Winner Takes All Chapter 1489-1490

Chapter 1489

The courtyard.

The light was dim, stretching Chen Daoping’s shadow to a long distance.

Chen Dong stopped where he was, his eyebrows knitted together, his expression cold, but his aura was not half restrained.

“Chen Daoping, what face do you have to beg me to spare your mother?”

Chen Dong pulled the corner of his mouth and smiled coldly, “When your mother insulted my mother’s spirit, did you ever beg your mother to let go of my mother?”

One word, gnashing of teeth, hostility raging.

“I ……”

Chen Dao Ping looked dark and desperate, dumbfounded.

“Dao Ping’er, why do you need to beg this wild B*****d!”

Old Mrs. Chen sat down on the ground, her blood-stained face almost hideously twisted, “A B*****d begets a B*****d, is he not worthy of the name of my Chen family bloodline? If I kill Chen Dong today, I will throw him into the mountains and feed him to the wild dogs as well!”

Chen Daoping’s body shook and his eyes turned red as he wailed with tears in his eyes, “Mother, please don’t say anything!”

As he wailed, Chen Daoping’s knees went weak and with a poof, he fell to his knees, slowly moving forward.

At the same time, full of pleading, he said to Chen Dong with tears in his eyes.

“Young master is above, please let my mother go, as long as young master is willing to let my mother live, Dao Ping is willing to take one life for one life to console the spirit of the family head’s wife in heaven!”

The words were as clear as thunder.

At this moment, Chen Dao Ping’s determination was incomparable, and his eyes were filled with old tears.

“Dao Ping’s son!”

Old Mrs. Chen wailed, trying to stop Chen Daoping.

But Chen Daoping knelt on the ground, not stopping, looking at Chen Dong with tears and prayers.

“I was raised by my mother, my life was given to me by my mother, and as a son I should be filial.

I am willing to die as a son to thank her for this disobedient act!” A piteous voice and a desperate plea.

“O Dao Ping’er ……”

Old Mrs. Chen burst into tears, looking at Chen Daoping who was kneeling towards herself and Chen Dong.

Chen Dong looked at this scene in front of him and suddenly felt a little funny.

What a …… great mother’s kindness and filial piety!

Your mother’s life is life, what does my mother …… count in your eyes?

Looking at the cold, stern smile that flooded Chen Dong’s face.

…… beg you to spare my mother for the sake of being a member of the Chen family.”

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Chen Dao Ping kneeling forward to the old lady Chen, whirlwind heavy head knocked on the ground.

He was humble and desolate.

There was no semblance of his usual grace.

“Dao Ping’er, get up, get up ……”

Old Mrs. Chen, draped in tears and tears, raised her hand to help Chen Daoping up.

With just this kowtow, Chen Daoping was already in tears, looking at old Mrs. Chen, whose face was covered in blood in front of him, he was so distraught that he cried.

“Mom …… is sorry, it is my son who is useless, please let my son do this last filial piety for you, without you, my son would not have this half-life of wealth in the Chen family, all thanks to your blessing, Mom!”

Mother and son embraced each other and sobbed, their cries were so horrific and heartbreaking.

If those who did not know about this scene had seen it, they would have sympathised with Chen Dong and put him in the place of a villain!


“Chen Daoping, you are praying so earnestly, do you think that I am only here to kill your mother tonight?”

Chen Dong’s cold, stern voice suddenly resounded through the courtyard.

The majestic and harsh killing intent like a prison was vastly crushing towards Old Mrs. Chen and Chen Daoping.

With a single word, the cries of Old Lady Chen and Chen Daoping abruptly stopped.

Chen Daoping’s tearful eyes flickered as he raised his eyes to look at Chen Dong.

But he did not realise that as he looked up, the bloodstained face of Old Mrs Chen by the neck in his arms suddenly revealed a fierce and vicious look.

Without waiting for the stunned Chen Daoping to speak.

A sorrowful, hoarse voice rang out in Chen Daoping’s ears.

“Dao Ping’s son, you’re right, it wasn’t easy for mum to raise you for so many years, you should repay the favour!”


Chen Daoping was struck by lightning, and shock and trepidation suddenly appeared on his grief-stricken and desolate face.


At almost the same time, a biting qi instantly climbed and wrapped around Chen Daoping’s entire body, as if it was an invisible bundle, blocking Chen Daoping’s movement.


With a hissing cry from Old Lady Chen, her white hair danced about and her Qi energy tumbled.

Without warning.

Old Madam Chen blatantly slapped Chen Daoping on the back.

This palm was so powerful that, with the addition of qi energy, it directly caused Chen Daoping to scream and spit out blood, and even flew up in the air and crashed into Chen Dong.

The sudden change of events.

Even Chen Dong was caught off guard.

As he saw Chen Dao Ping come crashing into him, behind him, Old Madam Chen’s fierce and resentful voice rang out.

“Chen Daoping, in vain the old body has raised you for so many years, do you really think this wild seed can spare the old body? Die, all of you must die…… you all die, it must be the last of the old body that survives!”

The energy was like a tidal wave, surging and tossing.

The astral wind even roared and burst.

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened, and in his vision, Chen Daoping’s pale face was filled with fear and disbelief.

It was not only Chen Daoping who was like this.

Even Chen Dong was unsettled at the moment, completely unprepared for the fact that one moment his mother was kind to her son, and the next moment a tiger was eating his son!

Shock is shock, but Chen Dong was not a saintly mother who would hesitate because of the shock in front of him.

In the snap of his fingers.

Chen Daoping had already crashed into the front of him.

With a hostile expression, Chen Dong bravely raised his Bladeless Heavy Sword and struck out with a single blow!

The majestic qi energy wrapped around the Bladeless, and with this slash, a ripple of sword qi visible to the naked eye even swirled directly into the air!


The very moment the sword qi landed on Chen Daoping.

“Give me death!”



Chen Daoping, who was in the air, let out a miserable scream of pain as his body instantly separated from it and became two halves, blood splattering as the two halves of his corpse directly burst out to the left and right.

It was a bloody and tragic scene!

Just as Chen Dao Ping was dying, Chen Dong saw Old Lady Chen’s hands and claws flying to the left and right at the same time, right behind Chen Dao Ping!

It was as if Chen Daoping’s death was not only due to Chen Dong’s sword!

What a ruthless old man!

Using his own son as a cover, just to get a head start on this sneak attack?

Chen Dong’s heart and soul were shaken to the core, and in an instant, an unspeakable amount of anger burst out of his chest.

“Die, give me death!”

After tearing Chen Daoping apart, she took advantage of Chen Dong’s distraction and attacked Chen Dong’s throat and heart!

At the moment of crisis.

Chen Dong’s expression suddenly turned cold and stern to the extreme, and his majestic aura was as majestic as a mountain being pulled up from the ground, charging straight into the night sky.

“Dragon Trapping Hand!”

Suddenly, Chen Dong’s tongue burst into thunder, and a sharp aura in his eyes burst out like substance.

In an instant, he abandoned his bladeless heavy sword, and his arms muscles rose up inch by inch, wrapped in Qi energy, like a python dragon probing directly at Old Lady Chen’s arms in front of him.

The moment the qi collided, a wave of qi impact was visible to the naked eye, directly raging out.

Chen Dong’s arms were as fast as lightning, and at an extremely tricky angle, as if they were boneless, they twisted and swept directly past Old Lady Chen’s sharp claws, and instantly wrapped around Old Lady Chen’s arms.

“Not good!”

Seeing that her arms were wrapped around her, Old Lady Chen’s face instantly changed and her soul was scared to death.

Just as she gritted her teeth and prepared to die.

Chen Dong’s arms twisted brazenly.

Ka ka ka!

The bones snapped.


A miserable and painful scream boomed to the sky, deafening!

Chapter 1490

Harsh screams of misery haunted this side of the world.

Outside the courtyard.

Chen Dao Ye and the thousands of bodyguards heard this miserable scream, and their expressions changed.

Was it over already?

At that very moment.

Chen Daocheng and the others came in a hurry, and they also happened to hear Old Lady Chen’s miserable scream.

Their expressions changed.

Chen Daocheng took a glance at the situation in front of him and immediately stifled a painful lament.

“Aiya, the Chen family is unfortunate, the family is unfortunate!”

A lament.

It instantly caused the crowd to turn around and look sideways.

Chen Daoye and several other people in power instantly turned gloomy.

Not waiting for Chen Daocheng to continue speaking.

Chen Daoye said coldly, “Dao Cheng, everyone doesn’t need to be a cousin and set up a pagoda, it’s easy to kill yourself if you set up too many pagodas!”

“What kind of words do you call that?”

Chen Daocheng looked as normal and grumbled at Chen Daoye, but stopped speaking, leading the people in power behind him to be indifferent one after another.


In a corner of the courtyard.

A figure slowly approached.

From afar, the bodyguards noticed the figure.

There was not the slightest pause.

One of the bodyguards immediately said, “Go patrol some other places.”

This corner of the place, a dozen bodyguards in total, did not hesitate in the slightest at this moment, and went in one direction after another, leaving this corner empty.

“I’ve budgeted everything in advance, but I’m still a step too late after all!”

Listening to the miserable screams coming from the courtyard, the man’s voice was low, but under the light, he was dressed in night clothes, covering his face tightly, revealing only a pair of stern eyes.

As he walked quickly, he leapt up the wall a few metres high and into the courtyard.

Inside the courtyard.

Old Mrs. Chen’s body was twitching, her features were twisted, and her mouth kept letting out painful screams.

At this moment, Chen Dong firmly bound both of Old Lady Chen’s wrists, and with a forceful folding, the broken bones at the elbows pierced through the flesh and exposed to the air, bloody and hideously oozing.


Spurred on by the tremendous pain, Old Mrs. Chen’s twisted features resembled that of an evil ghost.

With a loud scream, the qi of her body boomed like a tidal wave crashing into Chen Dong in front of her, and even more so, she bared her teeth and rammed her head towards Chen Dong.


In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong sank his waist and stood on his horse, his Qi fiercely pulsating through his robe, turned around and threw Old Lady Chen out in the air as if he was throwing a broken pocket.

As Old Lady Chen screamed in agony.

She made a parabola in the air and flew directly into the Buddha Hall, crashing into the golden Buddha statue with a boom, and then smashed to the ground.

The huge force of the impact.

The majestic golden statue of Buddha instantly cracked and smoke and dust rolled out.

Chen Dong looked indifferent, his eyes without the slightest ripple, and stepped into the Buddha Hall, raising his eyes to look at the cracked golden statue of Buddha, and then lowered his head and looked down at Old Lady Chen, who looked like a dead dog on the ground.

“Your Buddha, why doesn’t he bless you?”

“Wild seed, wild seed ……”

Old Mrs. Chen was lying on the ground in a pool of blood, her arms broken and bloody, making it difficult for her to support herself if she wanted to stand at the moment.

Her eyes were scarlet and her face was covered in blood as she frantically snarled at Chen Dong.

“With the devil living in your heart, you can’t open your Buddha’s eyes if you don’t do your best!”

Chen Dong dragged his bladeless heavy sword backwards and strode towards Old Lady Chen as if he were walking idly, his killing intent awe-inspiring: “Everything you have done is in rebellion against compa*sion, when you smashed my mother’s spiritual tablet in anger, did you ever feel half guilty and self-reproachful? When you used your son as a shield and were ready to die, did you ever feel any compa*sion for your mother? How can a scum like you deserve to pray for blessing?”

“Shut up! …… Shut up! You B*****d, what right do you have to tell the old body what to do?”

Old Lady Chen’s body was trembling, gritting her teeth and roaring while blood kept spurting out of her mouth.

At this moment, she was almost broken down and frantic.

Compared to the immense pain from her injuries, Chen Dong’s words were more like a red-hot knife stabbing into her heart, stirring it to pieces!

Chen Dong looked down at the frantic Old Lady Chen on the ground, the corners of his mouth curled up in a playful, sardonic smile.

“When the obsession you believe in in your heart is suddenly stabbed through, is it a good feeling?”

The sarcasm stung, unabashed.

Old Mrs. Chen’s expression stiffened, and tears flowed from her scarlet eyes.

She believed in Buddha, ever since she had plotted against the Chen family a century ago, experienced that night’s encounter, and managed to enter the Chen family!

In this first century, she had endured being marginalised, bullied, looked down upon, spoken to coldly and even insulted as a cheap cousin in the Chen family, but she had never given up her thoughts.

For no other reason than her obsession, which had been firmly established time and again in this Buddhist hall!

It was the Chen family she was plotting against!

After her obsession has been firmly established, everything else …… is illusory!

After a century of torment, she has finally become the only one of the Chen family elders!

As long as she could survive long enough to kill a group of phoenixes and dragons among the Chen family’s rulers, the Chen family, with its wealth in the hands of the world, would still be in her hands?

But Chen Dong’s appearance had completely extinguished her only remaining hope!

Now it has come to this!

Now, Chen Dong’s words have caused a rift in her heart!


“Killing is just a headache, Your Excellency is too cruel to kill and put to death?”

A cold and hoarse voice suddenly came from outside the Buddha Hall.

The voice rang out at the same time.

Chen Dong’s complexion instantly sank, and a piercing chill suddenly rose up in his back.

This is ……

The old lady Chen, who was lying on the ground in a pool of blood, was frantic and collapsed, and now two beams of brilliant light burst out of her scarlet and tearful eyes, as if a dying man had grabbed the last straw!

The next second.

Old Madam Chen cried out in a piteous voice, “Cang Yue, save me!”


At almost the same time, a majestic and terrifying pressure, like a prison, came from outside the Buddha Hall.

Chen Dong’s pupils constricted as he felt a gust of wind, like a tsunami, slamming against his back.

A strong sense of crisis arose.

Even without looking back, he knew what Gu Cangyue was doing behind him!

And his current strength was not enough to kill this Gu Family Cang Yue alone!

At the thought of this!

A decision was instantly made in Chen Dong’s mind, and his majestic killing intent was wrapped up in a vast Qi energy, and it exploded into the ground like a plough, overturning the ground and devouring the old lady Chen on the ground not far away.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong’s waist twisted like a python and turned around, his body muscles were buried, his strength instantly burst to the extreme, his right hand dragged up his bladeless heavy sword and slashed out directly in front of him!


However, a contemptuous laugh suddenly exploded in Chen Dong’s ears.

Chen Dong’s gaze after turning around was frozen, and his heart instantly twitched as his expression rose in horror.

In his line of sight.

Gu Cangyue, who had rushed closer with a vast Qi energy, had no intention of making a move.

Just as Chen Dong turned to swing his sword, a contemptuous disdain surfaced in Gu Cangyue’s only exposed eyes.

In a split second, Gu Cang Yue’s Qi energy flipped to counteract the sword Qi of the Bladeless Heavy Sword, but he kneeled down, directly scraping the ground with the inertia of running, swept past the Bladeless Heavy Sword cutting across the air, and headed behind Chen Dong!

Surrounding Wei to save Zhao?

Chen Dong’s mind was shaken, but the weight of the Bladeless Sword was so heavy that he could hardly even stop himself with this horizontal slash!

The scene was as fast as lightning!

By the time Chen Dong turned back sideways, Gu Cangyue, who was dressed in night clothes, had already arrived in front of Old Madam Chen.

“Let’s go!”

With an explosive shout, Gu Cangyue brazenly grabbed Old Lady Chen, leapt up in the air and nudged a foot onto the shattered golden body Buddha statue.

The golden-bodied Buddha statue exploded with a loud bang in response.

On the other hand, Gu Cangyue took Old Lady Chen and rushed straight up to the roof of the room, while not forgetting to taunt Chen Dong, “Young Master Chen, there is no one in this world that I, Gu Cangyue, cannot take away, see you again in the jianghu!”


Chen Dong’s bladeless heavy sword finally stopped its momentum, and as he saw Gu Cangyue leap onto the roof with Old Lady Chen, his expression and eyes suddenly became abnormally calm, and his eyes slowly closed.

At the same time, a calm murmur came out of his mouth.

“For the sake of my mother, there is no harm in entering the demon once! My mother cannot be insulted, those who insult her should die, and Gu Cang Yue …… should also die!”