Winner Takes All Chapter 1477-1478

Chapter 1477

“Where is it?”

In an instant, Elder Long and Ye Yuanqiu rose to their feet in a tentative manner, their eyes bursting with brilliant auras.

Yuan Yigang also turned around violently, his gaze burning at the person outside the room.

The last hour!

Finally, a turnaround!

“On an isolated island off the east coast, just scouted out the latitude and longitude!”

The man’s expression tightened as he reported in a deep voice.

As soon as the words left his mouth.

Yuan Yigang immediately ordered, “Immediately recall the 3,600 Hongmen, organize helicopters, and send all 3,600 of them to the isolated island.

“Yes, sir!”

The man turned and left at once.

In the living room.

Old Man Long and Ye Yuanqiu were ecstatic, their faces flushed red with excitement.

“Old man Long, this time …… we’ve won!”

Ye Yuanqiu burst out laughing.

Elder Long also exhaled a foul breath of relief.

As long as he successfully rescued Gu Guohua and his wife, then there would be no more obstacles for Chen Dong to set the southwest region.

This time …… must win the game!

With a command from Yuan Yigang.

The three thousand six hundred doors of the Hong Society that were sweeping and rampaging outside terminated their search mission at the first opportunity and went to the nearest airport in their location.

Like ten thousand rivers returning to the sea, the vast carpet search came to an abrupt halt, and a car, at the same time, was directed straight to the airport, winding up.

The sudden termination caught the entire gentry and powers across the ocean off guard.

It was also just as the Hong Society’s three thousand six hundred gates were moving.

All the magnates and giants of power received information at the first opportunity.

“It’s terminated? What has happened again? What the hell is the Hong Society up to today?”

“Three thousand and six hundred gates swept across the entire inland in a brutal and overbearing manner, and now they suddenly terminate without warning and all run to the airport?”

“Crazy! The Hong Society has gone mad! Yuan Yigang and Ye Yuanqiu have all gone mad! Three thousand six hundred gates, like arms, but they are also rampant today!”


Just as the major giants and giants of power were shocked and apprehensive.

In the major airports across the ocean.

The 3,600 gates of the Hong Society arrived in full, and within the first hour they commandeered a helicopter ride and flew off towards the east coast in great numbers.

The scene was majestic.

Under the clear sky, the helicopters were densely packed, like rivers of stars, heading straight for one direction.

Some Hong Society members who had not commandeered the helicopters also turned around at the first opportunity and sped off towards the east coast port.

In the sky and on the ground, the 3,600 gates of the Hong Society were so loud and powerful that they shocked the whole of the other side of the ocean.

The common people were in a state of shock.

The giants and giants sat dumbfounded on the spot.

Countless news and opinions spread like shreds of paper.

The East Coast.

The crowds of people around the harbour, without exception, were all standing still, looking up at the sky.

The dense and loud roar of the helicopter propellers echoed like thunder in the sky for a long time.

The helicopters, densely packed, were like locusts in transit, sweeping across the sky and heading overseas.

And on the road, a car whistled and sped into the harbour.

Soon, a ship, of all sizes, sailed rapidly out of the harbour.

Compared to the countless helicopters in the sky, the number of ships leaving the harbour at sea level was uncountable.

The ships were dense and vast.

As far as the eye can see, there are ships everywhere.

A thousand sails and a hundred boats competing!

Together with the helicopters in the sky, they formed an incomparable and visually stunning scene.

Elder Long, Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang were all riding in the same helicopter.

The loud roar of the helicopter’s propellers echoed in their ears.

But the three of them could not stop looking ecstatic and excited.

Whether they could find Gu Guohua and his wife in this last hour would directly determine whether Chen Dong’s plan in the southwest region would succeed or not!

All the depression, tension and trepidation that they had felt before had now dissipated as the helicopter headed for the isolated island overseas!

“Yi Gang, how much longer?”

Ye Yuanqiu couldn’t help but ask after him.

Yuan Yigang looked at the time, and his stretched brows suddenly furrowed.

“Elder Ye and Elder Long, it’s almost twelve o’clock, there’s still some distance to go before the longitude and latitude of the isolated island, time is running out!”

The smiles on Ye Yuanqiu’s and Elder Long’s faces froze instantly.

Twelve o’clock noon on this side of the ocean was corresponding to midnight zero in the domain!

It was also the 19th, the moment when Chen Dong kicked the proverbial bucket!

The atmosphere suddenly became oppressive and tense again.

Ye Yuanqiu clenched his hands together and said in a deep voice, “Late is never too late, immediately inform Mr. Chen that Gu Guohua and his wife have been found, and that they are safe and sound, so let him cast his mind at ease!”

The words were resounding and incomparably resolute.

One word came out.

Elder Long and Yuan Yigang froze in shock at the same time.

Even the isolated island had not yet been found, and Gu Guohua and his wife were not even sure of their safety, so to report to Chen Dong in advance, what was the difference between this and deception?

“Laozi disagrees!”

Long Lao looked furious and sternly rebuked, “Old man Ye, why are you suddenly so decisive now, you son of a B*tch? Do you know that this is deceiving my young master? If something were to change, Gu Guohua and his wife would be like biological parents to my young master, you can’t afford to take this responsibility!”

Yuan Yigang, who was at the side, also showed his approval.

As far as he was concerned, reporting to Chen Dong in advance, this was too much danger!

Ye Yuanqiu narrowed his eyes and looked up at Elder Long and Yuan Yigang with a grave and solemn expression.

“Then, old man, if the southwest region cannot be thoroughly promoted, who will be able to bear this responsibility?”

Elder Long and Yuan Yigang’s breath caught in their mouths and they were speechless.

Setting up the Southwest Region was a matter of the whole situation, not just about Chen Dong personally, but also about the various forces under their command.

The momentum had already been created!

If he could not deliver this final kick with a flourish, it would be difficult to turn the situation around!

The same drama can be staged once, but it cannot be replicated a second time!

The giants of the world, the giants of power, are not so stupid!

On the other side.

The night was depressing and dreary.

Chen Dong sat withered on the rooftop, with dense cigarette butts already scattered in front of him, and a burning cigarette in the corner of his mouth.

At this juncture, every second was unbearably oppressive for him.

So heavy was the pressure that in this short time Chen Dong’s clean face had once again sprouted a sigh of scruff, looking haggard and exhausted.

In his hand, he still held the imperial edict!

This was the key!

But at this moment, he did not know whether to activate the edict or to stay put and put an end to it all!

The clock was ticking closer and closer to midnight.

He was also aware that all the parties under his command were waiting, that the entire south-western region was waiting, that the giants of the world, the giants of power, were all waiting!

Zero o’clock is the key to the future fate of the Southwest!

But father-in-law and mother-in-law ……

Suddenly, Chen Dong’s mobile phone rang.

It was like a thunderclap on this quiet rooftop.

Chen Dong was violently startled, his body trembled, he quickly grabbed his mobile phone, took a look at the phone number, his complexion instantly obscured to the extreme!

Chapter 1478

Looking at the caller ID on his mobile phone screen.

Chen Dong’s face was ashen, and the lustre in his eyes was rapidly fading.

At this moment, a vicious chill ran from the bottom of his feet to the sky, and Chen Dong felt that the sky was spinning, and he was rapidly falling into a dark and bottomless abyss.

The caller ID was an unfamiliar number!

But, whether it was Elder Long or Yuan Yigang or Ye Yuanqiu of the Hong Society, he had contact information!

Then there was only one possibility for the number ……!

“What’s supposed to come, has come after all!”

Chen Dong lost his soul and murmured a simple sentence, but it seemed as if he had used all his strength.

The phone rang continuously.

Chen Dong, however, as if his body had been emptied of strength, gritted his teeth, forcing down the palpitating feeling of his heart beating out of his chest, and pressed the answer button.

“Young Master Chen, good day!”

As soon as he was connected, a familiar hoarse old laugh rang out.

Chen Dong’s eyes narrowed as a fierce aura emerged.

“Old Mrs. Gu!”

“Hahahaha …… Young Master Chen really does have deaf ears!”

On the phone, Old Mrs. Gu’s laughed, “Young Master Chen is worthy of being a true dragon among men, my father disappeared, was expelled from the Chen family by all the anti-bone boys and became a ruined lord, yet he still managed to stir up the world, this kind of skill really makes me admire him!”

A complimentary laugh, but with a bit of sarcasm.

Chen Dong had no patience at all, he knew what Old Madam Gu’s call meant, and at this moment, what Old Madam Gu said was too harsh for him!

“If you have a fart, let it out!”

On the phone, there was silence for two seconds.

A whirlwind.

The old lady said in a deep voice: “Young master Chen wants to settle the southwest region in one go, attracting the world’s giants and forces to flock, the old body deeply admire, but …… always heard that young master Chen is the most good and pure filial piety, but also ask Mr. Chen to be noble and end this move to settle the southwest, the old body advised young master Chen to have self-awareness, after all …… everyone does not want to see young master Chen well, young master Chen and why do you struggle stiflingly, desperately upward?”

“Heh ……”

Chen Dong pulled the corners of his mouth, disheveled and desolate smile, chest depression and anger as if to explode the chest cavity.

“Young master Chen has today’s achievement, should be cherished, live a good little life is not beautiful? Why do you want to make everyone unhappy? I advise young master Chen not to be insensitive, otherwise …… Gu family ancestral graves will have two more piles of graves!”


There was a dead silence.

The calm voice of Old Lady Chen on the phone seemed like a sword tilted from the sky, falling brazenly on Chen Dong’s head.

The suffocating sound made Chen Dong almost frantic at this moment.

Chen Dong fiercely gritted his teeth, “As long as I terminate this plan, will my father-in-law and mother-in-law be able to return safely?”

“That’s natural!”

Old Madam Gu laughed over the phone, “If Young Master Chen will behave, the old body will naturally behave as well, at most one or two extra conditions will be added then.”

“My blood?”

Chen Dong’s face was full of depression and his eyes were scarlet, as if he was a fierce beast with pent up rage, and he raised his eyebrows.

“Young Master Chen is wise to the core!”

Old Madam Chen said with a smile, “I am not a brutal and unreasonable person, the matter is very important, so I will naturally give Young Master Chen time to think about it, whether to terminate the plan or to let his father-in-law and mother-in-law die, it is all up to Young Master Chen to choose, the time limit, according to the momentum of Young Master Chen’s momentum, it should be released at midnight, then at midnight, I need a choice from you, Young Master Chen! ”


The phone hung up.


Chen Dong’s right hand lashed out, and the phone screen cracked under the tremendous force.

Resentment, anger, resentment ……

At this moment like a terrifying tsunami roared and engulfed Chen Dong.

Chen Dong sat on the chair, arching his back, his whole body trembling.

The aura that came out from his body caused the heaven and earth on this rooftop to seem to freeze, and the temperature plummeted to freezing point.

Settling the Southwest?

His father-in-law and mother-in-law?

He had already made his choice when he was speculating and apprehensive before!

As a man, his parents, his wife and children, his brothers and friends, these were the people he had to protect with his life.

But when it came to the moment when his speculations came true, the intense resentment was like a thousand sharp knives cutting into his body.

Time pa*sed slowly.

Chen Dong seemed to be frozen, but his scarlet eyes were always staring at the time advancing a little on the broken phone screen.

Did Elder Long and the others …… not make a miracle after all?

As the time approached midnight zero, it was not only Chen Dong who was anxious and tormented.

All forces, the entire southwest region is anxious and tormented.

It was as if the vast southwest region had become a giant frying pan, frying everyone!

Dingtai Company.

The lights were bright.

Zhuge Qing, Chu Reed, Xiao Ma and the others were all waiting.

The momentum had been built up!

All that was waiting now was Chen Dong’s command!

And within the Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Gu Qingying, Jiang Qilin, Fan Lu and Wu Chang, Zhao Brezhong and Qin Xiao Qian also looked ugly.

It was clear to everyone that tonight’s Chen Dong was extraordinarily different!

The pressure was so overwhelming that no one here could be sure that they could bear it as well as Chen Dong!

The giants and giants of the world who had gathered in the southwest region were also waiting anxiously in their homes.

“What is going on with Chen Dong? The momentum has been built up and it’s clear that he’s going to make a move, but why is there no follow-up?”

“What exactly is Young Master Chen hesitating about? Where exactly should this southwest region go tonight?”

“I’ve been around for a hundred years, and I’ve been through all the big storms, but tonight I’m so disturbed by the Chen family young master’s maneuvers that I can’t sleep, what are you waiting for, young master Chen ……?”



The time flowed to eleven fifty minutes past midnight.

Chen Dong remained rigid.

With scarlet eyes, his eyes changed and changed!

Behind him, the sound of footsteps rang out once again.

“Mr. Chen, is it a battle, is it a halt?”

Together with him, there was Qin Xiao Qian!

Qin Xiao Qian’s eyes were bleak as she glanced at the crumpled imperial edict in Chen Dong’s left hand.

That was the Prime Sword and the God’s Needle of the Sea that she had invited for Chen Dong!

But at this moment …… Chen Dong’s silence and delay had left her with a sense of despair like falling into an abyss.

“Hahahaha …… hahahaha ……”

Chen Dong suddenly threw back his head and laughed, his laughter was ear-splitting and reckless.

Jiang Qilin and Qin Xiao Qian were startled at the same time.

Under the dim yellow light.

The two of them clearly saw that Chen Dong, who was laughing, had tears flowing down from the corners of his eyes, which were narrowed into slits, like broken pearls.

A man’s tears are not lightly shed, it is just that he has not yet reached the point of sadness.

At this moment, how much pain should Chen Dong be in?

Jiang Qilin was immediately about to console him, but was stopped by Qin Xiaoqian tugging on his arm with one hand.

“It’s just that ……”

Chen Dong, who was laughing and shedding tears, slowly lowered his head, looked at the phone and the imperial edict, and said incomparably sadly: “All can’t see me well, then it …… is not good, this reckoning will be an empty one, this world, I won’t fight for it!”

As he spoke.

Under the gaze of Jiang Qilin and Qin Xiao Qian’s horrified gaze.

Chen Dong directly picked up the imperial edict to tear it up.

“Mr. Chen!”

“Brother Dong!”

This scene frightened Jiang Qilin and Qin Xiao Qian’s faces.

“Ten thousand things are empty, what I went through, I will never let Xiaoying go through it again, if I don’t have my parents, there is only a way back in life, a great sorrow on earth!”


The phone with the shattered screen, once again lit up with light and rang a ringtone.

This ringtone.

At this moment, it was like a thunderbolt from the sky.

The movement in Chen Dong’s hand gave an abrupt lurch.

Jiang Qilin and Qin Xiao Qian also jerked to a halt.

Chen Dong turned his head and once he saw that it was Elder Long’s mobile phone number, his obscure eyes instantly glowed with a glint of light.

It was as if a dying man had grabbed the last straw to save his life.

He hurriedly dropped the edict and held up the phone like a treasure, while constantly sniffling to stop crying.

“Hello, Elder Long!”

Chen Dong’s voice was trembling, and at this moment he no longer cared about his image, so he simply knelt down on both knees and held the phone.

“Mr. Chen, this is Ye Yuanqiu, Elder Long was injured during the operation and is unable to talk, Mr. Chen’s parents have been found, both parents are safe and sound, Mr. Chen need not worry, you can take the final step!”

“Congratulations Mr. Chen, the flag has been won, and the world is lost in one fell swoop!”