Winner Takes All Chapter 1411-1412

Chapter 1411

Chen Dao Ye stared at the contents of his mobile phone message in a daze.

A few people around him noticed the difference and came to gaze at it.

“Brother Dao Ye, what’s wrong?”

One of them asked.

Chen Daoye smiled faintly, “Nothing.”


Several people looked at each other and stopped asking questions, continuing to pay attention to the auction of the first piece in the video.

As soon as the auction started.

As soon as the auction started, the price of the land was rocketing upwards.

Even these few people, watching what was happening in the video, could not help but focus on the solemnity, and their hearts were also a little excited.

How high would the price of this piece of land …… go?

The video is also a good example of the kind of thing you can expect to see.

Chen Dao Ye, however, calmly sent a message.

Waiting for a few seconds.

“Wait, Brother Dao Ye, we have white gloves ……”

Suddenly, one person pointed at the screen in shock, “He, he doesn’t have our orders, how, how did he suddenly bid?”

While exclaiming in shock.

The rest of the people’s faces sulked.

The White Glove was sent by them to the auction house, and in their opinion, was nothing more than an eye, a puppet for this auction.

What the hell did they call a white glove when they bid directly without orders?

“I called it.”

Chen Daoye smiled oddly, “It’s his own nephew after all, no matter what, this core plot of land of his, we have to keep it for him at any cost, it can’t fall into the hands of others.”

Several people looked at each other with disbelief.

However, Chen Dao Ye’s words made them unable to refute.

They were all from the family head’s faction, and now that Chen Daoling had disappeared, they were already somewhat weak within the Chen family.

As the family head’s faction, if they could not even protect the young family head, then what was the difference between this faction and existing in name only?

It would be stepped on by the other factions to Sh*t and P*ss on their heads.

“Chen Daocheng and the others will definitely let the white gloves auction this piece of land too!”

Chen Daoye rubbed his chin, pondering.


Jiang Family.

The pavilions and pavilions have an ancient charm.

In front of the rockery pond, Jiang Han’er sat bored on the stone, scattering the fish material in her hand into the pond little by little, causing the koi to flock and toss on the water surface.


A voice rang out behind him.

“Sixth grandfather, I haven’t left the Jiang family, no need to break my legs.”

Jiang Han’er said with some resentment.

Sixth Grandpa Jiang smiled as he walked over to Jiang Han’er and handed the phone to her.

“Can you see where this is?”

Jiang Han’er casually scanned through the video, “Auction chant.”

Just as she was about to move her gaze away.

Sixth Master Jiang smiled faintly, “Take a closer look?”

Jiang Han’er was a little impatient, but her afterglow still instinctively glanced at the content of the video.


A face in the video was imprinted into the eyes.

There was a loud bang!

Jiang Han’er was struck by lightning and her torso trembled.

In shock, she even raised her jade hand in disbelief and covered her red lips.

“Him, how come he’s haggard and exhausted like this? Is he really the Chen Dong I know?”

The Chen Dong in the video was a far cry from the Chen Dong in her mind.

Even if it wasn’t for Master Jiang Liu reminding her to take an extra look just now, she wouldn’t have even been able to catch Chen Dong’s face and then correspond it to the one in her memory.

“Heartbroken? He already has a wife.”

The Sixth Master Jiang smiled teasingly, “Just die of this heart, Chen Dong is different from everyone else.”

At the end of his sentence, Sixth Master Jiang’s gaze deepened, with a vague flash of a different colour.

“Then why did you make a point of showing it to me?”

Jiang Han’er snapped, but her eyes never left the video.

Sixth Grandfather Jiang settled onto the stone and sat cross-legged with Jiang Han’er, holding the phone in his left hand and smiling.

“I’ll let you accompany Sixth Grandpa to watch the wind and clouds rise.”

“The wind and clouds rise?”

Jiang Han’er’s beautiful eyes were filled with confusion as she looked at Chen Dong in the video, her heart aching.

Chen Dong was already like this, what other wind and clouds were rising?

“Just wait and see, this kid was trained by Chen Daoling and Chen Daogun together, there is no way he would be this weak and decrepit.”

Jiang Sixth Master’s gaze burned as he smiled austere.


Tianhua Auction Hall.

Mountain and Sea Hall.

As the people present raised their cards again and again, Lord Meng on the auction stage shouted out the price again and again.

The atmosphere in the room was pushed to a fever pitch by just the first plot of land to be auctioned.

Soon, the bidding went into a fever pitch.

As the bids got higher and higher, the voices ringing out in the arena thinned out, and the intervals became longer and longer.

But each time Lord Meng on the auction stage shouted out a price, it would draw a series of shouts of surprise from the whole room.

“Five hundred and eighty million!”

On the auction stage, Lord Meng shouted the price again.


The sudden shouts of shock within the vast Mountain and Sea Hall were deafening.

“A heavenly price! This is definitely a sky-high price!”

“Impossible, the value of this piece of land will only be a maximum of 500 million if projected into the future, and it will have to be left for a long time before it reaches this price!”

“But if Yike and the Dingsheng Consortium can really push the southwest region up soon, I’m afraid this piece of land will be worth more than five hundred million, right?”


After the exclaiming, the crowd present also speculated.

Those who could enter the auction arena were not reckless flunkies.

When the price of the land reached a threshold, they began to consider whether they should continue or not.

One of the keys around which this revolves is whether Chen Dong and Rothschild can drive this behemoth of a Southwest region in a short period of time!

In other words, it was a bet on Chen Dong and Rothschild’s determination!

At this moment, even Lord Meng on the auction stage had curbed his smile and swept a stony glance at Chen Dong below.

From the beginning to the end, Chen Dong had always kept his hands folded and propped up his chin, as if he had settled down, indifferent to everything around him.

“This kid …… can really sit still!”

Lord Meng’s brows knitted together as his gaze shifted down to the manuscript in his hand.

On it, not only was there information on every piece of land, but there were even more fallen words that he needed to pinpoint and say!

As he stood on it, he had the feeling of being a puppet of Chen Dong.

This caused resentment to knot across his heart.

After taking a deep breath, Lord Meng raised his eyes to look at the entire audience.

At this moment, the shouting and chattering had not yet receded.


“Six hundred million!”

Lord Meng’s voice, like rolling thunder, exploded across the room.


The outcry of shock rose to the sky, as if it was going to lift the roof of the Mountain and Sea Hall out of the sky.


Followed closely by.

“One billion!”

Lord Meng’s eyes widened in horror as he shouted his bid again.


The entire room was dead silent.

The shouts that had just sounded in shock seemed to have suddenly been pressed with a muffled button.

Even the crowd in the room was in shock.

The atmosphere seemed to have frozen completely.

Lord Meng slowly shouted, “One billion for the first time!”

The whole room was dead silent, and no one raised their bid.

Lord Meng continued to shout, “One billion dollars for the second time!”

The whole room could hear a pin drop.

And Chen Dong, who was like a statue, could not help but narrow his eyes at this moment, the corners of his eyes twitching gently, and his eyes were even more severe to the extreme.

“The first auction is priced, success or failure is at stake!”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind, and quietly, beads of sweat even seeped out from the corners of his temples.

He was not the least bit curious as to who the “one billion” bidder would be, as the message he had sent to Chen Dao Ye was for his white gloves to raise the price at all costs.

It was about the auction bidding later on!

With a land price of one billion, even if the plots at the back don’t fetch a billion, with a billion for the finale, those plots won’t be too far from a billion.

This was his Ding Tai Company’s privately owned land auction, which was very different from the domain owned land auction.


“One billion for the third time!”

When Lord Meng’s voice rang out for the third time.

Chen Dong instantly let out a sigh of relief.


The sound of the falling hammer exploded like thunder in the Mountain and Sea Hall.

No one dared to follow the hammer once it was set!


Inside the Tianhua Auction House.

The auction was held in full swing.

In the Chen family, however, there was a different scene because of the sky-high price of the first plot of land.

Inside Chen Daocheng’s mansion.

The atmosphere was oppressively frozen.

The faces of Chen Daocheng and the others were as black as carbon as they stared deadly at the screen.

The $600 million bid just now was shouted by the white gloves of their faction.

When they all thought they had the winning bid in hand, a billion dollar bid would come out of nowhere!


Suddenly, one man shot up in anger, saying, “Crazy! That piece of land is not worth a billion at all, no matter the volume or the future appreciation potential, this billion is clearly a deliberate F**king mess!”

A few people came back to their senses.

Chen Daocheng closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair, slowly pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Want to compare money with …… our Chen family?”

The words were soft, but they carried a chill that sent chills down one’s spine.

“Brother Dao Cheng, are you deciding to fight him to the end?”

“The first plot of land has already been auctioned at such an impossible sky-high price, there’s no telling how many people are mixed up in that Shanhai Hall and causing trouble!”

“D*mn …… a bunch of crazy dogs, auctioning a billion for that scumbag, must be a bit sick in the head!”

Several people complained.


Chen Daocheng frowned, a little impatient: “have decided to crush that wild B*****d, then continue to play!”

On the other side.

Chen Daoye’s tightly furrowed brow finally relaxed.

“Luckily, I helped Dong’er hold this piece of land!”

Shock still lingered on the faces of the remaining few, and one even raised his hand to wipe the sweat stains from his temples.

They knew that the land was not worth one billion, but in order to help Chen Dong, they had to shout out a heavenly price of one billion and settle the deal.

A mere one billion was nothing to them.

However, the auction process just now still made several people’s hearts jump.

“The one who called for six hundred million should be Chen Daocheng and his gang’s white glove, I have a slight impression of that person, I guess they are already arguing over there now.”

Someone said with a sigh.

Chen Daoye shrugged, “The old lady should be making her move soon too, I just don’t know if she’s coming down personally or if she’s borrowing the Gu family’s hand ……”

Inside the Tianhua Auction House.

The Mountain and Sea Hall was filled with the sound of people.

Lord Meng stood on the auction stage, his gaze like a torch sweeping the whole room as he shouted out the bids again and again.

While Chen Dong, who was sitting under the auction stage, still maintained his posture with his hands folded and propped on his knees, looking exhausted and barely able to support himself.

However, the boulder hanging in his heart had already fallen.

With the price of the first lot as a standard, he could already estimate the price of the next nine lots.

This first step had been taken!

In fact, the subsequent auctions for the subsequent plots of land were indeed as Chen Dong had expected, and although they did not fetch sky-high prices again, after a fierce battle between the major powers, the final hammer was also a cut above the value of the plots of land themselves.


It was time for the final piece of land to be auctioned.

When Lord Meng gestured for everyone to look at the screen behind him.

The whole room was once again in an uproar.

“This piece of land …… is in the next area? Chen Dong he has really put in his money for today!”

“Taking out such land for auction, whoever told me that Chen Dong hadn’t encountered something, I wouldn’t believe it!”

“Alas …… the dragon swims in the shallows, the tiger falls into the flat sun, the number one of the young generation, but now he is in such a situation ……”


Amidst the noise and bustle.

No sooner had Lord Meng announced the start of the auction.

Suddenly, in the crowd, a man rose up.

This man stood up and looked out of place with the crowd of people sitting around him, instantly attracting a lot of attention.

In full view of the crowd.

This man slowly spoke, “Gentlemen, I want this piece of land, I want it, don’t fight with me, you can’t fight with me, and I am not talking about anyone, but everyone here!”

He was overbearing and rampant, brutal and unreasonable.

With a single word, the whole room was instantly enraged.

Dao’s compelling gaze was instantly locked onto this man.

And Chen Dong also turned back, looking at the man with astonishment and curiosity.

He had thought he had been mad enough all the way here, but today he had met a rival!

Under the light.

The man was standing tall, dressed in a suit, probably around thirty years old, but his eyebrows were arrogant, and what attracted the most attention was a red mole in the middle of his eyebrow.

Even though all the people in the room were giants and giants of the world.

But the man stood there, looking askance and arrogant, as if he still did not care to look at the crowd.

“Who are you? How dare you get up and bark on such an occasion?”

Within the auction hall, someone immediately chided in a stern voice.

This rebuke was like water being poured into a boiling pot of oil, causing the whole room to instantly explode.

“Where did this dog or cat come from to run wild on such an occasion?”

“What an arrogant tone! There is a foolish person in this auction house today, who dares to say such wild things!”

“You don’t have to take a look at yourself, you’re so young, you’re a white glove, and you can be so arrogant? Get out!”


The crowd was outraged and the scene was in chaos.

The people who came to the auction today were either the heads of powerful families and giants themselves, or white gloves sent by the world’s powers, all of whom were high and mighty.

Who could bear to be humiliated like this at this moment?

Even Chen Dong’s brow was knitted tightly at this moment.

This was not the situation he wanted!

Luckily, Lord Meng spoke up in time.

“Calm down, all of you, it is beneath your dignity to make such a ruckus on such an occasion!”

“Lord Meng, we’ll give you all the face you want, but right now …… this kid must get out!”

Among the crowd, someone shouted.

Lord Meng looked at Chen Dong with difficulty.

Feeling Lord Meng’s gaze, Chen Dong turned back to meet his gaze and was also in a bit of a dilemma.

He did not want the situation to turn out like this, but he was clear.

There were no fools attending the auction today, and the man who had suddenly risen up and uttered such wild words must have something to stand on, so if he rushed to drive him away, he was afraid that he would leave a root of trouble.

“Gentlemen, do you think I am not worthy to say this?”

The man stood tall, his face full of disdain at the crowd’s anger: “Then you can say what qualifications you have to drive me away?”


“Chen Dong! Today everyone is here to support you, you are the young family head of the Chen family, with the presence of such a mad dog, won’t you say something?”

Suddenly, a middle-aged man shot up, but he aimed his gun directly at Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s heart and soul were lifted.

Coming so suddenly?

It was an opportunity!

Immediately, he squeezed out a bitter smile and said hesitantly, with trepidation, “Sorry, the visitor is a guest, my humble servant is too weak to expel the guest.”

As soon as the words were spoken, the faces and eyes of the audience became complex and varied.

The young master of the Chen family, a man of few words?

In the eyes of the crowd, Chen Dong’s mannerisms and words were clearly the decadent frailty of a declining river and a falling building, which coincided with the speculations of the crowd at today’s auction!

Has the former young master of the Chen family fallen to this level of decadence?

For a while, people’s hearts were in turmoil and their minds were divided.

The man with the red mole on his brow, however, directed his words at the man who had scolded Chen Dong.

“Your Excellency was able to call out a price of 600 million on the first lot just now, so you must be from an extraordinary background, right? Why don’t you tell me, so that I can stomp on you properly?”