Winner Takes All Chapter 1377-1378

Chapter 1377


Gu Qingying was not stupid, she instantly reacted, her pretty face was full of shock, she raised her hand to cover her mouth and almost screamed out.

Chen Dong made a silent gesture, raised his hand to dotingly scratch Gu Qingying’s high nose, and said gently, “Little fool, no need for you to worry, you carry the baby well, the rest is with me.”

Gu Qingying’s complexion did not ease up.

In a trance, with a hint of fear, she looked back in the direction where Changeless had left.

Aunt Changeless …… Is there something wrong?


Subconsciously, Gu Qing Ying’s right hand gently touched her stomach.

After experiencing the nightmare of her baby’s death at the beginning, it now made her a bit cupid.

“Let’s eat, and come with me to see the Snow Lion later.”

Chen Dong smiled gently, as if the scene just now, had not happened.

In Xishu, he had lost touch with Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng, and was unprepared for the sudden appearance of Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng, which also brought about heavy doubts.

He did not believe that the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng was a person of great goodness, who had no reason to help him subdue the Zhuge family and teach Qin Ye, so there must be a demon when things go wrong. Even Chen Dong had vaguely surmised that at that time in the Qin family, the one who had scared away Gu Cang Yue with a blindfolded vision was most likely Xu Qingfeng!

After all, the time gap between the two was too short, and at the level of Gu Cangyue, those who could scare him to the point of retreating were only a few people at the top of the pyramid.

That’s why he wanted to swindle some words about Xu Qingfeng out of the mouth of the changeless.

But Impermanence …… is too cunning!

It seemed like panic and confusion, but in the end, it was clear that reason had prevailed.

The so-called wiping of wounds is just a winding back of words.

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying did not wait for Wu Chang to return. After eating, Chen Dong took Gu Qingying’s hand and walked to the front yard.

The formerly lavish and elegant garden had been completely transformed by Zhao Brezhong’s knife and axe work.

In the front yard, a huge beast cage was also set up.

The Snowy Lion was in the cage, and when he saw Chen Dong, his dull eyes shot out a brilliant aura and a whimper came out of his mouth.

The mere whimpering sound was not far from the beating of a drum and a jar of gold.

Such a ferocious beast, when placed in the snowy plains of the North, is a weapon of war for domination.

However, when placed within the domain, it was a bit of a constraint.

Gu Qingying snuggled into Chen Dong’s arms with some fear.

“It should have been galloping across the snowy plains, but now that it is locked up in this cage with me, it is also aggravating.”

Chen Dong rubbed Gu Qingying’s back and soothed while staring at the Snowy Lion in the beast cage, sighing a little.

The next second.

He slowly stepped forward and stood in front of the beast cage, raising his right hand.

The Snowy Male Lion that was whimpering in its mouth slowly lowered its head and brought the top of its head to Chen Dong’s hand, rubbing it gently.

It behaved obediently, like a kitten, where was there any semblance of the Herculean majesty of a fae beast king.

“Little Shadow, come here for a moment.”

Chen Dong gently stroked the top of the Snowy Lion’s head while gently calling out.

A touch of fear surfaced on Gu Qing Ying’s stunning face, and she still paced up and down to Chen Dong’s side.

“Give me your hand.”

Chen Dong lifted his left hand.

Gu Qingying was terrified and somewhat unsure, but still placed her right hand slowly into Chen Dong’s palm.

Chen Dong held Gu Qingying’s hand and slowly placed it towards the top of the Snowy Lion’s ah head.

This move caused Gu Qingying to lose her blossom and her right hand stiffened violently, “Husband, I’m afraid!”

After returning to the Tianmen Mountain villa with Chen Dong, the Snowy Male Lion had never displayed the brutality and ferocity of a fae beast, though.

But the oppressive feeling caused by its lofty mountain-like size alone was enough to make ordinary people look at it with fear and tremble in their hearts.

“It’s alright.”

Chen Dong smiled gently, “The Snowy Lion can also protect you during my absence.”

The tragic experience that he had once had was vivid in his mind, a nightmare that he and Gu Qingying could never linger on in their lifetime.

He would never allow the same thing to happen again.

Although the Snowy Lion was a ferocious beast, sometimes ferocious beasts were more reliable than people, perhaps.

After the beast king had returned to his heart, the Snowy Land Lion was absolutely obedient to him, even if …… it cost him his life.

Chen Dong did not know what changes would happen down the road, and he could only exert as much protection as possible on Gu Qingying and the child.

“Really, really?”

Gu Qingying’s pretty face was filled with fear, her gaze flickering.

“No fear, I’m here.”

Four simple words, coming from Chen Dong’s mouth, yet they seemed to have a kind of magic power, instantly reducing the fear in Gu Qingying’s heart.

Gu Qingying took a deep breath and calmed down a little.

Then she let Chen Dong take her by the hand and slowly lowered herself towards the head of the Snowy Lion.

During this process, her pretty face remained tense, her heartbeat banging, as if it was about to jump out of her chest.

But the warmth coming from her hands kept her from backing down.

She …… trusted the man beside her!

Just as the two men’s hands were about to land on top of the snowy lion’s head.

The snowy male lion’s pair of lion eyes exploded with fierce awnings, and the whimpering sound in his mouth, which was like a kitten, also became hideous all of a sudden.

Gu Qing Ying was so frightened that her delicate body trembled.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong’s expression was solemn, and his majestic aura was as vast as a mountain, directly suppressing the Snowy Lion.

“How dare you!”

The tongue burst into thunder.

The Snowy Lion’s mane rippled violently, the fierce aura in its eyes narrowed, and its mouth once again turned into a whimpering sound, and even its head once again bent down a little.

Gu Qing Ying’s hand landed on the top of the Snowy Lion’s head.

Such a scene caused a strange colour to bloom in her pair of beautiful eyes.

It was hard to imagine that such a supreme fierce beast could actually be obedient and docile in her hands.

“Remember, she is your mistress.”

Just as Gu Qingying was lost in thought, Chen Dong spoke slowly and firmly, “One day, if she is in danger, you must protect her as you protect me, you and I can both die, but only she cannot die!”

The Snowy Lion’s eyes slowly lifted.

At this moment, one man and one beast, four eyes facing each other.

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled and her pupils suddenly tightened for a moment.

She asked Chen Dong in a somewhat dazed manner, “It, can understand your words?”

Chen Dong smiled noncommittally.

Fae beast kings, their spiritual wisdom could not be measured in terms of ordinary beasts.

Not to mention, he had already obtained the Beast King’s Returned Heart from the Snowy Lion, and now, using his own name, he ordered the Snowy Lion, with the presence of the Beast King’s Returned Heart, it should not be difficult for the Snowy Lion to understand the meaning.

In a whirlwind, Chen Dong slowly let go of Gu Qingying’s hand.

Gu Qingying was a little nervous, but her left hand did not leave the top of the Snowy Lion’s head.

She gently rubbed it, as if she was stroking a well-behaved kitten.

The Snowy Lion, on the other hand, did not look any different, but on the contrary, he squinted his eyes slightly, showing a look of enjoyment.


Upstairs in the villa.

In front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, the curtains were half-hidden.

Changeless stood with a deep face behind the curtains, watching Chen Dong and Gu Qingying in the front garden.

She slowly picked up her mobile phone and dialled Chen Daojun’s number.

When the call was answered, Wu Chang spoke slowly.

“Xu Qingfeng has shown up, he, has met Chen Dong ……”

It was obviously a very simple sentence, but when he said it, it was as if Impermanence was using all his strength, his tone was trembling and undulating.

Chapter 1378

The front yard of the villa.

The lights are dim.

Gu Qingying stood in front of the animal cage, slowly stroking the Snowy Lion.

The silky touch in her hand made her very interested in the mane of the Snowy Lion.

The tension and scruples on her face gradually faded into nothingness.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, stopped by.

Quietly, however, he slowly raised his head, swept past the light and locked on the window position of a room upstairs in the villa.

That room was pitch-black.

But Chen Dong’s eyebrows, with the lock on the room window, but tightly wrinkled into a “Chuan” character.

“What the hell are you …… spying on?”

This was the thought in his mind.

With his current strength of “Qi”, it was easy to detect the prying eyes.

What’s more, the two were not on the same level of strength.

The difference in realm is a vast difference.

The difference in realm made even a mere prying gaze as clear as a mane.


Gu Qingying stroked the mane of the snowy lion as she cried out with a soft smile.


Chen Dong withdrew his gaze.

“The Snowy Region Lion’s fur is so comfortable, just like silk, when little Chen Dong comes out, why don’t you use this lion’s mane to weave a small piece of clothing for the child to wear?”

A playful look appeared on Gu Qingying’s face.

“Oooh ……”

Bang Teen!

The snowy male lion that was enjoying the petting instantly wailed, its lofty body hitting the ground heavily, and its pair of lion eyes even glared round, staring at Gu Qingying.

Chen Dong was also dumbfounded and almost choked on his saliva.

Sensing the alert and panicked gaze of the snowy lion, he mumbled his lips and said persuasively, “Honey, let’s gather something else, okay? At least you are the lion king, so save face.”

As soon as the words left his mouth.

The snowy male lion raised his two front paws and slowly rubbed them across his face, while burying his head in his arms.

This scene amused Gu Qingying, who let out a laugh.

She knelt down and nudged the Snowy Lion’s nose, “Alright, I’m just teasing you.”

Both Chen Dong and the Snow Lion let out a breath at the same time.

Immediately after, Gu Qingying stood up.

Her pretty face, which was originally covered in smiles, was now as serious as it could be.

She turned around.

Under Chen Dong’s stunned gaze, she suddenly raised her hand and pinched Chen Dong’s nose.

Chen Dong was caught off guard and choked a little, but he did not resist.

“You big fool, I forbid you to say silly things like that just now.”

A whirlwind.

Gu Qingying let go of Chen Dong and rubbed her entire body into Chen Dong’s arms, her hands tightly hugging Chen Dong’s waist as she said in a deep voice.

“What I want is for the family to be safe and sound and intact, what do you mean you and the Snowy Lion can both die, but I cannot? If you say silly things like that again in the future, I won’t spare you.”

Chen Dong revealed a gentle and doting look, the corners of his mouth curled up into a sweet smile.

He raised his hand to hug Gu Qingying and said with a smile, “Okay, according to you, all according to my little silly boy.”

Just as he spoke, under the lights, Chen Dong’s eyes were as firm and determined as never before, like a rock.


Seeing this scene, the snowy lion lying on the ground made a sound from its mouth while exhaling a heavy breath from its nose and turned its head sideways, no longer paying attention.

Upstairs in the villa, behind a dark window.

Changeless leaned against the corner of the curtain, breathing a little sharply.

“Has he sensed it?”

A murmured voice, as low as a mosquito’s whisper, echoed through the room.

Just now, although Chen Dong merely swept in with a single glance, he quickly returned to Gu Qingying.

But the changeless standing behind the curtain, at that instant, clearly had an extremely strong sense of crisis.

It was as if he was a prey and was instantly locked by a predator.

The voice of Chen Daojun rang out from the mobile phone by his ear.

The terrified Wu Chang’s body trembled for a moment.

In the darkness, she said in a deep voice, “Whatever? We’ve gone to great lengths to spy out Xu Qingfeng, and now that the man has met up with Chen Dong, you’re asking me to ignore it?”

In her words, there was a bit of anger.

There was another pause of a few seconds.

Impermanence added, “Okay, I believe you!”


The days after.

Every day, Chen Dong travelled to and from his home, the hospital and the Dingtai Company, three points in a row.

Going to the hospital was necessary to visit Elder Long and the others, while going to the company, he needed to make arrangements to start the trillion dollar a*set.

Previously, Dingtai Company was leading the full-scale expansion of Yike into the southwest region, with Elder Long in the lead.

The full presence of EVERTEC in the southwest region was an important step in Chen Dong’s plan to suck the blood from all over the region with a whale of a force.

When he first made such a decision, he was even dissuaded by Elder Long.

After his trip to the desert north and meeting with his father, he could not have made this decision any better.

Old Chen was corrupt, new Chen was established.

Since he was going to lead the newly established Chen family, it was only natural that he would do whatever he could to whale away all the resources of the Chen family.

Even if he had to cause the complete decay of the billion dollar industry in other regions for the sake of the southwest region, he would not hesitate to do so.

The southwest region is his main base, the rest of the world is the Chen family’s!

Not only did he have to dominate Yike matters, Chen Dong also had to deploy the trillion dollar a*set launch in advance, so that he could roll up the wheels of this trillion dollar a*set with thunderous momentum immediately after Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan’s big wedding.

It was an indisputable fact that the world was already in chaos.

It was only because he had been forced to leave the Chen family in the first place that the effect of this turmoil, which had rippled through his existing properties, was not obvious.

The storm was coming and the mountains and rivers were in turmoil.

He would make these trillions of a*sets explode into a power that would amaze the whole world on the day after March 19.

Of course, most of the time, Chen Dong spent on accompanying Gu Qingying, the calm before the storm, which he treasured beyond measure.

However, there was one thing that had been making Chen Dong anxious all this time.

That is, the other side of the ocean!

When Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing left in a hurry, they were never heard from again.

When Ye Yuanqiu returned, Chen Dong had specifically instructed them to look after his father-in-law and mother-in-law, but even now, there was no news.

Originally, Chen Dong had overlooked the many things that had happened during this period of time, but Gu Qingying’s words, “I’m pregnant, so I have to tell my parents the good news”, had instantly tightened his nerves.

Chen Dong had also contacted Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang, but the response he received was that the matter was still being traced.

This result was like a thorn in Chen Dong’s heart.

He didn’t dare to tell Gu Qingying directly, so he could only use excuses to put it off.

The thought that something had happened to his father-in-law and mother-in-law was growing like a weed in Chen Dong’s mind during this period of time.

If it wasn’t for his own worrying situation, he would have already flown to the other side of the ocean to conduct a thorough investigation himself.

Now …… can only wait in agony for news from the Hong Society.

It is also during this time.

The Chen family, however, is a different story.

The magnificent Chen family, as usual, is still rotating day and night, and in the Chen family airport, various private jets appear one after another.

There was a tide of guests and countless door-knockers.

It was as if the disappearance of the family head, Chen Daolin, had no effect on the Chen family and those who knocked on their doors.

Even though the bodies of the killers were already hanging in front of the Chen family pagoda, like wind chimes on an autumn day, swaying in the wind, it did not ease the flow of guests.

Inside the Chen family, however, it was already in disarray.

Inside the Old Lady Chen’s mansion, the sound of chanting was turned up to the maximum, echoing through the world.

The sound of the chanting was no longer the peaceful sound of the past, but was instead frenetic and harsh.

Inside the Buddha Hall, the sound of various objects being broken echoed with the sound of ping-ponging.

Outside the hall, the servants were on their knees, shivering and shivering.

Chen Dao Ping hurried in, and as soon as he saw the kneeling servants, his expression changed dramatically.

When he heard the sound of smashing inside the Buddha Hall, his heart beat wildly.

“Why is it happening again? How many times has this happened?”

Wailing, Chen Daoping ran towards the Buddha Hall with giant strides.

Just as he reached the door, a wooden fish flew straight over.

Chen Dao Ping dodged it and hurriedly shouted, “Mom, calm down, calm down!”

“Calm down? How do you expect me to calm down? Crazy people! They all want to kill me in exchange for their overnight riches, and I can’t sleep at night, I don’t know what to eat, how the hell do you want your mother to calm down?”

A shrill whistle echoed through the Buddha Hall.