Winner Takes All Chapter 149-150

Chapter 149

Fresh breeze and warm sunshine.

The forest path is lush and green.

Chen Dong, who had rested for two hours, started his devil training with Kunlun early in the morning.

It was not that he was not sleepy.

Rather, he was clear about the gap between himself and those elites of the Chen family. To be the winner, he had no second choice but to put in a hundred times the hardship.

This had been his credo since he was a child.

Look up at the mountain, walk down, just work hard and leave the rest to the will of God.

At the end of the training, a sweaty Chen Dong sat down on a park bench, panting heavily.

A devilish training session had left him almost exhausted.

But that was the purpose of training, only in the process of overdrawing his limits again and again could his body improve a little.

Kunlun was also drenched in sweat, but in much better shape than Chen Dong.

Bare-chested, his bronze muscles gnarled, the sunlight enveloping them as if they were glowing.

“Young master ……” Kunlun suddenly spoke.

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and looked at Kun Lun.

Kun Lun looked torn for a few seconds and said, “I want to help Fan Lu.”

Chen Dong suddenly smiled.

“Didn’t you already help last night?”

Kun Lun shook his head, “No, I mean, I want to give her a home, a home without the drag of affection.”

A kinship break?

Chen Dong’s brow furrowed, “What did Fan Lu say about this matter?”

He did not have the same experience as Fan Lu, nor did he ever feel that he would be dragged down by affection.

But after knowing Fan Lu’s past, there was no doubt that Fan Lu had indeed been dragged down by her wolf father.

Rationally, Fan Lu’s break with her wolf father was the best protection for Fan Lu.

But how can reason decide when kinship is involved?

“She has already decided.”

Kunlun said with a firm gaze.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

Without the slightest surprise, Chen Dong asked dryly.

After all, as a father who could actually tie his daughter to his bed for the debtor’s turn to enjoy in order to pay off his debt, such a kindred spirit, it was unjustifiable and not the least bit surprising for Fan Lu to make such a choice.

“Not for the time being, it’s just that I feel this is something that I need to talk to the young master about.”

Chen Dong nodded: “Then go and do it for Fan Lu, if there is anything you need from me, just ask, don’t hide it from the family.”

Having almost rested, Chen Dong also got up and headed for home.

Leaving Kunlun, stunned and bewildered, to stay in place, murmuring, “A family ……”

Under the rising sun, Kunlun revealed a bright smile.

He then quickly followed Chen Dong.

After breakfast, Chen Dong rushed to Dingtai Company.

Nowadays, the property prices in the west of the city are constantly rising, what Dingtai has to do is to build up momentum and ferment along with the property prices, and wait until the right time to lift the purchase restrictions and pour in the sales.

So he has a lot of work on his hands.

In the week that followed, house prices in the west of the city continued to ferment, build up momentum and rise.

The simultaneous arrival of Qingying International and Yike Group made the whole city go almost crazy.

Even if the house prices held up before the plunge, they still didn’t show their declining trend and continued to rise.

All the staff at Din Tai were riveted and their morale was high during this storm of rising house prices.

Every day at work, the most talked about by colleagues was how many percent the house prices had risen!

Under Chen Dong’s deliberate suppression, the houses in the four developments were still being offered for sale slowly at a rate of 50 units per day.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly and calmly.

That evening.

Chen Dong, who had been busy all day, returned home.

To his surprise, his mother was not at home.

It was already after 7pm, where else could his mother have gone?

When he asked Elder Long and Fan Lu, the answer he received was that he knew nothing.

Chen Dong did not continue to wonder, his mother was so old that she might have gone out for a walk in the middle of the night, and there would be no danger.

The chances of something like what happened to Fan Lu happening in the Tianmen Mountain villa area were really not high.

After having dinner, Chen Dong called Kunlun and walked together to the villa terrace.

Blowing in the evening breeze, Chen Dong asked, “The matter of Fan Lu, is it over?”

“It’s sort of over.”

Kun Lun was a little unsure, “Gave her father two million and completely cut off contact.”

Chen Dong nodded and did not press further.

Two million wasn’t much, but for Fan Lu’s father, it was life-saving money!

A gambler driven to desperation by his gambling debts, he really didn’t expect him to hold on to anything else.

However, Kunlun’s somewhat uncertain tone made it clear to Chen Dong that kinship really wasn’t that easy to cut off.


“Brother Kunlun!”

Fan Lu shouted, causing Chen Dong and Kun Lun to turn around at the same time.

Fan Lu rushed over with red eyes and an anxious face, pulling Kun Lun’s hand, “Something’s wrong, something’s happened to my dad!”

Chen Dong’s brows knitted slightly.

But Kun Lun’s voice was deep: “Didn’t you break up with him? If he owes any more gambling debts afterwards, it’s none of your business.”

The words were blunt, but they were a reminder to Fan Lu.

The scene a few days ago had made Kunlun thunderously angry.

He had no doubt that if he had gone a step later then, Fan Lu’s life would have been rewritten.

“No, it’s not like that.”

Fan Lu was so anxious that her eyes filled with tears, “Not only did my father lose the money you gave him in gambling, he also owes over a million dollars, and now that group of people are asking him for the debt, and they want to, they want to dig up my grandparents’ graves in order to force me to go over there!”


A thunderstorm of words.

At this moment, even Chen Dong’s face turned gloomy.

Killing people was nothing more than a headache.

Those people had actually dug up their ancestral graves in order to force Kunlun and Fan Lu to show themselves?

Was this not even giving peace to the ancestors?

“Let’s go!”

Kunlun immediately pulled Fan Lu’s hand and ran downstairs.

Looking at the two people leaving, Chen Dong smiled bitterly and murmured, “These people, they really do not use anything, digging up people’s ancestral graves lacks great virtue, hasn’t Kun Lun taught him enough last time?”

Shaking his head, Chen Dong got up and headed downstairs.

When he reached the living room, he happened to see his mother returning.

“Mom, where have you been so late?” Chen Dong asked with a smile.

It was just an unusual phrase of concern, but when he saw the look on his mother’s face, his heart froze.

Li Lan’s face was strange, somewhat dejected and dishevelled, and oozing with fatigue.

She looked flustered for a moment, shook her head and squeezed out a smile, “I went out for a walk, I’ll go back to bed first, Dong’er, you go to bed early too, don’t get tired.”

With that, Li Lan swept right past Chen Dong and went upstairs to sleep.

Just a quick look around?

Chen Dong frowned and stood in place, having lived with his mother for more than twenty years, even in the most difficult and trying times, his mother had always smiled at him.

Now she looked like this, something big must have happened!

After hesitating for a moment, Chen Dong turned around and went to Elder Long’s room, asking Elder Long to keep an eye on his mother’s movements in the next few days.

After returning to his room, Chen Dong lay on his bed, his mind always haunting the strange look his mother had just given him, tossing and turning.

At this moment, his mobile phone suddenly rang.

It was Fan Lu calling.

Had something happened?

Chen Dong calculated the time, at this moment Kunlun and Fan Lu had just arrived at Matian Village.

As soon as he picked up the phone.

Fan Lu’s frightened cries rang out on the phone.

“Ooooooooo …… Chen, Mr. Chen …… Kunlun brother was stabbed!”


Chapter 150

Hearing Fan Lu’s cries.

Chen Dong’s mind went “boom” and went blank for an instant.

It took nearly a second before he came back to his senses and sat up with a start, his face covered in frost as he asked in a deep voice, “Where is it?”

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Fan Lu’s scream of “Ah!” suddenly rang out from the phone.

Immediately afterwards, a man’s fierce laughter sounded out.

“If you want them both to be safe and sound, bring five million dollars to the ma*s grave at the back of Matian Village to make amends!”


The phone dryly hung up.

In the dark room, Chen Dong sat loftily, holding the phone in his right hand, but it clicked.

A few seconds later.

He got up and walked towards the outside of the room.

“Stabbing my brother, and asking me to make amends and apologise? Heh~”

Without alerting his mother and Elder Long.

Chen Dong directly drove his Rolls Royce out of the Tianmen Mountain Villa area and sped off towards Matian Village.

Only on the way, he made a phone call to Lone Wolf.

An hour later.

Chen Dong arrived at Matian Village, parked the car at the entrance of the village and walked towards the back of the mountain against the night.

The night was as dark as ink.

The sky dome was covered with dark clouds.

Heavy rain was coming.

The ma*s grave at the back of the mountain was supposed to be mysterious and eerie in the night.

But at this moment, the lights are bright and the people are crowded.

Women’s cries echoed.

In the crowd, Fan Lu sat on the ground with a pale Kunlun in her arms, hissing and crying.

A dagger was stuck in Kunlun’s abdomen, and blood was flowing, staining Kunlun’s clothes and the dirt on the ground.

Not far away, a gravestone lay on the ground, the earth piled up around the grave pit in the middle.

The dry, thin man looked warily at Kunlun in Fan Lu’s arms and said with some concern.

“Brother, will this kill someone?”


A middle-aged man in his thirties beside him suddenly slapped the dry, thin man across the face, directly dropping him to the ground.

“Who the hell is a brother to you?”

The middle-aged man took a step forward and shouted fiercely, “What if I get my brother killed after you waste him? Now you’d better F**king think about whether that guy will come carrying five million!”

With that, he pointed to the half-opened grave and said with murderous intent.

“If he doesn’t come, all three of you will lie down in there with your ancestors!”

The middle-aged man was scared into silence, not daring to say a word.

He had been gambling at Huang Tianba’s gambling stall for many years and had heard a little about the power behind Huang Tianba.

In his heart, he did not doubt the words of the man in front of him in the slightest.

Kill people, they really dare!

The middle-aged man spat viciously at Fan Lu’s father, then turned around and walked up to Fan Lu, squatting down.

A cold smile surfaced on his hideous face.

“Cry cry cry cry, just F**king know how to cry, dead B*tch, if it wasn’t for you, why would my brother still be lying in the hospital now?”

As he roared, the man raised his hand and was about to smack Fan Lu’s face.


In a flash of lightning, a large hand brazenly grabbed the man’s wrist.

The middle-aged man’s expression was cold as he looked down at Kunlun: “You …… still dare to stop me?”

“She, is my woman.”

Kunlun’s face was pale and his voice was breathless.

But his right hand, however, was like an iron grip on the middle-aged man’s wrist, so that the middle-aged man could not move an inch.

Fan Lu looked at Kunlun in her arms with teary eyes and slowly raised her head, her gaze suddenly becoming resolute.

With a sobbing voice, she said almost hoarsely, “Please, please let Brother Kunlun go ……”

“Xiao Lu …… me, I don’t need anyone to let go.”

Kunlun’s eyes erupted with essence, forcing up a breath and roaring, “Just now if they hadn’t been underhanded, I couldn’t have been like this.”

The anger was thick and the killing intent was majestic.

With a strong sense of resentment.

He was a soldier king on the mercenary battlefield, a fierce god who had climbed out of the pile of the dead countless times.

To bow down to the enemy, that was the greatest shame to him!

Just now, if Fan Lu’s father hadn’t been a goon and been used as bait by these men, luring Fan Lu into becoming their hostage to blackmail him.

He would never have been successfully sneaked up on by these people!

“Brother Kunlun, you’ve done enough for me, I can’t drag you down, I can’t harm you.”

Fan Lu cried, looking at the middle-aged man, but looking more and more resolute: “Please let him go, as long as you let him go, I, for one, am willing to pay any price!”

The voice was sad, but incomparably resolute.

From the darkness of her childhood, it was only after she met Kunlun that Fan Lu finally felt the light of day.

All that night had made Fan Lu feel a sense of dependence and stability that she had never felt before.

But all of this tonight has really broken Fan Lu.

Perhaps …… I will never be able to escape this misfortune in my lifetime, right?

This is the thought in Fan Lu’s mind.

She was already tormented by this life and was on the verge of collapse, and could not stand by and watch Kunlun step into this pit of fire with her, or even pay with her life.

“Any price?”

The middle aged man laughed and stood up, looking around at his brothers, smiling with lustful lust, “You’re quite good looking, no wonder Tianba and the others are thinking of you, I’ve brought a total of twelve brothers tonight, plus me thirteen, right here!”

The man’s voice grew cold as he pointed towards Kunlun.

“You will, he lives! You don’t, he dies!”

Boom click!

The dark clouds that had been building up for so long were finally overwhelmed.

A bolt of lightning blatantly ripped through the night sky.

“No, Xiao Lu …… can’t promise, I, I don’t need you to save ……”

Kunlun looked panic-stricken and struggled to get back on his feet, but he had lost too much blood and was already at the end of his strength, and fell heavily into Fan Lu’s arms again.

“That’s enough! Brother Kunlun, I’m not worth it!”

Fan Lu shouted and then smiled ruefully, “Good~ I promise.”

Boom ka!

In the night sky, another thunderbolt ripped through the night sky.

The rain fell down.

Kunlun’s tiger body shook, and along with the thunder, a “boom” sounded in his mind.

At this moment, the only thing in his vision was Fan Lu’s sad, smiling face.

This gave him a feeling of heartache, a sharp pain of cruelty.

Around him, the middle-aged man and his brothers all burst into laughter.

The laughter was wanton and rampant.

Fan Lu’s father, on the other hand, was sitting on the ground, curled up in a ball, not daring to breathe, as scared as an old dog.

This scene was seen in Fan Lu’s eyes, and her eyes were incomparably resentful: “In my next life, I will never be your daughter again, even if I am an animal.”

“No, don’t …… Xiao Lu.”

Kunlun weakly raised his hand and grabbed Fan Lu’s arm, shaking his head in horror.

For the first time, the fierce god who once roamed the battlefield revealed such a frightened and panicked look.

He weakly shouted, “The young master is coming, he will definitely come, he, he will definitely save us ……”

“I’m sorry, Brother Kunlun.”

Fan Lu smiled ruefully as she slowly rose to her feet.

In full view of the crowd and the light, slowly lifted her hands, and with tears streaming down her face, slowly untied her sash ……

The Kunlun on the ground was furious and raging with rage.

He wanted to stand up, wanted to shield Fan Lu behind him.

But at this point, he couldn’t do it at all!

Gradually, the sash loosened, just as Fan Lu was about to fade off.

A cold, reproachful voice suddenly came from not far away on the mountain path.

“You silly girl, Kunlun has said that this young man is coming, would this young man still let his own brother and sister off the hook?”