Winner Takes All Chapter 1379-1380

Chapter 1379

His voice was shrill and stern, as if he were mad.

Chen Daoping’s face was as gloomy as charcoal, his gaze shadowy to the extreme.

These days, the Chen family was not at all peaceful!

It was like a tidal wave coming in, tensing the nerves of the entire Chen family, no, everyone in their faction, as if they could snap at any moment.

The mother, who was the target of the sniping, was already in a state of collapse.

Sullenly, she stepped into the Buddha Hall.


Everything was set up as usual.

The golden statue of the Buddha, illuminated by the lamps, glowed with a solemn look.

But the display on the table was in disarray.

Tributes were smashed and tumbled all over the place.

Even the incense burner, full of incense ash, had fallen on top of the table, spilling incense ash all over the floor and filling the air with the pungent smell of incense ash.

Old Mrs. Chen was sitting on the futon, her back to Chen Dao Ping, facing the Buddha statue, her hunched and decrepit body trembling continuously, her mouth and nose emitting gnashing teeth and panting heavily like a wild animal.

A good Buddha Hall, where there is still a semblance of solemnity.

“Ma ……”

Chen Daoping shouted with trepidation.

He knew clearly that if he did not dissuade himself, no one would dare to dissuade Old Lady Chen in the large Chen family.

Even if he was afraid, all this time, not when Old Mrs. Chen went crazy, he gritted his teeth and forced his fear to stand out.

“What are you doing in here?”

Old Mrs. Chen’s body trembled lightly, and without turning her head back, she said hoarsely, “Is it to see how epileptic your mother is again? How down in the dumps? How miserable?”

There was a poof!

Chen Daoping was so frightened that he hurriedly fell to his knees, “Mom, I was worried about you, how could Daoping have that kind of mind?”

“Oh? Then you are really my good son?”

Old Mrs. Chen slowly turned her head and looked towards Chen Daoping.

Under the light, she was still stained with incense ash.

But her old face, full of furrows and vicissitudes, looked like a ghost.

Tired, pale and bloodless.

Her eyes were bloodshot and bulging, as if they were about to fall out of their sockets.

Around the eyes, a gnarled, earthworm-like sinew was visible to the naked eye.

Even though Chen Dao Ping had seen it countless times, but at this moment, when he looked at Chen Lao Tai Tian, his heart was still beating wildly and his back was shivering with fear.

The old lady …… had endured too much in this burst!

The next second.

Old Mrs. Chen raised her hand and pointed in the void to the outside: “You see those corpses hanging up outside? There are 800, if not a thousand! D*mn it, since the Chen family became a family, even when Chen Daoling and Chen Daojun and the others were fighting for the position of family head more than twenty years ago, killing heads and spilling blood, there has never been such a spectacle, the old body is happy, so D*mn happy!”

“A bunch of poor, crazy dogs who only spy on the world in the dark net, for the sake of that hundred billion reward, they don’t want to die, cheap B*****ds, all a bunch of F**king cheap B*****ds!”

At first there was a smile on the old lady’s face that bordered on madness, but at the end of the day, it was a gnashing of teeth and a grimace.

“Mom, calm down, we’re already working on this matter.”

Chen Daoping hurriedly consoled, “Your old man is now the head of the Chen family, the leader of the Chen family, you can’t mess yourself up, messing up, where will you put the Chen family?”


Old Mrs. Chen’s robe violently stirred up a fierce Qi energy.

“Try living twenty-four hours a day, lying in bed with hundreds of guards standing outside, and people still rushing over to a*sa*sinate you?”

Old Mrs. Chen gritted her teeth and said, “With the sword of life hanging over her head, she can’t even ask Buddha for peace, this old body, the Chen family head …… is simply bullSh*t, who is handling this matter? The rest of the faction, which family is not night and day, the sound of S*x and dogs and horses? That Chen Daocheng …… is already getting married and having a wedding again.”

Speaking of this, the old lady’s bloodshot eyes were filled with resentment.

“The invitation, it is in the old body’s study, you …… have also received it, right?”

Chen Daoping’s lips were noisy and his face was red.

He was tempted to retort, but what the old lady said was the truth about the current state of the Chen family today.

No one cared how much the old lady had been rewarded for the Darknet Hidden Killers’ mission.

No one was thinking about how to solve the a*sa*sination of the Chen family’s “family head”.

Instead, the lights and the wine were far better than before.

Chen Daoye and his group belonged to Chen Daoling’s faction, but it was still quiet.

But the faction led by Chen Daoye has intensified, as if the Chen family is in an orgy.

The acting head of the family was being offered a hundred billion dollar bounty for his life, yet the Chen family was reveling internally.

It’s ridiculous to think about it!

On the contrary, it was breathtakingly realistic.

The invitation for Chen Daocheng to marry his wife was now lying in his pocket!

“Mom, there must be a way, there must be a way ……”

Chen Daoping didn’t know how to persuade, at this point words of comfort all seemed too pale in the face of the Chen family’s cruel reality.

“Get out of here, useless thing.”

Old Mrs. Chen waved her hand, her face full of impatience.

“And please take care of your health.”

With a complicated expression, Chen Daoping got up and left the Buddha Hall.

As he stepped out of the Buddha Hall, it was Old Lady Chen inside the Buddha Hall behind him who waved her hand.

Qi energy stirred.

With a bang, the doors of the Buddha Hall closed.

Chen Dao Ping’s body trembled, and his robe, on his body, was violently blown by the qi energy.

He looked complicated to the extreme, his lips mumbling.

After a few seconds of contemplation, he waved his hand in a breathless manner, “All retire for now.”

The crowd of chilled and frightened servants instantly rose as if they had been pardoned and retreated in fear.

Chen Daoping, on the other hand, looked back at the closed doors of the Buddha Hall with a complicated look, and then left with a sigh.

Inside the Buddha Hall.

Old Mrs Chen could not easily calm down.

She took out her mobile phone and dialled a phone number.

When the call was answered, she pleaded, “Sister …… only the Gu family can save me now!”

However, the reply on the phone caused Old Lady Chen’s face to be filled with sorrow, which instantly transformed into full-blown anger.

“Wait? You want me to wait too?”

Old Mrs. Chen gritted her teeth, “Sister, back then, I went out of my way to defile myself, with the stigma of being F**ked by that trash bow though daughter of the Chen family, and endured humiliation in the Chen family for decades, waiting for what is now, with the Chen family’s power in hand, you …… just don’t care about me anymore? The Gu family’s plan, should we go ahead or not?”

A few more seconds.

The old lady Chen’s body Qi energy uncontrollably declared out, bulging robe, more blowing away pale hair, like crazy.


The mobile phone in her hand exploded to pieces.

Under the light, the corners of the cloaked old lady’s mouth were pulled up: “If you’re playing with my life, then don’t even F**king play!”

On the other side.

In the courtyard of Chen Daocheng’s house.

The lights and the wine, the sound and the lust.

This has become the main tone of life for Chen Daocheng’s faction after the dramatic changes in the Chen family.

It was a celebration of the fact that Chen Daocheng and the others had become the ones with the biggest share of the benefits after the Chen family’s dramatic change.

It is nothing more than a longer celebration.

One of them lay on the lap of the plump woman, drunken eyes, said: “Brother Dao Cheng, the old immortal has gone crazy now, howling every day, she is also as stupid as a pig, really thinks that when she becomes the acting head of the family, she can call the shots, a few of us casually play with her, and she will go crazy, hahaha …… ”

Several people laughed and agreed.

“The old immortal really think the Chen family head is easy to be, she also do not think, really easy to be, back then Chen Dao Lin will kill the successor withered few, before succeeding to the throne?”

Chen Daocheng snorted, rubbed his nose and said disdainfully, “The old undead is just a jumping clown pushed up by us, let those killers play with her slowly and play her to the eighteenth level of hell.”

Another man said in a deep voice.

“Brother Daocheng, I think that wild B*****d Chen Dong has to be guarded against, after all, he is the nominal next head of the family, his name is rightful and recognized by the world, and he has worldly merits in his body, a word that stands shoulder to shoulder with the existence of Huo Zhenxiao, that wild B*****d is now the orthodoxy of our Chen family!”

“Chen Dao Ye those few B*****ds, at that time desperately tore out trillions of a*sets to Chen Dong that wild seed, also all the a*sets of an industrial chain, really let that wild seed will this trillions of a*sets rolled up, then it will …… be trouble.”

Once the words came out, everyone fell silent and looked grave.

The air, it was as if it was going to freeze.

The smile on Chen Daocheng’s face also disappeared, his gaze became shadowy like a poisonous snake, his killing intent awe-inspiring ……

Chapter 1380

The atmosphere was stern.

The crowd stared at Chen Daocheng.

One of them suggested, “Why don’t we hang that wild B*****d on the a*sa*sination mission of the Hidden Killers as well? If a few of us casually scrape together, it would be enough to kill him.”

As soon as the words came out, someone vetoed it.

“Hang my a*s, the Gu family, the Iga Ryu, and the Blood Angels Organisation they all hung that feral seed out of the Heavenly Kill Bureau, and they all failed to kill that feral seed, and in the end, they made the Blood Angels Organisation disappear overnight, and their main camp was blown into ruins, how can we hang it?”

Another man rubbed his face to dispel his drunkenness and chimed in.

“The Heavenly Killing Bureau was still launched by the Gu Family, the Iga Ryu and the Blood Angels Organisation, all these major powers themselves, the hidden killing bounty is all secondary, if it was simply a hidden killing bounty, have you forgotten what happened back then? That wild B*****d has Chen Daojun to protect him!”

As soon as the words left their mouths, the crowd’s expressions turned ugly.

Some even sighed in disillusionment and powerlessness.

The hidden killing bounty, there had been!

At the beginning, the Li family in Kyoto had sacrificed half of their family fortune to offer a reward to Chen Dong, vowing to take revenge.

What happened?

The actual fact is that Chen Daogun, the god of worldly killing, came straight down on the dark net and stopped that bounty a*sa*sination with the fierce power of being number one on the death list for twenty years.

And then ……, the richest man in Kyoto, changed his name!

The Li family, the former richest man in Kyoto,……, is now almost two meters tall!

The crowd was at a loss.

Chen Daocheng gently smiled: “Since we can’t kill Chen Dong that wild B*****d, Yin can’t, we still can’t come to Yang?”

At these words.

The crowd stared at Chen Daocheng with burning eyes.

“What does Brother Dao Cheng mean?”

Chen Daocheng shrugged, “Chen Daoling disappeared, Chen Dong’s B*****d was forced out of the Chen family, we are the biggest beneficiary of this drastic change in the Chen family, how much of the Chen family’s property are we holding now? If that B*****d dares to touch the trillions of a*sets, let’s meet him openly in the mall, if we can’t kill him, then we can acquire those a*sets and use money to smash that B*****d into a cripple.”

The crowd’s eyes lit up.

“Yang scheme, good, the trillions of a*sets that Chen Dao Ye and the others desperately tore out and stuffed into that wild B*****d’s hands, it looks like a lot, but compared to what we have in our hands, it’s a drop in the bucket!”

“Brother Daocheng is wise, we can kill that wild B*****d even if we casually smash it with money, just see if he dares to move this time.”

“But …… that wild B*****d is not a vegetarian, in just a year’s time, he has made his banner like that, to be reasonable, at the time when the family headship was set, if it wasn’t for the old man shamelessly helping Chen Tiansheng, Chen Tiansheng wasn’t even qualified to go on stage and compete with that wild B*****d! ”


There was a lot of noise and clamour, each expressing their own opinions.

When an objection arose, the crowd looked at the person who raised it.

Chen Daocheng laughed playfully and rubbed the bridge of his nose, “Chen Tiansheng and the younger generation, they haven’t even grown their hair, how can they compare themselves to us? We have all come through great waves and have played with eagles for half of our lives, how can we still be pecked by Chen Dong’s hairless fledgling?”

The crowd burst out in laughter at the words.

Chen Daolin’s disappearance and the dramatic changes in the Chen family had made it difficult for the major factions to tolerate each other, and Chen Daocheng’s faction was the biggest beneficiary of this dramatic change.

Now it seemed that the Chen family was headed by Old Lady Chen, but in reality, it was Chen Daocheng’s faction that was overwhelming the other factions.

Even Chen Daoye and the others were suppressed to death by Chen Daocheng and did not dare to make any rash moves.

It was with this kind of confidence that Chen Daocheng and the others were so confident that they had already eaten Chen Dong to death.

On the other side.

Inside Chen Daoye’s mansion.

Compared to the madness in Old Lady Chen’s house and the noise and lust in Chen Daocheng’s house, this house is more peaceful and serene.

In the hall.

Chen Daoye was sitting with some of his peers, and on the table in front of him, several cups of tea were steaming hot.

“Brother Dao Ye, the old lady is falling apart, do we need to do something?”

A middle-aged man said in a deep voice.

As soon as the words left his mouth, another middle-aged man echoed them, “Yes, Brother Dao Ye, the sound of chanting in the Buddha Hall on the old lady’s side has become noisy, and the old lady has been going crazy more and more often lately. We can’t let Chen Daocheng’s group continue to grow!”

The rest of the group looked at Chen Dao Ye with anxious eyes, showing their expectation.

With the disappearance of Chen Daoling and the expulsion of Chen Dong from the Chen family, the family lord’s faction was now led by Chen Daoye.

Since the dramatic changes in the Chen family, their faction had retreated at every turn, swallowing their anger and really suffocating.

Now that Old Lady Chen is nearly broken by the Hidden Killers’ a*sa*sination mission, it is the perfect time for their faction to save their losses.

Just ……

“Heh ……”

Chen Daoye, however, pulled the corner of his mouth and snorted, unhurriedly lifting the cup of tea in front of him and taking a light sip: “A dog bites a dog, a mouthful of hair.”

The few people beside him instantly revealed a confused look.

“Brother Dao Ye, what does that mean?” One man enquired.

Chen Daoye’s gaze was deep, but the snicker on his face did not diminish as he slowly swept his gaze over the crowd.

“The old lady chipped her head to become the head of the family, and now she has eaten her own fruit and collapsed into madness, and now Chen Daocheng is the only family, and has a spring in his step, do you …… understand?”

At these words.

The crowd was instantly enlightened.


A middle-aged man clapped his hands together and revealed a joyful look, “What Brother Dao Ye means is that their two factions will soon be pressing on?”

“Some people are happy and some are worried.”

Chen Daoye smiled faintly, “The family head has disappeared, we have hunkered down and cowered, and it may seem like we have lost a lot, but what about the reality? The Chen family was already raging with dark currents and factions fighting with each other, now that our faction has come down and Chen Daocheng and the old lady has gone up, the two sides are in a world of difference, and it is only a matter of time before a bloody fight is put on the stage.”

As he said this, a confident arrogance surfaced on Chen Dao Ye’s face.

“If the two sides are really fighting a bloody battle, then isn’t our retreating from the battle just like sitting back and watching the tiger fight?” One man said excitedly.

The rest of them were also overjoyed at this moment.

Compared to their current situation, it was obvious that it would be more beneficial for them if the two factions, Old Lady Chen and Chen Daocheng, completely tore their faces apart and put themselves on the stage to kill each other!

It was only when the water was muddy that they could feel the fish, and the current situation was just a precursor to the muddy water.

Chen Dao Ye swept his gaze across the crowd, “Instead of thinking about competing for the family’s interests, we should now focus our minds more on getting the family head back, and how …… we can help the young family head!”

“The trillions of a*sets in the same chain of industries can all be snatched from the Chen family by our desperate efforts to give them to the young master, what else can we do to help him?”

Chen Dao Ye shook his head and narrowed his eyes, bursting out with a cold aura.

“We can think of grabbing trillions of a*sets in the same chain, Chen Daocheng, the old lady and those at the helm of other factions would not know how terrifyingly powerful these trillions of a*sets really are? Would they …… stand by and watch the young master roll this snowball up and cause a major avalanche?”

The elation on several people’s faces disappeared and they frowned in contemplation.

It was also at this time.

The door of the mansion was suddenly pushed open.

A young man from the Chen family rushed in in a hurry.

“Dad, no, it’s not good, dead, dead people!”

The young man shouted at Chen Dao Ye, “Chen Dao Er, from Uncle Dao Cheng’s faction, died violently on his way home after leaving Uncle Dao Cheng’s mansion, and died horizontally by the roadside!”


The sound was like a thunderclap, booming loudly.

Chen Dao Ye and the others moved in unison and stood up in unison.

The faces of all of them were full of vicissitudes, and all of them looked horrified at the moment.

One of the middle-aged men even muttered, “Brother Dao Ye, really, really you are right, the fierce tigers …… seem to have started killing each other, come, come …… so fast!”