Winner Takes All Chapter 1503-1504

Chapter 1503

“Uncle Dao Ye and the others?”

Chen Dong was a little surprised and tilted his head to look at the sun above his head.

How long has it been since I returned, how come Uncle Dao Ye and the others followed me when I came back on my front foot?

Has something happened to the Chen family ……?

“They’ve already come in.” Gu Qingying said.

Chen Dong nodded, “Come with me and pick them up.”

Gu Qingying did not refuse, after all, they were all his own uncles, it was a courtesy to pick them up.


A taxi sped up to the outside of the villa courtyard.

As soon as he saw the taxi, Chen Dong was confused, a sense of foreboding came over him.

When the car door opened and several uncles stepped down, Chen Dong’s pupils suddenly tightened.

Gu Qingying, who was on the side, even raised her jade hand to cover her mouth, almost screaming out.

Even Jiang Qilin was a little stunned.

There were four uncles in total, yet there was no sign of Chen Dao Ye.

Even the four of them, at the moment, were frighteningly down and out in Chen Dong’s eyes.

Their hair was dishevelled, they looked tired, and their eyes were filled with blood.

Although all four of them intended to cover up, Chen Dong could still see that their clothes were stained with blood!

“Uncles, what has happened?”

Chen Dong hurriedly greeted them.

“Young master!”

The four shouted at the same time, and one of them had tears dripping out of his eyes with a swish, his lips trembling as he lamented, “The Chen family …… has broken up!”


Chen Dong was struck by lightning, somewhat unable to return to his senses.

Looking at the four despondent uncles, he was in a bit of a trance, but still said, “Uncles, go inside first, Xiao Ying tell Sister Xiao Lu to prepare a few more dishes.”

After the four men met with Jiang Qilin and saluted, they walked into the villa with Chen Dong.

At the arrival of the four of them, Elder Long and the rest of the family were quite surprised.

However, seeing Chen Dong’s grave expression, the people did not go forward to ask questions and allowed Chen Dong to lead the four into the study.

Inside the study.

Chen Dong greeted the four people and took their seats, making tea for them before sitting down on a chair and asking.

“Uncle and uncle, what exactly has happened to the Chen family ……? And where is Uncle Dao Ye?”

He knew clearly that since his father had “disappeared”, the faction of the family head was actually led by Chen Dao Ye.

The four of them bowed their heads and sighed at the same time.

One of them held up a cup of tea and took a sip, his eyes gradually became frightened before he slowly said.

“After you beheaded the old lady and left yesterday, Chen Daocheng suddenly mobilised his bodyguards and launched a duel, directly besieging the mansions of all those in power in the Chen family.”

A simple sentence, but it caused Chen Dong’s heart and soul to tremble.

Had it all gone so rampant to this extent?

When he had beheaded the old lady, he had actually budgeted that the Chen Family would be completely torn apart by the various factions in their future situation of having no leader.

But he simply did not expect that this storm would come so quickly and suddenly in the Chen Family!

“I never thought that Chen Daocheng and the others would be so decisive.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, his eyes deep, “I beheaded the old lady and reminded Uncle Dao Ye when I left, in fact, at that time I had already predicted that the Chen family would break up, so I asked Uncle Dao Ye to consider bringing all the uncles to come to the southwest with his family, but I never thought that just a day later ……”

Another Chen family elder, slowly said, “Brother Dao Ye took your words into consideration and was looking for us to discuss, but Chen Daocheng and the others acted so quickly that the factions didn’t even have time to react, even we ……”

Speaking of this, this elder suddenly wept.

Another elder took over: “We were all at Brother Dao Ye’s residence at the time, Chen Daocheng and his men cut off all communication directly, we couldn’t even mobilize our bodyguards, but it was Brother Dao Ye’s son who sneaked out of his residence to contact our houses, but …… because of this, Brother Dao Ye sent his white hair to his black hair. The four of them were all in tears at the moment.

The four men’s eyes were now red with tears and trembling.

Chen Dong couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath backwards, his eyes swished red.

The elders had said very little, but from these few words, and from their appearance and demeanour in front of him, Chen Dong’s mind had already conjured up a tragic scene of what had happened to the Chen family!

To have a man in power lose his son on the spot, this was no longer just a split!

It was a slaughter of swords, a river of blood and heads rolling!

In a trance, Chen Dong’s heartbeat banged faster as he asked in a deep voice, “Where’s Uncle Dao Ye?”

“At first, Brother Dao Ye and us were thinking of losing part of our family business and giving it to Chen Daocheng and the others, as long as we could leave safely, but we didn’t even expect them to do such a desperate thing! Their people are so ruthless that they will simply kill if they don’t submit, they don’t even give room for negotiation.”

An elder wiped a tear heavily, “Brother Dao Ye fell into the hands of Chen Daocheng and the others to cover our departure, the situation was so urgent that we could hardly even bring out our respective families, and only by relying on over a hundred bodyguards to die to protect us did we rush to the airport to grab a plane and escape!”

“Now the Chen family has been isolated from the world, Chen Daocheng and the rest of them are killing their eyes, because of the family business, Brother Dao Ye is still safe for the time being, but once Chen Daocheng and the rest of them have completely whaled away the family business, the people up and down the Chen family who are not subservient, perhaps ……”


The teacup in Chen Dong’s hand cracked at the sound, spilling tea all over the table.

The four elders raised their heads at the same time and looked towards Chen Dong.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost, his eyes narrowed into slits, and his cold light was bitterly cold.

A bone-chilling chill filled the entire study.

It caused the four elders to change their expressions abruptly.


The corners of Chen Dong’s half mouth tugged, “Good, very good! This ragged and decaying Chen Family is decaying far faster than I could have imagined.”

A whirlwind.

Chen Dong swept a glance at the four elders and said soothingly, “The four uncles are at ease, it will be lunch soon, after lunch, my nephew will go to the Chen Family to bring back Uncle Dao Ye, and all of your family members.”

“Dong’er, don’t be impulsive!”

One elder hurriedly discouraged him, “The Chen family is now in deep water, Chen Daocheng’s faction has completely taken control of the situation and has many people under its command, going to the Chen family without any haste is undoubtedly trespa*sing on a dragon’s den!”

The remaining three elders also nodded in agreement.

“I’m calm.”

Chen Dong smiled, a cold aura erupting in his eyes, “If they have more people, can they still have as many people as me? Uncle Dao Ye and the families of all the uncles, he, Chen Daocheng, has to pay even if he gives, or not!”

Although he was smiling.

But when the smile fell into the eyes of the four elders, it made their hearts leap with fear.

The next second.

Chen Dong took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

When the call was answered, Chen Dong smiled and said, “Senior brother, how have you been?”

There was a two-second pause.

Chen Dong added, “I want to ask you to borrow some troops, but I need them to arrive at the Chen Clan before dark, ten thousand men should be enough to attack the Chen Clan, right?”


The sound was like loud thunder, exploding in the ears of the four elders.

In an instant, the four men’s eyes erupted with essence and became delighted and excited.

They knew who Chen Dong was, and they understood how much weight this call carried!

This was a real loan of troops!

Borrowing the …… Great Snow Dragon Riding Army in Huo Zhenxiao’s hands!

Chapter 1504

When Chen Dong hung up the phone.

The four elders were already in tears, unable to contain themselves in excitement.

Chen Dong smiled and said, “Uncles, don’t worry, 10,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders should be enough to ask Chen Daocheng for men, right?”

“Enough, it’s enough!”

“Hahahaha …… Dong’er, how could I have forgotten the identity of your Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army’s leading guard!”

“With this 10,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army on our doorstep, Brother Dao Ye and our families from all sides will be safe and sound!”

“Dong’er, I’m counting on you this time!”

With this phone call, the four people who were originally apprehensive relaxed.

The fighting strength of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, they all knew it well!

With 300,000 people guarding a city, it had become the Northern Region’s heavenly wrath to stop the Hundred Tribes outside the domain, such fighting strength, it was not too much to say that it was the number one in the world!

That was a group of existences that could withstand hot weapons with their physical bodies!

“Let’s go down to lunch.”

Chen Dong looked at the time and got up and made an inviting gesture to the four of them.

By the time Chen Dong and the four uncles reached the dining room, Gu Qingying and the others were all present.

The table was filled with dishes, and although they were all home-cooked dishes, under the care of Fan Lu and Wu Chang, each dish was also full of colour and flavour.

Gu Qingying, Elder Long and the others were all curious about what was happening in the Chen family.

However, seeing that Chen Dong and the four elders had no intention of telling them, they did not ask too many questions.

After lunch.

Chen Dong changed into a casual outfit and then said to Gu Qingying, “Wife, I have to go out for a while, I won’t be back for dinner.”

“Is it the Chen family’s business?”

Gu Qingying asked, “The four uncles are like that, something big must have happened to the Chen family.”

Chen Dong did not hide and nodded, “The family has changed, I have to go and welcome Uncle Dao Ye and the others back.”

Gu Qingying instantly revealed a worried look.

However, she still held her jade hand tightly and nodded, “Be safe, the baby and I will wait for you to return safely at home, as well as Uncle Dao Ye and the others.”

Chen Dong’s remark that the family had changed made her understand that the situation of the Chen family must have reached a very dangerous point now.

She was also clear that Chen Dong’s departure was bound to be dangerous.

But she knew even better that Chen Dong had to go!

After Chen Daolin’s disappearance and Chen Dong’s expulsion from the Chen family, it was Chen Daoye and his uncles who had snatched out trillions of a*sets for Chen Dong, which had made it possible for him to operate in the southwest of China today.

For this kindness alone, Gu Qingying felt that Chen Dong should go!

As a wife, the biggest help when you know your husband can’t do nothing, is to support!

“Mm, I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

A warmth flowed in Chen Dong’s heart as he went up and gently kissed Gu Qingying on her forehead before he turned around.

When he walked to the living room on the ground floor.

However, Elder Long and Jiang Qilin were already standing at the door waiting.

Seeing Chen Dong.

Elder Long and Jiang Qilin greeted him at the same time.

“Young master, several masters have already spoken to old slave roughly, so on this trip, old slave will accompany you!”

“Mr. Chen, Qilin is willing to go with you!”

Chen Dong shook his head, “I’ll just go alone.”

“But ……”

Elder Long immediately wanted to argue.

However, Chen Dong smiled proudly, “With the current situation of the Chen family, can Chen Daocheng and the others be any more ruthless than the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army?”

As soon as the words left his mouth.

Elder Long and Jiang Qilin then changed their faces and fell silent.

With the prestige of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, that was indeed enough!

A large army at the door was already brutally crushing!


When Chen Dong arrived at the airport on the outskirts of the city, everything had already been arranged and without the slightest stop, he directly entered the airport runway and boarded a special plane.

The new Chen Chen has just made a small beginning, but the old Chen Chen has already reached a situation of death and defeat, the greed of the human heart can really drive people crazy!”

Night falls.

The Chen family, situated between the mountains, seems to be isolated from the world, as quiet as stagnant water.

The Chen family, which used to be prosperous and full of people, is as cold as can be tonight.

The airport is closed.

Even the lights in the large Chen family have become sporadic, flickering in the night.

The Chen family’s mountain gates were tightly closed, and the air seemed to be filled with the smell of blood.

Every now and then, a team of bodyguards patrolled around the Chen family’s estate.

For a whole day and night, the magnificent Chen family seemed to be in another world, completely disconnected from the outside world.

Inside Chen Daocheng’s mansion.

The lights were exceptionally bright at the moment.

A team of bodyguards stood in the courtyard, looking solemn and alert.

And in the living room.

Chen Daocheng and Chen Daoye were sitting opposite each other, silent.

The living room was so quiet that the air seemed to freeze.

“Chen Daoye, I don’t have much patience to grind slowly with you.”

Chen Daocheng picked up his tea and took a sip, breaking the dead silence in the living room.

At this moment, Chen Daoye was dishevelled, his hair was dishevelled, his clothes were bloody, and his eyes were hollow and dark, lost in thought.

In the face of Chen Daocheng’s words, Chen Daoye did not move a muscle and ignored them.


Chen Daocheng slapped the table with his palm and got up with a fierce voice, shouting: “Chen Daoye, no one but me can be the new head of this Chen family. Even if they find Chen Dong, that B*****d Chen Dong will never be able to save the day!”

When he heard the word “son”, Chen Dao Ye’s obscure eyes finally regained focus.


In an instant, Chen Dao Ye looked as if he had gone mad, his scarlet eyes were tearful, but he was as fierce and vicious as a beast.

With a shrill whistle, Chen Daoye pounced directly in front of Chen Daocheng.


Chen Daocheng looked aghast and kicked Chen Daoye in the stomach.

This kick was powerful and heavy.

Chen Daoye let out a miserable cry and flew straight backwards, landing heavily on the ground.

“Give back my son, give back my son …… Chen Daocheng, the Chen family has produced these evil sons of yours, even if I die, I will never hand over the family business to you!”

Chen Daoye hissed and roared, struggling several times, but struggling to get up.

“You have to hand it over even if you don’t!”

Chen Daocheng gritted his teeth and lifted his finger to the outside, “They will be back soon, those who obey me will prosper and those who disobey me will die.

The words were full of ruthlessness.

At that moment.

A person in power under Chen Daocheng rushed in, “Brother Daocheng, a plane has arrived at the airport, it’s, it’s ……”

“Who the hell is it? Tell him to get lost!”

Chen Daocheng scolded angrily.

The man in charge said with trepidation, “It’s Chen Dong!”

Chen Daocheng was instantly shocked.

Chen Daoye on the ground even stopped crying and wailed, “Dong’er, what are you doing here at this time?”

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Daocheng laughed, “Good timing, just in time! Dao Ye, you really did not love this wild young master for nothing, knowing that there is a tiger on the mountain!”