Winner Takes All Chapter 1395-1396

Chapter 1395

There is no ten thousand shining lights.

There is no world to see.

A wedding with only beloved family and friends, but a warm and welcoming one.

In its simplicity, Qin Ye’s care was evident everywhere.

After the wedding ceremony.

Qin Ye took Zhang Yulan with him and toasted the crowd table by table.

However, Qin Ye only touched his lips with his cup each time.

This scene, in Chen Dong’s eyes, was incomparably lost.

He was clear.

Qin Ye was now making preparations for his departure tomorrow!

When a man had found something that he could guard with his life, he would be clad in scaly armour, sweeping away all his weakness and fighting for it with all his might.

Now …… Qin Ye has found it!

Soon, Qin Ye pushed Zhang Yulan and walked over to the table where Chen Dong and the others were seated.

“Brother Dong, sister-in-law, Elder Long ……”

Qin Ye was red-faced and piled on a smile as he called everyone at the table by name one by one before raising his gla*s, “Thank you for attending my wedding with Yulan, here’s to everyone.”

Chen Dong and the others got up and clinked gla*ses with Qin Ye.

Everyone drank their cups of wine in one go, while Qin Ye continued to clink his cup with his lips.

“Hey hey hey, Qin Ye it’s your big wedding today na, what’s the point of mashing your cup?”

Zhao Baolu shouted with a smile, “We’re all ready to fill you up today!”


Long Lao slapped Zhao Baolu on the back of his head, “You want to get up from your wheelchair? Come on, come on, I’ll drink with you tonight, if I don’t drink you to death, you B*****d, I’ll kneel on the ground and sing congratulations to you tonight!”

Elder Long was the only one in the crowd, apart from Chen Dong and Gu Qingying, who knew that Qin Ye would be leaving.

Therefore, he could not be clearer about Qin Ye merely touching his cup with his lips.

The scolding immediately caused the crowd to laugh out loud.

Zhao Broke-Ru gave Elder Long a sultry look, and did not dare to continue being arrogant.

After all, after a long time together, he had a very in-depth understanding of the identity of all the people in the Tianmen Mountain Villa.

For example,…… Long Lao looked kind.

But behind that is Hong Hui Ming word generation old ancestor, when he was young really took two watermelon knives and cut over the whole field of ruthless characters.

Strictly speaking, he Zhao Breru in a group of people, is considered vulnerable!

The crowd roared with laughter at the same time.

Qin Ye, however, turned to face Chen Dong: “Brother Dong, I’ll drink a toast to you alone.”


Chen Dong did not hesitate and rose with his cup.

The two of them looked at each other without any words, yet everything was in words.

With the sound of a clear clinking of gla*ses.

This time, Qin Ye did not clink his lips to the cup again, but simply tilted his head and drained the wine in his cup.

Both of them turned their gla*ses upside down at the same time and laughed out loud.

This scene fell into the eyes of Gu Qingying, Elder Long and the others, all of whom were filled with bewilderment.

But under the light.

Chen Dong and Qin Ye were laughing heartily and soundly.

Immediately afterwards.

Chen Dong poured himself a full gla*s of wine and then raised it to Qin Ye.

Under the bewildered and puzzled eyes of the crowd, he bear-hugged Qin Ye and whispered in Qin Ye’s ear.

“I, for one, will wait for you to return from your cocoon transformation into a dragon!”

After saying this, Chen Dong let go of Qin Ye and tilted his head and drank down his second cup of wine.

Qin Ye’s gaze flickered for a moment as he tried to pick up the bottle, but Chen Dong pressed down with one hand and snatched the bottle.

Seeing Chen Dong exhale as he poured a third gla*s of wine, the crowd’s faces all turned a little odd.

“Husband ……”

Gu Qingying wanted to stop.

“Don’t stop, one last gla*s, to my brother and sister-in-law.”

Chen Dong turned back and gazed at Gu Qingying, his voice to Gu Qingying was rare and resolute.

Gu Qingying froze, her beautiful eyes flickering.

Under the light, she clearly saw ripples rippling in Chen Dong’s haloed eyes.

Long Lao was beside her, looking gloomy for a moment, but pulled Gu Qingying a little.

“Young Madam, let the young master drink.”

Seeing Gu Qingying slowly let go of her hand, Long Lao then lowered his head and gave a secret sigh.

Chen Dong turned his head and raised his gla*s to Qin Ye with a smile.

“Happy Newlywed.”

The words fell.

Chen Dong raised his cup and drank it all in one go.

“Brother Dong ……”

Qin Ye’s expression changed as he likewise saw the ripples in Chen Dong’s eyes.

Being over brothers with similar personalities, he empathised with Chen Dong’s current state after being stunned for a moment.

“Go greet Elder Zhang and the others, everyone is waiting for you.”

Chen Dong didn’t give Qin Ye a chance to speak, waving his hand, he then sat down again.

With three large gla*ses of wine in his stomach, no Qi energy to counteract the alcohol, and simply fighting hard with his physique, even Chen Dong, for example, was a little tipsy.

“Kid Qin, go and greet Elder Zhang and the others, they’ve come here on a long journey, you’re a granddaughter-in-law!”

Elder Long waved his hand and shooed Qin Ye away, “Don’t worry, this table is being taken care of by the old man.”

Waiting for Qin Ye to push Zhang Yulan away.

With a few words, Elder Long quickly warmed up the atmosphere at the table.

Having Old Man Long and Zhao Breaker pushing and exchanging gla*ses naturally drew a lot of laughter from the crowd.

The focus of the crowd also faded from Chen Dong.

Only, Gu Qingying.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Gu Qingying looked at Chen Dong worriedly.

“It’s all because of me.”

Chen Dong pulled the corner of his mouth and smiled sadly.

Gu Qingying’s willow eyebrows knitted together in some anger.

But looking at Chen Dong’s face full of guilt, her heart felt like a knife twist.

“Husband ……”

Gu Qingying’s left hand pressed on Chen Dong’s left shoulder blade, and when it fell, she froze.

The hand that entered was wet and even a little warm.

At the same time.

Chen Dong also frowned tightly and the corners of his eyes twitched in pain.

Gu Qingying’s beautiful eyes widened as she slowly lifted her left hand.


The crimson and stinging blood was instantly like sharp needles, piercing into her eyes.

Her face changed greatly and she was about to speak.


Chen Dong but his right hand pressed Gu Qingying’s left hand, forcing himself to endure the severe pain, shaking his head to Gu Qingying, his gaze firm, “fighting with Miyamoto Ichiban, old wounds chipped, but it’s not a problem, don’t make a sound, tonight is the wedding of the beast and Yu Lan, they are the main characters, don’t let me …… affect them. ”

“But ……”

Gu Qingying worried, left hand pressed on Chen Dong’s left shoulder blade, could clearly feel the blood flowing out of the wound.

When exactly did this …… disintegrate again?

Wasn’t it already taken care of just now?

Chen Dong’s gaze suddenly snapped up, “Listen to me!”

Gu Qingying’s expression moved, her eyes swished red, her nose sore.

But in the face of Chen Dong’s determination, she held back, her blood-stained left hand quietly sliding down from Chen Dong’s left shoulder.

“Phew ……”

Chen Dong exhaled heavily and looked at the table with determination.

The onlookers did their best to think he was exhaling alcohol.

But no one had noticed, not even the heartbroken Gu Qingying.

Chen Dong propped his hands on his knees, hiding them under the tablecloth.

Drops of blood flowed, staining his trousers and dripping down the middle fingers of his hands towards the ground, forming two pools of blood on the ground.

The bleeding penetrated the gauze, not only the wound on Chen Dong’s left shoulder blade, but also his arms, which had just bled profusely and soaked through the gauze.

Only Chen Dong …… did not want to leave.

He held back and waited for this wedding to dissipate.

He had not been present when Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan were in trouble.

Now that the two were getting married, he had to accompany them to the end!

Chapter 1396

The wedding lasted until late afternoon, when it finally broke up.

Elder Long and the others stayed behind to help settle down the Zhang family.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was supported by Gu Qingying and secretly gathered up the blood on his body in advance before he said goodbye to Qin Ye.

Leaving the hotel.

Get in the car.

Gu Qingying drove the car directly onto the road, and hurried all the way towards the hospital at speed.

All the way.

A layer of cold frost covered her stunningly beautiful face.

And Chen Dong, who was sitting on the pa*senger side, was already a little pale.

He leaned on the seat and looked askance at Gu Qingying: “Allow me to be capricious once more.”

“You are already going to be a father, why do you still want to be so capricious?”

Gu Qingying gripped the steering wheel with both hands and did not look askance, but her voice trembled a little: “Even if you temporarily walk out of the venue and get someone to re-bandage you, why do you have to hurt yourself so much?”

“When I move, everyone’s eyes will move with me, the beast and Yu Lan are the main characters today.”

Chen Dong smiled sadly.

In the entire venue, he had the highest status background.

Elder Long, Fan Lu and the others at the table looked up to him.

And the Zhang family was subordinate to him.

When he moved, even if he merely got up and left the room, he was bound to receive attention.

Once the attention was paid, everyone was bound to notice the injuries on his body.

The aftermath …… would no longer revolve around Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan!

“My brother’s big wedding, shedding this bit of blood is nothing.”

Chen Dong smiled and shook his head.


The speeding car abruptly put a sharp brake on and stopped at the roadside.

Gu Qingying fiercely turned her head and glared angrily at Chen Dong.

“But have you thought about me, about the child?”

Chen Dong was stunned.

The next second.

Gu Qingying flung herself into Chen Dong’s arms and cried out, “You are my husband and the father of the child in my belly, you made us watch you just grit your teeth and let your blood flow out, did you ever think about our feelings?”

Chen Dong’s gaze flickered for a moment, as Gu Qingying’s cries seemed like sharp knives stabbing him in the heart.

He raised his hand and slowly stroked Gu Qingying’s head, apologising guiltily.

“I’m sorry, it’s because I didn’t think it through.”

“I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Gu Qingying broke away from Chen Dong’s arms, crying as she restarted the car.

All along the way, Chen Dong always watched Gu Qingying.

Gu Qingying had been crying, but had been focused on driving, complaining only for that brief moment just now.

But Chen Dong, however, was caught up in complicated thoughts.

After rushing to the hospital.

The doctor retreated Chen Dong’s wound and stopped the bleeding and bandaging.

Only then did the two of them return to Tianmen Mountain Villa.

On the way, Gu Qingying was in a depressed mood, with a sullen face, and did not speak, just silently looking at the car.

And Chen Dong was also in deep thought.

Tianmen Mountain Villa.

The lights were glorious.

As the ceiling of the city’s house prices, at night, this place was an attraction in itself.

Inside the villa.

Elder Long and the others had already returned.

Seeing Chen Dong and Gu Qingying enter, Elder Long was busy coming forward while giving Chen Dong an up and down look.

“Young master, your injury?”

When the two had left, they had only told Elder Long the reason.

As the wedding broke up and returned to Tianmen Mountain Villa, Elder Long had also told the crowd on the way.

As soon as Elder Long asked this, Fan Lu, Zhao Breaker, Wu Chang and Qin Xiao Qian all looked towards Chen Dong as much as they could.

“It’s not a problem!”

Chen Dong shook his head and swung his arm twice in a pretend manner.

However, this action caused Gu Qingying to lose her face.

She hurriedly stopped both of Chen Dong’s arms and said angrily, “Haven’t you been capricious enough?”

The sudden angry rebuke caused the crowd’s faces to change greatly.

The atmosphere became somewhat frozen all of a sudden.

Gu Qingying indignantly let go of her hands and walked quickly towards the stairs.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, stood somewhat awkwardly in place and smiled sarcastically.

“You’re such an old man, why are you still making the young madam angry? Young Madam is still pregnant, you are really making the old man uncomfortable!”

Long Lao complained to Chen Dong and added, “Why are you still standing there? It’s not the right time to play hard to get, so go up and persuade young madam.”


Chen Dong shook his head, “Let’s talk about the matter first, and then I’ll go up.”

“What is it?”

Zhao Breru asked.

Chen Dong thought for a moment and swept his gaze over several people before finally landing on Zhao Broke-Ru.

“The first thing is that after Qin Ye and Yu Lan’s big wedding, tomorrow Qin Ye will leave and go to a place.”


Fan Lu, Changeless and Zhao Broke-Ru all froze.

“What about Yu Lan when he has to leave just after his new marriage?”

Fan Lu asked with a surprised face.

Not waiting for Chen Dong to speak.

Elder Long then said, “Qin Ye has already told old me that Yu Lan will return to the Zhang family with Elder Zhang and the others, and when he returns, he will pick him up.”

“Wait, just say it, Brother Dong, why do you keep staring at me?”

Zhao Breru was a little hairy from Chen Dong’s stare and couldn’t help but say.

“Do you kid want to give an honest account of the bottom of the back garden’s dense forest of formations?”

Chen Dong teasingly smiled, his gaze softening as well.

At those words.

Impermanence’s gaze flinched, and he twisted his head to stare at Zhao Broken.

Sensing Pervasive’s gaze, Zhao Baolu’s neck snapped, “What are you asking blindly?”

There was some irritation in Impermanence’s eyes.

And Chen Dong laughed, but digressed.

“Elder Long, early tomorrow morning, the trillions of a*sets that Uncle Dao Ye and the others have snatched for us will be ready to be launched.”


Elder Long and the others were struck by lightning.

All of them looked at Chen Dong with dumbfounded eyes.

“Young Master, so soon? No more full consideration?”

Even Elder Long had not expected Chen Dong to arrange the start-up time and Qin Ye’s big wedding so tightly.

“There is nothing more to consider, if I don’t rob them, they will have to rob us, the winner is the king and the loser is the knave, let’s see if we can whale the Chen family and the world with this trillion dollar a*set or not!”

Powerful words came out of his mouth, and Chen Dong’s eyes burned with a raging battle intent.

The image of his father’s birthday that day, when he was forced to leave by the entire Chen family, surfaced in his mind.

Resentment, hatred, anger ……

All kinds of emotions were intertwined.

Chen Dong subconsciously clenched his fists: “The winner is not the end, the end is far more than just me setting the family head, then keep winning, the king’s way of domination, recasting the Chen family, letting those people know how stupid their decision really was that day, making them kneel before me and wag their tails, this battle after battle …… If I don’t win, I will die, I will be the king!”

Every word, harsh and domineering.

Raging battle intent emanated from Chen Dong’s body.

At this moment, even Elder Long and the others suddenly felt a chill envelop their entire bodies.

In a trance, Chen Dong, who was standing motionless, rose up as if he was pulling a mountain out of the ground.

This caused Elder Long, Zhao Breru and the others to fall into a daze, facing Chen Dong with a sense of insignificance that was like facing the ocean, like looking at a majestic mountain that could not be matched.

Chen Dong’s words, domineering and resounding, seemed like a cluster of fire that ignited their blood, boiling with fervor!

Everything …… is tomorrow!