silence.

As far as the eye could see, Chen Daocheng and several people in power under his command were all seated, looking solemn, but the untamed aura of a victor could not be concealed between their brows.

Chen Dong’s gaze, however, fell on the corner of the hall, and his heart could not help but contract fiercely.

“Uncle Dao Ye!”

Chen Dong called out in a deep voice.

Chen Daoye looked extremely wretched, sitting on the floor, with his head in a puffy mess and his body still stained with blood.

As soon as he saw Chen Dong, his eyes burst into tears and he wailed, “Young master, you shouldn’t have come, you shouldn’t have come! I bailed them out so that they could a*sist you in your great work, not so that they could ask you for help!”

The tone was sad, but from the heart!

“Uncle Dao Ye has treated my nephew well, now that he is in trouble, how dare he not come?”

Chen Dong smiled faintly and said from the bottom of his heart, “Even if it is a dragon’s den, a tiger’s den, a prison of cultivation, my nephew will still walk this one personally!”

“Young master ……”

Chen Dao Ye trembled and wailed in grief.

“Hmph hmph …… good one will personally walk a game!”

Chen Daocheng laughed sardonically, his body lazily piled up on the chair, disdainfully saying to Chen Dong, “Young master Chen is really imposing, barging over here single-handedly and trying to save people?”


Chen Dong smiled and nodded, his words suddenly turning, “Now I solemnly inform you to spare Uncle Dao Ye and his uncles’ families, I hope you will not give shame!”

Rampant to the extreme, brutal and arrogant!

With a single word, the faces of Chen Daocheng and the few people in power under his command changed drastically at once.

Anger surged.

The crowd was furious.

“Who the hell do you think you are? Chen Dong, you little B*****d still think that the Chen family is the Chen family of old?”

“D*mn it, where the hell did you get the courage to be so arrogant? If we kill you, who else in the Chen family will dare to disobey us?”

“Little B*****d, your strength is indeed very strong, but don’t forget, this is our territory, if there is a way to heaven, you don’t want to leave, there is no door to hell, you dare to come, then be prepared to pay the price for your ignorance and arrogance!”


Inside the hall, the noise was unbearable.

Chen Daocheng’s face was even more blue, and the anger in his eyes seemed like it was going to turn into substance.

He looked at Chen Dong angrily and squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth, “You are a strong qi master, that is your bottom line, but as strong as you are, you are not strong enough to resist bullets with your qi, don’t forget that all beings are equal under hot weapons!”

Swish swish swish ……

As soon as the words left their mouths, several of the people in power in the hall raised their guns, while in the courtyard outside, a pitch-black gun barrel was densely packed, all aiming at Chen Dong.

Hundreds of hot weapons were aimed at him, and anyone else would have been scared to death.

But Chen Dong remained calm as usual, under the gaze of the crowd.

He rubbed his nose, slowly raised his head and looked up at the roof: “You are right, under the heat weapons, all beings are equal!”


Before the words left his mouth, a loud sound comparable to thunder suddenly exploded in the night sky.

It was deafening and earth-shattering!

Even the courtyard trembled under the loud noise!