Winner Takes All Chapter 1465-1466

Chapter 1465

The villa rooftop.

Elder Long, Zhuge Qing, Chu Reed and Jiang Qilin waited quietly.

Compared to Jiang Qilin’s calm and relaxed manner, Elder Long and the three of them were frowning and worried.

Everything was progressing perfectly according to plan.

Even if the last piece of land was pinched in Zhang Lidong’s hands, it had been taken over by Chen Dong today by trickery.

It all seemed to be rosy.

But all three of them could not let go of their hearts at all.

Not only the three of them, but even Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong, who were not present, had telephoned several times during the day to ask questions.

The key issue at hand was the final kick in the pants!

The land had been acquired and the heat had been turned up.

But after they have completed the blueprint, how to get the rest of the giants who are holding the land in the southwest region to willingly pay for the development of the southwest region in a short period of time?

Without any doubt, if this final kick in the door is not delivered, then all that has been done before will be in vain!

Chen Dong’s actions have achieved their goal, but they have also undermined the interests of the magnates and giants who have flocked here.

Capital seeks profit.

In order to facilitate his own land grab at a low price, Chen Dong went out of his way to direct his own drama, ruthlessly smashing the land prices in the southwest region to the freezing point.

This undoubtedly touched the cake of the gentry and giants of the southwest region.

In the future, it will be difficult to get them to willingly spend money in the southwest region!

When Chen Dong walked onto the rooftop, the four people’s eyes fell on Chen Dong at the same time.

Chen Dong smiled blandly, “Sorry, I went to check on Zhao Breaking, so I’ve kept you all waiting.”

The four shook their heads at the same time, indicating that they did not mind.

A whirlwind.

The rooftop then returned to silence.

The night breeze was brisk.

Chen Dong and Elder Long and the others, however, each stood in place, silent.

There was a stalemate for about five minutes.

Jiang Qilin was the first to break the silence: “Aren’t we going to talk about something?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Yes, talk about things!”

As he spoke, he dropped his elbows to his knees and rubbed his hands together in thought for a moment.

Then he spread his hands out, “Tomorrow, the 18th, a day off!”


With a single word, Elder Long and the others sat waxed on the spot.

“Young Master, a holiday at a crucial moment when the big picture has been achieved?”

Elder Long immediately exclaimed in shock.

Zhuge Qing also said with a bewildered look on his face, “Mr. Chen, in the current situation, how can there be any qualification for a holiday? The plan has all been implemented, but there is still one final step to be taken, if we don’t complete this last step, all the previous plans will be a waste!”

Chu Reed also had her beautiful eyes wide open, “Mr. Chen, are you really serious?”

Jiang Qilin was the only one who, after being shocked, was able to relax his eyebrows and smiled slightly.

Chen Dong deflated his mouth, “We’ve all worked hard this time, it’s time to take a day off, and this last proverbial kick in the pants, Xiao Qian helped us kick out a long time ago!”

Qin Xiao Qian?

Elder Long, Zhuge Qing and Chu Reed all froze in shock.

Since Qin Xiao Qian left, the crowd had heard nothing from Qin Xiao Qian.

But …… Qin Xiao Qian had really completed this final step?

The three were all a bit terrified and incredulous.

The only way to build the current situation in the southwest is for them to cooperate with all the major forces to successfully complete it.

Even in the end, it was Chen Dong who had gone out of his way to break the iron law and take the last piece of land by force.

Qin Xiao Qian alone, really kicked out this last kick?

“Alright, one day off tomorrow, everyone sit back and wait for good news on the 19th!”

Chen Dong clapped his hands, not intending to continue on this topic, “We always need to leave a day for the magnates and giants who have converged on the southwest region, to have time to operate, right?”

“Mr Chen still has a backhand?”

Jiang Qilin smiled austerely, some smugness in his eyes.

“Your guess is accurate, but I’m not going to say.”

Chen Dong gave a quirky smile, and then gestured for the crowd to leave, leaving only Elder Long behind.

Zhuge Qing and Chu Reed left with heavy hearts.

Jiang Qilin, on the other hand, gave Chen Dong a profound look, smiled slightly and said oddly, “Mr. Chen, do you think I should sell that piece of land or keep it?”

The magnificent Jiang family, a family clan and sect, had prospered for a thousand years.

For this time in the southwest region, they valued it because Chen Dong, apart from the piece of land that Jiang Qilin personally went down to auction, the Jiang family had no other land parcels in the southwest region.

As far as the Jiang family was concerned, it was beyond the pale, and as the bottom line of a family sect, sometimes it didn’t value money so much.

“Feel free.”

Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin looked at each other and laughed equally oddly.

This scene fell on Long Lao’s eyes, but his heart was all over the place.

Only after Jiang Qilin had left did Elder Long clench his hands and ask in a deep voice, “Young Master, have you really prepared a foolproof plan?”

“How else would I be so calm?”

Chen Dong smiled blatantly, “One day in heaven, one day in hell, wait quietly for the 19th, and the dust will settle!”

Elder Long’s brows were locked, racking his brain but he could not understand what Chen Dong’s foolproof plan was!

To be able to shake the world’s giants and power giants in one night, how terrifying must Qin Xiao Qian’s kick out be?

“Elder Long.”

Chen Dong suddenly grimaced down and called out in a deep voice.

“Old slave is here.”

Elder Long hurriedly bowed and spoke solemnly.

From his understanding of Chen Dong, Chen Dong must have something very serious to say when he was suddenly in such a state!

“Do you still have the ability to talk about things in the Hong Society now?”

Chen Dong raised his eyes to look at Elder Long, gruff and powerful.

“Ever since Old Slave left the Hong Society and followed Master, Old Slave is also famous and unknown in the Hong Society, only a few people know about it, and he has no ability to say anything.”

Elder Long smiled grimly, after a pause, he turned his words around, “But Young Master is now one of the ancestral elders of the Hong Society, Young Master has a well-deserved ability to speak in the Hong Society!”

Chen Dong leaned back in his chair and looked up at the starry sky with a despondent smile.

“My ability to say things is not given by Elder Ye and Dragon Head Yuan, if they say I have it, I have it, if they say I don’t, I don’t.”

Long Lao was stunned for a moment, his gaze flickering as he clasped his fist and said, “What exactly does Young Master have in mind?”

“There is a very crucial matter that directly determines whether or not Xiao Qian can deliver this crucial kick the day after tomorrow!”

Chen Dong’s gaze snapped up and looked straight at Elder Long, “Tomorrow they are taking a holiday, Elder Long you cannot take a holiday, you have to go to the other side of the ocean on my behalf and meet Elder Ye and Dragon Head Yuan.”

Go to the Hong Society?

Elder Long was filled with dismay.

After a few seconds of hesitation, two beams of brilliant light suddenly erupted in his eyes.

“Is it about Young Master’s father-in-law and mother-in-law?”

Elder Long spoke in a deep voice, he was the only one in the family who knew what had been worrying Chen Dong the most recently – the disappearance of Gu Guohua and his wife!

It was also clear that Chen Dong had been asking the Hong Society to look for them!

Now for him to personally go to the Hong Society, the purpose was self-explanatory!


Chen Dong nodded, “I’m going to look for Zhang Lidong during the day, the matter of my father-in-law and mother-in-law is related to him, and he has someone behind him, so I can’t pry Zhang Lidong’s mouth for a while, so I want you, Elder Long, to go to the Hong Society on my behalf and ask the 3,600 gates of the Hong Society to take a desperate measure!”

“Desperate? But haven’t they not heard from your father-in-law and mother-in-law?”

Elder Long asked in dismay.

“You are an ancestral elder of the Ming Dynasty, you know best the energy of the three thousand six hundred sects of the Hong Society.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled coldly, “Since he knows that even I now know that my father-in-law and mother-in-law are related to Zhang Lidong, do you believe that the Three Thousand and Six Hundred Sects of the Hong Society cannot even find out the slightest trace?”

Chapter 1466

“Old slave will set off immediately!”

Chen Dong’s words caused Elder Long’s body to tremble, and he immediately clasped his fist and said.

“This is about the whole situation!”

Chen Dong gazed at Long Lao and said in a deep voice: “If we can make Hong Hui find my parents despite everything, the day after tomorrow will be a success, otherwise …… after tomorrow’s darkness, the plan will be a failure!”

“Young master …… the whole situation ……”

Long Lao looked complicated and hesitated to say something.

Only the words did not come out.

Chen Dong then waved his hand and smiled ruefully, “I know what you are going to say, I can learn that one will be a success, but I am not cold-blooded enough to disregard the lives of my loved ones, even if it were you guys, I would make the same choice, because everything I am doing now is for my wife and children, my brothers and friends.”

“If I don’t move forward, everyone will have to be in danger, but I won’t allow everyone to remain in danger when I move forward!”

Long Lao’s eyes brightened and wavered, eventually swallowing the words back into his stomach and clasping his fist as he left.

The stars and moon were in the sky.

The lights were dim.

Chen Dong sat on a chair, staring up at the starry sky with a grave expression, not moving a muscle.

Half a day later.

The corners of his mouth curled up in a gentle smile, “You brought the angels to me, and I will not let you get hurt because …… you are also my parents!”


Long Lao did not pack his bags.

When he got downstairs, he left the villa directly.

He had already contacted a special plane on the way, and also from Zhuge Qing, he took Zhang Lidong.

This line of work, Zhang Lidong was the key!

Forcing the Hong Society to act with full force while also prying Zhang Lidong’s mouth open, this was the Hong Society’s watchword.

Being awakened by Chen Dong’s words.

Elder Long also felt that it was a bit ridiculous that the 3,600 gates of the Hong Society could not detect a single trace for so long.

There was no wall under the sky that did not leak!

What’s more, even if the person behind Zhang Lidong was a towering wall that could block everything, but Zhang Lidong’s mere ten billion dollar fortune was only a small wall that could not be penetrated by any wind!

After arriving at the airport.

Without stopping for a moment, Long Lao took Zhang Lidong directly to the plane and took off.

As the plane disappeared into the sea of clouds.

Long Lao looked down at the lights of the city below the plane, turned his head and took another look at Zhang Lidong, who was tied up and confined.

Eventually, he shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“Ye Yuanqiu, Yuan Yigang, you guys are less decisive compared to the old man after all. The old man quit the Hong Society back then because he had different paths and did not want to make plans, and at such a critical moment, he is still indecisive and stopped short ……”

The sound of murmuring echoed in the cabin, filled with a strong sense of helplessness.

Across the ocean.

It was daytime.

Inside the Mountain River a*sociation Hall, the wind and waves were calm.

Being the headquarters of the Hong Society, it was filled with a constant stream of people who would arrive and depart every day.

Yuan Yigang was handling various Hong Society affairs with a focused face.

As the leader of the Hong Society, he was handling the information on various affairs presented by the three thousand six hundred sects every day, such a workload was not small at all.

Three thousand and six hundred sects are scattered all over the world!

In a sense, it was because of this scattered layout that the Hong Society had more ability to investigate and deal with intelligence!

When Yuan Yigang flipped through an email, his calm and indifferent face suddenly revealed a grave look.

The email had been sent from within the domain.

The content was extremely simple.

“Elder Long boarding the plane and heading to the other side of the ocean.”

The sparse content made Yuan Yigang instantly perceive a hint of possibility!

“What other purpose does Elder Ming have in coming over here, apart from coming to my Mountain River a*sociation Hall?”

Yuan Yigang instantly got up, put aside all his affairs and hurriedly left the room.


Ye Yuanqiu was comfortably lying on a lounger in the courtyard, rocking and basking in the sun.

The warmth of the sun made him drowsy.

While beside him, Ye Linglong was sitting on a stone bench, her jade hand resting on her chin, her gaze drifting and walking away.

“Linglong ah, why aren’t you practising?”

Ye Yuanqiu’s eyes were narrowed as he said, “The Nine Heavens Frightening Dragon Technique is a chance, you silly girl, you must cherish it!”

“I don’t want to practice, as soon as I do, I think of that person.”

Ye Linglong muttered, her willow brows furrowed in a somewhat helpless manner.

“Silly girl, how many times have I told you, if you can’t be with each other you have to forget each other in the jianghu, there are 80,000 words in the world, only the word love hurts the most, if you love but can’t have it, then let go completely.”

Ye Yuanqiu opened his eyes, sat up straight and admonished in a serious tone.

But Ye Linglong did not move a muscle, and sighed long and long.

“Yes, grandpa, I never thought that the word love hurt the most before, I wanted to forget it, but I don’t know how it happened, it was like he was carved in here.”

Ye Linglong said while nodding to the location of the mouth of the snack, a bitter smile: “granddaughter how do not know that this is a bit cheap, in order to my double flower red stick, Yuan Zi generation ancestor granddaughter’s identity, what kind of male in the world can not find, but grandfather …… why I did not earlier? ”

“This ……”

Ye Yuanqiu froze for a moment, then looked sulking, gritted his teeth, and finally held his forehead a long sigh.

Sinful fate!

Sinful fate ah!

If I had known today, I would never have taken you to see him!

Once you see Chen Dong, you will be mistaken for life. How on earth should grandpa enlighten your silly girl?

Ye Yuanqiu had watched Ye Linglong grow up, and he had seen everything Ye Linglong had shown since she was young.

A girl, with a strong character, striving to win in everything, shy of mentioning the affairs of men and women, has now become unconcealed in front of him, her grandfather, and the change in this has made Ye Yuanqiu’s heart tired to the extreme.

At this very moment.

Yuan Yigang hurriedly walked in.

Seeing Ye Linglong present, his expression eased a little at once.

Ye Yuanqiu understood: “Linglong, you go back first, remember, practice the Nine Heavens Frightening Dragon Technique more and sense the Qi as soon as possible, this is a chance!”

“You guys are hiding something from me?”

Ye Linglong came back to her senses.

“Go back!”

Ye Yuanqiu’s face sank as he scolded.

Ye Linglong was helpless for a while, so she could only get up and leave.

After she left, Yuan Yigang waited for a while longer before he walked over to Ye Yuanqiu and whispered in his ear, “The domain reports that Elder Ming is here, and should be coming to us.”

Ye Yuanqiu was horrified.

“What’s old man Long doing coming to our place at this time?”

Yuan Yigang shook his head and looked pensive, “The tip-off only has this much information, but no matter what Old Man Ming’s purpose is, Ancestor …… him, I can’t beckon him, I still need you to do it.”

“Said the old man as if I could not beckon that B*****d.”

Ye Yuanqiu grumbled Yuan Yigang a glance.

Yuan Yigang smiled sarcastically, “At least you’re in the same generation, I’m in the same generation, according to the rules of our Hong Society, it’s easier for him to take care of me than his grandson.”

“It’s just that, old man, let’s do it.”

Ye Yuanqiu a burst of helplessness, waved his hand: “When the old B*****d arrived, arrange the formation of scenery to greet it, at least is the Ming word generation only seedling, I, the elders, have to love and cherish, in addition ……”

After a pause, Ye Yuanqiu eyes rolled, lamented.

“Let go to the domain of the two red stick back, the old man feels that the old B*****d is rushing to this, otherwise the domain of the stormy times, is the key time Chen Dong Qiankun reversal, but he ran us here, in addition to Chen Dong’s father-in-law and mother-in-law, the old man can not think of other reasons!”