Winner Takes All Chapter 1471-1472

Chapter 1471

Because of the time difference.

So when it’s midnight in the domain, it’s daytime on the other side of the ocean.

There was a difference between day and night, but there was only one day after all!

Chen Dong was not sure of everything, so he could only hope that Elder Long and Hong would be able to make a miracle happen within this one day’s time.

Otherwise ……

Throughout the night, Chen Dong did not sleep.

Until the light of day dawned.

Chen Dong kept his eyes open and never closed them. He turned his head to look at the gradually brightening white glow outside the window and murmured in a gruff tone, “It’s the 18th of May!”

The Gu Qingying beside him gave a cry, like a lazy kitten, wriggling her body, her upturned eyelashes trembling twice, slowly opening her eyes.


Chen Dong doted on Gu Qingying’s high nose: “Be careful, don’t squeeze the baby.”


Gu Qingying wrinkled her jasper nose and saw the red blood on Chen Dong’s eyes, “You haven’t slept all night?”


Chen Dong responded with a smile.

Gu Qingying was a little distressed and slowly sat up, her jade arm crossed and swept Chen Dong into her arms.

“Wife hug, rest for a while.”

Chen Dong subconsciously tried to break free, with the lofty mountain-like pressure on his mind, how could he have any semblance of sleepiness?

“This is an order from the wife’s lord, it’s good not to sleep and close your eyes to recuperate.”

Gu Qingying said in a strong tone.

Chen Dong was somewhat helpless, but still closed his eyes.

Gu Qingying gently patted Chen Dong’s shoulder to soothe him to sleep, her eyebrows lowered, and the way she looked at Chen Dong was full of heartache.

She didn’t know what this man was going through and what he had undertaken for this family!

As a wife, pregnant, she could not help, all she could do was to provide this one soft arm.

The whole morning.

Inside the Tianmen Mountain villa, it was all calm and quiet.

With Zhuge Qing and Chu Reed and Jiang Qilin leading the way at Din Tai, it was enough.

What’s more, now that the water is ready, it’s just one final kick in the pants, as long as there are no other changes in the Dingtai Company, it’s enough.

And inside the villa.

Pervasive, Fan Lu and Zhao Bros. were also each busy with their own affairs.

It was until noon.

Only then did Chen Dong and Gu Qingying change their clothes and walk out of the room.

Chen Dong did not fall asleep after all.

He just lay in Gu Qingying’s arms, closing his eyes and faking sleep to recuperate.

When the two of them were helping each other downstairs.

Gu Qingying suddenly asked, “By the way, where did Elder Long go in a hurry last night?”

Chen Dong’s bloodshot eyes twitched, his eyes obscured for a few moments.

He smiled, “It’s nothing big, it involves the whole situation, I asked him to help me with some key matters.”

Gu Qingying nodded dumbfoundedly and did not pursue the matter further.

After going downstairs.

Fan Lu and Wu Chang were in their room making lunch.

However, there was no sign of Zhao Brezhong.

Chen Dong asked Fan Lu, and learnt that Zhao Baolu was in his study.

So Chen Dong let Gu Qingying rest in the living room, while he himself headed to the study.

Zhao Broke-Ru had always given him an odd feeling lately.

He allowed such eccentricities to exist, whether it was Zhao Baolu or Wu Chang.

But when the eccentricity was extremely obvious, he should care a little.

Knock, knock, knock.

Chen Dong knocked on the study door.

Inside the study, no one answered.

Chen Dong simply pushed the door open and entered.

As soon as the door opened, a strong smell of ink and brush poured into his nostrils.

What met his eyes was Zhao Breru standing in front of the desk, sweating profusely.

Chen Dong could not help but be stunned, and at the same time stopped in his tracks.

In his vision, Zhao Bre Ru looked extremely strange.

He was standing in front of the desk, twirling the brush, waving the ink, everything was flowing smoothly, without any stagnation.

It seemed normal, but what really amazed Chen Dong was the state of Zhao Zhaolu at the moment.

His features were in an indescribable state, especially his eyes, which were glued to the rice paper on the desk, shining like a light.

Drops of bean-sized sweat cover Zhao’s entire face, and his face takes on a hot, dry red colour.

Even so, Zhao’s breathing was steady and unusual.

Seeing that Zhao Bre Ru did not notice his entrance, Chen Dong suppressed his footsteps and stepped up to Zhao Bre Ru’s side.

It was a painting scroll.

But the content on the scroll made Chen Dong’s scalp tingle, unprepared.


For all the things that Zhao Brelu had shown in his day-to-day life, the effusive and cynical, Chen Dong had not been able to attach himself to it to the point of being able to paint such a painting.

Every brush stroke is superb.

Each character, in all its glory, leaps out.

It is only the content that is constructed together that is horrific and hideous.

In one corner of the scroll is half of the city wall, a large hole crumbling out of the towering wall.

On the wall, corpses are strewn across it, and countless arrows are fired down from the sky.

Beneath the walls, a thousand miles of corpses were strewn across the city, an endless mountain of corpses that stood out so clearly that every hand and foot on the mountain was clearly identifiable.

A thousand miles of corpses littered the plain, and a ferocious beast rampaged across the battlefield, stifling and devouring flesh and blood with abandon.

It was so gruesome that it was like purgatory.

Even though there was no colour rendering, Chen Dong could still feel the scene of purgatory pounding in his face.

Even, as he froze, Chen Dong vaguely felt the smell of blood filling his nasal cavity.

“Hoo …… hoo ……”

The sound of breathing as rough as a ripped bellows rang out in his ears.

Chen Dong was horrified and stared at Zhao Breru with his eyes wide open.

At this moment, Zhao Breru’s right hand was still holding the pen, but his whole demeanor was as if he was hysterical, and his breathing was very rapid.

Not good!

Chen Dong’s heart stuttered.

He immediately put a hand on Zhao Breru’s shoulder, and his tongue burst into thunder: “Zhao Breru!”

He did not know what had happened to Zhao Breru, but the demeanour of Zhao Breru in front of him was clearly not good!


Zhao Bre Ru’s body shook and he let out a fierce scream as the ink-dyed brush in his hand fell onto the rice paper on the desk, rendering a pile of ink.

“Hoo …… Dong, Dong.”

Zhao Brocade came back to his senses and looked at Chen Dong in front of him, his eyes wavering and terrified.

“What are you kid up to?”

Chen Dong asked in surprise.


Zhao Breru hesitated for a second, and a smile emerged on his red and fearful face.

“Painting? All of them are made like this?”

Chen Dong pointed to the scroll on the desk and joked, “I didn’t see that you still had the ability to paint!”

“Yes, yes, for those who are in the jianghu world, there are more skills to eat, so you have to learn something.”

Zhao Baolu shrugged his shoulders and said with a helpless expression, “That’s what old man Xu taught me when he brought me along that year.”

Xu Qingfeng?

Chen Dong’s heart was clear, if this matter involved the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng, perhaps it could explain Zhao Breru’s state just now.

After all, Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng was simply too mysterious and powerful!

It could even directly ignore the bloodline restrictions on the Zhuge Family’s Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts.

“If there is nothing else, I will leave first.”

Chen Dong did not intend to ask any detailed questions and pointed at the scroll, deflating his mouth, “This painting of yours is really dark.”

Zhao Baolu always kept his smile on.

It was only when Chen Dong left and the door to the room closed that his smile disappeared abruptly.

His face was full of fear and his heart was palpitating.

Zhao Breru stared at the scroll and fell into deep thought: How did I paint the dream?

Chapter 1472

Time pa*sed.

Worried about the safety of his father-in-law and mother-in-law, Chen Dong was always disturbed.

Even this emotion, which could no longer be concealed, was completely written on his face.

Success or failure was at stake!

Or he could make it to the south-west in one fell swoop, or fail at midnight and end it all!

He had no choice!

The things that a man should protect in his life, his parents at home, his wife and children in his arms, his brothers beside him.

From the beginning to the end, Chen Dong has never forgotten.

He tried to do whatever he could, by any means necessary.

If it really came to that, for the sake of Gu Qingying and the baby, he would have to end everything too!

Chen Dong’s restlessness and annoyance were all seen by Gu Qingying and the others.

Everyone didn’t say much, and rightly a*sumed that Chen Dong was worried about whether or not he would be able to make it in one fell swoop tomorrow, May 19th.

This alone, in the minds of Gu Qingying and the others, was enough for Chen Dong to be this upset!

As for the matter of his father-in-law and mother-in-law, so far, only Elder Long and Zhuge Qing knew about it at home.

Elder Long had already left for the other side of the ocean.

And Zhuge Qing, under Chen Dong’s strict orders, could only keep his mouth shut!

As time pa*sed, every second felt like a year to Chen Dong, and it was a torturous time.

The closer we got to May 19, the less news there was from Elder Long, the less hope there was, and the status quo kept pushing Chen Dong, step by step, towards the point of giving up.

It was at the same time that Chen Dong was suffering.

The entire south-western region seemed to have fallen silent.

With Chen Dong’s peak operation.

The world’s giants and giants of power who had gathered in the southwest region had also experienced a roller-coaster ride.

With the 18th of May, the storm of land grabbing and rolling back gradually subsided.

Even if it still exists, it is hardly any more than before.

Everyone is waiting.

A pair of eyes, fiery, watched Chen Dong.

The giants and giants of power under the heavens all knew clearly that whether or not the Southwest Region could take off, and the value of the land parcels they were pinching in their hands, all depended entirely on Chen Dong!

The entire Southwest Region was waiting for Chen Dong’s next move!

Even Lord Meng and the other top officials of the southwest region are all dragging their tired bodies around the workplace today, holding on for dear life and waiting.

“Dong’er …… next step, what exactly will you do?”

Lord Meng’s eyes were scarlet, tired and filled another bottle of functional drink, this bout, let his heart and soul exhausted, able to hold on, but also rely on this bottle of functional drink overdraft body.

As a parent official, after putting everything aside, he is ultimately concerned about the well-being of the people in his area.

This is the real concern of a party official!


The other side of the ocean.

The city where the Shanhe Hall is located, with the order of Yuan Yigang’s dragon head gave a command.

From daylight, to night.

In a short period of time, it was completely turned upside down.

People were terrified and anxious.

Panic pervaded the hearts of everyone in the city.

And the forces, too, were on pins and needles.

The forces that survived the Hong Society’s headquarters were all looking up to the Society.

Now that all 3,600 Hong Society clans have returned to their headquarters, it is a bolt from the blue for these forces.

Not only the local forces, but also the forces across the ocean and the world were all speculating and panicking.

The 3,600 clans of the Hong Society were scattered all over the world, and once they converged, the power that could be unleashed would be absolutely terrifying.

It is important to know that each of the three thousand six hundred sects is located in a region that is capable of becoming a powerhouse, and the resources and heritage they possess are absolutely superior.

The three thousand six hundred doors, divided then each show divine ability.

Together they are …… gigantic beasts!

When nothing was found locally, the power of the 3,600 Sects of the Hong Society was spreading out in all directions in a blistering manner, lifting the ground in all directions and radiating across the ocean.

Such a frenzied move has caused everyone’s heart to wince.

Even the top powers and giants were trembling and their heads were numb.

Three thousand and six hundred gates, encroaching wildly in all directions, gave the impression that the tide of beasts was raging unstoppable!

What’s more crucial is that no one knows what the Hong Society is actually looking for!

This fear of the unknown was the most terrifying of all!

“God, what the hell are the people of the Hong Society doing? Three thousand six hundred gates and a huge tide of people just spreading out with impunity?”

“A top tier leading order that hasn’t appeared for decades, what exactly did that Yuan Yigang give to the three thousand six hundred sects?”

“Pa*s the order down, all members of the clan, no one is allowed to go out without an order, keep a low profile, stay put, whoever dares to pick up the fronts of the Hong Society, expel them from the clan, life or death is their own concern!”


Fear pervaded.

Inside the Mountain River a*sociation Hall.

The lights were bright and the crowd was surging.

Three thousand and six hundred clan members had returned to support the Hong a*sociation, leaving the Mountain River a*sociation Hall overcrowded.

The tide of people kept coming in and out, surging.

But without exception, even with this crowd, the Mountain River a*sociation Hall was in an extremely restrained state of quiet and oppression.

The pedestrians were in a hurry and kept their mouths shut.

This silence and oppression even spilled out from the Shanhe Hall and pressed across the whole of Chinatown.

Inside the room.

Yuan Yigang sat at his desk, the tall piles of documents and information in front of him nearly burying him.

And on the floor, stacks of intelligence information were stacked like mountains.

Outside, members of the Hong Society were constantly entering and submitting information.

The sight was mind-boggling!

No one could have imagined that when the 3,600 doors of the Hong Society were working together on one thing, there would be such a terrifying sight.

Even with Yuan Yigang’s physique, he was already exhausted and somewhat overwhelmed in just a few hours from the time he moved the three thousand six hundred gates until now.

There was no other reason.

Every piece of this intelligence information required him to analyse and pat on the back to decide whether or not to move forward.

The amount of energy required in it was unimaginable.

Even so, what Yuan Yigang had piled up in front of him was information that had been filtered by the senior members of the Hong Society and eventually pushed to him.

The information that the senior members of the Hong Society under Yuan Yigang had to deal with was even greater and more complicated!

On the other hand.

Inside Ye Yuanqiu’s mansion.

Ye Yuanqiu came out of the kitchen with his apron tied and sweating, “Linglong, quickly find some people and send the ginseng soup to your brother Yigang and the others!”

“Grandpa, what in heaven’s name has happened to the Hong Society?”

Ye Linglong was bewildered, from the time the Hong Society’s three thousand six hundred gates had been activated until now, she hadn’t even figured out what was going on.

She had asked, she had pressured, and she had even quietly investigated.

But at the Hong Society, everyone seemed to have blocked her out, keeping their mouths shut and unable to find out!

“Do something!”

Ye Yuanqiu’s eyes flashed for a moment and he said in a stern voice.

Ye Linglong was so angry that she wrinkled her agate nose, secretly squeezed the nunchaku behind her waist and let go, before going into the kitchen to serve ginseng soup.

After Ye Linglong had left.

Only then did Ye Yuanqiu walk into the room with a bowl of ginseng soup and put it in front of Old Man Long who was sitting with his eyes closed, “Old Man Long, have some soup.”

“There are still the last seven hours left.”

Without opening his eyes, Elder Long said in a deep voice, “The success of a dragon or a worm all depends on you, Hong Hui!”

“As you can see, the Hong Society has all three thousand and six hundred doors out, what more do you want?”

Ye Yuanqiu’s face was full of helplessness, “This kind of spectacle only appeared when Chen Daolin and his generation were fighting for the family headship!”

“If you had been more decisive initially, you wouldn’t have been in such a predicament!”

Elder Long slowly opened his eyes and looked at Ye Yuanqiu with a look full of resentment.

“That was for fear of alerting the snake and messing up Chen Dongfang’s inch!”

Ye Yuanqiu argued.

“When you think too much, you throw in the towel and cower in fear.”

Long Lao was full of contempt: “Ye Yuanqiu, you old man, with the name of Yuan, all you do is to pull the crotch, the bad things in your stomach, I know, you want to set up a pagoda after being a cousin, you want to take all the advantages, but you don’t want any of the bad things!”

“Old man, you want to fight?”

Ye Yuanqiu was furious: “Just your strength, if I were a few dozen years older, I would still be able to chop you up with a watermelon knife!”

“What kind of bullSh*t is that? Why don’t you go and find someone?”

Long Lao’s eyes were stern, instantly making Ye Yuanqiu like a deflated ball.

“Seven hours, it’s too little, it’s not enough.”

Ye Yuanqiu said breathlessly, then slowly raised his head and stared at Elder Long profoundly, “What do you think, if we can’t find Gu Guohua and his wife within these seven hours, how should we report to Chen Dong? Should we tell the truth, or just hide it?”