Winner Takes All Chapter 1421-1422

Chapter 1421

The living room.

The atmosphere was morose.

As Gu Qing Ying toughened up, and Jiang Qilin offered to help.

Impermanence’s attitude had also tightened up a bit.

She was indeed desperate to pry information about the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng out of Zhao Breru’s mouth, but Gu Qingying and Jiang Qilin, still had to be scrupulous.

Zhao Brocu sat on his wheelchair in fear and anxiety, his face helpless, wishing he could slap himself twice.

Feeling the harsh and shadowy gaze of the changeless, his body sweat exploded.

Finally …… was it going to be impossible to hide it?

Time slowly pa*sed.

When Chen Dong and Zhuge Qing returned home, as soon as they walked through the door, they were startled for a moment by the silent and depressing atmosphere in the house.

Chen Dong swept his gaze to the living room and saw that everyone was there, so he and Zhuge Qing walked over together.


Gu Qingying, who looked cold and huffed with anger, was the first to see Chen Dong.

The moment she saw Chen Dong, the coldness and anger on her face disappeared and she once again turned into a little daughter posture.

A shout caused the crowd to glance sideways.

“Young master, you have finally returned!”

Long Lao let out a long breath, as if relieved.

Although there were Gu Qingying and Jiang Qilin suppressing Wu Chang, Long Lao knew clearly that in this family, it was Chen Dong who was in charge!

The wheelchair-bound Zhao Breru also breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Chen Dong expectantly.

Changeless, on the other hand, looked more and more gloomy.

Jiang Qilin looked a little complicated and wanted to greet him, but restrained himself when he thought of what had just happened.

He was ignorant of the ways of the world, but he was not stupid.

He felt Chen Dong’s furious killing intent clearly just now.

He did not know what he had done to provoke Chen Dong, but Chen Dong’s furious killing intent towards him just now was not at all false!

“What’s wrong?”

Chen Dong forced a smile and inquired, but his heart sank one by one, his gaze swept over Changeless and Zhao Broken, and he already had some speculations in his mind.

This meal today …… really can’t hide anything!

Even if he had the intention to help Zhao Breru conceal a little from Changeless, after all, this is Zhao Breru’s own secret, Zhao Breru has the right not to say, and Chen Dong has always respected Zhao Breru.

But now, with what was before them, something must have happened when they weren’t there before!

Enquiries were made at the same time.

Chen Dong and Zhuge Qing, however, walked towards Gu Qingying.

The standing positions of the various people in the living room were clear at a glance.

It was clear to Chen Dong that it must also have been Gu Qingying who had sat in the middle just now in order to stop Changeless.

“Zhuge Qing ……”

Jiang Qilin’s gaze flickered for a moment as he inquired about Zhuge Qing, “You, are you alright?”

Zhuge Qing smiled warmly, “Don’t worry, Mr. Jiang, I’m fine.”

The words just fell.

Chen Dong’s eyes swept a cold glance at Jiang Qilin, “Thanks to you, he is fine.”

Words, too, carried a cold intent.

This caused Gu Qingying, Elder Long and the others to look at each other with blank faces.

Just now, Chen Dong and the others did not know what had happened in the house.

Similarly, Gu Qingying and the others also did not know what had happened in the dense forest of formations in the back garden.

Jiang Qilin looked stunned and smiled a little awkwardly.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, settled down beside Gu Qingying: “Because of Xu Qingfeng?”

Gu Qingying nodded helplessly and swept his gaze over Zhao Broken and Impermanence.

Chen Dong twisted his head to look at Zhao Breru, and found that Zhao Breru was looking at himself with a supplicating look, and felt doubly helpless in his heart.

“Mr. Chen, this matter is something your eldest uncle and I have always wanted to know!”

Wu Chang took the lead in breaking the oppressive atmosphere in the room and said in a deep voice.

“Chen Daojun is just Chen Daojun, why do you want to point out this matter of him being my eldest uncle?”

Chen Dong’s eyebrows wrinkled for a moment, sulking resentment flickering in his eyes.

The obscurity of his childhood encounters was a memory that he had always refused to recall and did not dare to uncover.

From childhood to adulthood, he had gritted his teeth and lived as tough as a wild dog, marching towards the sunshine.

But now he is told that at least half of the darkness of his childhood was manipulated by Chen Daojun.

Granted, Chen Daojun manipulated it all for him to become stronger, for him to be the victor.

But he was ultimately disgusted by this private domination of his life!

Impermanence’s gaze froze and his lips mumbled, wanting to speak.

Following closely.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and asked, “Auntie Impermanence, I am actually curious about Xu Qingfeng and Zhao Breaking, but I am even more curious as to why both you and Chen Daojun are so desperately eager for Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng, can you tell me this reason first?”

“This ……”

Changeless looked up abruptly, his gaze brightening and wavering as he hesitated.

In the living room, the atmosphere became strange all of a sudden.

Even Elder Long and Fan Lu were filled with dismay.

Chu Reed and Zhuge Qing, on the other hand, looked slightly more bashful.

“Right! Old woman, why are you all one and all, so hungry to get information from my mouth?”

Zhao Breru’s eyes lit up, and in his opinion, Chen Dong’s enquiry was just like turning defence into attack.

You are curious, aren’t you?

Then I am curious about you too!

The changeless vicissitudes of his face were filled with hesitation, and a wrinkle trembled.


A voice broke the silence in the room.

“I know!”

Jiang Qilin smiled and said, “Changeless and Xu Qingfeng, you ……”

“Shut up!”

Impermanence’s body shook, his expression suddenly became fierce, and the fierce aura in his eyes instantly even seemed to turn into substance as he drove straight at Jiang Qilin!

The sudden rebuke.

The sudden rebuke caught Jiang Qilin off guard and he hastily swallowed his words, mumbling with a confused expression, “I’m wrong again?”

The room of people stared at Jiang Qilin with different eyes.

Chen Dong shook his head indifferently, this guy …… did have a bit of a pit in his brain!

At this very moment.

Zhuge Qing, who was sitting beside Chen Dong, suddenly asked, “Actually …… I am also curious about the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng!”

As he spoke, his gaze was deep and he looked askance at Zhao Breaking.

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes, the corners of his eyes twitched twice.

This kid Zhuge Qing, he had just had a few conversations in the car, why was he suddenly adding fuel to the fire at this time?

Subconsciously, Chen Dong placed his left hand behind Zhuge Qing’s back and tugged at his clothes, trying to stop him.

However, Zhuge Qing pulled the corner of his mouth, directly shifted a body position to the side and continued to pursue the question, “Zhao Breru, you were able to set up the complete Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts in the back garden, I’m very curious about you and the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng!”

At the end of the sentence, Zhuge Qing’s voice clearly cooled down.

And the eyes that looked at Zhao Broke-Ru became more and more stern, if eyes could kill, Zhuge Qing’s eyes might have stabbed Zhao Broke-Ru right through!

“Ugh ……”

Chen Dong sighed and rubbed his temples, his brain aching.

On the contrary, he was unable to treat Zhuge Qing the same way as he had countered Stop Impermanence.

After all, the purpose of Impermanence and Chen Daojun’s desire to know Xu Qingfeng’s news was still unclear.

But Zhuge Qing’s questioning was a real and justifiable one!

Stealing someone’s family foundation, and learning the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts and pa*sing it on, this would blow up in anyone’s face!

“The Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts was actually laid out by you?”

Jiang Qilin suddenly got up and walked quickly in front of Zhao Bailu, looking down from above with astonishment in his eyes.

Zhao Ru, who had already been pushed into a frenzy by Wu Chang and Zhuge Qing, was outright furious at the moment because of Jiang Qilin’s question and the astonished look in his eyes.

Zhao Ru tilted his head in anger and looked at Jiang Qilin angrily.

“I’m the one who set it up, so what? Who are you looking down on with that look?”

Chapter 1422

The sound of a rebuke echoed through the living room.

Jiang Qilin: “????”

Did I do something wrong again?

Feeling the anger burning in Zhao Breaking’s eyes, Jiang Qilin was once again caught up in self-doubt.

For a moment.

Jiang Qilin had an anxious feeling of being at a loss for words and having a cold mane on his back.

Chen Dong rubbed his temples and looked at Jiang Qilin with raised eyebrows, “Mr. Jiang, perhaps you should learn to put away your arrogance, come down from the clouds, and speak to people with the tone of a person, in this world, you are not the only one who is a genius, and you are not the only one who is excellent.”

The situation in front of him really annoyed Chen Dong.

On one side, there was Imperatorious raising his sword to force Zhao Breaking.

On the other side, Zhuge Qing was pursuing Zhao Broke-Ru with justification.

While Impermanence was easy to resolve, Zhuge Qing’s case was troublesome.

Add to that Jiang Qilin’s occasional proud gags, and sooner or later the situation is going to be stabbed in the back by this guy!

A little frustrated, Jiang Qilin scratched his head and faced Chen Dong awkwardly, “Mr. Chen is excellent too.”

Elder Long and the others’ faces all became a little complicated.

After all, Jiang Qilin was also an adult, and was more than just that old to be an adult.

The guttering, the degree of speech grasp, and the fact that he was now showing this child-like look of frustration really seemed diabolical!

“I wouldn’t dare to be excellent.”

Chen Dong smiled.

“Perhaps, I really did it wrong.”

Jiang Qilin lowered his head in frustration, hearing that something was wrong with Chen Dong’s words.

There was a second of silence.

Jiang Qilin raised his head and gave a hug to Chen Dong and the others, “Sorry everyone, perhaps Qilin has come and disturbed you all today, so I won’t eat the meal, Qilin will go back to the Jiang family first.”

“Mr. Jiang ……”

Elder Long opened his mouth and tried to relent.

“Elder Long, send off the guests.”

Chen Dong closed his eyes and waved his hand wearily.

He had thought that he had found someone of his own kind, but these operations of Jiang Qilin arriving at home really showed him some scalp.

“Young master ……”

Long Lao’s face changed greatly, but after seeing Chen Dong’s determined look, he hurriedly eyed Gu Qingying.

Gu Qingying reacted and took Chen Dong’s arm: “Husband, Mr. Jiang has come a long way from the Jiang family to pay a visit, we should treat him generously, we can’t lose Mr. Jiang’s kindness of traveling a long way and staying at our door.”

The words were very polite.

But the meaning was straight to the point.

Jiang’s family had come a long way to visit him as a guest, and this was clearly an intention to make friends.

Now Chen Dong was asking people to leave at the drop of a hat, and this was not just Jiang Qilin’s face, but the face of the magnificent Jiang family!


“It’s alright, I also hope that Mr. Jiang will properly consult the Sixth Master of Jiang when he returns to the Jiang Family on what exactly people …… should do!”

Chen Dong said in no good mood, ignoring Gu Qingying and Long Lao’s discouragement.

“Qilin will definitely ask for proper advice, farewell.”

Jiang Qilin looked gloomy, as if he was a child who had done something wrong, his eyes had dumb confusion and self-reproach and chagrin.

Looking at Jiang Qilin leaving.

Elder Long hurriedly signaled Chu Reed to see him off.

Wait until both of them had walked out of the villa.

Only then did Elder Long say anxiously, ”Young Master, what you’re doing is too irrational! The Jiang family came to visit you, at the Tianhua Auction House, and they helped you out, and you’re being too rude to kick them out straight away!”

At the end of his speech, Elder Long was so emotional that he had directly disregarded his respect and censured Chen Dong.

Chen Dong, however, did not say much, but looked at Zhuge Qing.

Zhuge Qing was also a little stunned by Chen Dong’s determination.

Sensing Chen Dong’s gaze, he squeezed out a helpless smile on his wounded face, “Mr. Chen, I really don’t care about what happened just now!”

“You could care less, but I couldn’t care less.”

Chen Dong said seriously, “He is a guest, a valuable guest, a Qilin auspicious to my Chen family, but before making friends, we have to make sure he is a person, we don’t talk too much, it is important to be able to communicate with people on an equal footing, this kind of genius lying in the sky, overlooking the smoke and mirrors on earth, I can’t make friends with Chen Dong, he doesn’t know human life and dignity and honor, what it really means, just like a fool! He is like a fool!

The words were sharp and harsh and unconcealed.

The crowd looked different, their eyes complicated.

Even Gu Qingying and Elder Long were speechless as they looked at each other.

Long Lao lamented, “Mr Jiang is indeed acting too eccentric, he should be at the age of maturity, but such a person is still childlike, his words and actions are all carefree and without consideration, and before this, the Sixth Master’s line of the Jiang family, aren’t they all extinct?”

“That would be something to ask the Sixth Master Jiang and Jiang Qilin’s father.”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders, “But ……”

Chen Dong’s eyes suddenly burst with a brilliant aura, and under the dismayed gazes of the crowd, he stood up in a puff of air and ran outside.

“Wait for me to come back, don’t even mess around!”

The crowd watched bewildered as Chen Dong ran out of the villa, and Chen Dong’s order was heard in their ears.

Outside the villa.

Chu Reed was about to send Jiang Qilin away.


“Jiang Qilin, wait a moment!”

Chen Dong’s shout came.

The frustration on Jiang Qilin’s face was swept away and he turned around with some surprise and said in astonishment, “Mr. Chen, you want to keep me for dinner?”

Chu Reed was a little bewildered.

Chen Dong ran over and did not hear Jiang Qilin’s startled eagerness.

He asked directly, “I want to ask you something, so you can leave afterwards.”

“No dinner, huh?”

Jiang Qilin reappeared frustrated, but still forced a smile, “Mr. Chen, if you have anything, just ask, Qilin knows everything!”

Chen Dong gave Jiang Qilin a profound up and down look, “Is the Jiang family also conducting a genetic modification programme? You, are the product of the Jiang Family’s genetic transformation, right?”

“Genetic modification?”

Jiang Qilin shook his head and narrowed his eyes, revealing contempt, “The Jiang Family does not need such means yet, and I am not a product of genetic modification.”

Not genetically modified?

Chen Dong was stunned and dumbfounded, his sweat hairs standing on end.

If it really wasn’t genetic modification, then Jiang Qilin’s talent was really like a god or a demon!

For the first time since he was a child, Chen Dong felt unattainable and insignificant towards people of his age!

Genius, perhaps …… is only used to describe someone like Jiang Qilin!

Compared to Jiang Qilin, someone like himself, who had gone through all sorts of misfortunes and forced genetic transformation to achieve what he had today, was as small as dust!

“In that case, you will indeed be able to boast of everyone.”

Chen Dong smiled, clasped his fist and bowed his hand, “I wish Mr. Jiang a safe journey, Chen Dong will not be seeing you off.”

After saying that, Chen Dong turned around and ran towards the villa.

Jiang Qilin stood in the same place, looking at Chen Dong’s return to the villa, and said dejectedly, “You really won’t stay for dinner?”

When Chu Reed saw Jiang Qilin’s appearance, he couldn’t hold back a “pfft” laugh.

“What are you laughing at?”

Jiang Qilin looked at Chu Reed in confusion.

Chu reed laughing back and forth, left hand covering his stomach, tears are almost out, swinging his right hand to explain: “Haha …… I, I did not expect …… hahaha… . the titled young master of the Jiang family, to be nagging about a meal, hahaha …… Mr. Jiang, you are too cute too.”


Jiang Qilin’s eyes lit up with brilliance and he suddenly grabbed Chu Reed’s waving right hand, “You, are you complimenting me? Thank you!”

Chu Reed: “????”

She, suddenly, couldn’t stop laughing!