Winner Takes All Chapter 1425-1426

Chapter 1425

Elder Long was stunned.

His bright eyes darkened and stared intently at Chen Dong.

For a long time.

He sighed softly, “Perhaps Young Master ……’s intuition is right.”


Chen Dong smiled noncommittally.

Just now, when Zhao Broshi was telling about his origin with Xu Qingfeng, he and the crowd had a different focus and had been staring closely at Zhao Broshi’s face.

When people lied, even if they told the lie as true as they could, there would be small details that would eventually come out.

Very subtle, but enough to catch!

However, he had no intention of dwelling on this matter with Elder Long.

No matter if it was Zhao Broke-Ru or Xu Qingfeng.

At least from the current situation, it was helping him, Chen Dong, and as for the future, that would be known when it came to that step.

At that very moment.

Chu Reed had returned.

As soon as she entered the villa, she lowered her head and hurriedly walked towards the upper floor.

“Reed, what’s wrong?”

Chen Dong sensed Chu Reed’s strange appearance.

“Ah? Ha…… nothing, nothing!”

Chu Reed looked up abruptly and responded in a flustered and confused manner, “Then, that Chen, Mr. Chen, I, I will go upstairs first to rest and take a rest.”

After saying that, he ran upstairs without looking back.

Chen Dong and Elder Long looked at each other with blank faces.

Long Lao rubbed his eyes, “Strange, is it my eyes, how come I saw the reed’s face red?”

“No blurry eyes, it was indeed red.”

Chen Dong smiled teasingly and rubbed his nose in confusion, “What did Jiang Qilin do to the reed just now?”

Even though it was just a mere glimpse.

But Chu reed’s face was oozing blood, Chen Dong was not so blind as to this extent.


The other side.

The airport on the outskirts of the city.

Jiang Qilin sat on the private plane, looking suspiciously at the sea of clouds churning outside the window and muttered.

“Why did she call me a rogue when I said I liked her?”

A scene from earlier came to mind.

Jiang Qilin, who was not fluent in human affairs, was puzzled.

He had clearly heard Chu Reed’s compliments and also expressed his good feelings for Chu Reed, and only good feelings, so why would Chu Reed suddenly call him a rogue and then turn around and run away.

Frowning and pondering for a long time, Jiang Qilin scratched his hair in annoyance.

“Gee …… it’s hard to be a human being! Why is she scolding me, isn’t it a normal thing for friends to like each other?”

It was hard to imagine that an adult in his prime would have this frustrated child’s scene at the moment.

Jiang Qilin leaned against the porthole in despair, frowning helplessly, “Grandpa asked me to come and befriend Mr. Chen, but I ended up annoying him, I don’t even know what happened, how am I going to explain to grandpa when I get home later?”

On his trip, Master Jiang intended to let him come out to see the world and make friends with Chen Dong in the process.

However, when he was close to home, the chicken and the egg flew away.

What was even more distressing for Jiang Qilin was that he was confused the whole time, not knowing what he had done wrong.

The thought of returning to the Jiang family and facing the image of his grandfather made Jiang Qilin’s head spin.


The Jiang family.


Sixth Master Jiang suddenly sneezed and looked around in dismay, “Strange, why does it feel weird?”

At that very moment.

A middle-aged man dressed in a Zhongshan suit walked into the courtyard.

The middle-aged man was about fifty years old, a little white at the temples, with his hair combed backwards into a big back haircut, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed gla*ses, giving him a sense of calmness and determination.

If one looked closely, one could still detect a few shades of Jiang Qilin in the contours of his features.

“Dad, what’s wrong?”

As soon as the middle-aged man entered, he noticed the strange appearance of Jiang Sixth Master.

“Alas …… people are getting old and useless, a little breeze and you have to sneeze.”

The Sixth Master Jiang shook his head and lamented, “Old, old, old, old… I’m afraid my days are numbered. ……”

The middle-aged man sat next to the sixth master Jiang and calmly said, “You have been saying this since the year the qilin was born, it has been thirty years since we said it, father and son, you should not talk about this.”


Master Jiang glared, “You son of a B*tch, can’t you hope for the best for your father?”

“I’m the son of a turtle, what are you?” The middle-aged man gave a sideways glance and a teasing smile.

Master Jiang’s face turned red and he cursed fiercely, “MMP!”

The middle-aged man laughed: “Dad, we’re family, so don’t talk about age, just your old body, with our family’s foundation, you’re heading for 200 years old.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Master Jiang’s expression suddenly became serious.

A strong sense of oppression came out between his eyebrows, instantly causing the middle-aged man’s face to change.

The middle-aged man hurriedly bowed his head and apologised, “Dad, it was my slip of the tongue!”

“When one reaches middle age, one has to learn to control one’s mouth.”

Master Jiang Liu said in a deep voice, “Misfortune comes out of your mouth, if you can’t control your mouth, misfortune will come.”

“Dad, I’ve been taught.”

The middle-aged man responded respectfully, not daring to argue.

“It’s just that, go and give Kirin’er a call and ask how it’s going with Chen Dong.”

Master Jiang Liu waved his hand and leaned back in his recliner, closing his eyes.

“Dad, I’ve actually been a bit confused, our Jiang family, compared to the Chen family, has been nothing compared to the Chen family, I can figure it out by befriending the Chen family, and I can figure it out by the Jiang family helping Chen Dong.”

The middle-aged man pushed his gla*ses on the bridge of his nose and frowned as he said in a deep voice, “But I can’t understand why the Jiang family would help Chen Dong to such an extent? The Jiang family, as a family clan, has been magnificent for a thousand years and has never fallen, and only enters the world to save people and support the world when the world is about to be in chaos, while this time, Chen Dong alone, let the Jiang family enter the world directly ……”

“Nowadays, this world, is not a time when the world is about to be in chaos?”

The sixth master Jiang’s eyes opened slightly as a slit.

The middle-aged man was stunned and smiled bitterly, “But what about before? The Jiang family entered the world for Chen Dong, not on the eve of the world’s chaos, but much earlier, when the world was in chaos after Chen Dong’s father’s birthday!”

The Sixth Master Jiang waved his hand, “Chen Dong is not enough, but Chen Daoling and Chen Daojun, are enough!”

The middle-aged man was still confused, “Please also ask Dad to clarify, the decision to enter the world for the Jiang family is not just your decision alone, but a decision made by the entire Jiang family through joint discussion.”

“Don’t ask, when it’s your turn to know, you will know.”

The Sixth Master Jiang closed his eyes again, “Go ask Qilin’er.”

The middle-aged man stared at Jiang Sixth Master for a few seconds, but in the end, he could only let out a helpless sigh and got up to leave.

Waiting until the middle-aged man walked out of the courtyard.

Only then did the Sixth Master Jiang slowly open his eyes, looking at the dazzling and blinding sun in the sky, and murmured in a low voice.

“Heaven and earth are unkind to treat all things as ruminants, and after a dog has been a dog for a long time, it naturally does not want to be a dog anymore …… Jiang family, it depends on this time!”

The words had just fallen.

The middle-aged man who had just left came running back with a face full of dismay.

“Dad, the qilin …… has returned!”


Caught off guard, Master Jiang Liu’s Qi energy leaked out of his body, directly shaking his robes with a popping sound.

He sat up with a start and said in a panic, “Kirin’er has returned so soon, what happened?”

Chapter 1426

“No, I don’t know, he’s already on his way back.”

A rare touch of panic surfaced on the middle-aged man’s stoic face.

This time, too fast!

One foot they were still watching the auction within the Tianhua Auction House, and not long after that, the man was back?

“There must be something going on!”

The Sixth Master Jiang’s brows were locked and his face darkened, “If it wasn’t for the fact that Qilin’er had done something wrong, with that brat Chen Dong’s heart, he would be having a drink with Qilin’er right now!”

Hearing Jiang Sixth Master say Jiang Qilin, the middle-aged man said with some revulsion, “Dad, Qilin hasn’t even returned yet, are you so sure that it must be Qilin’s fault?”

“Are you accusing me?”

Master Jiang Liu looked up suddenly and forced his eyes on the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man looked puzzled and hurriedly explained, “How dare I accuse Dad, but in this case, I think we should at least wait until Kirin comes home and we know what happened before we make a conclusion, Dad is being too arbitrary and unfair to Kirin.”

“Good, then let’s wait until Kirin comes back, and you can see if what old man said is right!”

The Sixth Master Jiang smiled bitterly, “That boy Chen Dong, you have not come into contact with him, his chest has a gulf, his belly has great ambition, regardless of his status, or helping Chen Dong within the Tianhua Auction House, Qilin’er is enough for Chen Dong to treat him as a VIP, coming back so early, there must be variables involved.”

A flash of resentment pa*sed through the middle-aged man’s eyes.

As a father, he did not like the idea of his son being judged in such a presumptuous manner.

It was his father, Jiang Qilin’s grandfather, who had presumed to judge Jiang Qilin, which left him speechless.

He waited for more than two hours.

Jiang Qilin finally pushed open the courtyard gate.

Seeing the Sixth Master Jiang and the middle-aged man in the courtyard, Jiang Qilin greeted them with a lost voice.

The middle-aged man hurriedly got up and said with concern, “Qilin, you were at Chen Dong’s house, what exactly happened?”

“Uh …… there was some minor accident.”

Jiang Qilin scratched his head, knowing that he couldn’t hide it, so he said bluntly, “I did something, but I thought it was nothing, but it just P*ssed off Mr. Chen, and then I saw that the scene was really awkward, so I took my leave and left.”

While speaking, his gaze dodged with fear as he peered at Master Jiang Liu’s reaction.

When the words came out, the middle-aged man’s expression froze.

Had father really got it right?

The Sixth Master Jiang was a little smug, the corners of his mouth curled up before asking Jiang Qilin, “Qilin’er, what exactly did you do at Chen Dong’s house?”

Jiang Qilin hesitated for a moment and slowly told the truth about what had happened at Chen’s house.


In the courtyard, silence fell.

Only the sound of Jiang Qilin’s narration echoed.

The sixth master Jiang looked bland and ancient.

The middle-aged man’s face, on the other hand, went from astonishment, to obscurity, to sulking.

When Jiang Qilin and the plate, he had been paying attention to Jiang Sixth Master’s expression, and when he saw that Jiang Sixth Master’s face was bland, without sadness or joy, he was relieved, but the doubts in his mind became even thicker.

What exactly had he …… done wrong?

On the contrary, he did not notice the face of his father who was close at hand.

Finally Jiang Qilin finished telling the whole story.


In the courtyard, silence could listen to a needle.

The middle-aged man stood beside Jiang Qilin, looking at the way Jiang Qilin lowered his head and scowled at the sixth master of Jiang, at once his anger could not come to a head, and a tendon bulged from his temple.

This …… is really my son?

How could he be so stupid and ignorant?

“Kirin’er, come here.”

The Sixth Master Jiang sat up straight and beckoned to Jiang Qilin.

“Grandpa ……”

Jiang Qilin was at a loss for words, but still slowly approached Master Jiang Liu.

When he stopped in front of the Sixth Master Jiang.

“Bend down.”

Sixth Master Jiang said calmly.

Jiang Qilin looked bewildered, but did not dare to disobey and slowly bent his waist.

This action brought his face right up to Master Jiang Liu’s face.

The next second.

Without warning.


Sixth Master Jiang blatantly slapped Jiang Qilin on the face.

It was powerful.

Jiang Qilin let out a miserable cry and stumbled, falling sideways to the ground, half of his face clearly visible red and swollen.

“Dad, why did you hit him so hard?”

The middle-aged man was startled and hurried forward, supporting Jiang Qilin, his eyes full of heartache.

Although he was annoyed with what Jiang Qilin had done, he knew exactly what Jiang Qilin meant to the Jiang family, and this slap to Jiang Qilin’s face also hit his heart.

“You ignorant, unruly, heaven-bound sinner!”

The sixth master of Jiang ignored the middle-aged man, but looked sullen and angry, and scolded at Jiang Qilin through gritted teeth, “Half of the world is unknown to you, you have spent these decades in seclusion, and you have never learned a single thing about the world with your family?”

“Dad …… Qilin is so focused on seclusion for the Jiang family that he rarely even spends time with you and me, and it makes sense that he would behave in those ways.”

The middle-aged man hurriedly persuaded Jiang Sixth Master.


“What did I really do wrong?”

Jiang Qilin covered the red and swollen half of his face, lost in a trance: “What is the human condition, after all?”

One sentence.

Instantly, the middle-aged man was rendered speechless.

The sixth master of Jiang was even more furious, and in a fit of rage, he kicked Jiang Qilin directly in the body.

The sudden scene scared Jiang Qilin into a scream, and the middle-aged man woke up with a start and hurriedly shielded Jiang Qilin behind him.

But that was all the middle-aged man could do!

He was not a man who could not distinguish between right and wrong. The things Jiang Qilin had said in his words were rude in everything, and it was simply more than normal for him to be driven back.

This matter, the fault was not Chen Dong’s, but Jiang Qilin’s!

On the contrary, Jiang Qilin was ignorant!

“Get out of the way, let me teach this sinner a good lesson, let me show him properly what it means to be humane!”

Master Jiang Liu got up indignantly and pointed at the middle-aged man, cursing.

“Dad, Kirin, he doesn’t understand, let’s teach him slowly, this matter is also our responsibility ah ……”

The middle-aged man wanted to plead for mercy.

But before he could finish his words, Jiang Qilin behind him suddenly said.

“Dad, let grandpa teach me a lesson, since it’s me who did wrong, then I should be punished, I also want to know what I did wrong.”

While saying this, Jiang Qilin also pushed his anxious father to the side.

Jiang Sixth Master looked down at Jiang Qilin on the ground, his eyes full of anger, as if he was a parched and angry lion.

“Jiang Qilin ah Jiang Qilin, you are closed stupid, I told you to befriend Chen Dong, you are good, you ran to Chen Dong’s house and towered over him, the formation competition is won and lost, why do you want to take someone’s life?”

“In your head, there is only winning and losing, you are really something, you are really the glory of our Jiang family! You’re really the glory of our Jiang family! You’ve taken this arrogance of yours in the Chen Dong family, and you’re so high and mighty!”

Words were hard to say, yet again, Jiang Liuxue was sorely disappointed.

The next second.

A look of determination and firmness appeared in the eyes of the Sixth Master Jiang.

He violently waved his right sleeve robe.

“Jiang Qilin, from now on, get out of the Jiang family, and you go to the red earth and the human world for old me to learn how to write the four words of human kindness and worldliness!”


The sound was like loud thunder.


Jiang Qilin looked up suddenly, his face full of fear.


The middle-aged man even jumped directly in front of the Sixth Master Jiang, kneeling on the ground and begging, “Think twice, Kirin doesn’t know what’s going on, I as a father can help him bear this matter, I’ll apologize to Chen Dong, but you expelling Kirin from the Jiang family, this, this punishment is too heavy!”


With a wave of his right hand, the Sixth Master Jiang directly swept away the middle-aged man’s hands and said in a cold and decisive manner.

“What my Jiang Family cultivates is a future Qilin, not a sinful one!”