Winner Takes All Chapter 1487-1488

Chapter 1487

A shrill, harsh whine and gnashing of teeth.

At this moment, Old Lady Chen’s gaze was resentful, staring deadly at Chen Dong, gnashing her teeth.

Chen Dong slowly lowered his Fengless: “I still remember that on the day of my father’s birthday, you took Chen Tiansheng to block a sword, with your strength, if you were within half a step of a violent surprise attack, guess how sure you would be to kill me with a single blow?”


Before the words left her mouth, Old Lady Chen’s robe, who was kneeling on the futon, suddenly bulged up, and layers and layers of fierce Qi energy broke out of her body.

Almost simultaneously.

Old Mrs. Chen’s entire body a*sumed a bizarre posture, like a zombie, and stood straight up from the ground.

“Wild B*****d, die!”


The moment she got up, Old Lady Chen’s tongue burst into thunder, and the ground beneath her feet exploded in response, as her entire body rushed towards Chen Dong like a stray arrow.

In an instant.

The cold qi energy came crashing into Chen Dong’s qi energy, and immediately made a sound.

Feeling the aura on Old Lady Chen’s body, Chen Dong could not help but have his pupils tighten.

Has the old immortal …… hidden her clumsiness to this extent?

The time seemed to be slowed down at this moment, the aura of old lady Chen in his sight was very different from usual, the difference between clouds and mud!

In a trance, Chen Dong even wondered how much worse a woman who could perceive “Qi” could have been in her martial arts back then.

A century ago, she would still have been beaten by a Chen family “trash” bow girl?

As she thought this, the violent Old Lady Chen was already in front of her.

In a flash of lightning, everything returned to normal.

With a loud cry from her mouth, she formed her hands into claws and attacked Chen Dong’s throat.

Bang, bang, bang ……

The two qi strands clashed against each other with a loud bang.

The moment Old Lady Chen’s hands broke through Chen Dong’s Qi barrier and was close at hand.

Chen Dong finally moved!

Without any unnecessary fancy, he simply moved sideways, as fast as lightning, and in a gesture as subtle as a gazelle, he directly avoided Old Lady Chen’s claws.

At the same time, Chen Dong let out a roar and his fierce qi suddenly swept through his bladeless heavy sword, and with an overbearing and crushing gesture, he swept his sword out directly at Old Lady Chen.

This sword strike was powerful and imposing.

If it really struck, just with the strong weight of the Bladeless Heavy Sword, it would either kill or maim the person.

But at this moment.

Through the whistling and raging qi, he suddenly noticed that a playful and smug smile suddenly appeared on Old Madam Chen’s grimy old face.

Not good!

Chen Dong’s heart and soul trembled.

In an instant, he gritted his teeth fiercely, and his right hand muscles were graved up, forcibly stopping the heavy bladeless sword from being drawn out horizontally, while his feet shattered the ground and he drew back.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

In the air, there were three sudden whistles and cold light appeared.

Almost at the same time as Chen Dong drew back, three steel needles shot out, directly pa*sing through the place where Chen Dong had just stood.

“That was close!”

Chen Dong’s expression sank, if he had not decided in time just now, these three steel needles would have been enough to penetrate his body!

Although his qi was strong, he could only use it at the first level, and could only forcefully explode out in a large area to inflict crushing damage, far from being able to surround his body with qi to form a defensive barrier!

Staggering back three steps, Chen Dong stopped himself and stared at Old Madam Chen, the last trace of relief in his heart dissipating.

Old age is not just a matter of words.

Especially for an old lady like Mrs. Chen, who is a strong qi jin expert, but has been holding back for so many years in the Chen family, her scheming is daunting.

“Wild B*****d …… there is a way out of heaven, but there is no way out of hell for you to barge in, not only will I smash your mother’s spirit, after you die by my hand today, I will also throw you to the dogs and dig up your mother’s grave and raise her ashes!”

Old Lady Chen stood still, her figure was upright, there was no trace of her decadence, her whole body exuded a harsh and cold feeling, she looked slightly sideways, her shadowy gaze stared at Chen Dong with resentment: “I have smashed the spirit of your B*tch mother, today the Chen family will not help each other, I want to see how you can kill me!”

Clang! Clang!

As she spoke, Old Lady Chen’s arms flung violently, and two metallic sounds echoed in the air.

Chen Dong looked aghast as he saw two metal claws coming out from under Old Madam Chen’s sleeve robe, reflecting a cold light in the light.

“A Qigong powerhouse, or a Qigong powerhouse from the Gu family clan, you were actually done in by a Chen family vulgarian, it’s a disgrace!”

Chen Dong shook his head gently and sneered.

As soon as the words left her mouth, Old Lady Chen’s face suddenly changed drastically.

The air of resentment seemed like it was about to turn into substance and gush out from her eyes.

She was the one who had caused this incident!

But this matter was also her lifelong shame, her scales of revolt!


All of a sudden, a majestic qi energy was released from Old Madam Chen’s body, and the wind was so strong that the ground beneath her feet exploded in response.

At this moment, Old Lady Chen’s white hair was dancing about and her aura was majestic.

There was nothing to hide.

Nor did she need to hide it!

Because she knew that she and Chen Dong were the only ones in the courtyard tonight, so even if they were completely exposed, they would never be discovered!

She could hear the commotion outside the courtyard clearly!

The sound of the all-volunteer alert had caused her liver to flare up.

The entire Chen family …… had no regard for her life or death!

Suddenly, Old Lady Chen let out an explosive roar from her mouth, directly wrapped in majestic Qi energy, waving her hands and sharp claws, rushing towards Chen Dong.

The momentum was like lightning, so fast that streaks of shadow dragged behind her!

Chen Dong looked indifferent and did not say a word as he brazenly raised his Fengless to meet him directly.


The qi collided and swept across the area.

The furniture inside the Buddha Hall was instantly shattered into tatters.

Chen Dong and Old Lady Chen did not pause at all, and once they exchanged blows, they attacked each other like a thunderstorm, and the battle went straight to a white heat.

Both of them moved and dodged, bringing up streaks of shadow.

Every move and every move, with the aid of their qi, exploded with terrifying power, killing or maiming anyone who touched them.

The battle seemed to be evenly matched, but in reality, every second could be a matter of life and death!

Chen Dong looked indifferent, his muscles rising up as he wielded his bladeless heavy sword and poured it into Old Lady Chen again and again.

But the more he fought, the more the waves in his heart rose and fell!

It was hard to imagine that such an old man, who normally looked sluggish, could actually explode with such terrifying combat power!

Every move was sinister and tricky, and every move was aimed straight at Chen Dong’s lifeline, but every time he attacked, he was able to explode with enough power to resist Chen Dong the moment he touched him.

The huge age gap prevented Chen Dong from gaining any advantage at this moment!

It was also at the time when Chen Dong and Old Lady Chen were killing each other and attacking each other.

The entire Chen family was silenced in a great haze of dead silence.

It was as if the atmosphere inside and outside the Old Lady Chen’s mansion had eroded and spread throughout the entire Chen family.

And in a mountain range outside the Chen family’s mansion garden.

At this moment, under the cover of night, is the roar of helicopter propellers.

A huge searchlight shone on the ground, and a figure jumped down from the helicopter, which was hovering more than 20 metres in the air, and landed steadily!

Once on the ground, the figure was like a ghost, a jump, then directly disappeared into the dark jungle ……

Chapter 1488

The latter part of the night.

The night was as dark as ink.

The Chen family home is shrouded in gloom, depressingly silent.

Perhaps it was only in Chen Daocheng’s mansion that the atmosphere was out of place with the entire Chen family.

“Brother Daocheng, that wild B*****d Chen Dong has already entered the old undead’s mansion, but things are a bit weird.”

A person in power frowned and said in a deep voice, “Chen Dong has taken a bit too long to get inside.”


Chen Daocheng gave a startled eek.

The rest of the several power holders also revealed a look of dismay.

They were certain that Chen Dong would soon have results as long as he could enter the mansion without any problems.

But now, the situation was somewhat beyond expectation!

“Go and take a look.”

Chen Daocheng took the lead and got up, heading out.

Several people in power followed.

Outside the Old Lady Chen’s mansion.

Thousands of bodyguards were on guard, their armour was cold and the atmosphere was solemn, as if the old lady’s house was a “fighting arena”.

The entire Chen family was waiting.

They were waiting to see who would come out of the gate at the end!

Chen Dao Ye and the others were worried and full of concern.

The sound of explosions coming from inside the courtyard was like the beating of drums and jars of gold, hitting the nerves of Chen Daoye and the others.

Several times, some of those in power suggested entering the courtyard to find out what was going on, but Chen Dao Ye vetoed them all!

As for the bodyguards who had just been injured by Chen Dong, they were now in a mess, and no one asked for them.

Chen Daoping stopped at the front door, looking terrified and covered in cold sweat, his hands clenched tightly together, his palms covered in sweat.

He had heard the same popping sounds from inside the mansion and knew better why it had turned out the way it had!

Ever since Old Lady Chen had been offered a sky-high bounty, he had faced a*sa*sins all the time, and he had already covered for Old Lady Chen’s strength more than once!

In the end, Chen Dao Ping fiercely gritted his teeth and resolutely pushed open the courtyard gate and walked into the courtyard.

Inside the Buddha Hall.

At this moment, the Qi energy was surging, cascading in layers, raging in all directions like shocking waves, and everything that touched it exploded.

Under the dim light.

The cold light was cold and biting.

Chen Dong’s body was tossed with qi energy, his hands gripping his bladeless heavy sword, opening wide as if it were a tidal wave, slashing wildly at Old Lady Chen.

He knew very well that with his current strength, holding the Bladeless could not allow him to engage in a long battle of attrition, so a quick battle was the way to go!

He didn’t hold back, every strike was a killing blow!

But the old lady in front of him shocked Chen Dong again and again.

The speed, strength and reflexes of her aged body were all mind-boggling!

Several times Chen Dong was sure that a single move would be enough to determine victory or defeat, but Old Lady Chen managed to dodge it in an extremely deft manner!

Both sides are strong qi jin practitioners, and the difference between their qi jin realms is not too great, so the only thing that matters is the martial artist’s foundation!

Physique, strength, speed …… these are all martial artist foundations that run through a martial artist’s martial path from start to finish!

“Cold Light Claw!”


In the midst of the fierce battle, Old Lady Chen’s explosive roar suddenly exploded within the Buddha Hall.

In an instant.

Chen Dong then felt the majestic qi of Old Lady Chen swoosh in front of him, and as Old Lady Chen’s stance changed, her qi instantly coalesced as well.

Along with two whistling winds, the metal claws on Old Lady Chen’s hands reflected a blindingly cold light and shone brightly.

Chen Dong was caught off guard and squinted at the light.

At the same time, the sound of Old Lady Chen’s fierce whistle, wrapped in qi, was heard in his ears.

It was a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong’s ears twitched and instantly his qi surged, and without opening his eyes, he slashed out with his sword!


However, as if she had expected it, the old lady who was originally as old as a willow was as gentle as a willow at this moment.

The heavy sword, wrapped in Qi energy, landed narrowly in front of Old Lady Chen’s body.

The moment she avoided the sword, Old Lady Chen twisted her waist violently, and with a cold glint in her eyes, her metal claws surged with biting qi energy as she grabbed at Chen Dong’s waist.

Not good!

Chen Dong’s body instantly tingled, his vision was obstructed, but instinctively a strong sense of crisis of death rose up at this moment.

But the sword slashed out, and with the weight of the Bladeless Heavy Sword, it was difficult for Chen Dong to slash out a second time even before the new force was created.

It was a close call.

Chen Dong fiercely gathered his stomach and bowed, while his right hand dragged the Bladeless Heavy Sword backwards.


The sharp claws wrapped in qi energy cracked the clothes on Chen Dong’s belly, and blood quickly stained out.

Almost simultaneously, a muffled grunt escaped Chen Dong’s mouth as a sharp, fiery pain shot through his belly!

“Hmph, wild B*****d, you still won’t die this time?”

Old Madam Chen’s shrill, harsh whine echoed in Chen Dong’s ears.

During this brief period of time, Chen Dong’s eyesight, which had been “blinded” by the cold light, also recovered.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Old Madam Chen’s fierce, ghostly face close at hand, and her hands were already surrounded by a circle of spiralling Qi energy and a metal grip, one up and one down, directly towards his throat and heart!

At the moment of crisis, Chen Dong retreated once again, his right hand fiercely lifted his bladeless heavy sword and stood it directly in front of his body.

Because of the moment when he was injured earlier, Chen Dong had already dragged the Bladeless Heavy Sword backwards when he bent down and collected his stomach.

At this moment, as he raised his right hand, the broad and thick bladeless heavy sword was just like a shield in front of his body.

crunch …… crunch ……

Old Lady Chen’s claws landed on the broad blade of the Bladeless Sword with such force that an ear-piercing metal clash sounded and sparks erupted!

“D*mn it! What the hell is this sword?”

Old Mrs. Chen cursed as her jaw dropped.

From the moment she had just exchanged blows with Chen Dong, she had sensed the strangeness of the Bladeless Heavy Sword!

No matter how violent her qi was, as soon as it landed on the Bladeless Heavy Sword, it was cut into her flesh at a collapsing speed!

So much so that when she fought with Chen Dong, Chen Dong attacked her again and again with his heavy sword, but whenever her attacks touched the Bladeless Heavy Sword, her power was instantly reduced, and she could only explode with her own power, speed and the power of her fighting skills!

Such a sense of powerlessness drove Old Lady Chen crazy!

From the beginning, the fight seemed to be on an even keel, but Old Madam Chen knew that they were not on the same level right from the start!

At the same time as Old Madam Chen was cursing, Chen Dong’s voice suddenly sounded like a cold wind blowing out from the depths of the Nine Mysteries.

“Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean!”

With a sound, Chen Dong’s right foot bowed forward, and his majestic qi energy blasted out like a tsunami, as Chen Dong’s entire body took on the domineering stance of a great mountain moving sideways, directly impacting on the Bladeless Heavy Sword.

Under the huge force of the impact, the Bladeless Heavy Sword moved forward in a smooth manner.

With the added strength of Qi and Chen Dong’s terrifying power, the Bladeless Heavy Sword was like a great mountain as it slammed into Old Lady Chen who was close at hand.

With a miserable scream.

Old Madam Chen’s entire body flew backwards out of the Buddha Hall like a broken pocket and landed heavily on the ground.

After landing, Old Madam Chen threw back her head and spurted out a large mouthful of blood, her qi weakened violently, the bridge of her nose collapsed, blood sprayed wildly, and her entire old face was stained with blood, a wretched mess!

The pain made her body tremble and she struggled to get up several times, but fell back to the ground!

Chen Dong slowly moved away his bladeless heavy sword and looked indifferently at the old lady on the field of the Buddha Hall, astonishment pa*sing in his eyes.

The Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean itself was an extremely powerful killing move!

If an ordinary martial artist did not have qi energy, this lean would either kill or cripple him, or even break gold and stone, let alone the lean he just made, which was augmented by qi energy!

But …… Old Lady Chen resisted!

It looks miserable, but her aura is only a little weaker, not seriously injured at all!

“Hehe …… resisted a little, this second sword, send you on your way!”

Chen Dong sneered, his body bursting with a biting killing intent, dragging his bladeless heavy sword, stepping towards Old Lady Chen, while his left hand slowly wiped over the wound on his abdomen.

In that moment just now, it was so close …… to opening her belly!

“The old body, the old body will never die!”

Old Lady Chen gritted her teeth and struggled to stand up, her blood-covered face filled with fear.

She knew very well that if she couldn’t get up early, when Chen Dong got close, there would be no more suspense in this battle!

But the collision just now had caused her so much pain that her mind was able to support her, but her body was somewhat weak!

Several times she struggled, but failed to smash back to the ground.

Looking at Chen Dong who was slowly walking towards her, Old Lady Chen looked terrified and gritted her teeth, her eyes filled with despair and resignation.


“Chen Dong! I beg you to let my mother go!”

Suddenly, an urgent burst of shouting exploded in the courtyard.

Chen Dong’s footsteps lurched as he raised his eyes to look at Chen Daoping in the distance.

Almost simultaneously, a flash of colour emerged in Old Lady Chen’s eyes and the corners of her mouth curled up into an excited smile!