Winner Takes All Chapter 1461-1462

Chapter 1461

A single word was spoken.

A harsh and murderous chill instantly filled the room.

Zhang Lidong’s expression was choked, and a vicious chill ran from the soles of his feet straight to the sky, and as he stared at Chen Dong, he was even more frightened and chilled.

In his vision.

The face was as cold as frost, indifferent as if it was an evil ghost crawling out of the depths of the nine ghosts.

Even Zhang Lidong had a feeling that if the word “no” popped out of his mouth, the Chen Dong in front of him would turn into a shura!

“The ground, what ground?”

Zhang Lidong stared at Chen Dong in a dazed manner.

When Chen Dong broke into the house just now, he thought that it was Gu Guohua and his wife’s case that had been revealed, so he panicked for a moment.

Only at this moment did he finally come back to his senses.

Chen Dong coldly spat out a few words, “In your hand, the land in the southwest region!”

Each word was piercingly cold.

The big picture was at hand.

Chen Dong no longer had the patience to manoeuvre.

When he decided to come to Zhang Lidong, he had already decided to settle the matter simply and brutally, leaving him with very little time.

However, he had also kept an eye on the situation, not being certain about which specific piece of land it was.

On the premise of not being completely exposed, he did not mind in the slightest to take all the land parcels in the southwest region that Zhang Lidong held in his hands and include them all.

“The land in the southwest region?”

Zhang Lidong was completely confused.

What exactly did Chen Dong mean by this?


Suddenly, Zhang Lidong’s heart contracted fiercely, and the complicated thoughts in his mind instantly cleared up.

“Chen Dong’s peak turn, secretly purchasing land in a big way, his previous humble as dust was clearly a deliberate pretence to cover his ears, the purpose of his doing so should be that he did not want to push up the high price when he purchased the land, wanting to include the desired plot of land in his pocket at the land price, now coming to me, is that I have pinched his desired plot of land in my hands?”

Zhang Lidong as a shopping mall mogul, across the mall for decades, quickly smoothed out his thoughts.

In a flash.

His mind was greatly settled.

Facing Chen Dong’s cold stare, he shrugged his shoulders and settled into his chair with a casual smile.

Then unhurriedly, he took out the cigar from the drawer, cut it and smoked it …… The whole process was slow and methodical, very different from the panic he felt just now.

Chen Dong and Zhuge Qing also did not stop.

To everything Zhang Lidong, cold eyes.

In the eyes of both of them, what Zhang Lidong was doing now had the meaning of a villain.

The words had already been said, and the fact that Zhang Lidong could understand the entire details in a short period of time was not at all beyond Chen Dong and Zhuge Qing’s expectation.


With a mouthful of dense smoke puffing out of Zhang Lidong’s mouth.

Behind the misty smoke was Zhang Lidong’s contemptuous and sneering eyes.

“Mr. Chen, we are all businessmen, just going after profit, the land is in my hands, I got it in an open and fair auction, are you trying to take it by force with this stance now?”

Chen Dong got up and walked up to Zhang Lidong with a frosty face.

“Have I not shown myself to be obvious enough?”

The words had not yet fallen.

A strong wind suddenly rose.

Zhang Lidong felt a wobble in front of his eyes, and his right hand was instantly empty.

The next second.

Chen Dong twisted the burning cigar in his right hand and heavily pinned it on the back of Zhang Lidong’s right hand.

Zizi ……

The high temperature touched the flame and made a scorching sound.


Everything was so fast that it caught people off guard, so much so that Zhang Lidong’s nerves were slowed for a moment at this moment before he finally noticed the pain and let out a pig-like scream!

Chen Dong’s expression was indifferent, and his eyes did not even make the slightest ripple.

He was holding Zhang Lidong’s right hand down with one hand and twirling a cigar with the other, twirling it continuously on the back of Zhang Lidong’s right hand, the heat scorching the flesh and even emitting a burnt smell.

Zhang Lidong’s screams decayed down, his face flushed with pain and sweating profusely, his eyes staring straight at the back of his hand, his mouth and nose breathing sharply, his body trembling.

He tried to break free, but one of Chen Dong’s hands, as if in an iron vice, pressed him to the table in a death grip, unable to break free.

Fear, horror, at this moment, engulfed Zhang Lidong like a tidal wave.

“Now, do you feel it clearly?”

Chen Dong’s lips and teeth opened softly, as if a cold wind was blowing from the depths of the Nine Mysteries.

Zhang Lidong slowly raised his head and gazed fearfully at Chen Dong, no longer the calm and easy-going he had been earlier.

“You, delusion, think!”

Three simple words, but it was as if Zhang Lidong had used up all his strength to hiss out.


Chen Dong sneered and shook his head, a cold aura erupting in his eyes, “You should not understand the meaning of the four words “tricky”.”

A single word was spoken.

Zhang Lidong’s body trembled instantly, and his scalp exploded in a burst.

“Mr. Chen ……”

Zhuge Qing’s complexion changed and he subconsciously wanted to speak, but he swallowed back the words at the edge of his mouth.

Chen Dong threw the extinguished cigar onto the table, then picked up the sizzling gun of the cigar smoke and flicked the switch, the long blue pointed flames, spitting out at once.

It was like a devil’s breath, a mere flame, but at this moment, it scared Zhang Lidong to death.

“You, what are you doing? Let go of me, let go of me ……”

In great fear, Zhang Lidong struggled frantically.

But he was only an ordinary person, and was no match for Chen Dong.

In sight.

Chen Dong cupped his musket and slowly brought the fire closer to Zhang Lidong.

“No, no ……”

Zhang Lidong’s body went weak and his entire body went limp to the ground, staring at the approaching fire with round eyes and fear.

“Give me the ground, and your life stays!”

Chen Dong spoke indifferently, a piercing coldness venting out from him, the corners of his mouth picking up a seeping smile, “I, Chen Dong, have always been kind to people, and I am not someone who seeks money and kills people, I hope you will not be insensitive.”

Every word was brutal and overbearing.

Even Zhuge Qing’s heart jumped with fear.

In normal days, Chen Dong was as gentle as the wind and gentle and calm.

But when his aura was fully exposed, the ferocity and ruthlessness came over his face, making people’s scalp tingle.

Silence fell over the room.

The only sound was that of the musket spitting out gas and burning flames.

Chen Dong did not make his move immediately, he was short of time, but not of this time now.

The long wait was a torment that struck Zhang Lidong’s soul.

Zhang Lidong was limp and weak, his breath was weak, his body was drenched in cold sweat, and his fear was undisguised.

The excruciating pain on the back of his hand was like sharp needles, tugging at his nerves all the time.

For a moment, Zhang Lidong’s thoughts were in a state of indecision.

If he handed over the land, he would be spared.

But now he was following the Gu Family, and this trip was originally aimed at Chen Dong, if he handed it over, then the Gu Family would definitely not let him go!

In an instant.

A flash of determination boomed out of Zhang Lidong’s fearful eyes.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Impossible!”


A fierce aura burst out of Chen Dong’s eyes, and the firearm cupped in his hand was brazenly aimed at Zhang Lidong’s left eye.

In a flash of lightning, Zhang Lidong screamed out loud.

Seeing the flames coming straight at him.

In his desperation, Zhang Lidong hissed harshly, “Chen Dong, you want Gu Guohua and his wife to die?”

Chapter 1462


The sound was like an explosion of thunder.

With a snap of his fingers, Chen Dong’s body shook and the firearm came to an abrupt halt in mid-air.

The blazing fire was only a stone’s throw from Zhang Lidong’s left eye.

The rolling heat caused Zhang Lidong to blink incessantly, instinctively tilting his head back to reduce the heat baking his eyes.

Zhang Lidong laughed strangely, “You can kill me, but …… your father-in-law and mother-in-law will also have to bury me!”

Chen Dong’s indifferent face, instantly depressed gas climbed, and his eyes even crawled with blood.

The matter of his father-in-law and mother-in-law has been a sharp knife stuck in his heart, keeping him awake at night.

When Zhang Lidong first said that his father-in-law was fine, he did not immediately put all the suspicions on Zhang Lidong, but instead retreated and asked Yuan Yigang to continue his investigation.

Now Zhang Lidong’s words spoke for themselves!

Anger filled his chest, as if a volcano was desperate to erupt.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s aura all over his body shifted with a bang.

Not only was it stern and cold, but it also carried a majestic aura of fierceness.

Even Zhuge Qing could feel it clearly, and his sweat hair stood on end, as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

And Zhang Lidong’s face was flushed with a fierce smile at this moment, and he threatened with glee.

“Land, I don’t give! And if you want your father-in-law and mother-in-law to be safe and sound, you must immediately put an end to the current situation, the people behind me will not allow you to continue to act recklessly, I hope you will not be insensitive and send your father-in-law and mother-in-law to the Yellow Springs!”

Arrogant to the extreme, aggressive!

Zhang Lidong had known about Chen Dong’s character from Old Lady Gu’s mouth.

The bond of affection was Chen Dong’s weakness!

That’s why Old Madam Gu was so sure that holding Gu Guohua and his wife was the killer weapon that would completely take down Chen Dong!

With Gu Guohua and his wife’s lives at stake, Zhang Lidong had no fear of what Chen Dong would choose!

“Shut up!”

Zhuge Qing’s face changed drastically as he scolded in a stern voice.

He was equally clear about Chen Dong’s character!

Immediately, Zhuge Qing stepped forward and advised in a deep voice, “Mr. Chen, without any evidence, you cannot listen to his one-sided words, he is deliberately using your weakness as a threat!”

“Hahahaha ……”

Zhang Lidong laughed out loud and suddenly turned his angry eyes towards Zhuge Qing, “Then you F**king choose! You have the opportunity to choose one of two, choose if you have the guts!”

Zhuge Qing was speechless for a moment, his face turning pig’s liver colour.

He could only advise Chen Dong, but did not dare to make the choice instead of him!


“Hehe ……”

A sneering laugh suddenly echoed in the room.

Zhuge Qing and Zhang Lidong froze at the same time.

Both of them looked at Chen Dong in dismay.

Chen Dong was laughing, narrowing his eyes, his face full of ridicule.

“A soft spot?”

Chen Dong gazed at Zhang Lidong with a cold gaze, “At certain times, a soft rib is also called a …… counter scale!”

In a flash.

Chen Dong’s right hand clutched the firearm and smashed it brazenly into Zhang Lidong’s face.

With a miserable scream, Zhang Lidong threw back his head and spurted out a large mouthful of blood, and even a few teeth mixed with the blood and spurted out.

Chen Dong let go of Zhang Lidong and allowed him to fall to the ground.

In the room, the screams of killing pigs echoed.

Zhang Lidong cowered on the floor like a shrimp, his hands covering his collapsed nose and blood-stained mouth.

At this moment, he was terrified to the extreme.

In the midst of the excruciating pain, he even had the feeling that death was coming.

Wasn’t Chen Dong’s affection supreme?

Why did he not even bother with this killer move?

“My father-in-law and mother-in-law, where are they?”

Chen Dong’s cold and stern voice echoed in the room.

Almost simultaneously.

He took a step forward and stomped his foot brazenly, fiercely on Zhang Lidong’s left calf.



With Zhang Lidong’s pig-killing scream, his left calf bone exploded in response, the bone fragments piercing through the blood and flesh and exposing it to the air in a hideous and terrifying manner.

Zhuge Qing’s body trembled in fear, and his face went white with a swish.

In fear, he even staggered back a step.

The look in Chen Dong’s eyes at this moment was even more frightened to the extreme, like a face of a ghost or god!

Zhang Lidong rolled on the ground, his mouth and nose filled with blood, and the excruciating pain of his broken calf bone made him wail and roar in pain, unbearable.

The sound was horrendous.


“My father-in-law and mother-in-law, where are they?”

Chen Dong’s voice, once again, rang out.

Without waiting for Zhang Lidong to respond, his right foot lifted up once again.

As soon as the foot landed, Zhang Lidong’s miserable scream once again rose in volume, and his right calf broke in response.


The pain was excruciating!

Zhang Lidong completely curled up into a ball, a great invisible terror enveloping his entire body, his body like sieve, his eyes filled with tears as he gazed at Chen Dong in fear.

From the beginning to the end, Chen Dong did not show any ripples and was cold and stern to the extreme.

This made Zhang Lidong feel the great terror of having fallen into hell and facing an evil ghost directly.

Even Zhuge Qing, enveloped by Chen Dong’s aura, had a tightening in his throat and his heart jumping in fear.


A sound escaped from Chen Dong’s mouth and nose.

At the same time, his right foot slowly lifted up.

“Stop, stop!”

Zhang Lidong hissed and roared in fear.

Chen Dong’s right foot hovered in mid-air.


Zhang Lidong, however, fiercely gritted his teeth, “Kill me, your father-in-law and mother-in-law will have to bury me if I die, I won’t tell you, Chen Dong, you wild beast, you just deserve to go to hell!”

Roaring out, his features twisted.

At this moment, Zhang Lidong was even more ugly than a ghost.

Zhuge Qing’s eyebrows knitted together, and his heart fiercely rose to his throat.

This was simply a way to take death!

The thought had just risen.

Chen Dong, whose right foot was dangling in the air, however, slowly lowered back to the ground.

“I won’t kill you, I will slowly make you reveal the whereabouts of my father-in-law and mother-in-law!”

Chen Dong put his hands behind his back, his majestic killing intent was like a wave, declaring out.

“Zhuge Qing, detain him and severely torture him to extract a confession!”

Chen Dong turned around abruptly and said in a deep voice, “In addition, have him sign and sign for the resale of all the land in his hands to Dingtai!”


Zhuge Qing was shocked.

Zhang Lidong on the ground turned pale, gritting his teeth and hissing, “Impossible, I didn’t do this voluntarily, you are disobeying the iron law, challenging the iron law, you ……”


Chen Dong’s right hand swept across the table and the musket on the table flew straight out, hitting Zhang Lidong’s chest heavily.

Zhang Lidong hissed abruptly and opened his mouth to spurt out a large mouthful of blood.

Chen Dong turned around and said contemptuously, “Who am I to tell the rules to people who don’t follow them? Do you think I’m weak and bullyable and follow the rules? This is called using one’s own way to treat another!”

After saying this, Chen Dong gave the dumbfounded Zhuge Qing a quick glance before striding straight towards the outside.

Just one glance.

But it made Zhuge Qing’s heart beat wildly.

By the time he came back to his senses, Chen Dong had already walked out of the room.

Zhuge Qing gradually calmed down and his eyes stared indifferently at Zhang Lidong, who was badly injured on the ground with a broken leg.

“You have torn open Mr. Chen’s rebellious scales, a small ten billion dollar figure, do you really not understand that the rebellious scales of a dragon will kill you if you touch them?”