Winner Takes All Chapter 1399-1400

Chapter 1399

Inside the room.

Rothschild’s smile froze.

His brow was furrowed and his lips were mumbling.

“Young Master Chen, are you worried about Rothschild’s determination to a*sist the young master? You can rest a*sured, Young Master Chen, that Rothschild will do his utmost; this was finalised when Rothschild worked with your father in finance, and will not change.”

He was not stupid, on the contrary, he was already the best of the best when he was in charge of the Rothschild family.

The financial cooperation agreement between Rothschild and Chen Daolin was worth a full 300 billion dollars for Chen Daolin’s shareholding alone.

It was impossible for the entire Chen family not to know about such a heavy agreement.

After Chen Daolin’s disappearance, this stake was handed over to Chen Dong, and the Chen family would not be kept in the dark.

It was for this reason that he had gladly agreed when Chen Dong had secretly approached him with blood for a partnership.

When he was confronted by Old Lady Chen on the phone just now, he was able to cope with the situation calmly.

It was a partnership in itself, and there was nothing unusual about working together to create the “Wall Street of the East”, which could have been a simple business partnership.

As for how much Rothschild contributed to this partnership, it was all up to the Chen family to guess.

However, moving the headquarters of the Dingsheng Consortium directly to the southwestern region of the domain would mean something else.

This was a direct way of telling the Chen family and all the giants that Rothschild had come to Chen Dong’s side and would live and die with him.

The former still had room for manoeuvre.

The latter was a complete tie-up.

Over the phone, Chen Dong’s voice sank.

“I need greater help from Rothschild to relocate the headquarters of the Ding Sheng Consortium in order to create an Eastern Wall Street faster, in addition ……”

After a pause, Chen Dong on the phone suddenly teased, “Don’t you want to get my more detailed genetic sequence?”

“That ……”

Rothschild gazed down at the vial of blood in his hand, his gaze wavering a little.

As an existence at the top of the pyramid, he knew that the Chen Dong created by the “Pan Gu Project” was undoubtedly the number one person of the young generation in the world – the strongest genes!

All the major powers in the world, but all the giants and powers that can be ranked in the world are secretly engaged in genetic programmes, in order to produce even better offspring.

Rothschild had obtained Chen Dong’s blood and was able to dismantle the genetic sequence, but in the end, even he himself was not sure that he could completely dismantle it.

After all, there was a real difference between the Rothschilds and the Chen family!

If the complete genetic sequence could not be dismantled from the existing Chen Dong blood, then the subsequent ……

After a moment of hesitation, Rothschild’s gaze became steeply determined.

“Mr. Chen, I will order the Ding Sheng Consortium to make an announcement to the public.”

“Thank you for Rothschild’s help, Chen Dong bears it in mind.”


The phone hung up.

Rothschild’s expression rose with determination and firmness, his right hand gently twisting the blood vial: “For this strongest gene, Rothschild is worth a fight, otherwise it would be hard to catch up with the world’s gentry!”

As the helmsman of the Rothschild family, he knew very well how far the Rothschild was from the Chen and Jiang families, the gentry and worldly family gentry!

The money gap was not that big, the Rothschild family itself was an old money family.

But even if it is old money, compared to the Chen family, and the flourishing Jiang family of a thousand years, it is all just a sigh of relief.

What is more, one of the problems of the Rothschild family is the serious lack of force of its people.

Time and force were the two key factors that prevented the Rothschilds from entering the family.

Chen Dong’s strongest gene has shown the Rothschilds the possibility of growing their family’s force at a rapid rate!


Dingtai Group.

After hanging up the phone, Chen Dong gave an odd smile, casually placing the phone on the table and flipping through the documents.

On the side, Elder Long asked, “Is Young Master so certain that the Rothschild family’s heritage is unable to obtain the complete genetic sequence from a few drops of Young Master’s blood?”

“Not sure.”

Chen Dong shook his head, his gaze deep as he smiled, “But hearts are greedy, in a situation like mine where there is only one family, Rothschild is bound to throw in the towel in order to get the strongest genes, and he wouldn’t dare to gamble on whether he can extract the complete genetic sequence from those few drops of my blood, being certain of this about him, there is no fear that he won’t relocate the headquarters of the Ding Sheng Consortium. ”

Long Lao was stunned and lost in thought, looking at Chen Dong’s eyes full of amazement.

Young master …… city mind has reached this level?

With his experience, Chen Dong and Rothschild such a game, really simple.

But simple is simple, even simpler things, also have to be divided to face the people!

Rothschild that is the pinnacle of the gentry!

Such a financial predator, even if Long Lao faced it, his heart was a little less confident, let alone such a grand game with Rothschild.

“The speed of young master’s growth really makes the old slave sweat.”

Elder Long did not conceal his appreciation for Chen Dong.

“It is good to have been transformed into the strongest genes at least.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and laughed to himself.

Elder Long’s breath caught, clearly sensing a few hints of resentment in those words.

He smiled sarcastically, “Without experience, even the strongest genes would be given for nothing.”

After a pause, Elder Long changed the subject.

“By the time Rothschild relocates the Ding Sheng Consortium’s headquarters to the southwest, we will be halfway through this game, what is the next step Young Master intends to take?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and said with an odd smile, “We’ll see, once this signboard of the Ding Sheng Consortium is established in the southwest region, we won’t have to worry about the flow of hot money not coming in, when it forms a rolling giant wheel, no one will be able to stop it.”

Elder Long’s brows were locked, his gaze deep as he fell into deep thought.

In the dark, he caught something from Chen Dong’s words, and felt that he couldn’t really catch it!

The evening of that day.

The sensation created by the early morning news was still fermenting and sweeping.

Another heavy bombshell followed, and bombarded the entire domain.

Or rather …… the whole world!

“The Dingsheng Consortium has announced to the public that in order to better build the Eastern Wall Street with Yike, it has decided to relocate the headquarters of the Dingsheng Consortium, to the southwest region of the domain.”

The world’s giants and giants had not yet regained their senses from the great gesture set off by Chen Dong, but were directly blown away by this bolt from the blue!

It was clear to everyone that the Rothschild family stood behind the Dingsheng Consortium.

In the morning, it was announced that Dingsheng and Yike had joined forces to create the “Wall Street of the East”, but in the evening, the Dingsheng Consortium was moving its headquarters.

The giants and magnates were all in a state of flux.

As night fell, the undercurrents of the world were raging.

The undercurrents of the world were raging.

The early morning news was not enough to make up the minds of these top giants.

After all, cooperation is cooperation, but how much they will contribute is another matter.

Now that the Ding Sheng Consortium has even moved its headquarters to the south-western region, its determination has been clearly revealed.

To be more precise, it is the determination of the Rothschild family behind the Dingsheng Consortium that has moved the world’s giants and giants!

Chapter 1400

All the world is bustling with profit.

When the top giants like Rothschild showed their determination, they took the lead.

Some of the giants and giants who were initially hesitant to take the lead were also moved by the night to make their own decisions.

In contrast to the coastal areas of the region.

It is too difficult to develop the south-western region, which is inland.

In the eyes of the world’s giants and giants, when they first learned of the news early in the morning, they were only shocked, but not overly excited.

Only the giants and giants of the domain were really moved.

After all, the rank of the gentry and giants is different between the domain and the world, and their layout and vision are also very different.

But now that …… Rothschild himself has come down, it is enough to draw the attention of the world!

Under the night.

The Chen family is cold and clear.

Old Mrs. Chen had just lain down when she was aroused to sit up by the sound of Chen Daoping’s urgent knocking on the door outside.

“Daoping, what do you want at night?”

Old Mrs. Chen, who was full of fatigue, scolded in a stern and angry voice.

These days, like moths to a flame, the killers had left her exhausted, and even if she could not sleep, she was content just to lie down.

But the son she had brought up with her own hands was depriving her of even that!

“Mum, it’s not good, it’s not good!”

Chen Daoping howled outside, “There’s a new move from Rothschild.”


Old Mrs. Chen’s eyebrows sank as she said, unsure, “What’s changed?”

“Rothschild has directly asked the Ding Sheng Consortium to announce that it is relocating its headquarters to the southwest territory of the domain!”

Chen Daoping said loudly from outside the door.


Old Mrs. Chen was struck by lightning, and her features instantly twisted with raging anger.


Her hands clenched into fists, faintly rattling.

At this moment, the temperature in the bedroom seemed to have plummeted by a large margin.

“Rothschild, it turns out that he is also this kind of chief rat!”

Old Mrs Chen gritted her teeth and squeezed out a sentence from between her teeth.

Cooperation and relocation of headquarters, these were simply two meanings conveyed to the outside world.

“The Ding Sheng Consortium is moving its headquarters, are they trying to tell everyone that the southwest region will become a gold mine? This is really a big favour to that wild B*****d Chen Dong!”

At this moment, Old Mrs. Chen was so furious that she was like a manic, maniacal beast that chose to devour people.

“Mom, what’s the decision now? Should we contact Rothschild?”

Chen Dao Ping asked from outside the door.

“Contact my a*s!”

The old lady Chen’s eyes flashed with fierceness, “Since he was able to subjugate the old body during the day, he will definitely be subjugating words now, and no matter how much he says, it will not be enough to move the headquarters of Ding Sheng.

Not waiting for Chen Daoping to respond.

Old Lady Chen then said sternly, “Get back, let the old body rest, the old body will think of a way to deal with it, besides you keep an eye on the movements of those few scum of Chen Daocheng!”

“Yes, yes!”

Chen Daoping left with trepidation.


Old Madam Chen’s robe was shaken with a muffled thud by the qi energy.

She looked at the door with resentment, “Dao Ping, Dao Ping, I have raised you for so many years, but have I only raised you to be a tool? If you were half as capable as those at the helm of those factions, I would have been at peace!”

While resentful, Old Lady Chen’s eyes narrowed, and a shadowy coldness flashed.

On the other side.

Chen Daocheng and the others were also gathered in the room.

The atmosphere was extraordinarily oppressive and suffocating.

The faces of Chen Daocheng and the others were one by one ugly.

Rothschild had suddenly asked Dingsheng to “raise the flag”, which was undoubtedly a blow to their heads.

They were all ready to stir up the storm in the southwest region, but the relocation of the Ding Sheng consortium’s headquarters had put them in a difficult position.

“Brother Dao Cheng, if the Dingsheng Consortium moves its headquarters, it will be completely aligned with that wild B*****d Chen Dong. If we continue to smash the southwest region, we will not only face that wild B*****d, we may also face the Rothschild family behind the Dingsheng Consortium!”

A man’s face was as cold as frost as he said in a deep voice.

“Of course I know that!”

Chen Daocheng rubbed the bridge of his nose: “The key now is that if we stop here, we may really let that wild seed grow, trillions of a*sets may be small, but they are all in one industrial chain, and now the Ding Sheng Consortium has even been directly pulled by that wild seed to relocate its headquarters, once we let this wagon run, you should also know how terrifying it really is!”

Another man sighed and sighed, “We have done a lot of calculations, but we still haven’t counted on Rothschild. Back then, when Chen Daolin blatantly cooperated with Rothschild to establish Ding Sheng, we didn’t even think about it, but now it has become a sharp sword used by that wild B*****d to cross our necks.”

The crowd’s faces were ugly and their eyes were complicated.

The news about the Ding Sheng consortium made several people feel that their chests were full of stones, blocking them badly.

The dilemma of getting in and out of the situation made several people a little pa*sive for a while.

Knock, knock.

Chen Daocheng knocked on the table and said in a deep voice: “Raise the bar, we can’t let that wild B*****d grow, if we really let him match us, will there be a way for us to live? Press down with a big hand across the board, let him know the real gap between the wild seed and the elite of the gentry!”


Several people answered at the same time, their expressions resolute and stern.

The ability and heart that Chen Dong had shown when he had decided to take the position of family head was a bit frightening even for them.

Chen Tiansheng had been defeated by Old Lady Chen’s death defences.

If they really let Chen Dong grow up, how high the true dragon could fly, even they did not dare to think.

The best way to kill the dragon in its cradle was to directly press down with a big hand across the dragon as it soared.

The longer they delayed and allowed the southwestern region to develop better, the more unfavourable the situation would become for them!


Chen Daoye was sitting in his study.

He was holding his mobile phone in his hand.

“Dong’er, how on earth did you pull Ding Sheng into the Southwest Region?”

He had already known about the news, but his focus was a little different from Chen Daocheng’s and Old Lady Chen’s.

“Uncle Dao Ye, don’t worry too much about this.”

On the phone, Chen Dong said with a smile, “I’m talking to you because I want to admonish you, it’s fine if you want to help me, but don’t make any changes to your initial decision because of this matter with the Ding Sheng Consortium.”

“How many times does this mean?”

Chen Dao Ye raised his eyebrows, puzzled, “The Ding Sheng Consortium has already relocated its headquarters to the southwest region, at this time we, the uncles, are lifting you up properly, and your southwest region can be more consolidated, why are you still asking us to exercise restraint?”

“Hahahaha ……”

Over the phone, Chen Dong laughed wantonly, “Uncle Dao Ye don’t ask too many questions, wait for a good show.”


The phone hung up.

Chen Daoye put down the phone, his gaze deep and puzzled, murmuring, “This kid, what medicine is he selling in his gourd?”

Although puzzled, Chen Daoye also put his heart down about this direct announcement of Chen Dong’s southwest region.

The relocation of the Ding Sheng Consortium’s headquarters was tantamount to directly pulling the Rothschild behind it into the same camp as Chen Dong.

With the presence of such a giant predator, Chen Daoye’s worries about Chen Dong’s situation were alleviated by a few points.

“Fine, just listen to Dong’er for once, I want to see what kind of a good show this kid is going to put on for me!”

As he spoke, Chen Daoye’s eyes brightened and his heart rose in anticipation.