Winner Takes All Chapter 1447-1448

Chapter 1447

The sound of a soft clink of gla*ses.

But it was like a thunderclap in a clear sky, buzzing in everyone’s ears for a long time.

Everyone was stunned and dumbfounded.

Even the heads of the powerful families and giants present had already been able to be happy and angry without showing their colours, and had not changed their faces when the mountain collapsed in front of them.

But at this moment, as they watched Chen Dong drink the wine from his cup, the crowd’s expressions became complicated.

In the eyes of the crowd, every frame of Chen Dong’s movement, from clinking his cup, to drinking the wine, to swallowing the wine, was as if he was saying that he was dying and swallowing his anger.

Just now, the crowd was only inferring Chen Dong’s mind through the change in his complexion.

The difference is fatal to people!

Even these family heads and giants who had floated for half their lives could hardly be as light as water.

Not to mention, Chen Dong was young and frivolous, and the winner is the king!

At an age when he was in the prime of his life, he had gained the glory of the world’s attention and then fell to the ground with a vengeance, the difference in which was simply too much for Chen Dong to bear at his age.

And what Chen Dong has shown now is a confirmation of the suspicions in everyone’s mind!

Zhang Lidong’s wealth was not small, over ten billion dollars!

But what was such a fortune in the eyes of the former Chen Dong?



There was no way that Chen Dong would have been able to swallow his anger and back down in the face of Zhang Lidong, who was so vulgar and abusive!

But now Chen Dong was as humble as dust, without a care in the world!

No one doubted that Chen Dong was acting, at least at this time.

Everyone was young, and everyone had a sense of ambition.

The magnificent family heads and giants of power present asked themselves, the same scene, if it were their younger selves …… would probably have already struck someone!

While shocked, there were inevitably some who sighed.

The young lord of the Chen family …… who once had unlimited scenery and the glory of the world surrounding him all his life, has really fallen this time!

Chen Daolin’s big birthday was like yesterday.

But now, this clinking of gla*ses, this retreat, is two worlds away!

“Hahahahaha …… Mr. Chen is generous, generous!”

Zhang Lidong threw back his head and laughed, reckless and happy, one hand gently patted Chen Dong’s shoulder, as if an elder, sagely teaching: “Young master Chen, young master Chen, in the past when your father’s birthday, I looked up to you at the table, now finally get what I want, to drink a cup of wine with you, fate …… It’s a wonderful thing!”

The sound of laughter echoed.

But it was incomparably harsh.

The sarcasm and contempt in it made Zhuge Qing’s face turn blue and his eyes even looked as if they wanted to eat people.

And Chen Dong’s silly laugh, humble, was like a sharp knife, stabbing Zhuge Qing fiercely in the heart.

He couldn’t understand why Chen Dong would stoop to such a level of humility towards a man with a mere ten billion plus fortune!

A thin camel is bigger than a horse, and what’s more, the camel is not thin!

Furious, Zhuge Qing was about to get up at once.

But when his gaze met Chen Dong’s, for a mere moment, he detected a touch of cold determination in Chen Dong’s despondent eyes.

Such a look was fleeting.

But it was like a heavy hammer hitting Zhuge Qing’s heart, causing him to suppress his anger and hold back!

Only he bowed his head, unable to bear to look at Chen Dong’s humble as dust anymore!

Zhuge Qing’s lack of resistance fell clearly into everyone’s eyes.

This just further confirmed everyone’s suspicions!

For a while, some people were secretly happy, some were gloating, and some had shady eyes, looking at Chen Dong as if he was prey ……


Zhang Lidong stumbled on his feet, perhaps he was too drunk, his speech was a bit slurred.

“Come, Mr. Chen, I’d like to toast you, and I ask you to give me face!”

The old man from before, took the lead and rose, holding up a gla*s of wine, with an air of superiority, which was not half respectful.

Chen Dong smiled sarcastically, held his cup, and drank it all in one go.

“Mr. Chen is a good drinker, I also toast Mr. Chen!”

Another man got up, quickly moved to Chen Dong’s side, directly raised his hand and wrapped it around Chen Dong’s shoulder, clanging his gla*s heavily with Chen Dong, even colliding the wine in Chen Dong’s gla*s and spilling it on Chen Dong’s clothes.

But Chen Dong did not care, with a forlorn and helpless smile on his face, as if the words “humble as dust” were engraved on his body, he drank the wine from his cup in one go.

As some people tried, others started, and gradually the others let go of their scruples and turned on Chen Dong!

Once Chen Dong was unattainable in the eyes of the people, high above them, just like the Chen family, like a god or goddess high in the clouds.

Now that he had fallen to earth, he no longer had any aura, and his awe was gone!

The atmosphere was heated.

Laughter filled the room.

But every laugh was like a sharp knife, plunging straight into Chen Dong.

The wall fell on the people, the people fell on the people!

A crowd of powerful family heads and giants surrounded Chen Dong, pouring Chen Dong’s wine without any courtesy.

While the crowd not far away who had not approached were despising and teasing, gloating.

“Tsk tsk …… not to mention, this Chen family young master now looks like a dog oh.”

“How long has it been since the Chen family head’s big birthday? He’s already in this situation. What’s the point of fighting for the head of the family? Even if he wins, in the eyes of those in power in the Chen family, he’s still a B*****d. He can’t even get the slightest bit of power, and now he’s in this situation.”

“All of you …… Chen Dong has been like this, we should also have a follow-up plan, should be prepared to prepare, alas …… humble as dust, the dog that lost his family, how long has it been ah? ”


The words are harsh, but more plucking heart.

Every word fell into Zhuge Qing’s ears, are like ten thousand arrows piercing the heart.

He lowered his head and sat dead in his chair, but his ears echoed with the vulgar words of those beside him and the sound of Chen Dong’s smiling and complimentary response.

Zhuge Qing’s eyes were red and his heart was twisting like a knife, and his hands were clenched into fists, veins standing out.

The Zhuge family had indeed followed Chen Dong with the intention of rising up the ranks of the dragon.

But as time pa*sed, he, Zhuge Qing, had also long since come to regard Chen Dong as his elder brother.

All that Chen Dong was showing now, all that had happened to him, had made Zhuge Qing so sad and angry that he could hardly feel at peace!

He knew that Chen Dong was pretending, but his heart ached that Chen Dong had pretended himself to such an extent!

Brother Dong …… what on earth are you doing to trample yourself to such an extent?

Teardrops as big as beans fell from Zhuge Qing’s eyes, but he clenched his teeth to prevent onlookers from seeing the slightest hint.

Chen Dong, who was surrounded by the crowd, was already drunk and his eyes were wandering.

He would have stumbled and fallen to the ground had there not been too many people around, pushing him against each other.

He could have used his qi to dispel the intoxication, but he did not.

Because this was the only way to bring out the disheveled state, to the fullest extent.

Only then …… would the fish take the bait!

“Hahahaha …… Chen Dong, come, I, Zhang Lidong, will toast you again!”

In the confusion, Zhang Lidong took Chen Dong by the shoulder and forcefully broke Chen Dong’s head close to him.

The noise was loud.

Zhang Lidong’s eyes were cold and stern, but they no longer had the dazed flutter of drunkenness.

He leaned close to Chen Dong’s ear, spitting out alcoholic breath and said smugly, “Your father-in-law and mother-in-law …… are okay.”


The wine gla*s held in Chen Dong’s hand cracked at the sound.

It was just a sound that was unbearable compared to the noise and bustle around him.

Chapter 1448

Amidst the chaos.

No one noticed that the disorientation and drift in Chen Dong’s eyes instantly dissipated.

In its place, there was a scarlet red that sent chills of fear, and a harsh and bloodthirsty fierce aura.

Even Zhang Lidong, who was face to face, did not notice because of the angle!

In a flash.

Chen Dong seemed like a ferocious beast that chose to devour people.

In just an instant, the scarlet and fierce aura in his eyes, all receded and disappeared, reverting back to being lost and fluttering.

“What? Mr. Zhang, speak louder, it’s too loud, I didn’t hear you!”

Chen Dong pretended to be bewildered and said loudly in a drunken manner.


Zhang Lidong snorted disdainfully, but his left hand gently patted Chen Dong’s face twice.

Disdainful and contemptuous, with these two pats, Chen Dong was like a mole in his eyes.

“Bottoms up!”

Following closely, Zhang Lidong pushed Chen Dong’s head away and clinked his gla*s with Chen Dong with force!

Chen Dong’s right hand clutched the shattered wine gla*s, and with his strong strength, he froze without letting half a drop of wine flow out of the crack.

Under the light.

He smiled drunkenly, his body swaying, tilted his head, and drained the wine from the gla*s in one go.

As he tilted his head, his eyes gazed into the light and his drunken eyes disappeared once more.

In their place was fierceness and determination.

“Everything …… will be returned one by one in the near future, Jairus will repay!”

Chen Dong vowed in his heart, resolute and firm!

Humble as dust, the dog that lost its home.

This state of affairs continued until ten o’clock in the middle of the night.

With the help of Zhuge Qing’s excuses, Chen Dong finally withdrew from this banquet.

The broken wine gla*s was not put down by Chen Dong.

Instead, he pretended to be drunk and yelled that he wanted more, holding it stiffly in his hand as he left the banquet hall.

When Zhuge Qing helped Chen Dong out of the banquet hall.

In the banquet hall behind him, the sound of laughter seemed to grow even louder and louder.

Zhuge Qing’s eyes were filled with blood and mist, his face was gloomy and he subconsciously wanted to turn back.

“Don’t turn back!”

Chen Dong chided softly.

Zhuge Qing was grief-stricken and his lips mumbled, about to ask.

“Don’t ask either, go home!”

As if Chen Dong knew Zhuge Qing’s mind, he directly stopped it.

Zhuge Qing a*sisted, Chen Dong pretended to stagger, after walking into the car, Chen Dong then let go of his right hand.

Clatter ……

The broken wine gla*s, fell on the pa*senger floor and scattered all over the place.

The right hand of Chen Dong had already been cut by the shards, bloodstained, drops of blood dripping down towards the ground with this hand of Chen Dong.

Zhuge Qing’s pupils tightened and he was startled.

“Brother Dong, your hand ……”

“It’s alright, if you want to do it, do it without a single mistake!”

Chen Dong patted his right hand with his left hand, calmly picked up a tissue to wipe the blood on his right hand, and said to Zhuge Qing, “Get out of the car and go say hello to Uncle Meng, he should be outside when the banquet is on.”

In fact.

Just as Chen Dong had predicted.

Lord Meng had indeed been outside the banquet hall, watching and eavesdropping through the wall.

He would not allow his mistake to put Chen Dong in a deep hole, and he even wanted to drink away the banquet directly and free Chen Dong countless times throughout the whole time he was being humiliated.

But Chen Dong’s behaviour throughout the whole process left Lord Meng astonished and incomprehensible, while at the same time, he vaguely smelled a hint of something unusual.

So, he held back!

When Zhuge Qing found Lord Meng, Lord Meng’s eyes had long since turned red and contained tears.

Zhuge Qing did not say much, and after a few words, he turned and left.

Lord Meng stopped at the darkness, his voice a little hoarse, and said sadly, “Dong’er …… what exactly are you holding back?”

The car drove away from the Four Seals Clubhouse.

Wearing the stars and the moon, it headed along the lighted mountain road towards the city.

Along the way.

Chen Dong lowered the window halfway and rested his head on the window, blowing the night breeze and looking out the window at the rapidly receding streetlights.

He dispelled some of his alcoholic feelings and left some behind, immersing himself in this half-asleep, half-awake state and enjoying the slightest hint of relief it brought.

Zhuge Qing drove on, not breaking the peace inside the car.

Only in his mind, he recalled everything that had happened in the banquet hall.




Intentions that could not be quelled!

He had never thought that Chen Dong could stoop to such a level!

Tonight’s Chen Dong made him feel like a different person!

In his impression, Chen Dong was the man who reigned over the world, who had the Qiankun in his hands, the man who was young and frivolous, who was unstoppable.

But tonight …… this man bowed his head!

Bending his spine down, ruthlessly burying himself in the dust.

The man is a man of the world.

He mumbled his lips countless times, wanting to ask Chen Dong.

But in the end, they all forced themselves to hold back.

A man …… becomes like this, there is always some reason why he must do so!

The scenery outside the car was gradually glorious.

Under the night sky, the city’s neon lights were colorful and still glowing with vitality.

Day and night, for a city, are supposed to be the dividing line between two kinds of life.

The sky is drizzling with rain.

On the roads, cars flowed incessantly.

On the sidewalks, pedestrians are driven by the drizzle and their steps are hurried.


Chen Dong’s gaze was fixed.

He saw a figure in the crowd of people walking at a brisk pace.

It was an old man draped in a straw raincoat with a stooped figure.

While the pedestrians were in a hurry, the old man was sitting withered on a square by the roadside with a cloth spread out in front of him and a streamer supported next to him, on which was written word test, fortune telling, divination …… and a lamp supported next to it.

The old man was sitting on a small bench like that, his whole body hunched over as if he had curled up into a ball.

The light rain hit the straw coat and straw hat, dripping to the ground along the brim of the hat and the end of the straw coat.

Chen Dong laughed: “Zhuge Qing, stop the car!”


The car came to a halt.

Chen Dong hurriedly opened the door and ran towards the old man who was telling fortunes, braving the gradually growing rain.

“Zhuge Qing, you go home first!”

Zhuge Qing looked at Chen Dong squatting in front of the old man and muttered in some confusion, “A street con man, Mr. Chen still believes in this?”

“Old man, why don’t you go home at this late hour?”

Chen Dong squatted in front of the old man.

The old man’s face was full of furrows and old age spots, and even the bags under his eyes were drooping a little, aged and late.

He grinned, revealing yellowed but few teeth, and muttered, “I can’t help it, my son and daughter-in-law are dead, and there is still a child at home waiting for money to save his life, so it’s good to keep it a little longer and earn one more.

Chen Dong was stunned, the old man’s few words made his heart clog up.

He rubbed his nose, ignoring the rain on the ground, and sat down directly on the ground, letting the rain wet his body, and smiled playfully.

“So, old man, have you counted what has happened to you?”

The old man was stunned and smiled bitterly as he bowed his head.

“Old man, tell my fortune, tell me that my wife and children are safe and sound!”

“Yes, yes!”

As the old man started his fortune, Chen Dong’s eyes became hot with anticipation.

He did not believe in these things, but at a certain moment, one needed these things to give a hand!

When the first trigram came out, the smile on the old man’s face disappeared.

Chen Dong was also stunned for a moment and had a guess in his mind, but he still waved his hand and said with a smile, “It’s alright, old man, just say it directly.”

He was clear that fortune telling and divination on the street was a psychological game, but this old man was so honest that no one else would have spilled the beans straight away as soon as they met and opened their mouths to ask.

He also did not consider whether what the old man said was good or not, not good …… then again!

He needed that one good one!

“Fierce!” The old man said with embarra*sment.

“Go on!” Chen Dong said.

The old man froze for a moment: “Sir, a trigram is a penny, I can’t fool you at my age.”

“It’s okay, go on.”

The second trigram.


“It’s okay, go on!”

The third trigram.


“Old man, let’s divine once more!”


It was getting late at night, and the rain was pouring down.

This small square was long gone, and only the light of the street lamp remained, enveloping Chen Dong and the old man.

The voices of the two men, too, alternated.

As time pa*sed, the sound of divination continued, and so did the voices of the two men.

And so it went on, until the rain receded and the sky was flushed with the white of a fish’s belly.

“Fierce!” The old man spat out a word in exhaustion.

Chen Dong’s back hunched down, his eyes obscured, and his rain-filled face fell into despondency and disillusionment to the extreme, his whole person falling into a dull state.

“Sir, this is already three thousand trigrams, is it still counted?”

The old man asked tentatively, bracing himself.

“Heh ……”

He shook his head and waved his hand: “It’s just that …… 3,000 trigrams in one night, all of them are bad, haha …… hahaha ……”

Chen Dong covered his face with his right hand, threw back his head and laughed out loud, staggered up and stumbled towards the distance: “It’s just that I don’t believe it, I don’t F**king …… believe it!”

Looking at the distant Chen Dong, the old man was dazed and lost in thought.

He could hear how strong the despair and resignation was in that laughter.

As the old man looked down inadvertently, a bank card came into view.

The distant laughter stopped abruptly, and a firm voice came: “The money in the card is enough to pay for your three thousand trigrams, old man …… did you calculate that the three thousand trigrams calculated my three thousand evils, but calculated you and your baby’s reversal of fate?”