Winner Takes All Chapter 1397-1398

Chapter 1397

Early morning.

When the first rays of sunlight fall on the earth.

A piece of news, however, fell like a nuclear bomb in the southwest region with a bang!

“Yike Group, will accelerate the transformation of the western part of the city, and will work together with the whole group to build the core business district layer of the southwest region in the future, and at the same time, Yike will jointly inject capital with the Dingsheng Consortium to jointly build the ‘Eastern Wall Street’ in the southwest region.”

The news is short, but the amount of information contained in it is immense.

The truth of “the shorter the words, the bigger the story” was carried out to the fullest.


As soon as the news broke, the entire south-western region exploded from its morning state to a complete explosion.

The headlines of the major news media were all about this story.

Like a violent storm, it swept across the entire southwest region.

The people were shocked, the gentry were shocked.

In this early morning, this piece of news has unified the community for a whole day today, and I am afraid that the topic will not change even for some time to come.

When Chen Dong initially let Yike fully enter the southwest region, he had actually intended to whale the rest of Yike’s blood to raise the entire southwest region and cultivate his own base camp.

However, because of the uncertainty of the situation and the successive huge changes.

So the process of Yike’s promotion was actually very slow.

Under the control of Long Lao, step by step, it is steady.

And this news today is undoubtedly a signal released to the outside world.

Yike is going to build the southwest region in a comprehensive and rapid manner.

Not only is it going to create a business district layer comparable to that of the coastal area.

What is even more shocking is that Yike is going to work with the Dingsheng Consortium to build the “Wall Street of the East”.

Compared to the household name of Yike in the region, the prestige of the Dingsheng Consortium is no less than that of Yike.

Even ordinary people are well aware of the reputation of the Ding Sheng Consortium in the international financial world in recent years.

From time to time, the name of the Ding Sheng Consortium appears in the media headlines.

The gentry and giants of the southwest region, however, know more than the ordinary people and are aware that behind the Dingsheng Consortium stands the fearful Rothschild family, which is one of the fundamental reasons why the Dingsheng Consortium has been able to snipe the international market in recent years!

This is one of the reasons why the Dingsheng Consortium has been able to take over the international market in recent years.

The strong alliance instantly sent the gentry and giants of the southwest region into a frenzy of excitement and ecstasy.

And as the news spread, an even bigger storm was gathering momentum and spreading throughout the region!

The airport on the outskirts of the city.

Chen Dong and Qin Xiao Qian watched the Zhang family’s special plane take off and waited until the plane had disappeared into the sea of clouds before turning around to leave.

“Xiao Qian, it’s off to Dingtai.”

As Chen Dong walked, he straightened the cuffs of his suit, his entire aura was stern and cold, his eyes were raging with wariness: “Sit back and watch the storm clouds rise, the news has been thrown out, next, it’s up to all parties to react!”

Qin Xiao Qian followed behind with a complicated expression.

She was Qin Ye’s sister, and it was only logical for her to follow Chen Dong to see the Zhang family off.

But how could she have not expected that Chen Dong would actually announce the movement of the southwest region in such a simple and brutal manner?

With her years of experience in business, such a “lightning” approach would attract the attention of all forces in a very short period of time, and it would be difficult to understand how the hearts of all parties would choose.

What’s more, Chen Dong is obviously understaffed, so if all the forces are moving in, how can Dingtai take it?

“Xiao Qian, something on your mind?”

Chen Dong, who was striding forward, seemed to know what was on Qin Xiao Qian’s mind, and asked without looking back.

“Brother Dong, this news today is too heavy, you also specifically added Ding Sheng to the list, revealing to the outside world that you want to create an Eastern Wall Street, if the four sides move, we are short of manpower, it will be difficult to take up the fight.”

Qin Xiao Qian no longer hesitated and said worriedly.

“Why should we take up the fight?”

Chen Dong paused and looked back at Qin Xiao Qian, his eyes shining, “My intention is to tell everyone that the Southwest region will soon become the meat and potatoes of the entire domain, attracting more hot money to the Southwest region, after all, simply by relying on the trillions of a*sets in my hands, it is too difficult to turn the Southwest region into a top economic centre comparable to the coastal area in a short period of time, they all are bastions that have experienced time, and I lack time.”

Qin Xiao Qian was Qin Ye’s younger sister.

With this relationship in place, Chen Dong had already pulled Qin Xiao Qian into the full camp long ago, and did not hide anything in this regard.

“Attracting hot money?”

Qin Xiao Qian froze, her lips slightly open, a little stunned.

“There is not enough time, so we can only use money for time, attract more money to smash on this land in the southwest region, use money for time to smash out a top economic centre.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “If this doesn’t even create a top economic centre, then …… smash more money!”

Qin Xiao Qian was dumbfounded, her brain buzzing a little.

Not so much shocked at Chen Dong’s intentions, but shocked at how much money …… would have to be used to smash a top economic centre in a short period of time?

With her experience and shopping mall experience, her brain was a bit down for a while!

After two seconds of contemplation, Qin Xiao Qian mouthed her lips: “Then the four sides swarmed, how do we take it? What if there are forces with evil intentions?”

“This is a matter of choice for all the forces themselves, whether they will make the cake bigger together or tear it down together, in addition ……”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and gave an odd smile, “Just wait, your worries should disappear soon, isn’t that how hunters prey play?”

“Hunter? Prey?”

Qin Xiao Qian looked at Chen Dong’s back as he left, somewhat confused, smashing her mouth as she thought back carefully on Chen Dong’s words.

“By the way, when exactly did your brother leave?”

In the distance, Chen Dong’s voice came.

Qin Xiaochen’s gaze flickered for a moment and quickly followed Chen Dong: “I think he left quietly before dawn, without any clothes or luggage.”

“This kid …… didn’t say goodbye before he left, as if he was afraid of being caught on the tail by Zhao Breaking and Wu Chang!”

Chen Dong teased, tilting his head to look at the blue sky, “I’m really looking forward to when Qin Ye returns!”


As the news and opinion fermented and built up momentum.

After the initial bombardment of the southwest region, it even swept across the entire domain quickly with the brutal attitude of a mountainous cry.

In a very short period of time.

The news about Dingtai was presented to the desks of the people at the helm of the various powers.

For a while, the giants were silenced and the powers were dumbfounded.

“What the hell is Chen Dong up to? Has he gone mad? Yike is already trying to suck the blood of Yike from other territories across the domain, and now he’s doing Eastern Wall Street with Rothschild in the southwest?”

“Family head, this matter is so sensational, with the Chen family and Rothschild on our backs, should we follow suit?”

“Oh my! As expected of the young master of the Chen family, the Chen family has undergone a huge change, after lying dormant for such a long time, the first move is a big one, but …… will it really work out? Chen young master …… you are now in the Chen family but no support, and no different from the wild seed at the beginning!”


While the giants of the luxurious family were secretly speculating.

In the Chen family, it was a different story ……

Chapter 1398

Inside the Buddha Hall.

The sound of chanting was extraordinarily piercing.

The once peaceful and tranquil old lady’s mansion has now become the most restless and turbulent place in the entire Chen family.

Old Madam Chen knelt in front of the Buddha statue, her eyes tightly closed, twirling the Buddha beads in her left hand and striking a wooden fish with her right.

Bang Teen!

Suddenly, her right hand fell, knocking the wooden fish into pieces.

Immediately, she opened her eyes with a jerk.

In her bloodshot eyes, there was no trace of tranquility and peace, it was as if she was a manic beast.


Almost simultaneously, the Buddhist beads in her left hand broke and rolled to the ground with a clatter.

“This room smells of blood, where is the image of a Buddhist temple?”

Old Mrs Chen was annoyed beyond belief, gritting her teeth.

The sky-high bounty from the Darknet Hidden Killers was like a life-threatening sword above her head.

The anxiety of facing death all the time was too much for anyone else to bear.

Not to mention the fact that she is already old!

Even in her sleep and dreams, the scenes of a*sa*sination were all about a*sa*sination.

This made Old Lady Chen feel like she was in a frying pan and her body was on fire.

“Mum, it’s not good, it’s not good!”

Chen Daoping’s urgent shout came from outside.

“Your mother is fine!”

Old Mrs Chen turned back in anger.

Chen Daoping, who had just entered the door, shuddered in fear, and his body went cold from Old Madam Chen’s angry glare.

There was a loud poof!

Chen Daoping hurriedly fell to his knees, “Mother, that brat Chen Dong, he’s made a move, a big move!”

“That wild B*****d, what’s he up to again?”

Old Mrs. Chen’s frail body trembled as she squeezed out a sentence from between her teeth.

“He has allowed Yike to speed up the push to enter the southwest region, and at the same time, he has also joined forces with the Rothschild’s Dingsheng Consortium to create an Eastern Wall Street in the southwest region!”

Chen Daoping said quickly, fear mingling in his eyes.

The amount of information revealed by one piece of news was simply too great.

Old Mrs. Chen’s features instantly twisted, like a hideous beast, and she spat out a cold voice: “Rothschild …… Even you want to turn against my Chen family?”

“The news has been released, Yike into the southwest, it was originally Chen Dong that wild seed whale the blood of the whole region Yike, and now he is cooperating with the Ding Sheng consortium to create the Eastern Wall Street, this is even bigger, how should we …… respond?”

Chen Daoping knelt on the ground, seeing the ugly face of old Mrs. Chen, and did not dare to continue to look up at each other, and directly lowered his head down.

“Immediately contact Rothschild for the old body, the old body would like to see how bold he Rothschild is in the end!”

Old Lady Chen shrilled and snapped.

On the other side.

In the courtyard of Chen Daocheng’s residence.

Chen Daocheng looked at the news on his mobile phone with a grimace, the news was clearly showing what Chen Dong had let out.

The faction supporters around him were also grim-faced and in silence at the moment.

The impact of this news was too great!

Even though the crowd had already prepared themselves psychologically and had even negotiated their preparations to deal with Chen Dong’s launch of trillions of a*sets.

But Chen Dong’s collaboration with Rothschild still took the crowd by surprise!


Chen Daocheng angrily snapped his phone on the table: “Good, good enough! I really underestimated you, I didn’t think you could pull the Rothschild banner!”

The crowd looked at Chen Daocheng.

One of them said, “Brother Daocheng, what should we do now? Although Rothschild is not as good as our Chen family, it is an old money family after all, and its strength and heritage should not be underestimated!”

“His old money? How can he compare with my family?”

Chen Daocheng looked arrogant and smiled, “It’s just a bit more tricky than we initially expected!”

Another man pondered, “I’m afraid that Rothschild is cooperating with the Wild B*****d because of the Wild B*****d’s status as a young family head and Chen Daolin’s face, otherwise he wouldn’t be so stupid. Rothschild doesn’t have the qualifications!”

Chen Daocheng narrowed his eyes and smiled disdainfully: “I also think so, he Rothschild is an old money family, can flourish for so many years, the tang patriarch is not as stupid as a pig, and that wild seed together to do overrate shake the tree to cause trouble, cooperation is cooperation, but the strength of which …… huh ……”

At the end of the sentence, Chen Daocheng pulled the corner of his mouth, disdain thickened.

“Dao Cheng brother, now just waiting for your word!”

Then let’s smash the plate and plant our flag in his base camp, see how he still plays, immediately march into the southwest and grab the land!”


“Brother Daoye, the young family master has moved!”

A man hurriedly ran into Chen Daoye’s home.

Chen Daoye, who was sitting at his desk, slowly put down his phone and faced the visitor with a pleased smile, “I already know, but the young family head is playing such a big game this time, and it’s just too flashy, I’m afraid someone has already started to move!”

A moment of contemplation.

Chen Daoye raised his hand and rubbed his face, “After all, it’s the young family head, and in the absence of the family head, our faction and the young family head are both prosperous and destructive.

“How much?”

The man inquired.

Chen Dao Ye smiled oddly, “Naturally, we’ll put in as much money as Dao Cheng and the others put in.”

Far across the ocean.

Inside an estate covering an area of ten thousand acres, an ancient fortress loomed large.

The entire manor house has the air of a medieval aristocracy.

In the depths of the castle, the gentle music of a piano echoes through the rooms.

Rothschild leaned back leisurely and comfortably in his chair, feet folded on his desk, all smiles as he talked through the phone.

“Old lady, this is just normal business practice, what is the point of offending the Chen family? The southwest region of the domain is one that my Rothschild family is very optimistic about, after all, apart from the economic areas along the coast, the inland region of the domain is the only one with the most dynamic geography.”

“It just so happens that the Chen family’s youngest family will have to fully develop it, and the Rothschilds will naturally have to participate in a wave of dividends. Don’t misunderstand the Rothschilds, old lady, the Rothschilds have always respected the Chen family like a god, I swear to the Buddha on this!”

There was a pause.

Rothschild also teasingly laughed: “Old lady take care of your health, the reward from the Darknet Hidden Killers is too horrible, I, Rothschild, am worried about old lady and have tried to communicate with the Darknet Hidden Killers to withdraw the mission many times, but unfortunately to no avail, I really regret it!”


The other side hung up the phone straight away.

“Amen, it’s a good thing I believe in God.”

Rothschild glanced at the phone and gave a theatrical laugh, then casually tossed the phone onto the table, got up again, and took out a small bottle containing a crimson liquid from the safe.

He held the bottle carefully as if it were a treasure, fearing that he might break it.

Returning to the table, Rothschild twirled the vial with glee.

“It was a wise move to choose to add the a*sa*sination of the old lady in the first place. If I hadn’t sided with Young Master Chen, I’m afraid that the strongest blood in the world would never have been available to Rothschild in his lifetime!”

“If the Rothschild’s help is given this time, they will be able to establish themselves as one of the most powerful families in the world, and with Chen Dong’s blood, there is no worry that they will not be able to decode the complete genetic sequence.”

The words had just fallen.

The mobile phone on the desk suddenly rang.

Rothschild raised his eyebrows, and when he saw that the mobile phone’s caller was “Chen Dong”, his smile grew even bigger.

“Young Master Chen.”

Rothschild picked up the phone.

On the phone, Chen Dong said calmly, “Sir, I would like to ask you to help me again!”

“With pleasure!”

Rothschild did not hesitate.

Chen Dong Dong said, “Please also announce to the public, in the name of the Ding Sheng Consortium, that the Ding Sheng Consortium will leave Wall Street and move its headquarters to the southwestern region of the domain, in order to demonstrate its determination to forge an Eastern Wall Street together with Yike!”