Winner Takes All Chapter 1393-1394

Chapter 1393


The sound was like thunder and rolled and exploded.

Chen Dong was instantly confused.

Even Elder Long, Wu Chang and Fan Lu, Qin Ye and the others at the entrance of the venue were all dumbfounded.

Even Gu Qingying, who had returned to her senses, revealed an incredulous expression.

They were all Chen Dong’s beloved family and friends, and had walked with him all the way through the mountains of sword and fire.


Everyone was clear about this.

When the Heavenly Killing Bureau was first formed, the Iga Ryu was the main force behind it!

Unlike the Gu Family and the Blood Angels, the three major forces jumped straight into the open to a*sa*sinate Chen Dong, very different from some other forces that were hiding in the shadows.

It was not even polite to say that one of the culprits that contributed to the situation of the Heavenly Kill was the Iga Ryu.

It also directly led to Chen Dong later having no choice but to enter the northern domain into the Great Snow Dragon Rider Army to seek refuge, before forging the subsequent series of changes.

Now …… this bogeyman actually came to beg for cooperation?

“Young master, the thief’s heart is not dead, do not be careless!”

In a moment of excitement, Elder Long directly clasped his fist and reminded Chen Dong in a stern voice.

At these words.

Gu Qingying, Qin Ye and the others also revealed their approval.

Combining forces did exist, and enemies of enemies could indeed become friends.

However, the killing intent shown by the Iga Ryu towards Chen Dong was a consensus in everyone’s mind, how could such a power suddenly bend its head and beg for cooperation at this moment?

And yet.

“Oh? How can we cooperate?”

Chen Dong smiled teasingly, staring profoundly at Miyamoto Yidao.

As soon as the words came out, Elder Long and the others all had their scalps explode.

Gu Qingying was even more anxious, “Husband ……”

Only as soon as the words left his mouth, he was stopped by Chen Dong raising his hand.

Miyamoto Yidao’s gaze flickered for a moment, looked up towards Chen Dong and said.

“Iga-ryu is willing to cooperate with Mr. Chen for a great cause, in exchange, Mr. Chen needs to remove the number one bounty mission in the history of Darknet Hidden Kill and give Mr. Iga-ryu three drops of blood.”

The words and even the look in his eyes and demeanor were unmistakably sincere.

Chen Dong smiled.

On his blood-stained face, his smile was unbridled.

The sound of laughter echoed within the lobby.


Chen Dong’s laughter came to an abrupt halt, his face full of fierceness as he stared angrily at Miyamoto Ichiban.

“Is Iga-ryu …… thinking of fart-eating?”

Miyamoto Ichidou’s expression changed greatly.

“What kind of thing are you Iga Ryu, when you wanted to kill me, you swaggered around and descended directly on me in a Heavenly Killing Game, but now you want to cooperate with me, do you really think that I, Chen Dong, am weak and stupid?”

Miyamoto Ichiban hurriedly said, “Mr. Chen, don’t be angry, this matter has been carefully considered by the Sovereign.

“Once you killed me like a family dog, but now the tide is turning, how stupid do you think I must be to work with you?”

Chen Dong was majestic and overbearing, and his eyes were even more untamed and overpowering.

“Mr. Chen ……”

Miyamoto Ichidao said busily, “Just now, it was only Ichidao who wanted to compete with you, I hope that you will not take this matter to anger!”

“If you are not of my race, your heart will be different!”


The cold, harsh words exploded from Chen Dong’s mouth.

The fierce qi instantly roared out, breaking through his body and soaring into the air.

Chen Dong was as powerful as a thunderbolt, wrapped in a monstrous killing intent, and charged directly towards Miyamoto Ichiban.


Miyamoto Ichiban’s five features steeply grimaced.

In an instant, he waved his hands violently, and a dozen smoke bombs exploded directly in Chen Dong’s path.

The smoke and dust rolled around, stinging the nose and choking the throat.

Chen Dong was caught off guard, and his vision was instantly blurred.

“Give me scatter!”


As Chen Dong’s bloodstained arms swept out, the fierce qi force dispersed the smoke around him in a domineering manner.

As the smoke dispersed, the screams and shrieks of Gu Qingying and the others suddenly echoed in Chen Dong’s ears.


Chen Dong shouted in his heart and saw that Miyamoto Yidao, who had just knelt on the ground, was now holding a twisted willow blade in his hand and rushing directly towards the entrance of the exhibition!

This scene made Chen Dong’s jaw drop.

The people present were all the most important people to him.

Elder Long, Fan Lu, and Zhao Breaking were still in their wheelchairs, and the only one who had any fighting power was Impermanence!

The rest of them had no chance of resisting Miyamoto’s slash!

But Changeless was only one person, and to shelter so many people at the same time in front of Miyamoto’s One Blade was simply impossible!

What’s more, Gu Qingying was also in the crowd!


With a snap of his fingers, Chen Dong let out a shout and rushed towards the entrance of the convention with a hefty amount of Qi wrapped around him like a madman.



Time seemed to slow down at this moment, as Chen Dong roared hysterically in his heart.

In his vision, Gu Qingying’s face was pale and full of panic.

And Elder Long and the others were also terrified and confused, crying out in alarm.

The good thing was.

As Miyamoto Ichiban rushed towards the entrance of the convention, Changeless also rushed towards Miyamoto Ichiban at the same time.

It was just that both sides were closer together than Chen Dong was to Miyamoto Ichiban.

Changeless was the only line of defence, and once he was defeated, Gu Qingying and the others behind him would be no different from lambs to the slaughter to Miyamoto Ichidou!

However, after fighting with Miyamoto Ichiban, he knew that he was a genetic modifier.

Chen Dong did not dare to take the slightest chance that Changeless would be able to stop Miyamoto Ichidou!


Just when Changeless and Miyamoto Ichiban were close to each other.

There was a sudden change!

With an explosive shout, Changless made a pre-emptive strike, and with a powerful palm that carried a violent wind, he slapped directly at Miyamoto Ichiban.

Just as the palm was about to land on Miyamoto Ichidao.

But the figure of Miyamoto Ichidao suddenly twisted and pulled, like a bubble, and suddenly dissipated!

It was exactly the same as what happened when Chen Dong fought with Miyamoto Ichiban with his first move just now!


The sudden scene caused Chen Dong to exclaim in shock.

The striking Wu Chang as well as Gu Qing Ying and Qin Ye at the gate were all stunned as well.

There was a flash of lightning.

Impermanence said in a deep voice, “We’ve been trapped!”

Chen Dong stood in place, his face grim, his heart raging with depression.

The intense sense of humiliation at being teased filled his chest like a stone.

His blood-stained hands slowly clenched into fists, the bruises on the backs of his hands protruding.

“Mr. Chen, should we lock down the whole city and search for them?”

Changeless inquired.

Chen Dong’s eyes shifted for a moment, slowly loosening his fists and saying in a dejected manner, “No need, to be able to escape directly under our noses, even if we blocked the whole city, ordinary people would be helpless against him.”

As he said that, Chen Dong slowly turned around, his gaze staring coldly at the hotel gates.

“The price will be so heavy in the future that your Iga Ryu, with the power of one sect of the Holy Sect, will not be able to bear it!”

A cold, stern voice with a killing intent.


Chen Dong’s right hand was grabbed.

“Husband, your hand ……”

Gu Qing Ying looked at Chen Dong’s hands with heartache, her beautiful eyes filled with tears.

“It’s not in the way.”

Chen Dong shook his head, a gentle smile appeared on his face, “Let Xiao Qian go and get a suit for me from the hotel, I have to be a witness for Qin Ye Yulan soon.”

“Brother Dong, your hand is still bleeding.”

Qin Ye said worriedly, “Take care of it first, it’s okay.”

Chen Dong shook off his hand and smiled brightly, “My brother’s wedding day, how can we delay the auspicious moment? A little blood is nothing, do you want to change the witness? No F**king way! Don’t even think about it!”

Chapter 1394

One word came out.

Qin Ye’s expression was choked, and warmth surged in his heart.

Then, he smiled heartily, “The witness will definitely be you, but we still need to take care of the wound first.”

Chen Dong nodded his head.

Although the battle just now was fierce, it did not take too long, and there was still some time before the auspicious time.

With his current level of physical strength, this injury was really nothing.

Even the wounds on both arms that were strangled by the long willow leaf blade looked bloody and terrifying.

But in terms of severity, it was nowhere near as bad as the old wound that had disintegrated at his left shoulder blade.

He had to consider Gu Qingying’s feelings anyhow.

Seeing Chen Dong nod his head and agree to treat the wound.

Gu Qingying was obviously relieved, but her eyes were still reproachful.


The hotel staff brought a medical kit, disinfected it with medical alcohol, and wrapped it with gauze.

After changing into his suit again, Chen Dong walked into the venue with the crowd as if nothing had happened.

If it wasn’t for the wreckage in the hotel lobby, it would have been as if nothing had ever happened.

The venue.

Lively music reverberated.

As soon as Chen Dong stepped into the venue, he was shocked by everything in front of him for a moment.

“Beast, you kid haven’t put in much thought?”

Chen Dong raised his hand and smiled as he punched Qin Ye on the chest.

Qin Ye smiled gently, his gaze dotingly looking towards Zhang Yulan, who was draped in a wedding gown and sitting unconscious in a wheelchair, on the ceremony platform.

“These are all what the girl likes, and she and I had planned them all before.”

The words were soft, but when they fell on the ears of the crowd, they caused them to look gloomy and a pang of despondency.

It was clear to everyone.

When Zhang Yulan had willingly and meticulously accompanied the unconscious Qin Ye in spite of her thousand-dollar body, she would never leave her side.

This marriage was, in fact, already predestined.

When Qin Ye opened his eyes, the heart of this man who had killed his father had also been warmed and opened again long ago.

It’s just that …… fate is never so unjust!

“Oh yo, the auspicious time is almost here!”

When the atmosphere was low, Elder Zhang suddenly stomped on the dragon head walking stick in his hand: “Qin Ye, you can’t delay the time, let’s start the wedding quickly.”

The gloom cleared from everyone’s faces and they were back to smiling with joy.

Chen Dong also smiled gratefully and glanced at Elder Zhang.

Immediately, he patted Qin Ye’s shoulder, “The wedding has begun, you’re about to marry your bride, are you nervous?”

“Were you nervous when you married your sister-in-law then?”

Qin Ye smiled and asked a question back.

Chen Dong instantly revealed a look of embarra*sment, guilt raging in his heart.

When I married Xiaoying …… at the beginning

Chen Dong was naturally nervous, more so than anyone else.

The nerves he had never felt since he was a child.

Only the nervousness was not about welcoming Gu Qingying, but that once he came late, he would be completely replaced by that fake Chen Dong ……!

Fortunately, at that time, there was Qin Ye who defied his life and delayed for him.

Qin Ye froze for a moment when he saw that Chen Dong’s face did not look right.

Immediately he suddenly reacted to the wedding scene between Chen Dong and Gu Qingying at that time, he hurriedly smiled sarcastically, “Witness, later on me and Yu Lan can rely on you, yo!”

Chen Dong smiled with relief, “Go and get ready.”

The melodious music echoed in the venue.

It was solemn and solemn.

Everyone took their places.

There were no roaring mountains and thundering skies.

There was no glamour and glory.

There were only Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan’s beloved family and friends present, so there were very few people and the venue was small, but the heart and soul of the occasion was far greater than anything else.

The MC’s calm and magnetic voice introduced the ceremony.

The crowd was watching.

Qin Ye pushed Zhang Yulan in his wheelchair, holding flowers in his hands, and slowly walked towards the ceremony stage.

A gentle, happy smile was always on his face as he slowly met the eyes of Chen Dong and the others.

Zhang Yulan was waiting bitterly for today.

In Qin Ye’s case …… how could it be otherwise?

The wheelchair-bound Zhang Yulan, clad in a wedding dress, was beautiful beyond compare.

The two were enveloped in a gorgeous spotlight, as if they were a divine couple.

The crowd witnessed the two with smiles on their faces, but quietly, their eyes were red.

Finally, the two walked to the ceremony platform.

“Next, I would like to invite the witness, Mr Chen Dong, to the stage to extend his most sincere blessings to the couple on behalf of everyone.”

The MC stood on the side of the ceremony platform.

Chen Dong straightened his suit, and with a smile on his face, walked onto the ceremony platform.

No one had noticed that his brow frowned slightly as he mounted the auditorium, and a flash of pain pa*sed across his face.

With a microphone in hand, Chen Dong walked to the middle of the auditorium, his gaze first glancing at Qin Ye and the sleeping Zhang Yulan.

Immediately, his gaze swept over the crowd at the bottom of the auditorium.

Slowly, he spoke.

“Thank you all for coming to attend Qin Ye and Gu Qingying’s wedding amidst your busy schedules.”

“As a witness and Qin Ye’s elder brother, step by step, I have witnessed him and his bride Zhang Yulan come this far, holding flowers in their hands and wearing a wedding dress.”

“This is the vow they once made to each other, and now it has finally come true. Chen Dong is honoured to be the witness on behalf of all of you, and here, I wish Qin Ye and Yulan a life together, to grow old together with their son, and even though the mountains and rivers are in trouble, they will join hands to see all the scenery of the mountains and rivers.”

The words echoed through the venue, gradually weakening.

As Chen Dong’s microphone slowly drops.

He felt a little sorry for himself.

Facing the stares of the crowd under the auditorium, the apologies in his heart grew even more wildly.

He had thought of many, many beautiful words, but at this moment, he did not dare to say them.

This was a special wedding, and a beautiful moment for Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan’s big wedding.

Any wording that could tug at the heartstrings could break the existing festive atmosphere.

The wedding should be happy, and it should be a time for the couple to bear everyone’s blessings.

There should be no tears, and there should be no crying!


Chen Dong turned back to look at Qin Ye.

Qin Ye’s gaze was profound, as if he knew what was on Chen Dong’s mind, he raised his hand and made a fist and gently placed it at the position of his heart, smiling gently, “Thank you Brother Dong!”

The next second.

Qin Ye slowly leaned down, his eyes softly gazing at Zhang Yulan.

Raising his hand, he slowly picked up Zhang Yulan’s chin.

“Girl, you are finally my wife! In this life, we will never leave each other, we will live and die together.”

The murmuring sound was very soft.

So soft that even the master of ceremonies standing on the same platform did not hear it.

Only Chen Dong’s ears were able to hear it, but it made his heart clog up.

Followed closely by.

Qin Ye lowered his head, closed his eyes and gently placed a kiss on Zhang Yulan’s forehead.

A long kiss.

Below the auditorium, Gu Qing Ying and the others applauded at the same time at this moment.

The applause echoed.

Gu Qingying, Fan Lu, Qin Xiao Qian and the others, however, had mist quietly misting up in their eyes and could not help but turn their heads sideways.

And although Elder Zhang and the rest of the Zhang family were smiling and applauding, their red eyes were full of heartache.

No one had noticed.

Just as Qin Ye landed a kiss on Zhang Yulan’s forehead.

Zhang Yulan’s tightly closed eyes were quietly flowing with a drop of crystal tears.

As Qin Ye’s lips parted and his eyes opened, the crystal tears also finally flowed across Zhang Yulan’s cheeks and disappeared ……