Winner Takes All Chapter 1459-1460

Chapter 1459


Chen Dong was a little surprised.

Zhuge Qing and the rest of them had been cautious enough when harvesting the land, how could they still be exposed?

However, from the moment he decided to harvest, Chen Dong had already prepared himself mentally.

He raised his hand to pat Zhuge Qing’s shoulder and said soothingly, “It’s alright, it’s already the 17th of May, and there are only two days until the 19th, even if we are exposed, it will be hard for those people to react.”

“But …… there’s still a piece of land that hasn’t been purchased!”

Zhuge Qing said with some panic, “That piece of land was just now, and the auction has been withdrawn!”


Chen Dong was struck by lightning and his mind could no longer be calmed.

The blueprint he had sketched out was the most favourable situation for the new Chen family in the future, and once it had been forged, it was no surprise that his fate was completely tied up with the entire southwest region.

But now a piece of land was missing, and this would have a huge impact on his planning!

“Go to the study first.”

Chen Dong said in a deep voice, closing the door and heading towards the study.

The harvesting process did not occur to him that several forces would hide the process perfectly, the chances of that were very slim.

There was no impermeable wall under the sky.

A few forces bucking the trend of successive harvests would inevitably be sniffed out over time.

But he expected the best situation, also similar to now, is very close to the nineteenth when it was detected, then the world’s giants even if they want to have a move, it is too late.

Bias …… Chen Dong did not expect to end up missing a piece of land!

Inside the study.

Long Lao and Chu Reed were already waiting, and even Jiang Qilin was rarely present.

When he saw Jiang Qilin, Chen Dong was a little surprised.

Elder Long explained, “Things are a little tricky, so my old slave has taken the liberty of inviting Mr. Jiang to lend the Jiang family’s hand in times of need!”

Chen Dong did not deny it.

After taking his seat, he said in a deep voice, “In whose hands is that piece of land?”

Several people looked at each other.

Zhuge Qing had a complicated expression and said helplessly, “In Zhang Lidong’s hands.”

“Zhang Lidong?”

Chen Dong was surprised for a moment, and then his face quickly clouded over with a chill.

He remembered what had happened at the banquet that night.

He thanked Zhang Lidong for helping him out, but he could not forget the humiliation of being as humble as dust at the banquet that night either.

For the sake of the greater good, Chen Dong could hold back.

But now, the last piece of land had actually fallen into Zhang Lidong’s hands, and that was what deserved to die!

“Careless, we didn’t even put Zhang Lidong in our eyes.”

Zhuge Qing had witnessed Chen Dong’s humility at that banquet, so at this moment, his heart was even more indignant: “When that Zhang Lidong collected the land before, we didn’t even know about it, after the banquet that night, he had already put up the land, but the news really spread too fast, after we learned that we were exposed, the auction of the land in Zhang Lidong’s hands had already been withdrawn. ”

“A piece of land that shouldn’t be much of a problem if you don’t buy it, right?”

Chu Reed pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of her nose and analyzed.

As soon as the words left his mouth.

Jiang Qilin then shook his head and said, “Involving a whole body, a planned situation, just like a star fall chess board, one less piece and one more piece, those are two variables, a big problem!”

Chu Reed glanced at Jiang Qilin in surprise.

While Chen Dong nodded in agreement with Jiang Qilin: “I have detailed plans for each piece of land, one piece is missing, and if one piece is missing, the future situation of the entire southwest region cannot be controlled.”

Jiang Qilin smiled at Chen Dong and nodded his head, with a sense of sympathy.

In the study, the atmosphere was frozen.

After a few moments of silence, Chen Dong suddenly rose, “Zhuge Qing, come with me to see Zhang Lidong.”

The crowd was stunned for a moment.

Zhuge Qing thought of that night’s scene and hurriedly said, “Mr. Chen, why don’t I go, to approach Zhang Lidong, you don’t need to do it yourself yet.”


Chen Dong’s gaze was profound and he smiled oddly, “When I was weak, the world’s giants gathered in the southwest region, all speculating on my strength, there were many people stronger than Zhang Lidong, why did Zhang Lidong, who was only worth more than ten billion, dare to organise that banquet and embarra*s me in public?”

A shocking statement.

Several people in the audience changed their expressions and woke up with a start.

A mole would not dare to bite an elephant, but when there was a hunter standing behind the mole with a sharpened knife, the mole would have the guts to swallow the elephant alive, not to mention biting the elephant!

In fact, there is a very crucial point that Chen Dong did not reveal because he was afraid of letting Gu Qingying know.

That is …… Zhang Lidong knows the recent situation of his father-in-law and mother-in-law!

The three thousand and six hundred doors of the Hong Society, day and night to investigate, are nowhere to be found, a mere existence of more than ten billion dollars, also carrying the premise that there is a former suspicion with Qing Ying International, actually knows the recent situation of his father-in-law and mother-in-law.

This is unbelievable!

Otherwise, Chen Dong would not have called Yuan Yigang directly!

“Depart now.”

Zhuge Qing no longer hesitated.

The two of them left the villa.

While Elder Long, Chu Reed and Jiang Qilin remained in the study, a piece of land was the key, but they still had many things to arrange out.

Jiang Qilin saw that Chu Reed was worried and could not help but say soothingly, “Reed is fine, don’t worry, it’s not possible, I can ask for help from home.”

Chu reed squeezed out a smile, “Thank you.”

“It’s okay, we’re all friends.”

Jiang Qilin grinned broadly and wrapped his hand around Chu Reed’s shoulder, while his right hand beat his heart: “Friends should help each other.”

As he said this, he did not notice that Chu Reed’s expression had froze.

At the side, Elder Long sensed that something was wrong and was about to speak up to stop it.

However, Jiang Qilin continued, “As friends, friendship is most important.”

While saying that, he also gestured for Chu Reed to beat his heart with his hand.

“Jiang Qilin ……”

Chu Reed’s face completely darkened, with a blush on her cheeks, “You stinking rascal!”

At the same time as she sternly shouted, she directly pushed Jiang Qilin away and ran out of the study.

Jiang Qilin stood in place with a bewildered expression and asked Elder Long in fear, “Elder Long, did I do something wrong again?”

“I’m afraid that Mr. Jiang has some misunderstanding about the perception between men and women and between friends.”

Elder Long smiled awkwardly, thought for a moment, and said, “It’s fine, Mr. Jiang doesn’t know how to deal with people, if this time the tripod is successful, after the celebration, I will take Mr. Jiang to some places where the lights and the wine are green to see, I believe that Mr. Jiang will soon be enlightened.”

“Wine and light?”

Jiang Qilin was pleasantly surprised, “Then it must be possible for me to learn a lot?”

Long Lao narrowed his eyes and smiled blatantly, “That’s for sure, the growth of a boy to a man is perhaps just that one time away from the lights and the wine.”


Jiang Qilin snapped his fingers excitedly and said with a longing face, “To learn so much, please Old Man Long must take me there!”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, old man has said his words, he will not go back on his word.”

Elder Long waved his hand with a smile, with the look of an old driver.

Chapter 1460

As news of Chen Dong’s land acquisition was revealed.

In the first instance, it reached the ears of the heads of the major magnate families and giants of power.

In a flash.

Everyone was dumbfounded and sat waxing on the spot.

No one had expected that the peaks and valleys would actually turn around.

“Quickly, revoke it! Undo the land we threw out!”

“To practice what you preach and to conceal it, Chen Dong, Chen Dong, this young master of the Chen family is a true dragon among men, he has actually concealed it from all of us!”

“How on earth did he do that? Goodness, southwest won’t collapse, quickly undo it, quickly pinch down all the plots we threw out!”


The heads of powerful families and giants of power were terrified and had the feeling that it was like a dream.

But at their level, even if they were shocked, they had a decision in the first instance and made the most appropriate decision.

They had gathered in the southwest region with the aim of promoting the development of the southwest region by Chen Dong and Rothschild, and had come here for profit.

The sale of the land in their hands was also stopped in time because Chen Dong had shown time and again that he was declining and making people desperate.

Now Chen Dong is taking advantage of the chaos to secretly collect land, although covertly enough, and the forces collecting land are still the Zhuge family and the Zhang Chu family, but everyone is clear, these families are all under the command of Chen Dong va*sals, they …… also represent Chen Dong!

The signal released by the secretly taking advantage of the chaos is something that can be understood with a little thought.

The southwest region has never been decadent!

The so-called decadence is just a deliberate display of Chen Dong to everyone.

The magnate family heads and power giants could not understand for a while why Chen Dong had this series of operations, but it was clear to them that everything in the southwest region …… would not completely collapse!

Holding the land in their hands will get the value it deserves in no time!

It was also at the time when the major magnate family heads and power giants were making their decisions.

In the market, some of the most powerful families and giants were quick to buy up the land that had been put up for sale in a very short time.

This morning alone, several families were happy and several families were sad.

There was an undercurrent among the gentry.

Those who had withdrawn their land auctions in time were patting themselves on the back and crying out for luck.

Those who snatched the land in time were delighted and excited, laughing.

Those who were too late to cancel the auction and had their land purchased were as pale as charcoal and in pain.


The gentry are fighting for profits among themselves.

Chen Dong doesn’t care, all he cares about now is how to get that land from Zhang Lidong!

As far as he was concerned, the plot of land outlined in the blueprint had to be in his pocket.

As for the other plots of land, the major giants and powers are now jealously fighting for them, with some people rejoicing and others crying, but when the time comes for him to make his move, I’m afraid they won’t be able to laugh.

The current scramble, in Chen Dong’s eyes, is simply harmless to his plan!

“Brother Dong, how should we talk to Zhang Lidong later?”

Zhuge Qing asked worriedly as he drove the car.

“Talk about what?”

Chen Dong gave Zhuge Qing a sidelong glance, his aura blazing and his mouth chilling, “I’m not going to talk to him, but to inform him!”

Brutal and overbearing, rampant to the extreme!

Even Zhuge Qing’s gaze flickered and his mind was in a panic.

Along the way, he was still pondering how he should conduct the negotiations.

Never did he expect that Chen Dong was already planning to be simple and brutal!

Inside the hotel.

Zhang Lidong was stationed in front of the floor-to-ceiling window in a nightgown, his eyebrows deep and cold.

His right hand gently shook his red wine gla*s: “Chen Dong ah Chen Dong …… really underestimated you, openly repairing the stacks and darkening the silos, almost let you play all the world’s gentry, but also good news spread fast, otherwise this time I really was played by you, alas… …Gu Guohua has been short-sighted all his life, but his daughter’s vision has won him a lifetime!”

The phone rang.

Zhang Lidong glanced at the caller ID and his expression was instantly incomparably respectful.

He picked up the call straight away, even bowing slightly at the waist: “Master, what are your orders?”

If such words were heard by others, their jaws would definitely drop.

A man with a tens of billions of dollars in his hall had become a …… slave?

On the contrary, when Zhang Lidong shouted out these words, his words and actions were respectful to the extreme, and there was not the slightest feeling of discomfort.

There was a silence for two seconds.

Zhang Lidong respectfully responded, “Master don’t worry, I already know the news, the first time I withdrew the pending auction out of the land, there will be no loss, in addition you asked me to reveal to Chen Dong Gu Guohua couple, I also followed your instructions to reveal to him.”

There was a pause.

Zhang Lidong responded again, “At the necessary moment, I will be the first to act according to your instructions, with this killer app in place, Chen Dong is destined to be unable to make waves in the southwest region.”


The phone hung up.

Zhang Lidong’s bowed body reared up and looked out of the window at the city, draining his gla*s of wine with a bitter smile.

“Gu Guohua, your daughter has the luck of being from the dragon, which has allowed you to overpower me in the shopping mall, the wind and water have turned, this time I’ve gotten close to the big ship, the Gu family, I’m afraid you never dreamed that one day your life and your wife’s would be in my hands, right?”

The sound of laughter was piercingly cold.

At that moment.

There was a clamour of smashing figures from outside.

Zhang Lidong’s eyebrows knitted in some anger.

He hated the feeling of being disturbed in the middle of his springtime.

“What’s going on outside?”

Zhang Lidong chided loudly.

When he moved into the hotel, he had already chartered the rooms on this floor for the sake of quietness, and on this floor, apart from him were his bodyguards.

The rebuke had just come out.

Bang Teen!

The door to the room was kicked open with a loud bang.

Zhang Lidong, who was sulking, froze on the spot as his expression froze.

“Chen, Chen Dong?”

Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost as he stopped at the doorway, his suit wearing a suit, giving off a stern and unmistakable sense of oppression at the moment.

Behind him, Zhang Lidong’s bodyguards, however, were lying on the ground in a heap, wailing and tumbling.

Zhuge Qing settled the last bodyguard and walked up behind Chen Dong: “Mr. Chen, all done!”

“You, what are you doing?”

Zhang Lidong came back to his senses and looked at the bodyguards lying on the ground, he was instantly frightened and terrified, “Chen Dong, I can tell you, if you want to mess around, you have to be careful, I am not just some cat or dog that you can take advantage of!”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes, his coldness flickering.

He did not make a sound either, and stepped directly into the room, settling down on the sofa.

The process was slow, but the powerful sense of oppression emanating from Chen Dong’s body made the temperature in the room seem to have plummeted by a large margin.

And Zhang Lidong stopped where he was, his heart racing and his expression terrified.

In a trance, a layer of cold sweat even rose on his back.

At this juncture, Chen Dong breaking into the room in this manner was definitely not a good thing!


Chen Dong raised his eyes and looked at Zhang Lidong, breaking the dead silence in the room.

“Want life, or want land?”