Winner Takes All Chapter 1445-1446

Chapter 1445

As Chen Dong greeted.

The crowd in the banquet hall had also changed their faces.

For the powerful family heads and giants present, it was only a matter of snapping their fingers to instantly suppress their thoughts and greet them with smiling faces.

The whispers and harsh words from earlier were gone.

The crowd rose to their feet and greeted them with arching hands.

“It is an honour for us to have Mr. Chen here!”

“To be able to witness Mr. Chen’s line-up with my own eyes is not a waste of the wait!”

“Mr. Chen, please take your seat, we welcome you!”


Chen Dong kept a smile on his face as he led Zhuge Qing directly towards the main table, while his gaze swept over the surrounding crowd.

The few voices that were the clearest were from the people who had just denounced him the hardest.

While Zhuge Qing, who was following behind him, had a gloomy expression on his face.

This banquet, even if Chen Dong could treat it calmly, as a follower of Chen Dong, he was still resentful in his heart!

Even if he knew the subtle rules between the magnates, the fake smiling and complimentary faces in front of him still made him sick to his stomach.

Chen Dong walked with a dragon’s stride and soon reached the main table.

He swept his gaze across the crowd at the main table and said with a smile, “Gentlemen, no one should object to me sitting here, right?”

The people at the main table looked at each other, some smiled, some were expressionless, and some showed disdain while turning their faces sideways.

The banquet hall.

It was filled with the white gloves of the heads of powerful families, giants of power and some predators who did not come forward.

Zhang Lidong was targeting Chen Dong, but not others.

Therefore, the seating order of the tables in the venue was strictly selected and arranged.

Those who could get to the main table were also the most honoured in the room!

If it was before, these people would have naturally agreed with a cheerful voice and respectfully invited Chen Dong to take his seat.

But now …… huh!

The big fanfare to promote the development of the southwest region has caused the world to hear about it.

It has only been a short time and already they have landed themselves and the forces under their command selling their land and breaking their arms to survive.

Nowadays, Chen Dong, in the eyes of some people at the main table, is no longer qualified to be at this most honored table!

Chen Dong did not care about the faces of the people, and after he finished speaking, he directly pulled away the chair and sat down.

By the way, he pulled the chair next to him out of the way and gestured for Zhuge Qing to take his seat.

Just as soon as the two of them took their seats.

The pupils of the crowd at the main table instantly shrank and froze.

There was no other reason.

The position where Chen Dong was seated, according to the seating order of the table, was the guest of honour position!

Whereas the place where Zhuge Qing was seated, according to the arrangement, was where Zhang Lidong, the host family member, was seated!

How arrogant and rude could he be?

Not only were the people at the main table stunned, but all the people in the banquet hall were also stunned.

And Zhang Lidong, who was walking quickly, was still smiling on his face even for the sake of the crowd, but his smile was clearly forced.

“Mr. Chen, I’m afraid that such a seating arrangement is a bit rude!”

One of the old men slowly opened his voice, while stroking his beard, while saying in a serious manner, “Everyone is in your way, Mr. Chen, it is not good to say anything, but the old man, because he is a few years older, still has to say it, Mr. Chen’s identity is seated as the guest of honour, no one has said anything, but this gentleman is seated in Mr. Zhang’s place, so it is too rude to be abrupt!”


Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled, pointing at Zhang Lidong who was walking towards him, “Mr. Zhang, this old gentleman said that I was rude and abrupt, come and judge, who is being abrupt and rude between us?”

Zhang Lidong, who was approaching, was torn up, his throat twitching as he tried to say something, but he couldn’t get it out.

His hands were behind his back, his thumbs and forefingers rubbing together gently, seemingly casually, but in fact his hands were already covered in sweat.

Chen Dong’s arrogance had far exceeded his expectations!

He had originally wanted to make a game of it, to embarra*s Chen Dong, to bear the accusing gaze of the entire crowd, or even to directly verbally rebuke him.

But Chen Dong arrived and displayed words and behaviour that were as simple and brutal as a reckless man, leaving him pre-prepared and frozen!

The next second.

Chen Dong pointed his right hand at Zhuge Qing again and said arrogantly.

“He is from the Zhuge family, Zhuge Qing, I, Chen Dong, ask a question, this position, if Zhuge Qing does not sit, who deserves to sit?”

Every word was like thunder in his ears.

The heads of the powerful families and giants in the audience all looked embarra*sed.

The people here were indeed magnates, powerful and wealthy men and women.

But compared to the Zhuge family, they were not worth mentioning!

Not to mention the 1,000-year heritage of the Zhuge family.

Even the Zhuge Family’s wealth, after it had swallowed up the Qin Family, was too great for the entire crowd to match!

In the silence.

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and forced his eyes towards the old man who had rebuked him, “Old man, you think, Zhuge Qing sitting in this seat is being abrupt and rude, then you might as well come and arrange a seat for my brother?”

“I ……”

The old man’s face was red, and he was instantly speechless.

It wasn’t that he didn’t know Zhuge Qing.

There were also many people in the whole room who knew Zhuge Qing.

However, Zhang Lidong’s VIP was Chen Dong, and Zhuge Qing had come to accompany Chen Dong, which was why the old man was given the opportunity to lash out.

Now Chen Dong’s scolding question, which backfired on the guest, left him speechless.

Zhang Lidong’s face even turned pig’s liver and the corners of his mouth were twitching.

At that very moment.

Zhuge Qing slowly rose and swept his gaze across the room, finally landing on Zhang Lidong.

“Mr. Zhang is the master, Zhuge Qing is sitting in Mr. Zhang’s seat, I am really sorry, this is really giving you face, Mr. Zhang, I hope you will not be insensitive!”

As he spoke, Zhuge Qing did not hide his contempt for Zhang Lidong, even raising his head slightly, his nostrils directed at Zhang Lidong, showing all his arrogance and contempt.

He was already resentful of this party’s backstabbing of Chen Dong.

Now that Chen Dong had coaxed the atmosphere to this point, he was no longer hiding, and it was comfortable to let off steam!

Feeling Zhuge Qing’s contempt.

Zhang Lidong was uncomfortable and his face felt like it was on fire, he wanted to find a hole in the ground.

But his wealth was no match for the Zhuge family ……!

The fact is, as the host of the party, he could not refute Zhuge Qing’s words, but could only swallow his teeth in his stomach.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of services to the public.

Zhang Lidong smiled sarcastically, “It is an honour for me that Mr Zhuge is seated here, no harm, no foul, I am not in the way.”

As he said this, he settled down to the seat next to Zhuge Qing.

As soon as his buttocks were seated, Zhuge Qing looked askance at him and said disgustedly.

“Please lean to the side, you are only how much rich, too close to me, I am afraid that others will gossip about me.”

Zhang Lidong: “……”

Is this a F**king way to bully someone?

For the first time in his life, he felt a strong sense of shame about being worth more than ten billion!

But now the arrow was on the string and had to be fired.

Zhang Lidong moved to the side and pulled away from Zhuge Qing.

Then only then did he rise and end his cup, “Mr. Chen is the guest of honour in this venue, he has already arrived, the banquet will begin next, I would like to toast you all first!”

The crowd got up one after another and met with their cups.

Only when the crowd sat down.

The company’s business has been in competition with Mr. Chen’s father-in-law’s Qing Ying International in overseas business, and I even had the upper hand. …… I don’t have a good daughter.”

“I’m really impressed that Qing Ying International has been able to climb this high branch of Mr. Chen and has the support of the Chen family!”

Chapter 1446

The sound of laughter echoed.

The sarcasm in them caused the crowd at the main table to look choked.

This evening’s banquet, to which everyone had been invited, had come because of Zhang Lidong’s face.

They were all here for the development of the southwest region and wanted a share of the pie.

But now that Chen Dong has arrived and Zhang Lidong has opened with such words, none of the people who can step into this banquet hall are fools. …… No one expected that there would be such a connection between Chen Dong and Zhang Lidong.

The way Zhang Lidong said it at this moment, it was as if he had a grudge in mind and was coming from a bad place!

The atmosphere suddenly became strange.

Zhang Lidong’s face was full of smiles as he looked at Chen Dong, who had settled on the main seat, with a shadowy gaze.

It was also at this moment.

Chen Dong slowly raised his head and looked askance at Zhang Lidong, saying with contempt, “With your looks, you don’t even deserve to climb this high branch of mine!”

The words were harsh and unconcealed contempt.

The smile on Zhang Lidong’s face froze, and the words he had prepared were stuck in his throat.

Before the banquet, he had rehearsed all the possible scenarios.

But he had never imagined that Chen Dong would go so far as to be so simple and brutal in front of all the powerful family heads and giants present!

There were no winding words, just straightforward and crude words!

At that very moment.

Zhuge Qing slowly raised his head, sized up Zhang Lidong and shook his head.

“You’re worthy of a fart!”

Zhang Lidong: “……”

In an instant, his face turned red and he felt the urge to vomit blood.

Are they all so D*mn …… rigid?

Do the gentry even want to lose face?

For a moment, the surrounding area was silent.

Whether it was the main table or the surrounding tables, people’s eyes burned and looked complicated, but no one broke the awkward stalemate.

Zhang Lidong’s words made it clear that he had a personal agenda.

And the fact that the crowd is not helping now is also due to their selfishness …… Just take this opportunity to probe Chen Dong’s bottom line!

From the time Chen Dong announced his push to develop the southwest region, to the time the Ding Sheng Consortium announced the relocation of its headquarters, to the frantic land grab, each time with great fanfare and fanfare.

How long has it been since then?

Chen Dong has been selling land one after another, and the forces under his command have followed suit, with a sense of the sun going down and the tiger falling into the sun.

It was the rapidity of the change, so rapid that everyone was unable to react.

So while the world’s giants were scared, they also had suspicions in their hearts.

It was the perfect opportunity to test them out!

A person’s words and actions are all related to his bottom line.

If you don’t have enough strength, even if you pretend to be good, there will always be a time when your words and actions will show.

“Yes, yes, Mr. Zhuge is so right, how can I, Zhang Lidong, dare to be worthy of Mr. Chen?”

Zhang Lidong was so anxious that he was disliked by Zhuge Qing’s words, so he could only grit his teeth and forced a smile, poured another gla*s of wine, toasted Chen Dong and Zhuge Qing, and then drank it all.

Immediately, he settled down and talked and laughed with the people at his table.

What had just happened was as if it was a small episode.

Zhang Lidong had the cheek to reveal the matter, and the people at the same table did not think of holding him to the fire again.

The banquet was long and there were plenty of opportunities!

They exchanged gla*ses and laughed with each other.

The atmosphere soon warmed up.

Zhang Lidong, who was the head of the family, would occasionally get up and wander between the tables, exchanging gla*ses with the other tables.

On the contrary.

Chen Dong and Zhuge Qing were not part of this warm atmosphere.

The two men took their seats and did not move, nor did they talk and laugh with the hosts at the same table, pushing and exchanging gla*ses, occasionally raising their gla*ses to each other and gently sipping their drinks, looking somewhat lonely and cold.

The people at the same table also intentionally or unintentionally avoided Chen Dong and Zhuge Qing.

Although they were obviously seated at the main table, Chen Dong and Zhuge Qing seemed out of place, as if they were in two different worlds from each other.

The sound of the crowd’s laughter echoed in their ears.

Chen Dong raised his gla*s again and gently clinked it with Zhuge Qing, then drained it in one go.

His eyes swept over the crowd at the main table.

He didn’t bother with the gentry family heads and giants of power at the rest of the tables, it seemed to him that while he was caring about these people at the main table, the people at the surrounding western tables were also caring about their table!

“One is hiding so well, are they all waiting? Waiting for me to …… reveal my dishevelled and squirming attitude?”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind.

He was also aware of the thoughts in the minds of this group of magnificent family heads and power giants in the banquet hall!

As he thought this, Chen Dong’s brows lowered and his expression became obscure and despondent, the corners of his mouth slowly turned upwards, pulling up a curvature.

It appeared to be a smile, but when it fell into the eyes of Zhuge Qing beside him, his gaze was frozen.

How did Mr. Chen suddenly …… how disheveled and sad?


The people at the same table, although they have been talking and laughing, exchanging gla*ses.

The actual fact is that the actual people at the table have been laughing and exchanging gla*ses, but their minds are always on Chen Dong.

As Chen Dong’s complexion changed, so did the minds of the crowd.

The simple eight-letter word for human feelings and the coldness of the world can sometimes be clearly reflected at the table.

No one can resist the huge difference between being a crowd pleaser and being unpopular all of a sudden!

This is how Chen Dong’s current demeanor looks in the eyes of everyone!

Perhaps the young master of the …… Chen family has really lost his halo!


Zhang Lidong’s big hand landed on Chen Dong’s shoulder.

The crowd’s pupils shrank and secretly snickered.

Zhuge Qing’s face went cold and stern, and he was just about to get up when he suddenly stiffened.

Under the seating table, the tablecloth covered his legs, while he …… clearly felt that a big hand was pressing on his legs, not allowing him to get up!

Brother Dong?

Zhuge Qing was confused and looked at Chen Dong with uncertainty.

Chen Dong ignored Zhuge Qing’s gaze and slowly raised his head in a despondent manner.

After some wandering around and exchanging gla*ses, Zhang Lidong’s face was already flushed two shades of drunken red, his eyes were also a bit wandering, and his mouth and nose were filled with the smell of alcohol.

“Mr. Zhang, is there something wrong?”

Chen Dong smiled faintly, trying hard to pinpoint the details of his expression to the extreme.

To the eyes of the crowd, it looked like he was putting up a front, but in reality, he was just forcing himself to feign!

“Mr. Chen is here, my words just now were abrupt and I was really rude, come! I’ll drink to Mr. Chen alone to make amends to you!”

While smiling, Zhang Lidong forcefully pushed his gla*s of wine in front of Chen Dong.

The movement was so great that it swirled the wine in the gla*s out of the cup and spilled it onto Chen Dong.

At the western table, there was an immediate uproar.

And after Chen Dong froze for two seconds, a smile resurfaced on his face, shook his head and apologised, “Sorry, Mr. Zhang, I have to go home to deal with many matters after attending the banquet later, so I cannot drink.”

A polite excuses.

Zhang Lidong, however, suddenly opened his eyes round and drunkenly chided, “Mr. Chen, my Zhang Lidong status has been put so humble, you …… you D*mn well, still don’t give me half face?”

The words were sharp and exploded like thunder.

The originally noisy and heated banquet hall, a lot of silence at once.

Astonished and shocked eyes fell directly on Chen Dong.

Zhang Lidong’s words were unbelievably vulgar and rude!

Even if they were drunken words, in the eyes of the crowd, they were definitely offensive to Chen Dong!

To give face, that was only if the two sides were not far apart!

Not to mention Chen Dong himself, even Zhuge Qing beside Chen Dong, he, Zhang Lidong, was not even worthy to carry Zhuge Qing’s shoes!

What’s more, the foul-mouthed words would have been a thunderbolt of rage if they had fallen on anyone present!

“Mr. Zhang, you’ve had too much to drink, please also ……”

The old man who had questioned Chen Dong earlier was now red in the face and got up to try to round up the situation.

The words were not finished.

In full view of everyone, Chen Dong exhaled heavily, then picked up his wine gla*s, stood up and clinked his gla*s with Zhang Lidong with a “clang” ……