Winner Takes All Chapter 1401-1402

Chapter 1401

For a whole month.

The news released by Yike and the news of the relocation of the Ding Sheng Foundation’s headquarters continued to ferment.

From the moment that the Dingsheng Foundation announced the relocation of its headquarters, this “feast” was destined to spread to the world’s giants!

The Southwest region has also become the most talked about place in the world during this month.

Call it a pool of gold, call it a battlefield for the Chen family.

But no one was a fool.


The giants and giants of the region were not stupid.

The giants and giants under the sky were even less stupid.

When a fierce beast falls, hyenas come forward to partake of the blood and flesh.

When two beasts are fighting, the hyenas will swarm around them, ready to eat the flesh and blood of both beasts.

This is exactly what is happening in the south-west!

In just one month’s time, waves of hot money, both explicit and implicit, have poured into the south-western region of the domain in a tidal wave, thanks to the ferment of public opinion.

And in this short span of one month, the south-western region has entered into an unprecedented prosperous situation.

After all, in the region, the most promising development has always been along the coast.

Compared to the inland Southwest region, it is really not competitive with the coastal area in any aspect.

However, because of Chen Dong and the Ding Sheng Consortium, a magnificent boom has now been ushered in.

The amount of land released and acquired in January alone is already more than the total of the past 20 years!

This is a hair-raisingly astronomical figure!

A magical spectacle that would never have happened in any other region or country is now taking place in the Southwest.

Even the giants involved, while frantically harvesting land, were amazed at how the law of land acquisition in the southwest region had suddenly relaxed to such an extent!

What used to be a tedious and complicated process for acquiring land has now become, in the Southwest region, a matter of paying the money, signing the contract and acquiring the land.

Three steps, simple and brutal!

The Four Seals Clubhouse.

The lights are off.

The elegant hall echoed with the gurgling of water and the elegant music of the guzheng.

In front of the large banquet table.

Chen Dong was alone, sitting with his eyes closed.

The gurgling of water and the sound of music echoing in his ears, his mind at peace.

The picture of motionlessness, set off by the fake mountains and water behind him, looks like a painting.

It was only when Lord Meng stepped into the hall that he finally broke this peaceful and serene scene.

“Nephew son-in-law, what wind is blowing tonight to bring such a busy man like you to my place, ah, hahaha ……”

Lord Meng was in a hurry, his face full of red.

“Stealing a half day of leisure, it’s been a long time since I’ve caught up with Uncle Meng.”

Chen Dong opened his eyes and slowly got up, pulling out a chair and helping Lord Meng into his seat.

“Don’t come, who doesn’t know that you, Mr. Chen, have been very busy recently, this hand of you and the Ding Sheng Consortium is directly making our southwest region the star of the whole world’s investment!”

Lord Meng laughed and joked, his mouth grinning to the back of his ears as he spoke.

The Southwest region is now in its heyday.

It is a great event and a great blessing for those in power in the entire Southwest region.

After all, it has a lot to do with their performance in office and how wide or narrow their upward mobility will be.

With Lord Meng at the helm and being the seat of the Dingtai Group, he is undoubtedly the one who will benefit the most from the whole Southwest Region!

Chen Dong resumed his seat: “This is all thanks to Uncle Meng’s broad-mindedness and his ability to swallow the mountains, otherwise I would have struggled even if I had the intention to develop the Southwest region.”

“Don’t you dare, this has nothing to do with me.”

Lord Meng suddenly looked solemn and lifted his finger to point upwards, “It means reaching the heavens, we are just the gatekeepers who open the doors of convenience.”

There was a pause.

At least I’m your uncle, so don’t be so indiscriminate with your hats, because you’re not the only one who can control such a big event in the southwest. I can’t afford to put on this big hat! I’ll have Little Shadow smack you!”

Chen Dong laughed indifferently.

This time, he was fully developing the southwest region and attracting hot money from all over the world to move in.

For him, it was a necessary step to forge a new Chen family!

For Lord Meng, it was a mixed blessing and a mixed curse.

Or for the entire southwest region, for those similar to Lord Meng, it was a mixed blessing and a mixed curse.

If you win the bet, the chickens and dogs will rise to heaven.

If you lose the bet, you will be doomed.

This is a boatload of people who have come together to take a huge gamble on the world.

Lord Meng is only a senior official and cannot afford the name of the entire southwest region. If this hat is really attached, if something goes wrong, the person wearing the hat will bear the brunt of the disaster!

“Little Shadow is pregnant again?”

Lord Meng raised his eyebrows, digressing from the main topic and chatting about family matters, “If it weren’t for the recent close proximity between Elder Long and me, I wouldn’t have known about this matter.”

“I’ve just gotten pregnant not long ago, so it’s inconvenient to inform uncle.”

Chen Dong clasped his fist and smiled.

Lord Meng gave Chen Dong a punch on the shoulder: “You can do it, young is good!”

Chen Dong: “……”

Immediately afterwards, Lord Meng asked, “Have you told Old Gu and the others about this?”

Chen Dong looked solemn and said, “Actually, one of the purposes of today’s banquet is to ask uncle if he has contacted my father-in-law and mother-in-law recently?”

Lord Meng was stunned for a moment.

With a dismayed expression, he asked, “What happened to the two old Gu’s?”

There was really big trouble this time!

Chen Dong looked gloomy.

Ever since his father-in-law and mother-in-law had returned to the other side of the ocean, there had been no news coming back.

The Hong Society had been doing its best to find out, but nothing had been found until now.

Even Lord Meng, Gu Guohua’s old friend, had heard nothing.

It was no longer possible that things weren’t great!

“Speak up!”

When Lord Meng saw Chen Dong’s silence, he became anxious at once.

He and Gu Guohua had been brothers for decades, and had long since become more like brothers than brothers.

Now that he was suddenly asked such a question by Chen Dong, his heart lifted.

He did not wait for Chen Dong’s reply.

A voice came from outside.

“Mr. Chen, Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong are here.”

“Let them come in.”

Chen Dong busily responded, obediently ignoring Lord Meng’s enquiry.

Under the light, Lord Meng’s face looked a little anxious and ugly.

But Chen Dong ignored it.

Before his father-in-law and mother-in-law’s situation was unclear, he would rather offend Lord Meng than make this old brother-in-law worry more.

“Mr Chen!”

Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong joined hands and respectfully gave a fist bump to Chen Dong.

Seeing Lord Meng, who was also present, the two hurriedly saluted again.

“Take your seats first, wait a little longer.”

Chen Dong swept a glance at the two men and said calmly.

When the two were seated, Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled, “You two have also acquired quite a lot of land in this month’s time, right?”

Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong were stunned at the same time, both revealing embarra*sed smiles.

Zhou Yanqiu pushed the gold-rimmed gla*ses on the bridge of his nose and smiled, “It’s all thanks to Mr. Chen’s good fortune.”

“Mr. Chen is joking, it’s not much, it’s just the total number of land acquisitions since the establishment of my Zun Long Real Estate, it’s not worth mentioning, hahaha ……”

Zhou Zun Long had a modest face, but at the end of the sentence, he still couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

A short period of time in January is not only a feast for the southwest region.

It also allowed the two of them, in real terms, to taste the unprecedented sweetness.

This made the two of them glad that they had chosen to follow Chen Dong’s decision more than once during this month’s time.

“Isn’t it a lot of fun?”

Chen Dong asked, rubbing his nose.

Zhou Yanqiu’s brows were furrowed in thought.

“That’s for sure.” Zhou Zun Long did not hide it.


Chen Dong gave an odd smile, “Then you guys are a little too early to be happy.”

Chapter 1402

A word was spoken.

The heated banquet hall suddenly became a little cooler.

Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong looked towards Chen Dong with eyes full of dismay.

Even Lord Meng was at a loss.

As a senior official, he knew more than Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong about local and south-western affairs.

Chen Dong’s words had taken him by surprise and filled him with doubts.

“Let’s wait for the people from the Zhuge Family and the Zhang Chu Family to arrive.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and gave a teasing smile.

Under the light, his pair of eyes were profoundly deep, as if they were two pitch-black black holes that one had to be sucked into with one look.

The atmosphere became a little dull.

Lord Meng, Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong all frowned and waited, but their hearts were hesitant.

What had happened to ……?

Why would Chen Dong say such things in a situation where things were looking up?

The three of them are clear about Chen Dong’s nature of mind, there is no way they would say nothing.

It is because of the clear, also makes the three people apprehensive.

They waited for five minutes.

Chu Reed, in a casual outfit, slowly walked into the banquet hall.

Even if it was a simple casual outfit, it was difficult to hide Chu Reed’s workplace intellectual temperament.

“Mr. Chen, the Zhang family did not come, I represent the Zhang and Chu families.”

As soon as he entered, Chu Reed said with a cupped fist.

“It’s alright.”

Chen Dong waved his hand.

Chu Reed pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of her nose, and once she took her seat, she asked, “Is it to discuss the matter of our recent land acquisition?”

Ever since Chen Dong and the Ding Sheng Consortium had released news around the same time, for the past month, they, the forces under Chen Dong’s command, had been fist pumping and feverishly acquiring land.

Compared to the money surging between the world’s giants and giants.

They were a little more relaxed in taking the land because of Chen Dong’s light.

Even though the Zhang and Chu families are far away from Kyoto, they have taken a lot of land in the southwest region!

At a time when the southwest region was in full swing, Chu Reed and the elders of the family, the old man of the Zhang family, came up with speculations as soon as they deliberated.


Chen Dong answered.

A mere answer.

However, it made Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong even more distracted.

Time slowly pa*sed by.

In the banquet hall, there was silence to listen to a needle.

They waited for about five more minutes.

Zhuge Qing hurriedly entered the banquet hall, and when he saw Chen Dong and the others, he hastily clasped his fist and smiled.

“Sorry everyone for being late, sorry for being late.”

“Close the door.”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and said to Zhuge Qing.

Whirling around, he asked Lord Meng, “Uncle Meng, the surrounding area has been cleaned up, and you have also made sure that there are no listening devices in the banquet hall, right?”

“It was all cleaned up long ago.”

Lord Meng wrinkled his eyebrows and asked, “You’re so careful, what kind of medicine is in your gourd?”

Chu Reed, Zhuge Qing, Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong all looked at Chen Dong curiously.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, slowly narrowed his eyes and smiled playfully, “It’s not that I’m being careful, it’s that the matter is too big, so big that it concerns all of us.”

At these words.

Zhuge Qing and the others’ faces instantly froze.

To this day, these few forces of theirs had long since been completely tied to Chen Dong in one boat.

As Chen Dong set sail, they set sail.

When Chen Dong sank, they were buried with him.

There was a pause.

Chen Dong swept his gaze across the crowd and said, “I have not brought anyone here tonight, and all of your various forces have only come to talk, so I will tell you about the matter, but before I say anything, you have to tell me in advance how many pieces of land each of you have taken in the southwest region!”

Chu Reed was the first to speak, “The Chu family took eighteen pieces, and the Zhang family took fifteen pieces.”

Zhou Yanqiu pushed his gla*ses and said, “I took five pieces of land.”

“Zhou Yanqiu you old fox, such a big good thing, you kid actually cowered and only took five pieces, small-minded!”

Zhou Zun Long scoffed loudly, the two of them had been bitter rivals in the city’s real estate industry, and even though they had followed Chen Dong, they still had some disagreements with each other.

“Then how much did you take?”

Zhou Yanqiu looked at Zhou Zunlong with a strange smile, not half annoyed.

Zhou Zunlong slapped his chest: “I took out a loan to build a bridge and took thirty-eight pieces of land in one go!”


As soon as the words came out, the crowd all revealed their astonishment.

Even Chen Dong could not help but secretly smack his lips.

The value of thirty-eight plots of land was simply too much for Zhou Zun Long to bear given his wealth.

Taking thirty-eight pieces of land in one breath, how big a game did this guy have to play?

Even if Zhou Zun Long had billions of dollars, but wealth is wealth, taking land still depends on how much money is actually in hand!

“Oh ……”

Facing the high-flying Zhou Zun Long, Zhou Yanqiu laughed, narrowed his eyes and sneered, “Mr. Chen just told you not to be too happy too early.”

A sentence, as if a sharp needle, pierced Zhou Zunlong’s heart.

The smile on Zhou Zunlong’s face froze.

He looked at Chen Dong with trepidation, “Mr. Chen, am I …… I …… going to get cold?”

Chen Dong smiled noncommittally.

It was only the look of sympathy in Zhou Zunlong’s eyes that flickered.

Even if it was only for a moment, it was clearly captured by Zhou Zunlong, like a heavy hammer, ruthlessly blasted on his heart.

There was a poof!

Zhou Zunlong’s body went limp and he collapsed on the chair.

Chen Dong did not say much, but looked towards Zhuge Qing.

Zhuge Qing smiled faintly and cupped his fist, “The Zhuge Family has suffered from the blessings of the Qin Family and has a rich family background, so this time, in order to help Mr. Chen fully, a total of fifty-four pieces of land have been acquired!”

The words had just fallen.

Zhou Zunlong said with a sad face, “Sh*t! I’m afraid you guys are going to get cold too!”

Zhuge Qing’s face did not change as he said indifferently, “The Zhuge family and the Qin family have combined their strengths, so even if the storm rises, they can still withstand it, but you, who borrowed and built the bridge, are the worst off!”

Zhou Zunlong: “……”

Knock knock knock.

Chen Dong knocked on the table with his right hand, attracting the attention of the crowd.

“According to the number of land you all have taken, I have calculated that the total combined total is one hundred and thirty pieces of land, with your planning, I think these one hundred and thirty pieces of land should be valued in the upper middle cla*s in the entire southwest region, right?”

Chen Dong’s gaze was profound as he swept across the four of them.

All four of them nodded in response.

“Alright then, now I will start talking about things.”

Chen Dong squared up his body and leaned forward slightly.

Such a movement was extremely aggressive.

It also caused the four Zhuge Qing to look grave and respectful.

In the silence.

Chen Dong’s voice rang out slowly.

“After a month of scrambling, the division of the land in the southwest region has taken shape, and I am afraid that the latter period of time will be the time for the major powers to show their swords and spears to each other in a white-knuckle battle.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly, “I am very happy, first of all, congratulations to all of you for taking advantage of the first opportunity to take good land.”

Without waiting for the four to respond, Chen Dong’s smile disappeared, “But at the same time, I have to tell you all the unfortunate news that the more land you take, the more losses you may incur in the latter part of the period.”


The crowd was shocked at the same time.

Zhou Zun Long’s face was even swiftly white.

Even though he had already guessed it in advance from Chen Dong’s eyes, hearing it in person was a very different shock.

“Mr. Chen, what are the specific arrangements?”

Zhuge Qing asked, his brows knitted together.

He was the one who had taken the most land out of the four powers, and although he had the Zhuge Family and the Qin Family underpinnings to top it off, fifty-four plots of land would be bruising if they were lost!

Chen Dong lowered his head and pondered for a moment.

When he looked up again, a pair of eyes were bursting with a brilliant aura.

“The next moment of the white knuckle battle, I hope that you all, when facing the siege and harvesting of the world’s forces, will slightly show fatigue, show that it is difficult to resist, and then …… helplessly lose the battle and hand over the land at the same price, or even hand over the land even at a loss, in short, the land in your hands The land, to be handed over, but must be played out dead unwillingly, gnashing of teeth.”

Chen Dong’s eyes flickered with essence, taking in the confused look on several people’s faces and smiled teasingly, “This will make you lose money, but you are definitely not the worst losers, because …… I have robbed one hundred and seventy pieces of land in this month’s time!”


The sound was like thunder, blasting the minds of the five people present into a blank.

Zhuge Qing: “????”

Chu Reed: “????”

Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong: “????”


Lord Meng slapped his hand on the table and said in a stern voice, “Chen Dong, have you gone mad? Are you deliberately playing yourself to death by making this arrangement? If you don’t think of yourself, you have to think of Little Shadow and the child!”