Winner Takes All Chapter 139-140

Chapter 139

When Chen Dong returned home.

The family was already in a joyous mood.

Everyone had smiles on their faces.

Fan Lu and her mother had even set up a large table of food, as well as wine, clearly to celebrate.

“You all know about it?”

The reason why Chen Dong had rushed back was partly to plan the follow-up to Din Tai, and partly to report the joy to his family.

“The whole city has been sensational, it’s been known for a long time.”

Li Lan smiled and urged, “This time, you are too blessed to have survived from a desperate situation, Dong’er, don’t just stand there, go wash your hands.”

“Yes, yes, young master, madam and Xiao Lu have been busy all afternoon.” Kunlun urged.

Chen Dong had just eaten dinner, but in the face of his family’s joy, he didn’t refuse and smiled as he walked into the kitchen, washed his hands, and the family sat down together in a joyful manner.

Long Lao was the first to lift his cup and said with a smile, “Double happiness, when congratulations!”

Everyone was about to clink their gla*ses when Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, “Double happiness? What other happy events? Not celebrating the fact that my company has been saved and ClearShadow International has come in to help me stabilise the property prices?”

Li Lan and the others glanced at each other and laughed oddly.

Immediately after, Elder Long put down his wine cup and got up, “Young master, come with old slave, let me show you another joy.”

Chen Dong followed Elder Long to the living room in suspicion.

From the beginning to the end, Elder Long had an odd smile on his face.

Elder Long picked up the remote control and turned on the television.

At this moment, it was exactly the time for the city’s evening news.

It was already coming to an end.

As a news item played, a loud “boom” sounded in Chen Dong’s head.

“Yike Group has officially announced that it will restart its previous investment plan in the city, and the site will remain in the west of the city.”

A very short news item, not even a detailed description.

Just a few seconds!

But it did not affect the explosive nature of the news in any way.

Even Chen Dong was shocked for a few seconds before his mind gradually came to a clearer state.

He looked at Elder Long incredulously, “Won ……?”

“Master won.” Elder Long nodded with a smile, “Old slave only learned of it this afternoon as well.”


Chen Dong was struck by lightning, his heart beating wildly.

His face was red and he was even gasping for air, his neck thick.

Even for a man of his nature, his heart was in turmoil at this moment, and it was difficult for him to remain calm.

At a time of crisis, Din Tai was languishing and the building was about to fall.

Qing Ying International entered the game to help stabilise the property prices.

Now Yike Group has once again bombarded the city with a heavy bomb and re-entered the game.

Chen Dong knew better than anyone what this meant!

One is an international giant and the other is a domestic leader.

The two powerhouses are stationed in the west of the city at the same time, and house prices …… are going to explode!

For Chen Dong, the arrival of Qing Ying International was what made him and Din Tai climb out of hell.

And now that Yike has moved in again, it is allowing him and Din Tai to fly to heaven!

“Celebrate, we must celebrate!”

Chen Dong’s eyes were red, the pressure he had endured over the past two days was incomparably huge.

The feeling of being powerless and having to pa*sively wait for death or rebirth had even left him breathless.

Now, double happiness was on the horizon.

It made his entire being raise his eyebrows and relax.

“Hahahaha …… must be celebrated!” Elder Long laughed and quickly returned to the dining table with Chen Dong.

The family celebrated happily.

After three rounds of wine, the dishes pa*sed five tastes.

Chen Dong was already drunk, and if his mother hadn’t discouraged him, he would have had the urge to continue drinking to celebrate.

It was a big change today.

Li Lan and Fan Lu were busy clearing away the dishes.

Chen Dong, however, swayed and walked up to the terrace with Elder Long Kunlun.

“Elder Long and Kunlun, you know what? These two days, I’m even ready to fall into hell.”

Chen Dong was lying on a chair, blowing the night breeze and laughing freely, “I didn’t expect it, the heavens didn’t kill me Chen Dong, double happiness, so that I am still qualified to compete with those Chen Family elites and see who is the final king!”

Both Elder Long and Kunlun were laughing, and the two of them had also drunk quite a lot of wine.

Blowing in the night breeze, the drunkenness intensified.

“Young Master, what’s the relationship between Qing Ying International and you?” Elder Long suddenly asked.

Ordinary people didn’t know, but he was clear as day.

A large international company that suddenly announced an investment in the city, just for the Chairman’s hometown love?

That was pure bullSh*t!

Qing Ying International was running to help Dingtai!

Chen Dong gave a heated smile and said with drunken eyes, “Soft rice …… really smells good.”

“Gu Qingying?” Elder Long was startled, then shook his head with a smile, “Shame, shame …… old slave never thought this woman’s family history would be so illustrious!”


It was also while the three Chen Dong were blowing off steam on the terrace.

As the evening news ended, a storm swept across the city once again.

The whole city was in an earthquake!

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Who would have thought that Yike, which had announced that it would shelve the project, would turn around and make a comeback and move into the city’s west side again?

What the hell is this big company playing at?

After the shock, everyone reacted to a fact.

Property prices in the west of the city …… are about to skyrocket again!

In just two days, from a flurry of withdrawals and everyone singing their praises, they are now soaring like a rocket!

No one bothered to look deeper into why the two super companies had moved into the west of the city.

Everyone’s attention is on the west side of the city.

It’s a place that is now encrusted with gold!

In the eyes of the most active speculators, the west side of the city has become a gold rush.

If you can grab a suite, you can make a huge profit.

And now that the west side of the city is in the hands of Din Tai, Din Tai has the most property resources in the west side of the city.

The whole city is ready to rush to the west of the city at dawn.

The buyers who were still rejoicing at the success of their withdrawal, had two bolt from the blue in just one day, making them feel that the sky had collapsed.

All they could hear was remorse, anguish, slapping themselves in the face and crying out to the heavens.

The remaining nearly 10% who did not check out were laughing and celebrating with champagne.

It was a night of joy for some and sorrow for others across the city.

There was no shortage of wails of pain coming from some of the neighbourhoods.

Neighbours in the neighbourhood knew that those were the voices of those who had withdrawn from their homes.

The Wang family.

But there were sad clouds.

The television was on.

Wang De had his head down, smoking a cigarette, the jar in front of him already full of cigarette butts and a few remnants of smoke.

Zhang Xiuzhi sat dumbfounded and coiled on the sofa, her face turning blue and red as her mouth kept murmuring.

“Why? Why? Shouldn’t Chen Dong be bankrupt and lose money to suicide? Why did he manage to turn over again? D*mn it …… simply D*mn it ……”

After the two families watched the news, their minds could not be calmed down for a long time.

In fact, the family has been depressed for the past few days since the Wang family’s accident.

And this emotion was naturally blamed on Chen Dong by Zhang Xiuzhi.

But apart from blaming and cursing, they could not even enter the gate of the villa area where Chen Dong lived.

When she found out that the whole city had checked out, Zhang Xiuzhi felt that she had finally gotten her revenge and was so excited that she opened a bottle of wine at home to celebrate fiercely.

She could even imagine that Chen Dong would end up jumping to his death at a loss, which made her incredibly happy.

But in the blink of an eye, Chen Dong had turned over a new leaf!

Not only had he turned over, he would become even richer than before.

This made Zhang Xiuzhi’s heart twist like a knife and her resentment was unbearable.

Squeak ……

The door opened and Wang Hao came back.

Seeing his parents’ sad clouds, Wang Hao didn’t dare to ask more questions, but swept the house and said, “Mom and Dad, where is my sister?”

“That dead girl, she’s taking a bath again!”

Zhang Xiuzhi, who could not calm her anger, suddenly got up and walked towards the bathroom.

The sudden scene caused Wang De and Wang Hao’s faces to change dramatically.

The two wanted to stop them, but they could no longer do so.


Zhang Xiuzhi kicked open the bathroom door, rushed in and grabbed Wang Nan Nan’s hair is a big slap ruthlessly towards Wang Nan Nan’s face.

“You money-losing B*tch, what are you washing for? Don’t you want to pay for the water? Look at what you’ve done. Chen Dong is so capable and rich, why did you divorce him in the first place? Why did you divorce him in the first place?”

As she screamed, Wang Nan Nan’s bawling voice echoed in the bathroom.


Chapter 140

“Zhang Xiuzhi, let go of my daughter!”

Wang De was furious and threw away his cigarette and rushed into the bathroom.


A slap ruthlessly smacked Zhang Xiuzhi on the face, angrily saying, “What has become of the family? If it wasn’t for you, the family would be like this? Nan Nan is already like this, how can you be a mother and still do it?”

The sudden scene made Zhang Xiuzhi and Wang Hao outside all confused.

All along, Wang De had been an honest and tolerant image of weakness.

“What are you yelling at me for?” Zhang Xiuzhi froze for a moment and covered her face and suddenly cried out in a shrill voice.

“You’re still yelling? Do you believe I’ll beat you to death today?” Wang De raised his hand and was about to hit, scaring Zhang Xiuzhi into shrinking her neck.

Wang Hao saw that the situation was not right and hurried to persuade the fight: “Dad, how can you hit mum?”

“She’s about to beat your sister to death, and I can’t help?”

Wang De’s eyes were red and he turned his head to stare angrily.

Wang Hao swallowed with a gulp and hurriedly pulled Zhang Xiuzhi back into the room.

Wang De looked at Wang Nan Nan on the floor, his eyes were red and shining with tears.

Wang Nan Nan’s body on the floor was curled into a ball, her face full of red handprints, yet she still had vacant eyes and kept scrubbing her body.

Her mouth also muttered one after another, “Dirty …… dirty ……”

This scene made Wang De’s heart twist like a knife.

With a poof!

He knelt down on the ground and cried, “What kind of sins have been created here? Nan Nan …… It’s dad who’s sorry for you.”

Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body trembled and suddenly stopped.

The next second.

“Dad ……”

Wang Nan Nan jumped into Wang De’s arms and howled.

Father and daughter embraced each other and sobbed as Wang De kept apologizing and kept patting Wang Nan Nan’s back to soothe her.


When the first rays of sunlight enveloped the earth in the early morning.

Chen Dong, who woke up from his sleep, was drenched in joy, the transformation of the day had given him a feeling of rejuvenation.

He finished his devil training with Kunlun early in the morning.

After washing up, he hoofed it to the company.

Din Tai Company.

Everyone was red-faced and beaming with bright smiles.

At this hour, there was still a full hour before the start of work.

But everyone had arrived at work early.

Even Xiao Ma and a few of the company’s mid-levels had immediately arrived at the company as soon as it was light.

“Did you guys see the news last night? Gosh, I thought I was hallucinating at the time!”

“It’s so unexpected that Yike has re-announced its move in again, there are people in my neighbourhood who previously purchased properties in our west of the city, and they cried and howled all night last night.”

“With two major companies, Qingying International and Yike, moving in at the same time, the property prices in the west of the city will definitely rise against the wind, even higher than before.”


The group of employees discussed enthusiastically.

Xiao Ma was the only one, sitting on the sidelines, pondering.

He was the earliest to come to the company, and after the evening news came out last night, he had stayed up all night in excitement.

But now, he was half-tired.

In his mind, as if on a slideshow, he kept recalling the events of the past two days.

Eventually, it settled on Chen Dong.

“Brother Dong didn’t show the slightest bit of panic from the beginning to the end, could it be that he knew about it a long time ago?”

The moment this thought appeared, Xiao Ma’s pupils instantly tightened and his heart beat wildly.

Could …… this be a big game Dong was playing?

The more he thought about it, the more Xiao Ma strengthened the horrible thought in his heart.

He was brought up by Chen Dong, and has been following Chen Dong’s work since he joined the company, and knows Chen Dong best.

If Chen Dong hadn’t planned ahead, then why had Chen Dong been acting so calmly and unperturbed during these two days?

After thinking about it, Xiao Ma looked at his colleagues who were enthusiastically discussing it, and a smug smile suddenly appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Sure enough, I’m the only one in the whole company who knows Dong best!

You are all still curious about the reasons why Yike and Qingying International entered the game, but you don’t know that Brother Dong has already planned all this!

One step, three calculations, and a good plan, as expected of Brother Dong!

At this moment, the image of Chen Dong in Xiao Ma’s mind rose in a straight line, glorious and magnificent.

He didn’t think about why Chen Dong had hooked up with Yike and Qingying International, this was not something he should think about as an employee, what he thought about was that he must follow Chen Dong steadfastly!

When Chen Dong rushed to the company and looked at each and every one of the employees with red faces, he instantly also smiled heartily.

Clap ……

The sound of clapping hands drew everyone’s attention.

“President Chen!”

The employees shouted in unison.

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled: “You know what happened last night, right? What to do today, just all act!”

The staff laughed out loud, and then went to work with great enthusiasm.


After a night of fermentation, the whole city was almost on the brink of madness.

It was even crazier than when Yike first announced its move in.

In everyone’s eyes, the west side of the city was a gold mine.

Wouldn’t it be foolish not to buy a house?

Before dawn, long queues had once again formed at the four sales centres under Din Tai.

Just like yesterday and the day before, everyone was furious and their eyes were red.

The only difference was that before it was all withdrawals, but now it was all house snatchers!

Overnight, hearts have changed!

However, what threw everyone for a loop was this.

When the sales centres opened their doors.

The four major sales centres, without exception, had put up a sign.

“Daily limit of fifty units!”


All those who were ready to grab a house had a feeling of thunder and lightning from a clear sky.

In front of Long Ting Garden, the bald man looked at the sign with a sad face and gritted his teeth, “Why should there be a limit on purchases? Why do you have to restrict purchases? I’ve even bought a house from you before!”

“Sir, but you returned it before. If you returned the house, you will have to buy it again now, and if you buy it again, you will have to follow the purchase restriction.”

The sales manager’s tone was calm, but unconsciously his back straightened up, stretched his hands and said helplessly, “After all, there are too many withdrawal procedures accepted by our company in these two days, and it’s too late to process them, so the restriction is to clear up all the procedures as soon as possible, and in doing so, it’s also to provide better services to everyone.”

Bald man: “……”


He slapped himself hard.

Din Tai Company.

Xiao Ma walked into the office with some consternation, “Brother Dong, do you really want to introduce a restriction on purchases? I’m afraid public opinion will be very big if we do that!”

“Then let him be big.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly: “Remember one sentence, what should be lost should be lost and what should be earned, I can bear the burden when withdrawing from the house if I want to, but I have to earn what should be earned when purchasing a house, yesterday you abandoned it, today you are crying and crying, this is called taking the blame for yourself!”

The pony looked stunned and nodded in silence.

When Xiao Ma walked out of the office.

Chen Dong lowered his head and continued his work.

Nowadays, the property prices in the west of the city were rising instead of falling under the impetus of Yike and Qingying International, and this was an east wind for him!

An east wind that would give him the backbone to not be easily choked!

Only, the phone suddenly rang.

It was an unfamiliar number.

Chen Dong frowned and tapped the hang-up button.

But the number immediately called again.

He had no choice but to pick up the phone.

“You still like to hang up on me.”

On the phone, a bitter laugh rang out.

Chen Dong’s frown tightened and he was silent.

Immediately after, the voice on the phone rang out, “Can we meet one last time? Twelve noon, Blue Siren Western Restaurant, I’m leaving the city.”

The corners of Chen Dong’s eyes danced a little.

Blue Siren Western Restaurant …… That was the restaurant he had gone to on his first date with Wang Nan Nan back then.