Winner Takes All Chapter 1443-1444

Chapter 1443



Chen Dong and Zhuge Qing left Dingtai together and drove to the Four Seals Club.

As for the march over in the west of the city, Chen Dong had not paid any attention to it all day, even if Xiao Ma and the others were anxious and their bodies were cooking like oil because of this matter, he ignored it.

The march …… would be solved by someone!

What Chen Dong and Din Tai need to bear is the price of public opinion brought about by the march and the word-spewing news!

Public opinion is as fierce as a tiger, and can be thirsty, and Chen Dong has long been prepared to endure it.

On the road, the traffic was heavy and the neon lights were bright.

Inside the car, it was quiet.

Perhaps it felt a bit dull.

Zhuge Qing found a topic to break the existing atmosphere: “Brother Dong, going to the Four Seals Club, how come it is still related to your father-in-law and mother-in-law?”

“Don’t ask more questions, wait and see what happens.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose with a gloomy expression.

Since the Ocean Lidong Group and his father-in-law’s Qing Ying International had been in business competition for some time, in the end, his father-in-law had relied on the Chen family’s support to suppress Ocean Lidong.

Then Zhang Lidong’s sudden invitation tonight was definitely not ordinary!

Everything, we still have to get to the scene, before we can make a decision.

But the fact that his father-in-law and mother-in-law were nowhere to be found was always a sharp knife stuck in Chen Dong’s heart, and he was hoping that he would be able to spy a hint through tonight’s banquet.

The Four Seals Clubhouse.

The lights are on.

As the top local club, the high threshold is enough to sweep away a large group of middle cla*s clients.

Those who can enter the clubhouse are all among the powerful.

Tonight, however, the Four Seals Clubhouse was swarming with people.

It was not as private and secluded as it used to be.

The car park was also filled with luxury cars of all kinds.

There were gaily dressed people, led by the staff of the Four Seals Club, walking into the largest banquet hall of the Four Seals Club.

And inside the banquet hall.

It was also already full of guests, all red-faced and dressed to the nines, pushing and exchanging gla*ses and laughing with each other.

At such a banqueting level, eating has been thoroughly overshadowed by socialising.

The talk and laughter might just lead to the next business partnership.

In the crowd, a man past his prime, with white hair but a big back, short and chubby, wrapped tightly in a suit, is wandering between the tables and the crowd with his gla*s of wine.

Surrounding him are several sturdy bodyguards.

Everywhere the man went, he was greeted with laughter and pleasantries by the people at the tables.

“I’ve long heard of Mr Zhang from the Far East, but now I’ve finally met him in the flesh.

“Mr. Zhang is well known in the region, so I am grateful that you have invited us here today.”

“A toast to Mr. Zhang!”


The clamour for compliments was incessant.

Zhang Lidong was beaming and smiling from ear to ear.

With the table of people sharing a drink.

Zhang Lidong smiled and said, “Gentlemen, the winds and clouds have gathered in the southwest region of the domain, I have also heard about it, thank you for your kindness in attending my banquet, please wait for a moment, there is another VIP later on.”

The operation of Chen Dong and the Ding Sheng Consortium had pushed the entire southwest region into the limelight in a short period of time.

The giants of the world came to hear about it, and nowadays, in the entire southwest region, the most important thing that was not lacking was the giants’ family heads, the giants of power, and also the white gloves of some of the pontiffs.

In this banquet, Zhang Lidong’s wealth was barely in the middle of the pack.

However, this did not affect the fact that the people present at the banquet were “carrying each other in a palanquin”.

A distinguished guest?

When the guests at the next table heard this, they also turned their attention towards Zhang Lidong.

In this banquet, there were many VIPs, and those who were more wealthy than Zhang Lidong could not be counted on their hands.

A business tycoon like Zhang Lidong would not have said something like that, which would have been a disgrace to all the people present.

If he could say it, then he must be able to overpower everyone present!

With a smile on his face, Zhang Lidong continued to wander through the crowd of tables.

After exchanging smiles and pleasantries, he would drop the words that he had just said in favour of one person over another.

This made the curiosity of the powerful family heads and giants, as well as the white gloves present, intensify.

However, some of the powerful giants who were able to boast of their status and background were curious but at the same time a little discontented.

Face is important, and Zhang Lidong’s words were generous to one person, why should he make so many people in the room wait for one person?


Zhuge Qing drove into the Four Seals Clubhouse.

Seeing the car park full of luxury cars, Chen Dong frowned slightly, “The Four Seals Clubhouse is so busy tonight?”

As far as he could remember, the Four Seals Clubhouse was a private and secluded place all year round.

In itself, as the top local clubhouse, mystery was the essential key.

But the car park in front of him was anything but private and secluded!

After getting out of the car.

Zhuge Qing followed behind Chen Dong, and just as the two of them walked out of the car park, they were greeted by staff from the Four Seals Clubhouse.

“Mr. Chen, are you invited to the banquet tonight?”

All the staff members of the Four Seals Clubhouse knew Chen Dong, and at this moment, this staff member was incomparably respectful.


Chen Dong smiled and nodded his head.

The staff member bowed and said respectfully, “Tonight, the Four Seals Clubhouse has been chartered, and there is only one banquet, which is incredibly important, so I would also like to ask Mr. Chen to show his invitation card to take a look.”

An invitation?

The smile on Chen Dong’s face disappeared.

The Zhuge Qing behind him also looked huffy.

They …… did not have an invitation!

A mere telephone invitation!

But the staff of the Four Seals Club had no need to lie!

“Do all the other guests have invitations?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and looked at the staff member in front of him with a cold gaze.

The staff member’s body trembled a little, hearing the words in Chen Dong’s words, and for a moment, his body was a little chilled.

However, he still said, “Yes, there is.”


Chen Dong pulled the corner of his mouth and smiled bitterly, his eyes narrowing as a cold light flickered, “That’s really giving me face! How could Uncle Meng give him my contact information?”

If he hadn’t heard about Lord Meng, he would have refused in the first place.

After all, a telephone invitation, with Zhang Lidong’s status and background, he didn’t have the qualifications!

Tang is rude!

“Brother Dong, let’s go!”

Zhuge Qing said in a deep voice.

“Go? Why should we go?”

Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost, his back straightened, and he said coldly and sternly, “The visitor is a guest, someone who is the chairman of the board has called me over with a phone call, wouldn’t it be too rude if I just left at the door?”

The voice was cold and stern, with a chilling tone.

Zhuge Qing and the staff next to him all felt the piercing coldness emanating from Chen Dong.

“Lead the way in front!”

Chen Dong pointed at the staff member.

The staff member was terrified and led the way ahead.

And Chen Dong and Zhuge Qing followed closely behind.

At this very moment.

A Pa*sat sped up and creaked, stopping in front of Chen Dong and the three of them.

With the car window down, Lord Meng looked towards Chen Dong with a cold, stern face and a trifle of anxiety.

“Dong’er, you should not attend this banquet, the Hongmen Banquet!”

Chapter 1444

Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost, giving off an extremely depressing feeling.

Even as Lord Meng was speaking, he felt the oppression and could not help but frown in shock.

“Uncle, even if you’re here, you have to barge in even at the Hongmen Banquet!”

Chen Dong spoke like a cold frost and pulled the corner of his mouth halfway, “But Dong’er is curious, that Zhang Lidong is trusting your face for me to come, this matter ……”

Lord Meng’s expression changed and sulked, “I was shaded by him, he came to me with a guest list, I didn’t think much of it at the time, so I helped him out, but I didn’t expect ……”

There was a pause.

Lord Meng gritted his teeth and said, “I didn’t expect Zhang Lidong would be so rude to you, everyone else had invitations but you, I didn’t know what medicine he was selling in his gourd, but when I heard the news, I immediately rushed here, luckily I stopped you, I’m going to stop this banquet, that Zhang Lidong is harboring bad intentions, this banquet doesn’t need to be held anymore!”

“Uncle, there’s no need!”

Chen Dong called out to Lord Meng.

With a full house, outsiders did not know what was going on inside, and if Lord Meng let the banquet break up directly, it would definitely make the guests discontent, which was extremely unfavourable to Lord Meng.

Given the current situation in the southwest and the local area, it was only normal for a big shot like Zhang Lidong to ask Lord Meng for advice on the guest list, but Lord Meng had done it with good intentions, but Zhang Lidong had taken advantage of it with bad intentions.

Lord Meng revealed self-reproach: “It is uncle’s fault, Zhang Lidong organized this banquet and targeted you, it is already a poor figure, this Hongmen Banquet …… you should not be impetuous!”

Chen Dong laughed disdainfully.

Meeting Lord Meng’s gaze, he resoundingly said, “He Zhang Lidong is not King Chu, what qualifications does he have to set up a Hongmen Banquet against me, Chen Dong?”

The words were resounding and brutal.

Lord Meng’s expression was choked.

By the time he came back to his senses, Chen Dong and Zhuge Qing had already bypa*sed the car and headed to the banquet hall, led by the staff.

Lord Meng’s eyes shifted and he sighed in self-reproach.

After a moment’s hesitation, he said to the driver, “Go outside the banquet hall, this matter started because of me, and if it’s not good for Dong’er, it’s my turn to end this banquet.”


Inside the Four Seals Clubhouse, the lights were glorious.

As Chen Dong and Zhuge Qing followed the staff near the banquet hall, they could hear the noisy hubbub inside the banquet hall from afar, along with a few loud complaints.

“Mr. Zhang, which VIP is it that wants so many of us in the whole room to wait?”

“Everyone’s time is precious, is this a case of waiting for the gods to come down to earth?”

“Mr. Zhang, you’re the host of the banquet, it’s not a happy thing to make everyone wait like this!”


A touch of hostility surfaced in Chen Dong’s eyes.

“I’m afraid that even the time of the banquet has been deliberately delayed at my end, right?”

Zhuge Qing’s face was also extremely ugly.

He was the next head of the Zhuge Family, and for such a high level banquet, the precautions involved were clearer than anyone else.

Now, before Chen Dong had even arrived, Zhang Lidong had already used his time to drag Chen Dong’s image to an extremely unpleasant point.

Everyone was present and waiting, so why were you Chen Dong pretending to be a big wolf and coming late, making the whole room wait for you alone?

The resentment from this will all fall on Chen Dong once he enters the banquet hall!

“Mr. Chen ……”

Zhuge Qing wanted to dissuade him.

However, Chen Dong raised his hand and interrupted him, then with his hands in his trouser pockets, he strode into the banquet hall with a dragon’s stride.

In the banquet hall, it was not as warm and harmonious as it had been earlier.

Some people’s faces even showed their impatience.

At a banquet, no one would care about the normal late arrival.

After all, we all hold power in our hands, and it is normal to be delayed for a little while.

But to make everyone in the room wait quietly for one person, not to come and start the banquet, and to delay for a long time, this made people annoyed!

The first moment Chen Dong was exposed to the light.

The first time Chen Dong was exposed to the light, the eyes of the crowd almost subconsciously looked towards the entrance of the banquet hall.

All at once.

The crowd in the room had different expressions.

There was shock, there was consternation, there was residual anger ……

The crowd looked different.

Almost simultaneously.

Zhang Lidong in the crowd laughed as he pushed through the crowd and walked towards Chen Dong.

“Hahahahaha …… Gentlemen, gentlemen, I am proud to introduce to you, Mr. Chen Dong Chen, the most honored guest tonight!”

Laughter, echoed throughout the banquet hall.

Chen Dong’s gaze was cold and stern as he stared at Zhang Lidong.

The face that was full of red and piled with smiles made him feel a little sick to his stomach.

The Zhuge Qing, who was behind him, even scolded, “Smiling tiger!”

With Zhang Lidong’s introduction, the atmosphere in the banquet hall was extraordinarily strange.

Some sat calmly in their chairs, while others rose to clap their hands in welcome.

But the applause was sparse, but it was extremely awkward!

On the contrary, a whisper echoed.

“So it’s Chen Dong, I was just wondering who in the world had the face to make so many of us in the whole room wait for one person!”

“Tsk …… Chen Dong, huh …… the Chen family’s lost young family head, in the past, we would indeed have to wait for him, but now …… the southwest region is so short time he has played like this, simply a defeated son, a phoenix that has lost its feathers is worse than a chicken, he is worthy of making us wait?”

“The young family head of the Chen family, really is powerful enough! It’s indeed worth waiting for, but with these recent moves of his, it’s estimated that he’s not far from bankruptcy and liquidation, those people in the Chen family can treat him like a wild child, who will come to his rescue?”


The commentators were deliberately suppressing their voices, but the dense whispers converged together and still reached Chen Dong’s ears.



Chen Dong’s heart was filled with mixed feelings as his gaze swept across the entire room.

The faces, the piercing whispers, would they have been there before?

Eventually his gaze fell on Zhang Lidong, who had arrived close to the front.

Zhang Lidong was still smiling, but the corners of his eyes couldn’t help but wrinkle and droop, a flash of sarcasm pa*sing by.

But Chen Dong still caught it clearly!

“Mr. Chen, everyone is waiting for you, for you to come, it makes my face light up and makes this banquet hall shine!”

Zhang Lidong was full of smiles as he clasped his fist and arched his hand at Chen Dong.

“Oh? How much does your face light up? To what extent does the banquet hall shine?”

Chen Dong gave a teasing smile.

Zhang Lidong was caught off guard and the smile on his face instantly froze, not knowing how to reply to Chen Dong’s words.

“Mr. Zhang, you have a lot of face, to actually invite me to delegate my status and come to your banquet!”

Chen Dong sneered and took a step forward, his words were rampant, as he spoke, he raised his right hand and gently slapped Zhang Lidong’s face: “Are you happy that I came to your banquet? This is the glory of your ancestors, you shouldn’t just hold a banquet, you should go back and worship your ancestral grave, this is the residual shade your old ancestors gave you!”

This scene.

Falling into the eyes of the crowd, dumbfounded.

This kid …… has already fallen from the tiger and is still so rampant?

Zhang Lidong also did not expect Chen Dong to be overbearing and arrogant to such an extent, and the corners of his mouth could not help but twitch.

Chen Dong shook his head disdainfully, a smile spreading across his face as he swept past Zhang Lidong and walked towards the banquet hall.

As he walked, he smiled and cupped his fists.

“Sorry everyone, the company has a lot of business, so I am a little late and have disturbed your pleasure, please bear with me!”

Zhuge Qing gave Zhang Lidong a despised glance and followed Chen Dong in silence.

When both Chen Dong and Zhuge Qing stepped into the banquet hall.

The frozen Zhang Lidong still had his back to the banquet hall, facing the entrance of the banquet hall.

No one noticed that his eyes were cloudy to the extreme, and the smile on his face disappeared, his expression as gloomy as water and resentful as hell.