Winner Takes All Chapter 1475-1476

Chapter 1475

Across the ocean.

Inside the Mountain River Hall, it is bright all night long.

The bright, blinding lights are intertwined with the lights of Chinatown outside, but they create an atmosphere that is like two worlds.

The long, empty Chinatown is lit up in yellow, even in the daytime, but the lights are never extinguished and there is no more of the usual late night noise.

The whole street is in a state of extreme depression.

Luxury cars sped past like mad.

The doors of the shops were closed and silent.

But the Shanhe Hall, where the luxury cars enter and exit, is noisy.

Even if everyone who entered and left was silent, the sound of their footsteps, together with the whirring of the cars, made it extremely noisy.

Inside the room.

Ye Yuanqiu and Elder Long were sitting side by side, both of them with their eyes closed, their white beards and white hair, but in the light they showed some of their immortal bones and ancient charm.

I don’t know how long they have remained in this position, but the tea on the table is no longer hot.

On the wall, a clock hangs.

Every time the second hand advances, a “click” is made.

In the living room, the “click” of the advancing seconds is the only sound.

As each second pa*sed, the click sounded like a loud bell, blasting in the ears of the two men, the corners of their eyes twitching and their eyelids twitching slightly as they seemed to be calm.

Seconds are like years” is perhaps the right word to describe their state at this moment.

It seemed peaceful, but in reality every second was a torment of fire.

It was already close to midday and the air conditioning was on, so it wasn’t too hot, even a little cold, but gradually, drops of sweat were seeping from their foreheads, glistening brightly.

On the other side.

Yuan Yigang was bracing his tired body, hating to use a toothpick to prop up his heavy eyelids as he stared intently at the information being presented to him.

He had to stay absolutely focused every second, so that he could manage to extract a drop of useful information from the vast sea of information.

And this is an absolute overload for him, no, for anyone.

It was a great test of physical strength, brain power, everything!

This was the case for Yuan Yigang, and even more so for the middle and senior forces of the Hong Society under his command.

The 3,600 members of the Hong Society are all out, causing the world to change in this part of the world across the ocean.

But even though the outside world was in turmoil, the people inside the Mountain River a*sociation Hall had to press down on the oppression and calmly concentrate on pulling apart the information.

Time waits for no one!

Nor could anyone else!

As time was running out and the future of the Hong Society was at stake, Yuan Yigang gave absolute deadly orders to everyone.

Either die on the table or die under the Hong Society’s iron rule of the three blades and six eyes!

The 3,600 gates of the Hong Society were like a vast and lofty machine, firing on all cylinders at this moment!

Inside the tense and oppressive Shanhe Guild Hall, perhaps only Ye Linglong’s mansion seemed out of place.

There was silence.

The wind swirled with heat and raged through the courtyard.

Ye Linglong sat in the courtyard, her jade arms folded on the stone table, her chin resting on her arms, listening in boredom to the sharp, dense sound of footsteps outside and the roar of a car engine.

She had no idea what had happened to the Hong Society!

Up and down, it was as if a wall of steel had been forged against her, shutting out all information.

It was suffocating her to no end.

Ye Linglong couldn’t help but raise her eyes to look at the sun that was approaching directly above her and muttered, “Over there, it should be almost late at night, right?”

She didn’t know what was happening, but she was able to roughly guess some of the clues.

Hong would suddenly become like this, and according to Ye Linglong’s speculation, in all probability, it had something to do with Chen Dong!

As for the rest, she couldn’t guess!

Tianmen Mountain Villa.

The night was getting darker and darker.

Chen Dong sat withered on the rooftop, the light of the stars and moon, getting colder and colder.

Unknowingly, Chen Dong’s palms were already covered with sweat stains, which could not be wiped off no matter how much he wiped them.

He remained in a sitting posture, like a statue, and did not move for a long time.

But the silence around him was a silent oppression to him.

It was suffocating him!

Even his heartbeat was being contained to death!

Snapping …… snapping ……

The sound of footsteps ringing out behind him broke the dead silence on the rooftop.

A figure, slowly, walked behind Chen Dong.

“Mr. Chen.”

Chen Dong’s body trembled for a moment, his hollow, drifting eyes quickly regaining focus as he looked back at Jiang Qilin, who was stationed at the doorway of the building.

“What can I do for you?”

Jiang Qilin’s evil and handsome face was outlined with a kind smile as he slowly walked over to Chen Dong and settled into the recliner.

“Mr. Chen’s preoccupied look is very worrying.”

“I know.”

Chen Dong smiled helplessly.

“Only one hour to go until the nineteenth, when will the situation turn around?”

Jiang Qilin enquired with a smile.

“An hour?”

Chen Dong’s heart twitched and tightened a little.

“Is Mr. Chen worried about something?” Jiang Qilin’s eyes brightened.

Chen Dong was silent for a few seconds.

He tilted his head to look at the starry sky and said in a deep voice, “Inform Zhuge Qing and the others and start building momentum.”

There was only one last hour until the 19th.

While there was no good news coming in, there was also no bad news coming in.

Such a situation made Chen Dong anxious, but it was a good situation.

Before anything happened, it was time to move on!

“I’ll go and inform them right now.”

Jiang Qilin got up and headed downstairs, and when he reached the door of the building, he smiled, “Mr. Chen, I think that those who achieve great things do not stick to small things, and when the big picture is in hand, a great man can just go ahead without any worries.”

Chen Dong’s expression changed for a moment and he smiled teasingly, “What if it involves your family?”

Under the light.

Jiang Qilin did not move, and was silent for a few seconds.

Only then did he slowly open his voice: “The same question, Qilin had asked his father and also his grandfather, but they, and the entire Jiang family, had all warned Qilin that the family could be destroyed, but Qilin must live, so …… Qilin would go all the way!”

At the end of the sentence, Jiang Qilin’s voice became resolute.

Chen Dong’s pupils shrank for a moment, and the corners of his eyes could not help but tremble.

There was a pause.

He only laughed disdainfully, “It’s so good to be a brute without touching the human world, without staining the dust.”

When he said these words.

Jiang Qilin’s expression clearly changed violently.

However, since his back was turned to Chen Dong, Chen Dong was not aware of this scene.

After a day of waiting, the entire Din Tai, as well as the various forces under Chen Dong’s command, had long since gathered momentum.

With a command from Chen Dong, Zhuge Qing and Chu Reed directly launched themselves.

Not only the Dingtai, but also the Zhuge Family, the Zhang and Chu families, as well as Zhou Zunlong and Zhou Yanqiu, all the major forces also started to move at the same moment.

Such a message was sent to the heads of the world’s most powerful families and giants gathered in the southwest region, just like a sudden storm of wind and thunder and lightning.

Chapter 1476

“It’s moving! It’s moving! Chen Dong and the projects in the hands of all the forces under his command are pushing!”

“D*mn it! It’s late at night, how can Young Master Chen and his projects suddenly be pushing?”

“It’s finally moving, I told you that there must be a reason for Chen Dong and all the forces under his command to suddenly stop for a day, it seems that they are waiting for tonight’s action, to pa*s the order for all the projects to start operating immediately!”


The news came out.

The giants and giants of the world who had gathered in the southwest region were all agitated, and even in the middle of the night, they were not sleepy, and they all settled down to their desks.

In an instant, the emails spread out like snowflakes in the sky.

Under the night.

The silent south-western region, however, was undercurrents with an order from Chen Dong.

The giants and giants from all over the world had gathered in the southwest region in order to get a piece of the pie when Chen Dong and Rothschild jointly promoted the development of the southwest region.

After Chen Dong’s manipulation, he pulled up land prices and prices, then immediately weakened, prompting an avalanche of collapsing land prices and prices, and then made a comeback, secretly taking advantage of the low land prices to frantically acquire and grab land.

Even though some of the magnates and giants have lost some of their money as a result, it is still not harmful to the bigger picture.

Everyone is keeping an eye on Chen Dong’s movements.

It was clear to everyone that the future lifeline of the entire southwest region rested in Chen Dong’s hands alone.

Tonight, Chen Dong, who had been silent for a day, suddenly made a move.

This is like sending a signal to the world’s giants and giants of power – the development of the southwest region has officially started!

Tonight …… is the “carnival” of the southwest region!

Under the night curtain.

The Chen family compound, located between the mountains, is vast and magnificent, and the lights, like stars in the night, decorate a gorgeous river of stars between the mountains.

And in the silence of the night, the Chen family was the heart of several parties.

“It’s moving, Brother Daocheng, that wild B*****d Chen Dong has finally moved!”

In Chen Daocheng’s mansion, a person in power leapt straight up in excitement the first time he received the news.

Chen Daocheng and the rest of the power-holders also rose up in ecstasy.

“Hahahaha …… That wild B*****d’s blood and courage is admirable enough, knowing that he is doing us a favour, but he still launched a plan for the entire southwest region. What a B*****d!”

“Brother Dao Cheng is wise! This time, not only will we be able to completely crush that B*****d, we will also be able to profit from it, all thanks to Brother Dao Cheng’s decision!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk …… that B*****d is bold enough to hesitate for just one day and then just launch. As soon as he launches, he will be working for us until his death!”


The laughter was so loud that the group of people in power could not control their emotions.

To them, being able to profit from the southwest region is just a “cheer”, what really makes them ecstatic is that once Chen Dong pushes the southwest region, they can rely on the huge number of land plots in their hands to completely pull Chen Dong into the mire and make it difficult to move forward!

It would only be a matter of time before Chen Dong collapsed and went bankrupt!

Chen Daocheng’s eyes shone brightly, and his ears echoed with the joyful laughter of those in power under his command, and his face could not help but be filled with an excited smile.

“Chen Daolin, Chen Daolin! This is the young master of the Chen family that you have so deliberately cultivated? Away from you, even if the true dragon rushes up to the ninth heaven and peels off his skin, it is still just a wild child that has never seen the world!”

On the other side.

Inside Old Lady Chen’s Buddha Hall.

The sound of chanting sutras reverberated in a tumultuous manner.

In front of the golden statue of Buddha.

It had been some time since Old Lady Chen had knelt on the futon in such a pious manner.

While chanting the sutra, she twirled the Buddhist beads.

Under the light, although Old Mrs. Chen’s face was pale and tired, her expression was extremely pious.

“Ma, Ma ……”

Outside the Buddha Hall, Chen Daoping hurriedly came running and shouted.

He had just reached the door.

Old Mrs. Chen, who was chanting sutras reverently, suddenly opened her eyes, as if her anger was about to turn into substance and be vented out.

“Dao Ping! Why are you crying in the middle of the night?”

Chen Daoping stopped at the door and said in dismay, “Mom, I’m not crying, I’m calling you.”

Old Mrs. Chen’s eyes narrowed and she snapped back, scolding, “What do you mean?”

“Mom I was wrong!”

Chen Daoping hurriedly bowed his head and said, “It’s my son who was impatient, but it’s a matter of great importance, Chen Dong just now suddenly had all the forces under his command activated!”


Old Madam Chen’s body shook, somewhat stunned, “Impossible!”

Chen Daoping looked up at Old Madam Chen in surprise.

Immediately, Old Madam Chen waved her hand, “Go down.”

That was it?

Chen Daoping froze, he had come to report this matter and had not expected the old madam to be so calm and perfunctory.

With a “hmm” from Old Madam Chen’s mouth and nose, Chen Daoping dared not stay any longer and hurriedly left.

He waited for a few seconds.

Only then did Old Madam Chen take out her mobile phone with a gloomy face and dial the number.

As soon as she got through.

She said in a deep voice: “Sister! That wild B*****d has already started building momentum, is your so-called killer app still not being used?”


The phone hung up.

The depression on Old Lady Chen’s face dissipated and she looked up at the golden Buddha statue, “My Buddha is merciful, I ask for nothing else, but for everything to go smoothly!”

Her words were heartfelt.

Old Mrs. Chen kowtowed to the ground in reverence and did not move for a long time.

She had waited for this day after all the planning and humiliation she had endured a century ago!

When she first entered the Chen family, Chen Daoling’s emergence was like a god’s needle in the sea, holding the Chen family in place and daring her to do anything.

Fortunately, God had blessed the Chen family with such a change in her lifetime.

As far as she was concerned, as soon as Chen Dong started up.

The Gu family holds the lives of Chen Dong’s father-in-law and mother-in-law, and this is the undefeated card!

Whether Chen Dong started or not, it would eventually lead to a direct war between Chen Dong and Chen Daocheng’s faction, and she only needed to watch the fire from the other side of the river, waiting quietly until Chen Dong and Chen Daocheng had lost their battle, and then she could take the Chen family into her hands!

At the same time, Old Lady Chen was praying and Chen Daocheng was overjoyed.

But Chen Daoye and the others were gathered together, frowning sadly, each apprehensive.

They were the family head’s faction, and they were the only faction, up and down the Chen family, who hoped that Chen Dong would truly succeed in promoting the development of the southwestern region in the true sense of the word!

But until then, they had racked their brains to think of what exactly Chen Dong would rely on to complete this final push!

Whether it was Chen Daocheng’s squeeze, or the various thoughts of the world’s giants and power giants.

To Chen Dong, the situation in front of him in the southwest region had long since become intricate to the extreme.

Even if he could promote development, it would be a mire and a deep pit, and it would be difficult to take off in a short time.

Across the ocean.

As soon as Chen Dong moved, the news was presented to Yuan Yigang in the first instance.


Yuan Yigang pressed his hands heavily on the table.

He immediately got up, ignoring the redundant documents in front of him, and hurriedly went to find Ye Yuanqiu.

When Yuan Yigang hurriedly ran into the living room.

Ye Yuanqiu and Elder Long, who were in the middle of closing their eyes, simultaneously shook their bodies and opened their eyes with a jerk.

“Elder Ye, Elder Long, Mr. Chen …… has moved!”


Ye Yuanqiu and Elder Long were struck by lightning.

“It’s the last hour, haven’t we found any traces yet?”

Ye Yuanqiu’s eyes swished red as he scolded.

Yuan Yigang shook his head sadly.

This shake of his head instantly made Ye Yuanqiu and Elder Long fall into the abyss.

It was at this moment.

A voice fiercely came from behind them, “Dragon Leader, Elder Ye, Elder Long, there is news, the Hong Society and the Jiang Family have just scouted out the location of Gu Guohua and his wife!”

This alarming cry was like heavenly music, lingering in the ears of Elder Long, Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang.