Winner Takes All Chapter 1441-1442

Chapter 1441

The company resumed normal operation.

Chen Dong also did not wait for Xiao Ma and the others, but walked calmly and freely towards the office.

Zhuge Qing hesitated for a moment and followed closely behind, but when he reached the door he spoke to Chen Dong and then stood alone at the door.

Long Lao looked deeply at Chen Dong, that calmness and ease was so calm that even his heart smacked his lips in shock.

“The young master has personally pushed himself into the limelight, and now he has personally pushed himself into the abyss, if …… he can really climb out of the abyss again this time, I am afraid that Xin Chen will be able to settle the matter in one battle!”

This was the thought in Elder Long’s mind.


As he watched Chen Dong’s back enter his office, his expression gradually became complicated, his eyes even brightened and fell into a trance.

“Elder Long ……”

Chu Reed sensed the difference in Elder Long and called out lightly.


Long Lao came back to his senses and smiled sarcastically, “In that moment just now, the old slave felt that the young master was standing in front of him, that back of the young master, how much he resembled the young master ……”

Chu Reed’s gaze flickered for a moment, looking up at the closed office door, her lips mouthing.

“It’s normal for Mr. Chen to be the same as the Chen family head.”

“Not the same.”

Elder Long smiled noncommittally, and as he smiled, his eyes reddened as he murmured, “He is much braver than the old master back then!”

He knew what Chen Dong was thinking.

As Chen Daolin’s family slave and the first person to come to Chen Dong’s side, his relationship with Chen Dong had long been that of both teacher and friend, and although he was not related by blood, he was more than related by blood.

He knew Chen Dong’s secrets!

He had been told that by Chen Dong himself!

It was too painful to part with him, but Chen Daolin had done it and protected Chen Dong’s mother and son.

Now what Chen Dong had done, he kept to himself, hiding it from everyone, but Long Lao knew very well that now Chen Dong had thrown himself into the limelight with one hand and plunged himself into the abyss with the other, seeking nothing more than what Chen Dong had cried to him about – the safety of mother and son!

Chen Dong had listened to him that night, so he had refused to make the break, and had been desperately guarding it.

It is good to make a breakaway, a thought of indifference, a thought of death, a word of breakaway, no more attachments.

But to refuse to do so, to be willing to put on armour, to gamble everything, to go forward even if one falls into the abyss, to guard the wife and children one wants to guard, such courage is even greater than that of Chen Daolin back then!

But now, Elder Long regretted it.

He regretted that he had advised Chen Dong to think twice, and if he had separated in time, how could Chen Dong be in armour and bruised now?

Severance was the optimal solution!

But not the most satisfactory solution.

“More courageous than the Chen family head?”

Chu Reed’s eyes were deep as she looked towards the closed office door, her gaze gradually moving to the gla*s window of the office.

She saw Chen Dong who was sitting alone in the office.

Chen Dong was sitting in front of his desk, his right hand holding a cigarette, the smoke still lingering in his mouth and nose, his brow furrowed, his whole person gave off a feeling of vicissitude and oppression.

What is even more piercing is the loneliness that comes over you ……

“Long Lao, why do I suddenly look at Mr. Chen and feel that he is very lonely!”

Chu Reed looked in a trance and blurted out.

“Lonely? It is lonely, he is carrying too much, it is heartbreaking, he is alone in front of the thorns and briers.”

Long Lao’s eyes were red with pain and heartache, “All he asks for is that he doesn’t want to become the person he hates the most!”

Chu Reed looked at Elder Long in confusion.

But Long Lao was pushing his wheelchair towards the office by himself.

At once, Chu Reed wanted to go forward to help.

Long Lao said in a deep voice, “Reed, you and Zhuge Qing wait outside first.”

Chu Reed immediately stopped walking, looking bewildered.

Zhuge Qing, who was at the door, also heard the same words and showed the same bewilderment.

Without knocking, Elder Long directly pushed open the door of the office.

Inside the office, Chen Dong did not react, his gaze vacant as he leaned back in his chair, seemingly in deep thought, and also seemingly in a daze.


Elder Long closed the door and then pulled up the curtains.

As the curtains fell, this office not only isolated the sound from outside, but also blocked the view from outside.

“Young master ……”

Long Lao’s red eyes were filled with tears, full of heartache.

“Elder Long, what’s wrong with you?”

Chen Dong turned back to his senses and looked at Elder Long.

Long Lao’s old eyes were filled with tears, “Is everything you’re doing now just to keep shedding?”

“Hm nah.”

Chen Dong cast a sidelong glance at the cigarette in his hand, hastily fanned the smoke with his left hand, then extinguished the cigarette and smiled spontaneously, “Sorry for making the smoke roll around the office.”

Elder Long shook his head, “You’re suddenly full of smoke and alcohol, but you don’t need to be so tired, it’s really not possible, Master’s method can be emulated!”


Chen Dong’s body trembled, lost his concentration for a moment, and smiled despondently and bitterly, “But do you know? How bitter a wife without a husband is, how helpless a child without a father is, I put everything together, even if I dig out my flesh and pluck out my heart and fall into the eighteenth level of hell, I don’t want my wife, my child, to go through some more of what my mother and I went through, that dark and lightless but gritting my teeth and running towards the light, it’s too miserable!”

“Young master ……”

Long Lao’s lips trembled as teardrops slipped from the corners of his eyes and ran down the vicissitudes of the furrows on his face.

Chen Dong’s eyes swished red, the indifferent calmness of a moment ago, now with Long Lao’s words, his defenses broke straight away, his five senses trembled and his breathing became rapid.

“Give me a chance, I must guard the small shadow and baby, I do not like to become my father, this bet won the new Chen up, the world returned, I also do not need to break off, lost the bet ……”

After a pause, Chen Dong leaned back in his chair, tilting his head and looking at the ceiling, tears sliding down the corners of his eyes: “For a man’s husband and a man’s father, I would rather die, begging her and the child to be rich and safe!”

The determination to die seemed to turn into substance.

While Long Lao was lost in a trance, he felt that Chen Dong’s words were like a thunderbolt, and his whole body was dumbfounded.

In the office, there was silence for a long time.

The emotions of Chen Dong and Elder Long that had suddenly broken their defences also gradually calmed down in the silence as time pa*sed.

Chen Dong and Elder Long looked at each other with a determined gaze.

“Let them in.”

Chen Dong smiled slightly, “It’s time to let them know about the news, so that Xiao Ma and the others can be mentally prepared.”

Only then did Elder Long open the door.

Chu Reed and Zhuge Qing were the first to walk into the office.

Following closely behind, Xiao Ma and a group of Dingtai’s middle and senior management also walked in.

“Brother Dong, everyone is doing something and all the projects are moving forward.”

Xiao Ma’s gaze was blazing, his whole person was very different from the depressed state he was in just now, “This time, Brother Dong will definitely be able to lead us to glory as he did before!”

The superstition bordered on paranoia, but as the words left his mouth, they drew a crowd of middle and senior staff to nod in agreement.

They were veteran employees who had ploughed through Dingtai step by step, and knew Chen Dong’s character and personality well, and their choice now was just the same as when Chen Dong had acquired Dingtai.


Chen Dong, however, gently clicked on the news on his computer about Dingtai being sprayed with blood and red paint in big letters on the front door of the building last night, then turned his computer screen to face the pony crowd and smiled sadly.

“I’m sorry, but this time things are far more serious than you all think ……!”

Chapter 1442

In the office, a pin drop could be heard.

The news was like a pot of cold water poured over the heads of Xiao Ma and the senior management of Dingtai.

The blood they had just stirred up was instantly chilled to the freezing point!

The march in the west of the city had not yet been resolved, and now the spray-painted words on the company’s entrance were made public in the form of news.

One thing led to another.

Is this the last straw to break the camel’s back?

Xiao Ma’s face was pale and hard to see, and he mouthed his lips and said, “Dong, Dong, is it too late for PR ……?”

Nowadays, if Chen Dong, Long Lao and Qin Xiao Qian are not present and involved, basically Xiao Ma is also in full charge of the Ding Tai.

Seeing and reading and relevant experience have long been different from the past.

Even though he knew the outcome, he still couldn’t help but ask.

Chen Dong smiled, “I let the release go out.”


The sound was like thunder, bombarding the whole room.

Xiao Ma and a group of Dingtai’s middle and senior management simultaneously went blank in their minds and their bodies trembled.

Brother Dong …… had personally concocted this news?

What was he up to?

Dingtai was already in deep water, and he was going to give himself another stab?

The atmosphere, suddenly frozen and depressing to the point of suffocation.

Xiao Ma and the senior management of Dingtai were looking at Chen Dong with dark and desperate eyes.

They are the old men of Dingtai and have followed Chen Dong time and time again to witness Chen Dong create miracles.

But this time …… was desperate!

More so than any other time in Din Tai!

“Dong, Brother Dong ……”

Xiao Ma’s emotions fluctuated so much that his voice trembled a little, rubbing his hands together and rubbing them incessantly, “I, I, can I, take the liberty to ask, you, what exactly are you going to do?”

In full view of the crowd.

Elder Long and Zhuge Qing and Chu Reed looked indifferent.

While Chen Dong slowly raised a finger, “One month, in one month, a miracle will happen!”

One month?

Xiao Ma and the group of middle and senior members were terrified and their minds went blank.

They had enough confidence in Chen Dong, and in their hearts, Chen Dong’s image was already regarded as a god.

But they, however, could not believe in him with the same devotion as Zhuge Qing.

More crucially, given the one-sided understanding that Xiao Ma and the others had of Chen Dong, could Chen Dong and Dingtai really hold out until a month later in this situation where the edifice was about to tumble and the waters were deep?

Knock, knock.

Chen Dong’s right knuckles gently tapped on the desktop, “All go down to work, the projects are all steadily moving forward, even if our Din Tai collapses, the plan for each project will be done as well as possible, so that there will be someone to take over at the back and save a lot of work.”

The uncertain words made Xiao Ma and the middle and senior management even more apprehensive.

But Chen Dong had already spoken to this point, so even if they were more apprehensive and frightened, they could only force themselves to suppress it and exit the office.

Inside the office.

Elder Long, Zhuge Qing and Chu Reed all looked towards Chen Dong.

Chu Reed said, “Two things in a row, the impact is extremely bad, and I am afraid that the consequences will soon become apparent.”

Chen Dong and their forces, auctioning land one after another, had pushed Chen Dong and Dingtai into the limelight and the world’s attention.

The land price and housing price of the entire southwest region, during the time they have been selling land, has had a tendency to cool down.

The fact that it did not completely burst into flames was also because the people were jealous of the strength of Chen Dong and the Ding Sheng Consortium and still had a slight chance.

But, now with the march that is happening and the news of the gates being spray-painted with words, I’m afraid the faltering land and property prices will not hold up at all!

That will be the darkest moment for Din Tai and their forces!

The words had just fallen.

Chen Dong’s mobile phone rang.

It was an unfamiliar number.

Chen Dong hesitated, but picked up the phone.

“Excuse me, is this Mr. Chen Dong?”

“Who is it?”

“I’m Zhang Lidong, the chairman of Ocean Lidong Group. I’m grateful to Lord Meng for getting Mr. Chen’s contact information. Can you invite Mr. Chen to the Four Seals Club tonight for a night banquet?”

Ocean Lidong Group?

Chen Dong was a bit puzzled, this name was unfamiliar to him.

However, hearing that it was Lord Meng who had pulled the strings, he had no reason to refuse.

“Good, I will definitely be there on time in the evening.”


Chen Dong hung up the phone.

“Young master, who is it?”

Elder Long inquired.

“Do any of you know about the Oceanic Lidong Group?”

Chen Dong flicked the phone and lowered his eyebrows, “Uncle Meng made a connection, and the chairman of this Oceanic Lidong Group invited me to the Four Seals Club tonight.”

“A phone invitation? That’s too abrupt!”

Zhuge Qing’s face sank as he sulked a little.

When luxury families invited each other, a telephone invitation was only one of them, the most important thing was that an invitation was needed, which would show the greatest respect to the person being invited.

What kind of sense was it to ask someone to go over for dinner with a phone call?

There were simply a few suspicions of contempt for Chen Dong!

“No matter, I am also looking at Uncle Meng’s face, since Uncle gave the contact information, I think I have a great relationship with Uncle, a phone call is enough, no need for prosperous red tape.”

Chen Dong was indifferent.

At this point.

Long Lao, who had been sullen and pondering over his memories, suddenly raised his head.

“Young master, old slave has remembered what this Oceanic Lidong is from!”

After a pause, Long Lao’s expression suddenly became odd: “This Ocean Ridong is not considered a domain enterprise, but specializes in overseas business, the company’s registered place is also overseas, in addition …… according to old slave’s understanding, this Ocean Ridong also and your father-in-law’s Qing Ying International, competition for a period of time, the final …… or because you and the young lady got together, your father-in-law knocked on the door of the Chen family, and only then did he overpower Sino-Ocean Lidong in terms of business.”


Hearing these two words, Chen Dong’s heart contracted and his complexion sank.

The news of his father-in-law and mother-in-law had been weighing on his mind for some time.

Now the appearance of Ocean Ridong made him unable to help but link it to his father-in-law and mother-in-law.

“This Sino-Oceanic Lidong, what’s the bottom line?”

Chen Dong asked with a sullen stare, rubbing his nose.

Elder Long smacked his lips, “It’s hard to say, it should be stronger than Qing Ying International, otherwise your father-in-law wouldn’t have knocked on the Chen family’s door several times back then, but the strength of both sides shouldn’t be too much different, otherwise the two wouldn’t have become a competitive stalemate.”

“More than ten billion dollars?”

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened, with his current wealth and the power of resources he could control, more than ten billion was really nothing.

He pondered for a moment.

Chen Dong said, “Zhuge Qing, accompany me to the Four Seals Club tonight and get to know this Zhang Lidong properly!”

There was some reluctance on Zhuge Qing’s face, but he still nodded his head.

Long Lao pondered for a moment and said, “Young master, old slave thinks it is better not to go, not that I underestimate that Zhang Lidong, but what happened today has too much influence on you and Dingtai, I am afraid it is a bit inappropriate for you to go to meet Zhang Lidong at night.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

Chen Dong smiled and shook his head, “I’m going to my banquet, whatever the flood, it’s not just about Uncle Meng’s face, it’s also about my father-in-law and mother-in-law.”