Winner Takes All Chapter 1455-1456

Chapter 1455

Chen Dong smiled sarcastically.

Lord Meng walked into the villa on his own, looked at Gu Qingying and the others in the dining room, and raised an eyebrow.

“The wind is rising outside, but you, the originator, have the leisure to party at home na?”

Chen Dong gave Lord Meng an up-and-down look.

His face was haggard, and the bags under his tired eyes were drooping.

It was obvious that Lord Meng was not actually relaxed at all these days.

“Of course Dong’er knows exactly what has happened outside.”

Chen Dong smiled apologetically and made an inviting gesture, “Uncle Meng has come at the right time, please invite Uncle Meng to join us for a dinner.”

“It’s just a matter of time, it just so happens that we haven’t eaten dinner, let’s eat first and then talk.”

Lord Meng waved his hand and said wearily.

Lord Meng’s arrival did not affect the atmosphere of the celebration dinner in any way.

Lord Meng also intended to blend in with the crowd and did not talk about work-related matters throughout.

After three rounds of wine and five tastes of food.

Chen Dong then went up to the rooftop with Lord Meng, while Gu Qingying and the others continued on.

The night breeze was refreshing.

Lord Meng’s face was a little drunk, his exhaustion from the intense work he had been doing had been catalyzed by the alcohol, making him drowsy at the moment.

However, he still managed to sit up in his chair and looked at Chen Dong with a deep gaze.

Chen Dong stopped at the edge of the rooftop, looking out at the lights in the distance, and inquired, “Is Uncle Meng boarding the door to say something?”

“The entire southwestern region has changed, everywhere is selling off listed land like crazy, land prices have collapsed in an avalanche, hitting down heavily by thirty percent in just this period of time, and it isn’t stopping.”

Lord Meng said in a deep voice.

“I know all of this.”

Chen Dong smiled, “Not only are land prices collapsing, even house prices are collapsing, and …… it’s all my leading manipulation.”

“You ……”

Lord Meng was stunned for a moment, anger flooded his eyes and he slapped his thigh heavily: “I really regret standing up for you in the first place, now I’m really eating my own words!”

Chen Dong smiled apologetically, “I’ve put Uncle through all this trouble for a while now.”

To Lord Meng, he did feel guilty.

Moreover, as a senior official, the collapse of land prices in the southwest region was a huge mountain of pressure for the senior officials of the entire southwest region.

Lord Meng is also carrying a huge mountain on his shoulders!

And this, too, was concocted by his own hand, Chen Dong, and pressed upon Lord Meng!

“Public discontent, land prices, if these are not curbed in time, the southwest region will enter a cold winter.”

Lord Meng raised his eyes towards Chen Dong, his eyes full of prayer, “Dong’er …… can you stop?”

“Uncle has already received pressure from above?”

Chen Dong revealed a look of dismay.


Lord Meng shook his head and said bitterly, “But as a party official, there is now such a collapsing collapse in the area under our jurisdiction. What is even more irritating is that I personally stood up for you for those ten plots of land you initially auctioned off, and now …… I have to watch as public discontent The people’s grievances are rising all over the place!”

The words were full of guilt and remorse.

Chen Dong walked up to Lord Meng and said firmly, “Uncle, this time, I can’t stop because …… I have to protect my wife and children!”


Lord Meng was horrified.

He looked at Chen Dong incredulously, “What does this series you’ve pulled off have to do with protecting Little Shadow and the child?”

He had come tonight with the intention of persuading Chen Dong to call it quits as soon as possible.

Because he was clear that Chen Dong’s bottom line was not at all as embarra*sing as the outside world had rumored.

Everything …… was clear to him from the time he stood up for Chen Dong that it was just a charade.

The situation of the southwest region does not allow him to continue to let Chen Dong act recklessly.

In his eyes, the people were his blood and bones.

It was his duty as a senior official to protect one side.

If it was not against his principles, he would be willing to help Chen Dong, but now, in this situation, he must abandon everything and stand up to stop Chen Dong!

“Uncle has had a hard time recently.”

Chen Dong avoided talking about it and gently clinked the beer bottle in Lord Meng’s hand, saying, “I hope uncle can hold on a little longer, when the time is right, everything will be reversed!”

He could feel Lord Meng’s exhaustion and the guilt and self-blame welling up in his heart.

So at this time, Chen Dong did not want to continue to hide from Lord Meng.

“Keep on holding on?”


Lord Meng’s eyes widened, anger rising to his head as he angrily rose, “Chen Dong, I am informing you, not discussing with you, the people are now complaining, you have single-handedly concocted all this and have put their lives in jeopardy, those magnates and powers I can ignore, but the people, I cannot ignore!”

“Uncle, if the people also survive this period of time, they will be worshipping you.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly and said with a firm gaze, “Give me a little time, at most until the 19th of May, a month’s time, I can make the southwest region rise to the sky, as long as the people insist on not selling off the properties in their hands, they will be the happiest people at that time!”

“You …… are meddlesome!”

Lord Meng pointed at Chen Dong angrily and was about to break into a scolding.

Chen Dong’s eyes abruptly burst into a different color, and said in a deep voice: “The southwest region is already like this, and all the big officials have already hung their heads from the beam and stabbed their heads to put out the fire, but why is it just the southwest region, uncle …… still doesn’t understand?”


The words were astonishing.

The angry Lord Meng instantly froze, his eyes brightening and wavering.

Chen Dong’s words were like a sharp sword that pointed straight to his throat.

In an instant, he fell into deep thought.

The situation in the south-western region was already precarious.

The giants and magnates were frantically putting up auctions to sell off the land they had previously bought.

The news was spreading to the common people.

If it collapsed completely, it would be a catastrophe!

It’s not just the bigwigs in their southwestern region who are working furiously to save the day.

The rest of …… is calm!

It is impossible for the outside world to not hear of such a catastrophe!

It is also impossible for other forces not to intervene!

“Uncle, one month time, please uncle must hold on!”

Chen Dong clasped his fist and bowed to Lord Meng with unparalleled respect.

Lord Meng was thoughtful, and as the night breeze hit him, he shook his head to clear his head for a few moments.

“That’s just it, I’ll just boil to death and help you last until May 19th.”

Lord Meng looked in a trance and slowly turned around, not stopping any longer, and left straight away.

Chen Dong did not see him off, but turned around and stopped at the edge of the rooftop, looking up at the stars and the moon in the night sky, his eyes shining.

“When autumn comes on the eighth day of the ninth month, a hundred flowers will kill me after I blossom …… May 19, the southwest region is set in one fell swoop!”

The words are slight, but powerful and bold.

Chapter 1456

Time pa*ses.

The days pa*sed by day by day.

The entire south-western region is in deep water as the world’s giants and giants of power are frantically putting up lots for sale.

The auctions and sales did not have any impact.

But the chain reaction caused by the ma*sive auction and sale is the most terrifying.

At the beginning, the impact of the auctions and sales was only felt among the upper echelons of the south-western region.

As time went on, the storm gradually swept through to the general public.

The rapid collapse of land and property prices is something that can be concealed for a while, but not for a lifetime, and there will always be a time when things go wrong.

As the people learned the details.

The entire southwest region completely exploded into a frenzy.

Countless people cursed Chen Dong, pouring all their grievances and hatred and anger on him.

Even the Zhuge Family, the Zhang and Chu families in Kyoto, Zhou Zunlong and Zhou Yanqiu, the forces under Chen Dong’s command, were also wracked with anger.

An unprecedented shock.

Not only was it confined to the southwestern region, but even the stock market, the listed companies under the Zhuge Family and the Zhang and Chu families, were also hit hard one after another.

As soon as the market opened each day, it did not take long for it to fall straight to a halt.

Such a tragic situation was like a sharp sword hanging over the heads of the Zhuge Family, the Zhang and Chu families in Kyoto and Zhou Zunlong and Zhou Yanqiu, which could fall at any time and kill them all.

This huge pressure, which could collapse and kill them at any moment, was like a gloom that hung over the heads of these families.

But against such a situation, even the Zhuge family was powerless to turn back the clock.

They were all forces that followed Chen Dong.

The creation of such a situation was the work of Chen Dong.

If they wanted to undo it, only Chen Dong could turn his hand over and reverse it.

As the situation intensified, even Zhuge Qing, who knew the details of the situation, was on pins and needles every day, suffering immensely.

Such a huge gamble had staked the entire southwest region and the fate of the major forces that followed Chen Dong.

No matter who it was, it was hard to bear this monstrous pressure.

Elder Zhuge would call Zhuge Qing every day to ask him about it.

But Zhuge Qing was ordered by Chen Dong, and could only verbally stall and avoid talking about it.

The more people know about the blueprint, the better, once the word gets out, then all the previous plans will be in vain.

Perhaps …… Chen Dong is the only one who can maintain a calm and relaxed state of mind.

During this period of time, Chen Dong also no longer went to Dingtai.

The only thing that Chen Dong did was to stay at home every day, accompanying Gu Qingying to raise flowers and feed fish, take a walk and talk.

The only proper thing he did was to train in martial arts every day without slacking off.

The starry night was in the sky.

Chen Dong sat on a stone bench in the villa’s garden resting after his high-intensity training.

Under the light.

His upper body was naked, and his well-proportioned muscles were covered with crystal beads of sweat.

As he breathed in and out, white practice spurted out from his mouth and nose, visible to the naked eye.

Just sitting like this, he also gave people a feeling that they could not be ignored.

“Mr. Chen has refined his martial art very quickly.”

A voice rang out behind him.

Chen Dong looked back at Jiang Qilin and smiled, “Even if I were faster, I wouldn’t be able to catch up with you.”

“That’s natural.”

Jiang Qilin nodded seriously.

Chen Dong was speechless for a moment, he was really taken seriously by this guy even though he was just being modest.

However, knowing Jiang Qilin’s past, he did not care at all.

Jiang Qilin had been following behind Chu Reed for a while now, so he should be getting to know the ways of the world as well.

Jiang Qilin walked up to Chen Dong and settled down: “I myself am different from Mr. Chen, so it makes sense that Mr. Chen can’t catch up with me, not to mention, how long has Mr. Chen been training altogether? However, Kirin has been in seclusion since he was a child, and the energy and time he has spent is countless more than Mr. Chen, but with Mr. Chen’s rate of progress, it is only a matter of time before he surpa*ses Kirin.”

Chen Dong looked at Jiang Qilin in surprise and smiled teasingly, “Following the reed for a while now, you have improved a lot, you can even say compliments now.”

“It’s not a compliment, it’s the truth.”

Jiang Qilin shook his head calmly, looking at Chen Dong with a curious look in his eyes, “Even I am curious as to how powerful the core of the Pan Gu Project is, to actually be able to actually compare to a god with Mr. Chen’s mortal body after transformation.”

“I am curious as to how exactly you trained.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and looked solemn, “You are the top genius I have ever seen in my life, so genius that I have the feeling that you are not real at all times.”

What Jiang Qilin had shown, if there was a shortcoming, was perhaps only the point of not knowing the human condition.

In other aspects, Chen Dong felt, just by thinking about it, that this was no longer a point that could be reached by one’s desperate efforts!

Facing Chen Dong’s enquiry.

With a smile on his lips, Jiang Qilin slowly tilted his head and gazed out at the starry sky.

“White Jade Capital in the sky, twelve floors and five cities.”


Chen Dong was struck by lightning and sat waxing on the spot.

In a trance, Chen Daogun’s murmuring voice echoed in his ears, overlapping with Jiang Qilin’s voice, as if a magical sound was filling his ears for a long time.

Isn’t this …… Chen Daojun’s mantra?

“What’s wrong? Mr. Chen.”

Jiang Qilin sensed Chen Dong’s strange appearance and looked towards him.

Seeing that Chen Dong was motionless, he raised his hand and waved it in front of Chen Dong’s eyes, calling Chen softly once again.

Chen Dong’s body trembled for a moment, finally coming back to his senses and smiling reluctantly, “So Mr Jiang also likes Li Taibai’s poems? I’m fine, Mr. Jiang continue.”

“Li Taibai?”

Jiang Qilin raised his eyebrows and nodded his head, smiling, “Not bad, this is indeed a poem by the poet immortal Li Taibai, but the closer we get to the present in the long history, the less such immortal style and ethereal verses there are.”

Chen Dong frowned tightly, not knowing why, he always felt that there were words in Jiang Qilin’s words.


Jiang Qilin tilted his head and continued to look at the starry sky, muttering to himself, “One generation is worse than the next, how can the poems nowadays still have the immortal style of the past?”

At the same time, he lamented.

Jiang Qilin, however, closed his eyes to himself.

The next second.

A light wind swept up from beneath Jiang Qilin’s feet, blowing his robe and hair to dance.

As he was pondering, Chen Dong was suddenly stunned, staring at Jiang Qilin in front of him in disbelief.

With such a simple action of closing his eyes, he had the feeling that someone else had changed in front of him!


Almost at the same time, a thin layer of light glowed all over Jiang Qilin’s body.

The light golden glow covered Jiang Qilin’s body, instantly making his entire aura ethereal and ethereal.

Chen Dong’s eyes were filled with dismay and his jaw dropped.

As he gazed at the Jiang Qilin before him, one word came to his mind – not falling into the mortal world!

That ethereal and ethereal aura, untouched by any trace of mortal dust, was as if it was a deity that had fallen from the nine heavens, giving people a feeling of awe.

Followed closely by.

On Jiang Qilin’s face, a rare expression of compa*sion for the heavens and earth appeared as he lamented.

“Heaven and earth are unkind and take all things as ruminants, humanity is in decline, the immortal dao is long and rainbow, if there really is a world like the one described by the poet immortal Li Taibai’s verses, I really want to take a look at it.”