Winner Takes All Chapter 1427-1428

Chapter 1427

The courtyard.

Swords were drawn.

The air in this part of the world seemed to freeze as a result.

The middle-aged man’s eyes were filled with intolerance.

As a father, how could he not know what had caused Jiang Qilin’s present “dilemma”?

It was because he knew exactly what had happened that he could understand Jiang Qilin’s current situation.

However, his father’s determination made his heart twist like a knife.

His lips stuttered, and the middle-aged man was about to open his mouth to persuade him again.

A large hand fell silently onto his shoulder.

“Dad, grandpa is right to punish, if you do wrong, you have to endure it, and you should be punished.”

Jiang Qilin said with a gloomy expression.

The middle-aged man’s expression choked.

Punishment, definitely punishment!

For the Jiang family to become a lineage clan, the minimum of rewarding good and punishing evil was strictly adhered to.

But to expel Jiang Qilin from the Jiang family just because of this incident, this punishment was too heavy!

“Grandfather, I’m sorry, it was my grandson who did wrong.”

Jiang Qilin solemnly kowtowed to the Sixth Master of Jiang, and then he got up and walked out.

“Kirin’er ……”

The middle-aged man got up and was about to chase him out.

The sixth master of Jiang but directly one hand to stop, sternly said: “the fledgling eagle is big, should be thrown out to fly a little, you so protect him, is to harm him, he is the future of the Jiang family qilin, can experience out, he can fly higher!”

“Dad …… but Kirin simply doesn’t have the experience to live independently.”

The middle-aged man’s gaze burned as he uttered these words in an almost pleading tone, expecting to get the Sixth Master Jiang to change his mind back.

The Sixth Master Jiang’s gaze was askance, and his harsh eyes instantly made the middle-aged man’s throat tighten.

Followed closely.

The Sixth Master Jiang said, “If you don’t have life experience, then go and learn, go and suffer, go and fall for it, fall for it and you will have it, are you worried about him dying outside?”

The middle-aged man’s face turned red and he was speechless.

Jiang Qilin did not pack his bags, but left the Jiang house straight away.

He walked slowly, somewhat lost in thought, his gaze hollow.

He did not understand the human condition, but he understood right and wrong.

He had no complaints in his heart about the heavy punishment meted out to him by the Sixth Master Jiang.

But the dilemma before him was, where to go? What was he to experience? And what would he face?

Jiang Qilin rubbed his face, “How about …… going to see Mr. Chen again?”

As soon as the thought came to him, he shook his head again and discarded it, murmuring somewhat reproachfully, “Mr. Chen just kicked me back, and now that I’m going to see him, he’ll definitely not like me, so ……”


Jiang Qilin’s eyes lit up, “There, go to Kyoto to find the reed, I remember her saying that her family is in Kyoto.”

With a place to go, Jiang Qilin snapped his fingers in delight.


Tianmen Mountain Villa.


Chu Reed was sorting through the documents in the study when she suddenly sneezed, an inexplicable chill running through her body, making sweat hairs stand up.

“Reed, are you catching a cold?”

Chen Dong asked as he flipped through the documents.


Chu Reed shook his head, puzzled, “I don’t know what’s wrong, I suddenly have a bit of a bad feeling.”

“What’s not good?”

Chu Reed said blankly, “I don’t know either.”

At the side, Zhuge Qing inquired, “Say, after you sent Jiang Qilin away at noon, why did you run back to the house in a hurry, not even eating lunch?”

The moment the words left her mouth.

Chu Reed’s expression froze, and a blush quickly surfaced on her cheeks, spreading to the roots behind her ears.

Chen Dong and Elder Long simultaneously revealed a helpless expression as they looked towards Zhuge Qing.

“What’s wrong?” Zhuge Qing had a confused look on his face.

Chen Dong shrugged, “Zhuge Qing, it seems like you haven’t fallen in love yet, right?”

“How do you know?”

Zhuge Qing was astonished.

“No, you are very similar to that Tie Bean in Kunlun.”

Chen Dong looked down at the paper and said calmly.

“Where do I resemble Brother Kunlun?”

Zhuge Qing looked down at himself.

Long Lao deflated, “Do something, if you really want to ask, ask your sister Xiao Lu, she should tell you if she doesn’t beat you up.”

Zhuge Qing was about to continue to ask questions with a dumbfounded look on his face.

However, Chu Reed suddenly got up, her scarlet face sulking with anger, leaning forward aggressively and scolding Zhuge Qing, “Zhuge Qing, shut up!”

“What did I do?”

Zhuge Qing was at a loss for words and was about to argue, when suddenly his pupils tightened and his eyes went straight.

There was a pause.

Zhuge Qing took a deep breath and said, “Reed, it’s almost summer ha!”

Chu Reed: “???”

The next second.

Her delicate body trembled as she reacted with a jolt.

In this weather, she herself was dressed lightly, plus this forward leaning movement ……

“Zhuge Qing, you are shameless!”

Chu Reed’s body burned like fire, and dropping a rebuke, she turned and ran away in shame.

“I was pa*sive, so I’m to blame?”

Zhuge Qing looked at Chen Dong and Elder Long with an aggrieved look.

Chen Dong frowned.

Elder Long rolled his eyes, “If you saw it, then you saw it, why do you have to say it, it’s not good for bear kids to be too honest with girls!”

“Elder Long, you’ve become ugly recently.” Chen Dong said calmly as he flipped through the documents.

Long Lao smiled sarcastically, “Young master, you can just say that I talk too much.”

Then he lowered his head and continued to sort out the documents.

Everything just now was just a small incident.

As the three of them sorted out the documents, the study also reverted to calm, with only the rustling sound of flipping through the materials.

Time pa*sed.

In the blink of an eye, it was getting dark.

Chen Dong closed the last document and leaned back in his chair, eyes closed, pinching the bridge of his inflated nose: “The plan is already moving forward, next, it’s up to you few to sell out.”

Zhuge Qing nodded, “Don’t worry Mr. Chen, while you’re selling land at the Tianhua Auction House, several of our families are already preparing for it.”

“The more you guys act like it, the better it will be for the plans at the back.”

Chen Dong slowly opened his eyes and stared profoundly at the night sky outside the window, “Those people from the Chen Family should be betting heavily on the southwest region this time, preparing to completely strangle me, the wild child of the Chen Family, right?”

As he murmured, the side of Chen Dong’s mouth slowly turned upwards, revealing a bitterly ominous smile.

With the end of the auction at the Tianhua Auction House.

Public opinion was rapidly fermenting.

In particular, the result of Chen Dong’s decline in power also corresponded to the initial speculations of the people, which led to the ferment of public opinion raging wildly after this auction.

It was not just confined to the gentry and giants.

In just a few days, the voice of Chen Dong’s decline had spread throughout the south-western region.

The talk of the people after tea and dinner also revolved around Chen Dong.

The storm was sweeping.

Public opinion was rising in all directions.

Even the public opinion about Chen Dong, as it gathered momentum, was no longer confined to the matter of his decline in power.

All kinds of rumours about Chen Dong were spread one after another.

Insults, slander, curses ……

The southwestern region is full of curses.

And among the major giants and giants, with the end of the auction, the attitude towards Chen Dong was also quietly changing.

And all of this, Chen Dong faced frankly, and had no intention of clarifying the folk rumour storm.

A few days after the end of the auction.

He kept his company and his home in two places, as if what the outside world was talking about was not him at all!

On the seventh day of the land sale at Tianhua Auction House, another heavy bombshell pushed Chen Dong into a higher storm of public opinion.

“Zun Long Real Estate, insolvent, announces land sale!”

Chapter 1428

When the news was broadcast on the morning news, the whole South West region exploded with a bang!

Exclaims of shock and astonishment were heard from every household.

Together, they seemed to turn the whole of the South West region upside down.

For no other reason than that everyone knew that Zun Long Real Estate was Din Tai’s partner!

In the eyes of the people, it was also known that Zun Long Real Estate and Ding Tai had an extremely close partnership, and it was not too much to say that they were wearing the same trousers.

Of course, this is all that ordinary people know.

But it is enough to know this!

The fact that Zun Long Real Estate of Din Tai’s Chen Dong family is selling land right after Chen Dong is simply too strong!

“It’s over, it’s over, I’m afraid that Chen Dong is now completely finished!”

“Chen Dong sold his land in the first place, and in just seven days, Zun Long Real Estate has to sell its land even though it is insolvent, what has happened?”

“My God! The entire southwest region was still booming a month ago, the entire southwest region is led by Chen Dong and the Ding Sheng consortium to promote development, now Chen Dong’s financial situation has problems, then the southwest region …… must also be cool?”


The rumors and public opinion stormed the entire southwest region.

The major tycoons and giants have also become restless and anxious with the news of Zun Long Real Estate.

“What the hell is Chen Dong up to? Zun Long Real Estate is a business under him, one foot he sells his land and the next Zun Long Real Estate follows suit, is he really overwhelmed?”

“Family head, now even Chen Dong’s little brother has started selling land, I’m afraid that the development of the southwest region will be nullified, this time, should we follow or not?”

“Chen Dong is a punk, those old guys from the Chen family’s family head line have grabbed trillions of a*sets for him with all their hearts and souls, only to have them ruined like this? Sure enough, without Chen Daolin’s shelter, this wild B*****d is just a wild B*****d, what kind of bullSh*t Chen family young master!”

“In just a month’s time, how did Chen Dong end up in such a predicament, give me an investigation, investigate to the end!”


Compared to the private sector, the major magnates and giants among themselves, through their own intelligence forces, had a more thorough understanding of Chen Dong.

With the news of Zun Long Real Estate breaking out.

While the people speculated, there were also undercurrents among the major magnates and giants.

The hot money from all over the world, pouring into the southwest region, that was running towards Chen Dong and the Rothschild family to jointly promote development.

They, too, wanted a piece of the action!

But now, Chen Dong is in decline and has been selling off land, so if the project to promote the development of the southwest region eventually runs out of steam, then all the money they have poured in will be wasted!

However, Chen Dong has kept his land sales under wraps.

Only today, Zun Long Real Estate has told us the reason.

But Zun Long Real Estate was only a small enterprise under Chen Dong’s command, not a big head.

If it was just a blindfold, this wave of operation, the major powers couldn’t withstand the pressure and sold their land, wouldn’t it be another bargain for Chen Dong?

For a while, what haunted the major giants and giants was worry, suspicion and anxiety ……

The Chen family.

Chen Daocheng’s faction, at this moment several people clustered in front of the TV, their faces gloomy, their faces, all stunned and gloomy.

“What the hell does this wild B*****d want? Did Chen Daoye and the others really ooh and aah over the a*sets they got for him in the previous month?”

“One foot he sells his land, the next his little brother sells his land, if the southwest region really can’t be pushed, then all the money we’ve dropped will be wasted.”

“Should we continue to follow it now? In fact, the money we smashed in doesn’t matter to us, originally our purpose was to play this wild seed to death, but this wild seed suddenly without any warning rivers down, I always feel that there is something odd in it.”


When one of them began to suspect speculation, the noisy crowd, too, fell silent and fell into contemplation.

The intelligence agencies under their command were unable to investigate Chen Dong’s bizarre operation this time.

In this dark situation, Chen Daocheng was in an uncomfortable dilemma.

If they could really crush Chen Dong, then all would be happy.

But if there was fraud, and they were desperately betting heavily now, once they were flipped, then they would be in trouble!

“Brother Daocheng, what do you think?”

A Chen family ruler asked Chen Daocheng.

In their faction, it was Chen Daocheng who made the decision after all.

“Go with it! We’ll eat in as much as that wild B*****d Chen Dong sells!”

Chen Daocheng’s face was sullen, and a fierce aura appeared in his eyes, “Chen Daoling is missing, the Chen family is now at this point, we have no way back, if we don’t crush this B*****d, in case he rises or Chen Daoling returns safely, none of us will be able to eat well!”

As soon as the words were spoken, several people’s expressions clouded over, and a fierce aura flashed in their eyes.


Chen Daoling had disappeared and the Chen family had changed overnight.

They were the ones who started it all, and they were also the biggest beneficiaries.

If they couldn’t clear up everything as soon as possible, once Chen Daolin really returned safely, or if Chen Dong relied on his trillion dollar a*sets to rise, then they would be faced with settling scores after the fall!

Either they don’t do it, or if they do, they do it right!

“We want to crush that B*****d to death, but there are those in the Chen family who want that B*****d dead even more than we do!”

Chen Daocheng turned his words around and smiled bitterly, “Risk sharing, even if that wild B*****d Chen Dong has the ability to turn the tide, how much can we lose?”

Several people looked at each other and suddenly laughed.

They were afraid, but the one in the Buddha Hall was even more afraid!

One of them even raised an eyebrow and sneered, “If the old undead is really driven to desperation, I’m afraid he’ll have to go to desperate measures and make a direct move against Chen Dong and those around him, except that today’s Chen Dong, however, is long gone from the scribbling ordinary man he was back then, and the strength he showed at Chen Daoling’s big birthday is not that easy to kill anymore!”

“Whatever, the sky is falling anyway, there is the old undead to hold up first!”

Chen Daocheng sneered, “She really thinks that being the acting family head is something good, she is blinded by power as she is smothered by interests!”

The worries from earlier were swept away.

The crowd laughed uproariously.

With the announcement of the land sale by Zun Long Real Estate, the storm of public opinion was still gathering momentum and fermenting.

Another piece of news, once again like a nuclear bomb, crashed into the southwestern region with a bang.

“Local property tycoon Zhou Yanqiu has announced a land sale together with Zun Long Real Estate for reasons that are still unknown.”

The news was not revealed on the morning news, as was the case with Zun Long Real Estate.

Instead, it spread quietly in a calm, unobtrusive manner.

When this news appeared, everyone was silenced.

Doubt, trepidation, shock ……

All kinds of emotions pervaded the entire southwest region.

And at the Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Chen Dong sat calmly in front of the window, without sorrow or joy, gazing at the garden outside the window.


Gu Qingying’s voice rang out behind him, “Are you alright?”

Gu Qingying walked behind Chen Dong, wrapped her hands around Chen Dong’s neck and rested her chin on Chen Dong’s left shoulder.

“What can happen to me?”

Chen Dong turned his head sideways and gave a gentle smile.

“There are all the voices cursing you outside, I’m afraid you won’t be able to bear it.”

Gu Qingying’s eyes were a little red and her face was full of worry.

Chen Dong smiled, “Even if everyone in the world scolded me, having you is my greatest support!”

As he said this, he gently swept Gu Qingying into his arms, while his right hand gently dropped to Gu Qingying’s gradually bulging belly.

“And our child, for you and the child, this time I can turn my back on the world!”