Winner Takes All Chapter 1407-1408

Chapter 1407

January builds momentum.

The south-western region of the domain was brought to the attention of the world.

Countless forces have flocked to the southwestern region, both explicitly and implicitly.

Chen Dong, the man who started it all, became the banner of interest for the world’s forces.

With the news that “Dingtai Group will auction ten pieces of land”, the forces gathered in the southwest region were all confused.

What the hell is Chen Dong …… up to?

It’s only been a month since he grabbed the land with great fanfare, and he’s going to auction off ten pieces of land in public?

Doubt, shock, anxiety ……

The main forces at the helm of the company have been thinking differently for a while, and they are all speculating about Chen Dong’s intentions.

When the details of the ten plots of land Chen Dong wanted to auction were presented to the desks of the major powers, everyone was frozen.

The ten plots of land were all located in areas where there was a lot of gold.

How could this be put up for auction?

Even if they were at the helm of these powers, they would never auction off these extremely valuable plots of land unless they had to.

Even if they were to auction them off, they would still choose the “corners”.

What’s more, it’s no secret that Dingtai has been grabbing a lot of land over the past month.

It’s not that Chen Dong didn’t have a choice, the whole 130 plots of land, would he not be able to pick out the “corners”?

As the news spread and fermented, even among the people, public opinion was aroused.

The gossips were all over the place, and Chen Dong and the Dingtai Group were immediately thrust into the limelight.

Even the ordinary people could not stop talking about Chen Dong and the Dingtai Group after tea and dinner.

In the year or so since Chen Dong changed his fortune against the odds, he has rocketed up in the local community. To this day, Chen Dong’s name is like a god in the eyes of the local people, and his every move is watched by the people.

“Oh my! What has happened to Din Tai and Mr Chen? Before, they were still in the heat of the battle to get land, why are they suddenly auctioning land out again?”

“Ten pieces of land, each one of them is within the planning area of Yike and Dingtai Consortium, with endless future potential value, so it couldn’t be that Chen Dong has encountered something and has no choice but to auction them off, right?”

“I reckon so, we ordinary people know the inestimable value of those ten pieces of land, would Mr. Chen not know? If he hadn’t run into something and was in desperate need of funds to fill the hole, how would he have just auctioned off such an important plot of land?”


The Chen family.

Chen Daocheng’s few people gathered around with a sad frown.

What was laid out in front of the group was clearly the intelligence information on Chen Dong’s announcement of the auction of ten plots of land.

“Gentlemen, what exactly is this wild B*****d playing at?”

Chen Daocheng’s brows tightened and his gaze swept deeply over the few people in front of him.

Their faction, after deciding to increase their presence in the southwest region and besiege Chen Dong, had also grabbed quite a lot of land in the southwest region in the past month.

Even Chen Daocheng, a business tycoon, had been caught off guard and confused by Chen Dong’s sudden land auction.

“I’m ashamed, this time it’s really a bit hard to understand, even if the land is sold, the value of these ten pieces of land is not low at all!”

“Could it be that it’s really the same as the folk rumours mentioned in the intelligence materials, that this wild B*****d is in trouble and urgently needs a lot of money, to turn around?”

“I think it’s possible, after all, this kid snatched one hundred and thirty pieces of land in the southwest region in a month’s time in the wind, the value of which is huge, but the trillions of a*sets that Chen Dao Ye and the others snatched for the wild seed, I’m afraid it’s not enough to bear, after all, those trillions of a*sets are a*sets, not cash flow!”

Several people were discussing among themselves, but their views were gradually leaning towards the folk rumours.

After all, that possibility aside, even they couldn’t think of any other reason for Chen Dong, at this moment in time, to sell land with such fanfare!

Knock, knock, knock.

As Chen Daocheng listened to the crowd’s discussion, he somewhat impatiently knocked on the table with his hand, his tone icy as he rebuked.

“If even folk rumours can be taken seriously, then have our decades of shopping mall experience been played for nothing?”

Several people’s faces instantly became a little embarra*sed and ugly.

Chen Daocheng turned a blind eye to their faces and asked coldly, “Let’s not worry about the medicine in that B*****d’s gourd, but let’s talk about these ten plots of land.

When the words came out, several people looked at each other, and it was difficult to decide for a while.

There was a five-second silence.

Only then did one man say, “Let’s take it, we’ve already decided to surround that B*****d, and the value of these plots he’s thrown out is worth taking.”

“But what if it’s a trap?”

One man looked worried, “If we do take it, I’m afraid we’ll be trapped!”

“If we don’t take it, someone else will.”

Chen Daocheng suddenly spoke up, a cold glint in his eyes, “I don’t believe that we can still be overturned by this wild B*****d.

With Chen Daocheng’s decision, the crowd stopped speculating and nodded their heads in agreement.

On the other side.

“Mom, that wild B*****d Chen Dong is suddenly going to auction off the land!”

Chen Daoping walked into the room in a hurry, holding the intelligence information.

Old Mrs. Chen was lying on her bed, her eyes closed, when she heard the news, she sat up with a start.

“That wild B*****d has been in the southwestern region for the past month, in a blaze of glory, so powerful, why has he suddenly started selling his land?”

“Not sure, but the folk rumours seem to lean towards that wild seed being in trouble and having no choice but to sell land to return funds to fill the hole.”

Chen Daoping said speculatively.


Old Mrs. Chen raised her eyebrows and said in a stern voice, “The biggest trouble that wild B*****d is in is us people, there must be a fraud in it!”

A stern shout scared Chen Daoping.

Old Mrs. Chen followed up by asking, “What about the movements of the two factions, Chen Daocheng and Chen Daoye?”

“Things are quiet on Chen Daoye’s side.”

Chen Daoping reported back, “On Chen Daocheng’s side, he should be going out to ground, I keep a close eye on his side at all times, I think a few people have made a decision.”


Old Mrs. Chen pondered for a moment and smiled playfully, “Then we will stay put and sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight, he Chen Daocheng is powerful, then let him and that wild B*****d be powerful, a dog bites a dog, we will wait until that wild B*****d’s plan is exhausted, then we will make our move!”



With the news of the land auction, all the forces secretly made their decisions quickly.

The undercurrents were raging.

There are those who stay put, those who are hesitant, and those who are directly waiting for the auction with their fists in the air ……

The crowd is a multitude of people.

The two days of fermenting public opinion and rumours were all over the place.

Inside the Tianmen Mountain villa, it was a different story.

The crowd did not know what Chen Dong’s true purpose was this time.

Elder Long had asked many times, but Chen Dong had always avoided talking about it.

In the eyes of the people, Chen Dong was no different from normal, travelling to and from his company and home, the only difference was perhaps that the person looked more and more haggard.

It was late at night.

Gu Qingying was lying in bed, looking at Chen Dong who was leaning against the window, frowning slightly.

“Not going to sleep again tonight? It’s been almost three days, and you’ve made yourself so haggard, for what?”

Chen Dong didn’t turn around either, staring at the starry sky overhead with a teasing smile.

“It’s fine, after the auction tomorrow, I’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep, so you can sleep first, I’ll go to the study later.”

Chapter 1408

After putting Gu Qingying to bed.

Chen Dong sat in the study for the whole night.

The day had just dawned.

He then raised his hand and rubbed his face, extinguished his cigarette and walked to the mirror.

The self in the mirror was haggard and tired, with a sigh of scruff and extra heavy bags under his eyes.

“With this look, it should work, right?”

Chen Dong smiled gently, his gaze deep.

After washing up and changing into his suit.

Chen Dong also did not wake up Gu Qingying who was still asleep, instead, he greeted Fan Lu and Wu Chang and took Elder Long to the auction house.

On the way.

Sitting in the back row, Elder Long’s eyebrows were locked and he looked worriedly at the haggard Chen Dong in the rear-view mirror.

Several times he wanted to speak up, but when he thought of the response he had received when he had asked Chen Dong earlier, he forced himself to hold back.

For a slave, sometimes it was useless for him to ask more questions if Chen Dong did not say anything.

Tianhua Auction House.

It was the top auction venue in the city.

On weekdays, it was also a place where the upper cla*s gathered to auction off treasured antiques, paintings and other items.

Because of its architectural properties, it always had a cold and quiet feeling.

Today, however, it was a scene of unprecedented prosperity.

It was early in the morning.

The car park outside the auction house was filled with all kinds of luxury cars.

And outside the car park, rows and rows of luxury cars were spreading out along the roadside, beyond sight.

There was a huge crowd of people and a lot of traffic.

The relevant authorities even sent special personnel to maintain order on the spot.

With two days to ferment, public opinion of Chen Dong’s land auction reached its peak.

No matter what, all the forces and giants that had flocked to the southwest region wanted to get a piece of the action at this auction.

Even if they were merely watching, they would still be there in person.

It was clear to everyone that this auction was not just a competition for land, but more importantly, through this auction, through Chen Dong, to get a glimpse of the future direction of the southwest region.

A few plots of land are not enough to enter the eyes of the world’s powers and giants.

The direction of the southwest region is what they really care about!

A group of journalists were also early in the morning outside the Tianhua Auction Hall.

Long guns and short cannons were on standby.

Once this scene broke out, it would be a huge headline for these journalists!

You know, nowadays, Chen Dong and Dingtai are truly at the top of the pyramid in this city.

A man’s name is a shadow of a tree!

Even if these journalists were not sure what the background behind Chen Dong really was, but an existence that could drive the development of the southwest region, would it be simple?

As the people in the luxury cars got out of their cars and stepped into the Tianhua Auction House, the reporters at the entrance were loud and clear.

The reporters at the entrance, however, rang out in amazement once and for all.

“Look, that’s the owner of the Hao Dong Group, who is worth tens of billions, my god, he’s actually there in person!”

“My goodness …… look guys, isn’t that the president of the domain area of Zhiyuan Trade?”

“Hiss …… these big shots, we usually rush to interview, but can not knock on the door, a group of gods and goddesses to see the existence of the unseen, today unexpectedly all appear, this is counted as the appearance of the gods and goddesses?”

“Quickly shoot ah, shoot more big figures, news burst out, but also more explosive ah!”


With a shout of alarm, the long guns set up quickly flashed with blinding flashing lights.

And further afield, countless good people flocked to the area.

The two-day fermentation had also aroused the curiosity of the local people, who all wanted to come and find out what was going on.

However, the crowds were stopped by the relevant personnel at the periphery, unable to approach the Tianhua Auction House.

Time slowly pa*sed.

The huge tide of people did not disperse.

On the contrary, the crowd was growing.

Even if they couldn’t get close to the Tianhua Auction Hall, for the ordinary people, it was still something to be happy about, to be able to peek at the results of the day before everyone else.

There was a lot of noise.

Even if people were whispering to each other, when they came together, it was still a huge wave of noise.

In the midst of the noise and ear-splitting sound, suddenly a cry of alarm rang out.

“Look! The Din Tai Company’s car is here!”


A shout of alarm rang out like a great thunderclap.

The whole crowd, in unison, turned around at the same time and looked into the distance.

In the distance, the Rolls Royce Phantom, driven by Chen Dong, slowly drove up.

The crowd parted a path with it.

When they got closer, they could all see Chen Dong in the driver’s seat.

Chen Dong was sitting in the driver’s seat with a haggard face, but he did not hide it in the slightest, instead he just rolled down the window and let the crowd stare at him.

As Chen Dong drove through the crowd of people on the empty road.

As Chen Dong drove through the crowd of people, a whisper rang out from the crowd’s attention.

“Why has Mr. Chen become so haggard? He looks like he hasn’t slept for days, right?”

“Could it be that we’ve really guessed it? My God, it can’t be? Is it really true that Din Tai can’t support itself and desperately needs to sell land to fill the hole?”

“I feel like it, otherwise Mr. Chen wouldn’t suddenly be so haggard, laboring and worrying about this matter, this auction today is not without reason, alas …… once upon a time, Mr. Chen in our local, that is a popular figure ah!”


Listen to the crowd discussing.

The whole person exudes a disheveled aura, it feels like he has aged a few dozen years at once.

The old man, Long, who was sitting in the back row, had also heard the comments from the outside world.

At this moment, his brow was furrowed even deeper, and he raised his eyes to look at the rear-view mirror.

From the time he left the house, until now, he had been secretly observing Chen Dong.

Now when he saw that Chen Dong’s face was even more ugly than before, Elder Long instantly had a glimmer of clarity in his heart.

Were these …… what the young master wanted?

What about the follow up?

The Rolls Royce finally made its way through the crowd and headed towards the Tianhua Auction House.

The chatter around them, too, gradually lowered.

The empty road was filled with luxury cars parked on both sides.

Looking at a luxury car, and the license plates hanging on the luxury cars.

Chen Dong calmly said, “Elder Long, these two news releases have really attracted a lot of hot money!”

“Yes, the news released by the young master shook the domain, and the Ding Sheng Consortium relocated its headquarters, this is attracting the attention of the world, and the magnates and giants that have converged on the southwest region are not few at all!”

Elder Long’s gaze was deep and his brows were not unfurled as he echoed Chen Dong’s words.

Chen Dong stopped speaking and concentrated on driving.

In his line of sight, the gates of the Tianhua Auction House were getting closer and closer.

The luxury cars parked around it were also becoming more and more dense, and there were also some bigwigs who got out of their cars and did not immediately enter the auction house.

As Chen Dong drove up, the Chen Dong inside the car fell into the eyes of all these people.

Haggard, tired, vicissitudes, heavy hearted ……

This is the first impression that the Chen Dong driving in the car gave to the crowd.

At the same time, it also made the hearts of these people go up and down.

This time …… was it really Chen Dong who was in trouble?

“Mr. Chen is here!”

The reporters who had been prepared long ago turned their lenses, at the first moment, to focus on Chen Dong.

The flashing lights flashed, capturing the haggard and tired Chen Dong, to a tee.

As the car entered the Tianhua Auction Hall.

The bigwigs who were still lingering outside also walked quickly towards the Tianhua Auction House, talking among themselves as they did so.

“Looking at Mr. Chen’s appearance, I guess it’s not far from what the outside world has rumored, sigh …… They say that a thin camel is bigger than a horse, without this lofty mountain of the Chen family to rely on, even this young master of the Chen family is still having a hard time walking.”

“After all, he is still young and hasty to venture forward, I heard that in the previous month of land grabbing, the Dingtai family alone grabbed 130 pieces of land, tsk …… is afraid that he really can’t support it anymore!”

“The young master of the Chen family …… huh …… without the blessing of the Chen family head, he will not be a match for those in power in the Chen family, from the disappearance of Chen Daolin, he was driven out of the Chen family by the powers that be in conjunction, it already means that the power is declining, things will turn around, he The prestige at his father’s big birthday, which I’m afraid was the most glorious moment of his life, is now going downhill as well.”

“I was still skeptical before, but when I saw Young Master Chen today, alas …… I’m afraid that these ten plots of land today are just the beginning, it’s a pity that it’s only been so long since the Ding Sheng Consortium announced the relocation of its headquarters? But it is not expected that this young master Chen is so weak, a wave will wave itself into the dilemma of a dilemma.”