Winner Takes All Chapter 1485-1486

Chapter 1485

The sound of the crowd was deafening.

The shout went straight up into the night sky and echoed between the mountains for a long time.

The scene before them was incomparably shocking.

Chen Daoye and the others were all dumbfounded, frozen in place.

None of them had expected it.

With a single word, Chen Dong was able to directly drink half of the guards to their knees!

This kind of power was terrifying!

Inside the courtyard.

The sound of a thousand people shouting “Welcome Young Master” rang out violently.

Chen Daoping’s mind went blank, and he instantly felt that he had lost all his strength, staggering backwards and leaning against the wall, his face so pale that it was bloodless, his dilated pupils filled with fear.

“Impossible, how could this happen, why would they do this?”

Fear suffocated Chen Dao Ping so badly that every pore in his body was taut and open, the coldness stung into the marrow, and his voice was shivering so badly.

“Dao Ping ……”

Behind her, sounded the sad and feeble voice of old Mrs. Chen: “Close the door, the noise is terrible.”

“Mom ……”

Chen Dao Ping stiffened and slowly turned his head.

“Close it!”

Old Mrs. Chen’s voice was low to the point.

Squeak ……

Chen Daoping’s old eyes were filled with tears and fear as he closed the Buddha Hall door with trembling hands.

Almost simultaneously.

“Greetings to the young master!”

In the other three directions of the mansion, shouts exploded like loud thunder from a clear sky, even more startling than the one just now.

This shout was like the sound of thunder falling from the nine heavens.

In a flash, it shook Chen Dao Ping’s eardrums to the point of severe pain, and his body went limp, completely collapsing to the ground.

“Tonight, is the heavens going to kill my mother?”

This was the thought in Chen Daoping’s mind.

During the short daze, his lax pupils gradually regained focus and his gaze was determined.

Outside the courtyard.


Chen Dong’s Qi energy surged, as if tidal waves were cascading out in all directions.

Clutching his bladeless heavy sword in his arms, he spat out two words coldly as he lifted his feet and took a step towards the courtyard gate.

He was calm and relaxed, as if he was walking at ease.

But with his majestic aura, every step he took gave the thousands of guards in front of him a feeling like a lofty mountain, a domineering and horizontal push, a sense of overwhelming oppression that made everyone’s bodies sieve like chaff.

At the same time as Chen Dong walked slowly forward.

The crowd of guards kneeling on the ground got up and retreated, and the originally dense tide of people became thinner with this retreat.

The guards who were stationed in the same place were all the trusted guards under Old Lady Chen’s command.

Even the guards are secretly divided into several factions!

The rest of the guards could retreat, but the guards under Old Madam Chen’s command could not!

Even though Chen Dong, who was approaching with a mighty stride, was as powerful as a mountain and a prison, the crowd was already terrified, and without the will to fight, they did not dare to retreat!


In the silence, a hoarse roar suddenly rang out from the crowd.

The hundreds of people who were still panicking were instantly fierce and frantic, raising the blades in their hands, their killing intent surging as they charged directly towards Chen Dong to kill him.

“Overrate the tree!”

Chen Dong’s eyes narrowed into slits as a cold light appeared.


Without any unnecessary fancy, the Qi energy that surged through his body instantly broke through his body in a vast manner, destroying the ground and tearing it apart, directly pushing across towards the hundreds of people in front of him.

The moment the wave of qi energy touched the group of guards, screams of misery suddenly rang out, echoing across the world!

The powerful and overbearing Qi energy pushed across, and wherever it pa*sed, it was like a meat grinder, and the guards’ clothes were instantly twisted into rags and tatters as they screamed in agony.

The scene was horrific.

Chen Dao Ye and the others looked on indifferently at all this, their worries from earlier vanishing at this moment.

“Is this the real difference between a Qi powerhouse and an ordinary martial artist?”

Chen Daoye couldn’t help but murmur with emotion, “Under qi energy, all are ants, even if they are hundreds of times stronger than oneself, they are still ants, Young Lord is mighty!”

The few rulers behind him could not help but nod in agreement, looking towards Chen Dong who was surrounded by qi energy not far away, their eyes filled with awe.

The majority of the guards who had retreated a moment ago could not help but ring out a chorus of voices sucking in cold air as they witnessed the crushing scene at the moment.

“My God! Young master is so strong! This kind of qi oppression, for us, we can’t even get close enough to decide the winner!”

“I’m glad we’ve withdrawn, otherwise we’d be like ants shaking the sky in the face of the Young Master, with such a domineering stance, even if thousands of us swarmed together, I’m afraid that if the Young Master drew his sword, we’d already have a result!”

“At the family head’s birthday, the young master’s strength made us mortals look up to him, how long has it been? The young master’s strength is even more terrifying than it was then, it is said that it has only been a year or so since the young master entered martial arts training, such a stance, a gift to the ghosts and gods!”


The guards who retreated witnessed what was happening in front of them, and one by one, they could not help but cry out in their hearts, while looking at Chen Dong’s eyes, they also turned into utter and complete fear!

The screams and wails were incessant.

Waves of Qi energy piled up and poured out from Chen Dong’s body, pushing across and crushing.

It was overwhelming and overpowering, unstoppable!

From the beginning to the end, Chen Dong was merely holding his bladeless heavy sword in his arms as he stepped forward, surrounded by Qi energy, his majestic aura was as if he was a god of killing coming out from the depths of the Nine Mysteries, overwhelming and unparalleled!

Everywhere he went, it was as if the autumn wind was sweeping away the wheat saplings, and all the guards surrounding him fell to the ground with screams of misery and blood.

The air was thick with the smell of blood.

By the time Chen Dong was five metres away from the courtyard gate, half of the hundreds of guards had already fallen.

The remaining guards were still gritting their teeth, forcing down the fear in their hearts and pouncing on Chen Dong.

But the result was no surprise!

A fight that was completely out of the same realm was in itself crushing!

As far as Chen Dong was concerned, he was able to take the head of a general in the midst of an army of 10,000 people on the battlefield of the Northern Region, but the hundreds of guards in front of him were far weaker than the blood-soaked army on the battlefield!


Just as Chen Dong stepped forward, a gunshot sounded in the sky.

In a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened as he clearly caught a bullet speeding through the group of guards and shooting directly towards him.


A cluster of sparks burst out.

Chen Dong’s right hand clutched his bladeless heavy sword and held it up in front of him, but the bullet that came shooting at him fell to the ground with a clang.

Bang, bang, bang ……

Without the slightest pause, the sound of dense gunfire suddenly exploded.

A rain of guns and bullets instantly poured in towards Chen Dong.

“Young master beware!”

Chen Dao Ye and others hearts instantly rose to their throats, the power of the two, cold weapons and hot weapons, were simply not in the same league!

“Heh ……”

Chen Dong pulled the corner of his mouth, “The people I want to kill, God can’t even stop them!”

The next second.

In front of everyone’s eyes, Chen Dong brazenly thumped his doorplate wide bladeless heavy sword on the ground, cracking the floor and sending up a huge cloud of smoke and dust.

Almost simultaneously.

Clang, clang, clang ……

The bullets rained down on the blade of the sword, sending sparks into the air like daylight.

Chapter 1486

The sound of metal clashing echoed through the world.

A shower of bullets poured down on the bladeless sword, sending sparks into the air, but they were unable to tear through the defences.

The crowd around them were all silent, looking at the scene before them with chills running down their spines.

Even some of the guards under Old Lady Chen’s command were frozen in place.

Under the bright sparks, Chen Dong’s silhouette, one man and one sword, appeared, and even though the rain of bullets was heavy, he stood as still as a mountain.

This scene, as if a heavy hammer, fiercely shaken on everyone’s heart.

Can the young master …… really be stopped like this?

Chen Dong did not let the situation stand still for long.

In full view of the crowd.

With his hands on top of the bladeless heavy sword, he continued to stride forward.

Pushing across the road, against the dense rain of bullets pouring in, he pushed across the courtyard gate in a supreme domineering stance.

At this moment, as the rain of bullets appeared, the remaining blocking guards, too, drew their weapons and fired.

But still, they could not stop Chen Dong’s footsteps!

Even when Chen Dong came close to the guards, without waiting for them to make a move, the majestic qi energy was released from Chen Dong’s body, and as the guards screamed, they were directly lifted out by the qi energy.

The scene was chaotic.

Screams of misery.

The sound of shots being fired.

The sound of bullets hitting the bladeless heavy swords.

Creaking ……

No one had noticed that the gate of the courtyard, at the moment, had quietly opened.

Chen Daoping looked at Chen Dong, who was shrouded in sparks in the distance, and although his steps were slow, he did not stop.

This made Chen Daoping’s body sweat and hair explode and he was frantic with fear.

What made him even more devastated was the fact that the people who were holding off Chen Dong in front of him were only a handful compared to the number of all the guards, most of them staying out of the way, watching in awe like spectators.

“Guards! Do something, do something!”

Chen Daoping’s jealousy cracked as he hissed and roared, “That’s the Chen family’s old lady inside, why don’t you all take refuge?”


The guards looked at each other in disbelief, indifferent to Chen Daoping’s roar.

Without waiting for Chen Daoping to speak again, a sound suddenly rang out from the crowd.

“All, be on guard!”


Several thousand guards moved in unison, retreating at the same time, lighting up their armour and forming a human wall to surround the entire courtyard.

“You guys ……”

Chen Daoping’s eyes widened as he looked at the guards who looked pensive, his chest puffed up, and he suddenly threw back his head and spurted out a large mouthful of fresh blood.

What the hell does this mean?

Thousands of guards are watching the show?

I asked you to protect my mother, but you didn’t stop Chen Dong, and you were all on alert, are you F**king afraid that my mother will run away?

In the distance.

Chen Dao Ye witnessed the sudden change in the style of the guards, and finally his eyes fell on one of the guard commanders.

As an “outsider”, he clearly saw just now that the guard commander was the one who shouted the alert!

“Oh …… Chen Daocheng’s people, take the shoots!”

Chen Daoye laughed playfully.

Several of the people in power also looked at each other with different expressions.

Chen Dong showed the strength, is already looming above the undefeated, for them these several power holders, the boulder hanging in the heart also fell smoothly.

After relaxing, it was inevitable that a few thoughts of teasing and watching were raised.


Suddenly, an explosive roar rose to the sky.


Chen Dong, who was engulfed by the rain of bullets, was filled with qi like a dragon and dashed into the sky, and the bladeless heavy sword in his hand instantly danced.

The wind exploded.

The huge bladeless heavy sword, wrapped in qi energy, overwhelmingly and brutally slapped away all the countless bullets that poured in.

Whoosh whoosh ……

The strong wind whistled.

The speed and power of the bullets were not as great as when they were fired from the chamber of a gun.

The bullets poured out onto the guards in front of Chen Dong, screaming incessantly, and a cluster of blood splashed into the air.

Just one sword!

Half of the remaining guards had fallen straight away.

The rest were all wounded and frozen in place, not daring to continue the attack.

The noisy scene suddenly fell dead silent.


With his sword in his right hand, Chen Dong heavily pounded his bladeless heavy sword onto the ground.

This loud sound was like a thunderclap in everyone’s ears.

Everyone’s eyes were filled with fear as they looked at Chen Dong.

A majestic killing intent was released from Chen Dong’s body.

The rigid qi energy still surrounded his body.

The next second.

Chen Dong stepped forward, dragging Fengless backwards, and walked up the courtyard steps.

As far as he could see, the guards retreated in fear, not daring to resist.

The sight of this scene made Chen Daoping’s mind go blank and his body faint.

“You want to block me?”

A cold, stern and chilling voice suddenly rang out in Chen Daoping’s ears.

Chen Daoping jerked awake, only to find Chen Dong’s cold face, already close at hand.

In an instant, his scalp exploded and he did not know how to respond to Chen Dong’s words.

“You are not worthy!”

Chen Dong shook his head, like a killing god coming out of hell, and walked straight into the courtyard.

A strong and intense astral wind swept over Chen Daoping’s body.

Chen Daoping’s gaze flickered for a moment and he snapped to attention, “Ma ……”

In a panic, he turned around brazenly, grabbed Chen Dong’s shoulder with one hand, and hissed.

“Chen Dong, if you want to kill my mother, then step over my corpse!!!”

The words had not yet fallen.

Chen Dong’s body shook violently, and his rigid qi force brazenly broke out of his body.



Chen Dao Ping then felt a huge force blast into his body head-on, screaming miserably as he directly flew backwards five metres and fell heavily to the ground, spurting out a large mouthful of blood with his mouth open.

“You don’t deserve to have me step over your corpse!”

Chen Dong slightly turned his head sideways and gave Chen Daoping a cold, sidelong glance.

With a whirlwind, he took a step forward and the strong wind whistled.


The courtyard gate was directly blown shut by the strong wind.


The entire courtyard was as quiet as stagnant water.

Everyone stood frozen in place, as if time was frozen.

The smell of blood in the air was incomparably strong.

There were bodies lying on the ground and injured guards tumbling and wailing.

And inside the courtyard.

As Chen Dong entered, the sound of sutras chanting resounded once again from within the Buddha Hall with its closed doors.

Such a scene, with the sudden sound of chanting scriptures, seemed out of place.

Chen Dong dragged Fengless backwards and stepped forward to the entrance of the Buddha Hall.

With a surge of Qi energy.

Bang Teen!

The door to the Buddha Hall exploded with a loud bang.

What met his eyes was Old Lady Chen kneeling reverently in front of the golden statue of Buddha, her hands joined together as she chanted along with the sound of sutras.

Even though Chen Dong had already walked into the Buddha Hall, Old Lady Chen stood tall and still.

“It’s too late to worship the Buddha!”

Chen Dong slowly raised his bladeless heavy sword: “Your Buddha, can’t stop me!”

“Yes ……”

Old Mrs. Chen slowly opened her eyes, her eyes obscure and lightless, kneeling on the futon, she slowly turned around and faced Chen Dong, her knees still kneeling on the futon, her hands also folded, with a desperate look, seeing through life and death, she smiled sadly, “Chen Dong, it was the old body that disrespected the dead and insulted your mother, the old body deserved to die.”

And so she said.

Old Madam Chen slowly closed her eyes, looking as if she was sitting on the edge of death.

Chen Dong’s mind was aghast, and a flash of surprise flashed across his eyes.

Immediately, a teasing smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Old and refined, that is an extremely apt phrase to use on you!”


Old Madam Chen’s eyelids fluttered twice, and then she slowly opened her eyes, the obscurity and lightlessness of the previous moment now turned into shadowy and resentful eyes, staring deadly at Chen Dong.

“The old body is already sitting on the sidelines, why don’t you give the old body a slash?”