Winner Takes All Chapter 1389-1340

Chapter 1389

There was no deliberate pomp and circumstance.

Even at Qin Ye’s request, the bridal convoy was just a handful of three cars.

The three carefully decorated luxury cars, even if they were only three, but driving on the road, made many people look at them sideways.

The destination of the bridal party was …… Lijin Hospital!

Along the way, Qin Ye and Chen Dong and the others were talking and laughing.

Qin Ye was also extraordinarily excited, and from time to time, he would rub his hands together excitedly and tightly muffle his lips.

It was only when the motorcade entered the Lijin Hospital that the smiles on everyone’s faces diminished slightly.

The three luxury cars covered in flowers drove into the Lijin Hospital, immediately causing an uproar among the people in the hospital.

“What the hell? Is this a bridal convoy? Coming to the hospital to pick up a bride?”

“Are these people crazy? Running to the hospital to pick up the bride, what’s the joke?”

“Could it be that someone had a sudden illness on the way out of the wedding car?”


People were clamouring and talking to each other.

Inside the car, Chen Dong and Qin Ye and the others heard the chatter of the crowd outside.

Qin Ye’s smile froze for a moment before he smiled again and said to Chen Dong, “It’s alright, it was supposed to pick up the girl and take her home.”

“Get off!”

Chen Dong took the lead and opened the car door, as the best man, he opened the door directly for Qin Ye.

In the limousine at the back, the camera team had already gotten out of the car to follow the proceedings.

As Chen Dong and Qin Ye and the others got out of the car.

The crowd, which was originally noisy and clamoring, suddenly fell into silence.

Really …… was running to the hospital to pick up the bride?

This was simply too ridiculous!

It was not until Chen Dong and the others walked into the hospital that a voice suddenly rang out from the crowd.

“Wait! I …… am I seeing things? The person who was the best man opening the door just now, wasn’t it Mr. Chen Dong of the Dingtai Group?”

The moment the words came out, it was as if water had been poured into a boiling pot of oil, causing the whole room to explode.

The Dingtai Group was no longer the small real estate company it used to be.

In this city, it was even a leading existence.

And Chen Dong …… had also long been a household name.

It’s just that just now the crowd was too shocked that someone had actually come to the hospital to pick up their marriage, so their attention was not on Chen Dong and the others.

With someone now exclaiming out loud, some people gradually woke up.

“My goodness! Mr Chen Dong is the best man, so who the hell is the groom? Also, how did they come to the hospital to pick up the bride?”

“Oh my god! I actually met Chen Dong in real life, but it’s too weird for them to come to the hospital to pick up the bride!”

“Are they all so low-key, Mr. Chen Dong?”


The chatter, soon shifted to Chen Dong.

In the corner of the crowd, however, was a pretty looking girl who couldn’t wait to pull out her phone at the moment and tap on the live stream.

“Hello, everyone, this is anchor Ben Boerba, temporary live broadcast, Mr. Chen Dong of Dingtai Group, with his mysterious groom present at the Lijin Hospital, greeting his bride …… Next, this anchor risked his life to broadcast the whole thing for you!”

Inside the hospital.

The place where Chen Dong and Qin Ye and others pa*sed by, all attracted the attention of people in amazement.

In front of the camera, Qin Ye always straightened his back, with a smile on his face, striding towards the ward.

Chen Dong and the others followed close behind, not acting any different because they were in a hospital.

As they approached Zhang Yulan’s ward, Chen Dong clearly felt that Qin Ye’s steps slowed down a lot, and every now and then his chest would heave heavily as he took a deep breath.


Chen Dong raised his hand and landed on Qin Ye’s shoulder.

“Can you not be nervous, getting married!”

Qin Ye didn’t avoid it and admitted it straight away.

Standing fixed at the door of the ward, Qin Ye specially straightened his suit and took a deep breath before he slowly pushed open the door of the ward.

The crowd followed behind Qin Ye and slowly walked into the ward.

Because it was a wedding, the ward was decorated in advance with all the festivities, thanks to Dean Liu’s connections.

Zhang Yulan was lying on the hospital bed, and the make-up artist who had come in advance had already done her make-up.

The exquisite make-up set off Zhang Yulan’s temperament to the fullest.

Lying on the bed, she looked like a sleeping beauty in a fairy tale.

Qin Ye walked up to the hospital bed and gazed at Zhang Yulan for a few seconds, then turned back to Chen Dong and the others and said.

“Please go out for a moment, I’m going to drape the girl in her wedding dress.”

Chen Dong and the others retreated to the outside of the ward.

As the door to the room closed, the smile on Qin Ye’s face completely turned to sadness, and his eyes were scarlet with tears.

He turned back and squatted by the bedside, holding Zhang Yulan’s hand, his right hand gently tidying a few green strands that the make-up artist had not handled with care.

Then, a gentle smile: “Yatou …… we got married.”

The murmuring voice was slowly exited.

Although smiling, but tears are flowing down the corners of Qin Ye’s eyes like broken pearls.

Qin Ye lifted her head and took a deep breath, trying to stop the tears.

But the more he did so, the more the tears surged.

He opened his mouth and let out hoarse sobs, trying desperately to suppress them so that Chen Dong and the others outside would not hear them.

When the pain became extreme, he lifted his right hand violently and bit down on his small arm, forcing himself not to cry out.

Outside the ward.

Chen Dong and the others all stopped at the door.

Compared to the others, Chen Dong, who had already sensed “Qi”, was clearly more perceptive than everyone else.

He …… heard the faint hoarse sound in the ward.

Is it crying?

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and waved his hand to indicate the crowd to move back a little more to discourage them from hearing Qin Ye’s crying voice.

After waiting for half an hour.

Only then did the ward door finally open.

Qin Ye had already changed into his custom-made wedding dress for Zhang Yulan and walked out of the ward, carrying the sleeping Zhang Yulan on his back.

His eyes were still very red, but his face was no longer tear-stained, only smiling.

“Off to the hotel!”

Qin Ye smiled as he greeted the camera, “Married!”

Smiles spread across the faces of the crowd, ignoring all the strange gazes around them as they headed out in a celebratory manner.

In front of the main entrance of the hospital.

Because of this special wedding, the crowds that had been there earlier, did not disperse.

Everyone was waiting with baited breath.

“Look, it’s coming out! It’s really Mr Chen Dong!”

One person was the first to exclaim.

Immediately afterwards, the shouting and clamouring suddenly became a tidal wave.

Chen Dong frowned and guiltily said to Qin Ye, “I’m sorry, because of me, this wedding is still too much attention after all.”

“It’s alright, a wedding, it’s normal to be noticed.”

Qin Ye smiled spontaneously and did not resent it in the slightest.

The crowd surged and shouted in awe.

More and more people were converging towards this side.

Chen Dong, Qin Ye and the others did not stay too long, got into the car and the convoy sped off towards the hotel.

Even though the motorcade had already left, the sound of people talking did not diminish in the slightest.

And in the corner.

The girl with the pretty face was live-streaming everything that had just happened.

Looking at the skyrocketing number of people in the live stream, the girl couldn’t help but swell with desire.

Looking at the direction the caravan left, the girl’s gaze suddenly became determined.

Then speaking to the viewers in the live stream.

“Is everyone curious about this wedding? Then Pemba Ba is dedicated to live-streaming this whole wedding for you all today ……”

With that, she ran out of the hospital and was about to stop a car.


A big hand reached out from the slant and grabbed the girl’s phone.


The phone fell to the ground and smashed to pieces.

“What are you doing?”

The girl was about to get angry, but once she turned around and was faced with a man much taller than herself, her anger plummeted a notch.

Especially when she met the eyes of the man in front of her, eyes so cold that they sent chills down her spine, the girl was so frightened that she took two steps backwards, looking terrified and not daring to speak again.

“You are desecrating this wedding, and even Amaterasu Omikami is unforgivable!”

Chapter 1390

“Great God Amaterasu?”

The girl was terrified and uncertain, instinctively feeling that the man before her was extremely dangerous: “You, you’re not from the domain?”

“I come from the place where the cherry blossoms bloom.”

The man smiled, “In itself, I came for Chen Dong, but your actions, they disgust me, you have to thank me for not being very interested in you, otherwise …… you would have been in the morgue.”

Finished speaking.

The man’s figure swayed.

A fierce wind swept abruptly towards the girl.

The girl instantly lowered her head and screamed in terror.

This scream instantly drew the attention of people around the hospital.

Someone even shouted, “Girl, what’s wrong?”

The girl’s delicate body trembled, and her heartbeat banged faster, as if it was about to jump out of her chest.

She even felt like she was going to die for a moment when the gale came howling just now.

As someone asked.

The girl slowly looked up, but instantly froze as if she was in a daze.

“People, where are the people?”

How could she have imagined that it was this brief opportunity to leave her sight that the man actually disappeared straight out of sight like a ghost.

The girl hurriedly checked her left and right, but none of them could see the man’s figure just now.


Her eyes drifted off for a moment and her eyebrows knitted: “Wait, I …… can’t remember how that man looked just now at all?”

She was certain that she had just faced that man’s face straight on, and had clearly seen it for real, but at the moment, the impression of that man in her mind was only an outline, and she couldn’t remember any of his features!

In a trance.

A vicious chill, from the soles of the feet swept up to the sky.

“Did I …… I see a ghost?”

A frightened, uncertain gaze slowly looked to the ground.

Her phone, lying in pieces on the ground.

This scene hit the girl’s eyeballs as hard as a heavy hammer.

The girl’s body went limp and she sat down directly on the ground, her face full of fear.


Inside the hotel.

The large venue, under Qin Ye’s careful decoration, was like a fairyland.

There were flower petals all over the place, just like being in a sea of flowers.

Gorgeous lights spanned over the venue.

There were countless crystal butterflies dropping down, reflecting the lights beautifully.

Everything was arranged by Qin Ye in accordance with Zhang Yulan’s favourite arrangement.

These were all things that he and Zhang Yulan had already put on the agenda and carefully discussed before the Qin family’s accident.

Even a corner of the venue had been carefully decorated by Qin Ye.

Elder Zhang led the Zhang family to be the first to enter and wait.

Even the Zhang family members, who were used to seeing lavish and magnificent settings, were still amazed by the venue’s decorations, leading to a chorus of shouts of praise.

One must know that the Zhang family owns half of the entertainment industry.

In terms of live set-up, who had the entertainment world to play with?

However, what was in front of them still made the Zhang family’s eyes light up.

Even a corner could make the crowd feel just how careful Qin Ye had been when he had set up.

“Yu Lan …… is blessed!”

Elder Zhang sighed with emotion, but bowed his head, his pale left hand slowly rubbing his eyes.

“Dad, you have to take care of your health.”

A middle-aged man supported Elder Zhang and persuaded him.

Master Zhang shook his head, “Sand has gotten into my eyes.”

The ripples that filled his eyes, however, fell clearly into the eyes of a group of Zhang family members, and the expressions of all of them were dim.

“Well, today is Qin Ye and Yu Lan’s big wedding day, all must be happy!”

Elder Zhang smiled, “Even if we cry, it will be with a smile, crying with joy over their affairs!”

“Got it!”

The crowd responded in unison.


Outside the hotel.

The motorcade drove up and stopped at the front entrance of the hotel.

For this wedding today, Qin Ye had chartered the entire hotel, in order to make this special wedding, private enough.

The crowd got out of the car.

The camera walked in front, capturing the smiles on everyone’s faces, one by one.

Amidst the laughter, Qin Ye walked into the hotel with Zhang Yulan on his back.

Chen Dong was supporting him, while Gu Qingying and Qin Xiao Qian were dragging the long back hem of Zhang Yulan’s wedding dress behind them.

The staff of the hotel, all gathered around.

On the way ahead of the crowd, they formed two pairs and as they walked past, they twisted the flower cannons, and as the thumping sounded, pieces of flowers, fluttered and fell.

Just as the others were about to walk into the venue.

But Chen Dong, who was all smiles, suddenly gave up a*sisting Qin Ye, his face still beaming, but his eyes became stern.

Was there someone secretly spying on this?

Chen Dong’s gaze was stern as he stopped in place.

Qin Ye and the others did not notice.

Instead, Gu Qingying shouted, “Husband, what are you doing standing still? The wedding has started!”

“Fine, fine, you guys go ahead and hold the wedding, I’ll come in later.”

Chen Dong waved his hand and responded with a smile.

“Brother Dong, we’re still waiting for you to officiate the wedding!”

Qin Ye shouted with a big smile.

“Good, right away!”

Chen Dong made a gesture and pulled out a cigarette, lighting one.

Gu Qingying, who had followed the procession into the venue, turned around and gave a scornful look, “It’s already this time of the year and you’re still addicted to smoking?”

Chen Dong smiled sarcastically as he held the cigarette in his mouth, but did not say anything.

When everyone had entered the venue, the music started to play inside.

The smile on Chen Dong’s face finally disappeared and was replaced by a cold, indifferent look.

He took off his cigarette and casually flicked it into the cigarette holder on top of the rubbish bin at the entrance.

Then, he stepped forward and closed the doors to the venue.

The heavy doors immediately blocked out most of the sound.

Chen Dong slowly turned around, his right hand slowly lifted up and ripped open the collar of his shirt.

His eyes were incomparably stern at this moment.

“Mr. Chen, what’s wrong?”

The hotel manager stepped forward and asked.

“First, let all the hotel staff go backstage and get ready ah, today’s wedding of my brother and my sister, it must be done properly, the whole staff!”

Chen Dong’s voice was a little cold.

The hotel manager was confused, but did not dare to disobey, and immediately told everyone to go into the backstage and get ready.

Inside the hall, it was empty and silent.

Only music was faintly emanating from the venue behind Chen Dong.

Chen Dong had his hands in his trouser pockets, his expression indifferent, his gaze sternly sweeping around.

“Today is my brother’s big wedding, who is disturbing you?”

A cold, stern scolding voice echoed through the lobby.

Squeak ……


The hotel doors suddenly and slowly closed.

In the silence, a stern and murderous intent, like a big invisible hand, pressed across the entire hotel lobby.


Chen Dong’s heart stuttered.

Snap …… snap ……

As soon as the thought started, a sound of unhurried footsteps echoed in the lobby.

Chen Dong looked at the sound and instantly his gaze was frozen.

A man slowly walked in.

Wearing the simplest of sweatshirts and work trousers, the hood of the sweatshirt was still on, and because his head was lowered, Chen Dong could not see his face clearly.

As the man approached, a mellow voice echoed through the hotel lobby.

“I am here for Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen’s brother’s big wedding, naturally I do not want to disturb you, also please accept my blessing for your brother’s big wedding, in addition, you have to thank me, if not for me, this wedding of your brother would have been made public long ago.”

This man was, quite literally, the man who had just stopped the female anchor!

As the words fell.

The man stopped at a distance of five metres from Chen Dong, raised his right hand and slowly pulled off his sweatshirt hat, while raising his head.

“I, Iga-ryu, Miyamoto Ichiban!”