Winner Takes All Chapter 1391-1392

Chapter 1391

Chen Dong’s brows knitted together as he stared at Miyamoto Ichidou.

As Miyamoto Ichidou took off his sweatshirt hat, he also got a good look at Miyamoto Ichidou’s face.

His features were not too distinguished, and he even had a popular face that was not seen by others.

He had a cold, steely look, especially his eyes, which looked like those of a wolf in the snowy plains of the North.

His tall and sturdy figure, set off by his cold and resolute aura, appeared even heavier like a mountain.

What was more crucial was that the other party was surprisingly young.

Just about the same age as Chen Dong.

“You look very un-islanderish.”

Chen Dong smiled teasingly, but his heart was alert.

As far as he could remember, the Iga Ryu was a ninja holy sect with a superb status, but the few times they had fought, all the experts from the Iga Ryu were late old men.

This was also in line with the normal pattern of the martial arts realm, which, after all, most normal people, had built up over time.

Not to mention, ninja also focus on a*sa*sination, and a*sa*sination skills require even more experience and time to pile up and hone.

This was the first time that a young martial artist had emerged from the Iga school!

Despite his youth, Chen Dong did not dare to underestimate him in the slightest.

It was because of his youth that he was still able to come out of the Iga school, he obviously had something exceptional!

“Thank you, Mr. Chen, for the compliment.”

Miyamoto Yidao smiled strangely, pretending to have misunderstood the meaning of Chen Dong’s words, then his eyes narrowed slightly as he gazed closely at Chen Dong: “Mr. Chen, are you injured?”

He was indeed an extraordinary man!

Chen Dong’s heart was clear, back then at the Qin family, against Li Danggui and Gu Cangyue, he had stabbed himself and wounded Gu Cangyue, which was clearly a helpless move to wound the enemy a thousand times and lose eight hundred.

During this period of time, although the sword wound had recovered a lot, it had not fully recovered.

However, in his current state, Chen Dong thought that no one could easily detect that he was injured.

At least during the time he had been back, Changeless, Elder Long and the others had not noticed.

Miyamoto Yidao, however, had screened it out at a glance!


Chen Dong rubbed his nose.

“So, the odds are that Mr. Chen is not my opponent, or at least Ichidou has a 50/50 grasp with Mr. Chen.”

Miyamoto Yidao slowly moved his neck from side to side, his eyes instantly became stern and his aura changed dramatically.

Chen Dong smiled gently and slowly bowed his body, a*suming a fighting stance.

“My brother’s wedding, you have come to a*sa*sinate me, it is rude to make such a racket, I am in a hurry, please be on your way!”

The words had not yet fallen.

Bang Teen!

The astral fierce qi suddenly leaked out from Chen Dong’s body, and the floor beneath his feet exploded with a loud bang.

Like a cannonball, Chen Dong shot straight towards Miyamoto Yidao.

There was no unnecessary nonsense.

He was indeed in a hurry.

Inside the venue behind him, Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan were still waiting for him to be the witness.

Chen Dong did not want to delay this particular wedding by half because of his own affairs.

“Hehe ……”

Looking at Chen Dong as he shot towards him, the corner of Miyamoto Yidao’s mouth pulled up a playful and strange smile.

With his right hand hanging down, a long blade as thin and long as a willow leaf quietly fell down, his right hand gripping the hilt.


The rigid qi energy, along with Chen Dong’s fist, suddenly set off an ear-piercing whistle, and a spiral of qi energy visible to the naked eye was even formed above Chen Dong’s fist blade.


Just as his fist was about to reach Miyamoto’s face.

Miyamoto’s body suddenly twisted and pulled as he stood in place.

Not good!

Chen Dong’s heart was greatly alarmed.

In his vision, the figure of Miyamoto Ichiban seemed like a bubble, silently dissipating.

Almost simultaneously.

A harsh killing intent appeared behind Chen Dong.

In an instant, Chen Dong’s scalp tingled, his back was cold, and his sweat hair exploded.

Nearly instinctively.

Chen Dong obediently stomped on the ground with both feet, and his entire body directly leapt out with a fish leap.


Cold light stirred.

The long willow leaf blade, narrowly but narrowly swept past the back of Chen Dong’s head, and the blade qi wrapped around the blade was incomparable, cutting off a few hairs at the back of Chen Dong’s head.


When Chen Dong landed, he rolled on the ground and fiercely turned around to gaze closely towards the place where he had just been standing.

Inside the brightly lit lobby.

Miyamoto Yatou was standing there with his long willow blade in hand.

A bitter killing intent emanated from him, causing the entire hotel lobby to seem to be filled with the light of swords and shadows.

“Such fast speed and combat instincts, worthy of someone from the Pan Gu Project!”

Miyamoto Yatou narrowed his eyes and smiled bitterly.

The Pan Gu Plan?

Chen Dong’s eyes narrowed, “Who the hell are you from the Iga Ryu? I have pretty much cut down the Iga Saninjutsu crowd, and the Iga Shonin should not be your age!”

A stern scolding voice exploded like thunder.

At this moment, Chen Dong faced Miyamoto Ichiban with a rare gloomy expression.

Even more so than when he had faced the likes of Iga Feijia and Iga Feiyu!

Before this, the only person who could make Chen Dong so afraid of the Iga Ryu was the …… Iga Patriarch!

Miyamoto Ichiban slowly raised his willow leaf long sword, clasping it with both hands and holding it upright in front of him, the thin blade, wrapped in qi, seemed to cut the side of space he was in, in half.

He narrowed his eyes, as if he was a fierce beast of prey, locking onto Chen Dong across the long blade and the qi of the blade.

“I am in the same category as Mr. Chen!”

A low, stern voice echoed through the hotel lobby.

However, when it fell on Chen Dong’s ears, it was like a thunderstorm in the sky.

The same kind of person?

The Pan Gu Project?

In a flash, Chen Dong’s eyes were wide open, his face full of shock, and his heart felt as if it was about to jump out of his chest.

“You are the one who was transformed in the Iga Ryu’s genetic transformation program?”

Chen Dong’s heart lifted up a huge wave, trying to suppress it, squeezing out a sentence from his throat.

During the trip to the desert north, when his father had unlocked the secrets of his body and revealed the “Pan Gu Project”, he had clearly told him that he and Chen Daojun were not the only ones doing the genetic modification programme.

All the major powers in the world were secretly working on this project.

The only difference might just be the different names of the program, and the different achievements of the program today.

“You may call it, I, the Iga Ryu, following the will of the gods, this plan, called ‘Amaterasu’.”

Miyamoto Ichiban was stern and cold, and from the beginning to the end, his emotions did not show much ripple.

Chen Dong was somewhat lost in a trance for a moment.

At that time, when he knew that all the bad luck of his childhood was shadowed by human beings, he had a monstrous resentment.

Even though he was gradually releasing it now, it was still somewhat difficult to let go of Chen Daojun.

But Miyamoto Ichiban was very different from him, and even revealed a hint of pride in his tone.

“Perverted madman!”

Chen Dong’s brows lowered as he slowly pressed his right hand onto the floor in front of him with a surge of Qi energy.


The floorboards exploded in response to the sound.

Chen Dong directly grabbed a piece of the broken floorboard and used it as a weapon blade, his eyes gradually narrowed, his majestic killing intent seemed to turn into substance as he crushed towards the opposite side of Miyamoto Ichiban.

At the same time.

At the same time, Miyamoto Ichiban also smiled, “I am here to compete with Mr. Chen to see whether Mr. Chen, who was transformed by the Pan Gu Project, is more successful or I, Miyamoto Ichiban, am more successful under the transformation of the Amaterasu Project!”

Chapter 1392

Inside the hall.

Killing intent stirs.

The air was frozen and suffocating.

And not far behind the closed doors of the venue, the laughter of the wedding scene could be heard faintly.

“Your master, didn’t he tell you under this heaven, which power’s plan is more successful?”

Chen Dong half-crouched on the ground as if he was a fierce beast lying dormant waiting for an opportunity to move.

“Naturally, it is the Chen family’s Pan Gu plan.”

Miyamoto Ichiban did not shy away from it, “However, Mr. Chen is injured, you and I are 50/50, the winner is the king and the loser is the knave, killing you would be fulfilling a wish of the Sovereign Lord.”

“Come and fight!”


The fierce Qi energy suddenly emanated from Chen Dong’s body, like a tidal wave, overwhelmingly pressed towards Miyamoto Ichiban.

As soon as the words were spoken, Chen Dong directly rushed towards Miyamoto Ichidou with a majestic killing intent, holding half a wall of floor tiles.

Almost simultaneously.

With a loud shout, he swung his long willow leaf sword with both hands, and his sword qi roared, cutting through the floor beneath him.

With that he held the blade in both hands and fiercely picked it upwards.

The overbearing blade qi directly lifted the floor tiles up, a full three metres wide, and thrust them across Chen Dong with a blatant thrust.


Chen Dong’s Qi energy surged, and the half-wall of floor tiles in his hands waved up in a blatant remnant.

With the support of his Qi energy, it was like a meat grinder, shattering all the floor tiles that were pushed horizontally in front of him.

There was a bang.

The debris flew in a chaotic manner.

Chen Dong’s vision was also blurred by the scattered debris.

In a snap of his fingers, all the tiles were shattered by Chen Dong’s Qi energy.

However, Chen Dong’s gaze was fixed and his eyebrows were instantly furrowed into a Sichuan frown.

In just a moment’s time, the place where Miyamoto Yatou had stood before was empty.


In a moment of daze, a whistling sound of sword qi suddenly rang out above his head.

In an instant, Chen Dong fell into an ice cave.

He tilted his head violently, and saw Miyamoto Yatou holding a long willow blade, wrapped in qi, forming a spiral wave of qi visible to the naked eye, as if a pale dragon had fallen to the ground, crushing down directly towards him.


Chen Dong let out an explosive roar as half of the floor tile in his hand, wrapped in Qi energy, flew directly away from his hand towards the Miyamoto Yidao in the air.

However, the ground tile wrapped in Qi energy exploded the moment it touched the spiral Qi energy of Miyamoto Ichidou.

A majestic killing intent descended from the sky.

The terrifying qi energy even blocked all of Chen Dong’s escape routes in this instant.

Time …… also made it too late for Chen Dong to escape.

“Mr. Chen, please die!”

Time seemed to slow down in this moment.

The austere and stern voice of Miyamoto Yidao echoed through the lobby.


Under the raging Qi, the corner of Chen Dong’s mouth suddenly pulled up a fierce smile.

“Trapped Dragon Hand!”

Boom, boom!

Qi energy wrapped around Chen Dong’s arms, like two python dragons, as they bravely met the long willow leaf blade that was falling down on his head.

In Chen Dong’s dictionary, the words “sitting around waiting for death” never existed.

There was no way to retreat, there was no way to avoid, so …… one step forward!

Crunch ……

The moment Chen Dong’s arms wrapped around the willow leaf long knife, the qi energy collided and the willow leaf long knife was even wrapped into a spiral shape by Chen Dong’s arms.

While the long blade was deformed, the sharp blade was the one that quickly strangled Chen Dong’s arms with a trail of blood, blood flying everywhere.

“Crazy man, baka!”

Miyamoto Yatou was horrified and terrified, his jaws splitting.


In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong’s face was fierce and violent as he let out an explosive roar.

With his arms wrapped around the long willow leaf blade, he swung his sword and his body directly down towards the ground.


Miyamoto was so caught off guard that he could not even let go of his blade before he hit the ground like a broken pocket.

The ground was cracked inch by inch.

After landing on the ground, Miyamoto Ichiban opened his mouth and spat out a large mouthful of blood, quickly releasing his long knife and rolling on the ground, pulling away from Chen Dong, he immediately looked at Chen Dong with fear.

The scene just now, in his mind, was a sure kill!

But he had never expected that Chen Dong would retreat instead of advancing, breaking the sure-kill game in such a brutal and brutal way!

Even if he himself asked himself, would he have been as brave as Chen Dong in the lightning flash just now?

Fear, like a gloom, enveloped Miyamoto Ichabod.

The erosion of madness made him breathe a little sharply.

Dangling ……

Chen Dong pulled the twisted willow leaf long knife out of his flesh and casually threw it to the ground.

From start to finish, Chen Dong’s expression remained fierce and cold.

It was as if he was a fighting machine, unaware of pain!



With a single word, Chen Dong wrapped himself in a majestic killing intent, directly waving his blood-stained arms and rushing towards Miyamoto Ichiban.

Miyamoto Ichidao’s face changed greatly, and the same ruthlessness appeared in his eyes as he instantly met Chen Dong.

Fists and kicks were exchanged.

The wind whistled.

There was no extra fancy, as soon as the two touched, they instantly entered into a white-hot fight.

Fist to flesh, thud to thud.

Everywhere they went, the hard floor cracked.

While the two were killing each other, they did not realise that the doors of the venue, which had been closed tightly, were now open.

Gu Qingying, Qin Ye and the others were standing at the entrance with horrified faces.

Just now Chen Dong and Miyamoto Yidao were already at a critical moment of life and death, and the commotion caused was so loud that even the voices in the venue could hardly be covered up.

“Husband ……”

Gu Qing Ying covered her mouth with both hands to keep herself from shouting out, her eyes were red.

And Qin Ye, Long Lao, Fan Lu and the others, each with no more smiles on their faces, were all shocked and horrified.

No one had expected that the prelude to the wedding would actually start with a fight!

“Trapped Dragon Hand!”

Suddenly, an explosive shout rang out from within the lobby.

Only …… the voice was not from Chen Dong.

As soon as the words were uttered, Elder Long, Fan Lu and Changeless instantly changed their faces.

This was …… instantly replicated?!

“Spread your hands!”

During the fierce battle, Chen Dong’s blood-covered arms were instantly wrapped around Miyamoto Yidao’s arms.

Chen Dong’s heart also raised a huge wave, but he settled his mind and did not become frightened and helpless.

The terrifying wrapping force was like the strangulation of a python.

But in an instant, Chen Dong’s qi was like a terrifying wave, surging towards his arms.

At the moment when Miyamoto Ichiban was about to slam him into the ground in the same way, his arms shook violently, forcing open some gaps with Miyamoto Ichiban’s arms.


Chen Dong kicked the chest of Miyamoto Ichidou with a blatant kick.

This kick was powerful, fierce and domineering.

In the process, Chen Dong’s hands broke free from Miyamoto Ichidou’s wrapping.

He landed on the ground and skidded for some distance before stopping, only to struggle several times and unable to regain his footing.

Tick …… tick ……

Fresh blood dripped down Chen Dong’s arms to the ground.

He stood in place and did not ride the wave of victory.

The high intensity of the life and death struggle had left Chen Dong sweating and panting at this moment.

The wound on his left shoulder blade, which had already healed, had opened up again as a result of the fierce fight just now, dripping with blood and staining his left shoulder blade with a plum-like stain of blood.

In the fight just now, it looked like he had the upper hand.

But as Miyamoto Ichiban had said, with his injuries, the battle had also put a terrifying load on him.

“Instant replication, is this …… the result of your genetic transformation?”

Chen Dong smiled teasingly as he gazed at Miyamoto Ichidou.

The same ability, he also had!

Therefore, when Miyamoto Ichidou replicated the “Trapped Dragon Hand” just now, although he was shocked in his heart, he had not yet reached the point where his mind was blank and he was panicking.

The words had just fallen.

In full view of the crowd.

Miyamoto Yatou struggled to his knees with great difficulty, his chest covered in blood, and he was in a terrible mess.


He spread his hands and slowly kowtowed to the ground.

“Please spare my life, Mr. Chen, the real purpose of my trip is actually to replace the Iga Ryu and negotiate a cooperation with you!”