Winner Takes All Chapter 1363-1364

Chapter 1363

Bang Teen!

In the silence, the sound of Chen Daolin’s knees hitting the ground was clearly very subtle, but it was like a loud bell blasting viciously in Chen Dong’s ears.

In an instant.

Chen Dong’s body felt like it had been hollowed out, and the sky spun around.

His feet staggered and he took two more steps backwards.

In his line of sight, his father was full of guilt and his old eyes were filled with tears as he knelt straight and straight.

This scene made Chen Dong’s whole body terrified and disoriented, as if his chest was stuffed with stones and blocked to the extreme.

The sun was shining brightly.

But at this moment, Chen Dong’s body was cold and his mouth was slightly open, as if he was drowning, yearning for air like never before, but the strong feeling of suffocation still engulfed him.

His mind was blank.

Terror, anger, resentment ……

All kinds of emotions were intertwined, as if they were going to completely devour Chen Dong.

From childhood to adulthood, he and his mother had been uprooted, fortified and moved step by step from the grey world, to the light.

He resented his father, very much so!

But even though he was resentful, he had never imagined that one day his father would actually kneel to him.

A father kneeling to his son, an ethical injustice, an act of divine retribution!

The reality was happening right before his eyes.

“Dong’er …… is sorry, it’s dad’s fault, it’s dad who failed to protect you!”

Chen Daolin knelt on the ground, allowing the wind and sand to rage on his body, tears flowing down the corners of his eyes, guilt and self-blame all over his old face.

It was hard to imagine that this man, who was worshipped by the world’s great families as a god, would behave in such an embarra*sing manner.

If word of this scene were to get out, it would shock the world!

There was no loftiness, no majesty, but only the boundless shame he felt for his son as a father and the self-reproach he felt for himself.

Chen Dong’s eyes were full of blood, trembling as he pointed his right hand at himself, “So …… I am the fruit of Pan Gu’s plan?”

Even though he had already guessed it, at this moment, Chen Dong still did not dare to believe it.

Human morality, as well as the education he had received, all made him unable to accept the truth before him.

Chen Daoling was silent and nodded with tears in his eyes.

“Heh ……”

Chen Dong suddenly laughed, a bleak laugh, “So, the reason you and my mother exist? Just to weave a normal human living environment for me?”

“No, Dong’er you are indeed my and your mother’s own blood, listen to my explanation.”

Chen Daolin suddenly became excited and made a move to kowtow to Chen Dong.

This scene caused a brilliant aura to explode in Chen Dong’s eyes.

In a flash of lightning.

He directly leapt in front of Chen Daolin with an arrow step and held Chen Daolin with both hands as he said coldly.

“Do you want me to suffer the wrath of Heaven?”

Chen Daoling froze for a moment, and then smiled bitterly, “Give dad a chance to explain to you.”

“Good, of course I want you to explain.”

Chen Dong nodded and simply sat down on the ground, took a deep breath, then took out a cigarette with trembling hands and lit one, gesturing to Chen Daoling again, “Want one?”

Chen Daolin shook his head and looked at Chen Dong in a complicated way.

“I came all the way over here to find out about the Pan Gu plan, so of course I have to listen to your explanation properly.”

Chen Dong was holding a cigarette in his mouth, and although he was smiling, his expression was somewhat forlorn and despondent.

Such an outcome was completely different from what he had expected before he came to Mo Bei!

Wait until Chen Dong had smoked half of a cigarette.

Only then did Chen Daoling gather his emotions, sat down on the ground and slowly spoke, “You are indeed the blood and bones of Lan’er and I. Lan’er and I are indeed your parents, and when your mother was pregnant with you more than twenty years ago, I left you, indeed to protect you, and at that time you were still a normal person.”

A normal person?

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, his heart raging with resentment.

He had become a biochemist in the “Pan Gu Project”, but he was still a normal person!

Chen Daolin’s expression was extremely complicated, and the way he looked at Chen Dong was full of guilt and intolerance.

He gritted his teeth and said, “The change came after I left, and even I only learned about it recently, from your uncle.”


Chen Dong was struck by lightning, and his expression suddenly froze.

I am the result of the Pan Gu Project, how could my father have learned of it from Chen Daogun?

Chen Daoling raised his hand and rubbed his face, smiling sadly, “I am to blame for not protecting you.

Chen Dong’s complexion sank, and his chest, already riddled with anger, felt as if it was about to explode.

His gaze drifted, and his memories were quickly pulled back to his childhood.

It was a dark, scrappy one, like a wild dog on the street, with no hope in sight, yet clenched in his teeth, hanging on for dear life!

Every scene, even every frame, was extraordinarily harsh.

Growing up, gradually Chen Dong chose to press his childhood memories deep into his heart, burying them to death, unwilling to recall them easily.

But now, his father’s words compelled him to remember.

He remembered his mother’s tired look as she toiled day and night after day.

He also remembered when he was collecting bottles on the streets to supplement his family’s income, having his legs broken in the street and thrown into the rubbish.

He also remembers being called a wild child by other children time and again, and each time it was his mother who stood in front of him with her frail body and scolded him back harshly.


“Hoo …… hoo ……”

The more he remembers, the more obscure and hollow Chen Dong’s eyes become, and the more ragged breathing comes out of his mouth and nose like a torn bellows.

Every frame of memory was extraordinarily heavy for him at this moment.

Chen Daolin saw Chen Dong’s state in his eyes, but did not stop, but said slowly.

“Some of the encounters in your childhood were actually intentional on the part of your eldest uncle!”

A very soft voice, but like a loud bell blasting in Chen Dong’s ears.


Chen Dong’s body shook violently, his eyes rounded and full of resentment as he stared at Chen Daoling.

“Eldest Uncle, intending to put me through some grievous encounters?”

With these words, Chen Dong seemed to squeeze them out of his throat with all his might.

His entire being was in a state of resentment, an explosion of disbelief.

Even quietly, his hands clenched into fists and creaked.

Chen Daolin nodded with tears in his eyes, indescribably heartbroken, and raised his finger to point at Chen Dong’s hands and feet.

“For example, your childhood broken hands and feet, is your eldest uncle secretly directed, and the purpose …… is in your pain again and again, cure you, in the process, change your genetic sequence, a little bit to make changes, so that your body little by little breakthrough, become stronger, all-round become stronger! ”

Chen Dong was stunned, he suddenly felt a little funny.

“Hahaha …… hahaha ……”

Suddenly, Chen Dong looked up to the sky and laughed out loud.

The laughter echoed through the Feng Bo ancient city, looking like a madman.

However, Chen Daolin clearly saw that Chen Dong, who was laughing upwards, had two lines of tears flowing down from the corners of his eyes.

Chen Daolin’s heart gave a fierce twitch, and even though he was sitting on the ground, he felt the agony of being in a frying pan.

As a father, who would want to see his child suffer any kind of hardship?

But his child’s childhood was already obscure enough, but under the covert manipulation of his elder brother, the obscurity was added to, and the pain of having his hands and feet broken again and again, even when he thought about it, Chen Daolin’s heart was dripping blood.

It was only a short time ago that he learned of this from Chen Daogun, who was his father and knew nothing about it!


Suddenly, a wave of Qi energy was declared from Chen Dong’s body.

It was overbearing and harsh, with killing intent stirring.

Chen Dong, who was laughing, fiercely lowered his head, and his scarlet and tearful eyes, like those of a bloodthirsty ferocious beast, stared deadly at Chen Daoling.

“You are truly a good father to me, and Chen Daogun is truly a good uncle to me! If it wasn’t for your help, I wouldn’t have been able to soar and rise to the top of the younger generation of martial arts in just over a year’s time, and I owe this honour to you!”

“I really have to thank you all!”

Chapter 1364

With every word, the resentment was overwhelming, and the anger was soaring to the sky.

Even Chen Daolin, facing Chen Dong at this moment, could not help but have his sweat hair stand up and his scalp explode.

If eyes could kill.

Chen Daolin had no doubt that the look in Chen Dong’s eyes would have shredded him to pieces!

But even as a father, he could only bear this monstrous resentment and anger of Chen Dong.

Even for himself, when he had just learned everything about Chen Dong’s childhood from Chen Daojun, his state was not much different from Chen Dong’s at this moment.

No one likes to be manipulated into doing everything as soon as they are born.

Nor does anyone like the fact that their upbringing was in fact artificially manipulated to become one bad luck after another.

Chen Dong’s current state, in Chen Daolin’s view, could not be more normal!

Back then, when the Chen family underwent a huge change, he returned to the Chen family with determination in order to fight for the position of family head and to protect Chen Dong’s mother and son.

This would have made Li Lan and Chen Dong’s life, a distressing and grey one.

What Chen Daogun did secretly was undoubtedly a big hand that straddled the heads of Chen Dong and Li Lan, completely and utterly enveloping the darkness over the two of them, as well as the earthly purgatory that descended on them.

“Dad ……”

Chen Dong pulled up the corners of his mouth, revealing a seeping cold smile: “You say, you and Uncle Daojun, in the end, how ruthless must you be? To achieve your goals, you will do anything, heaven and earth are unkind to treat everything as ruminants, what Chen Daogun did to me, manipulating me like a beast, he really went down on me.”

Every word, as if a red-hot sharp needle, stabbed Chen Daoling’s heart fiercely.


Chen Dao Lin’s body shook, his emotions were uncontrollable, and he burst into tears, “I’m sorry, I didn’t protect you and your son, but what’s done is done now, what’s done is done.”

“Are you excusing Chen Daojun?”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders, his gaze fierce, “Dad, do you know? Before I knew about this, I was really grateful to Chen Daojun, he helped me too much along the way, but now …… I suddenly find that Chen Daojun is so hypocritical, underneath his human skin, he is all snakes and scorpions.”

Rubbing a handful of face, Chen Dong gritted his teeth and squeezed out a hoarse voice from his teeth: “My mother and I lived like stray dogs for the first twenty years, destitute and in darkness in our lives, but I always gritted my teeth and moved forward a little with my mother, never doubting everything, but I never thought that someone would really come to change my fate, you say …… Chen Daojun what exactly does he see in a dead dog like me? In order to change my genetic sequence, actually for more than twenty years he has been happily directing and manipulating everything.”

“Because you are my Chen Daoling’s son!”

Chen Daolin smiled bitterly, tears rushing out like broken pearls, his body trembling, “Because you are the bloodline of our Chen family and the bloodline of the family head, that’s why he chose you, and if he doesn’t help you change your fate, what will you do today, twenty years later, to fight for the next family head position?”

Chen Daolin cried like a child, wiping a handful of tears from his face fiercely.

“This journey, you’ve come through, you’ve experienced it, do you think that if you just relied on me to help you behind the scenes and give you financial and resource support, you would have made it this far?”

Chen Dong did not hesitate and shook his head, “No, with Chen Tiansheng, Chen Tianyang and their group of elite-educated Chen family descendants alone, if I had not made sudden strides in the martial arts, I would have been a corpse in their hands!”

This was something that Chen Dong never denied.

At the beginning, there was still Elder Long and Kunlun sheltering him, but the further back he went, the more the strength of Elder Long and Kunlun became stretched.

If it wasn’t for Chen Daogun sheltering them openly and secretly, Chen Dong was certain that he would never have made it this far!


Chen Daolun’s tear-filled eyes suddenly became resolute and determined.

At this moment, even as he sat, Chen Daoling’s aura changed dramatically.

In Chen Dong’s line of sight, Chen Daolin was like a mountain being pulled up from the ground, becoming unreachable.

Even Chen Dong’s anger and resentment suddenly became small and weak in the face of Chen Daolin’s greatly changed aura.

For a moment, Chen Dong was speechless at Chen Daolin’s question.

“Dong’s son, if you want to wear the crown, you must bear its weight!”

Chen Daolin gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice, “Without what your eldest uncle has done, you would not have been able to compete with the younger generation of the Chen family, let alone overtake them and make the winner the king!”

Chen Dong’s lips mouthed.

Without waiting for him to say anything, Chen Daolin raised his hands and landed on top of Chen Dong’s shoulders.

“Adults have no right or wrong, only interests, only choices and compromises, anger and resentment only apply to the weak, at your age, you should understand, even in the adult world, compromise is more important than anything else!”

“Without the dark misery of your childhood, what would you have taken to meet the glory of today? The harder you are pressed, the higher you can bounce, and the darker it is, the more piercing light you can blossom!”

Chen Dong’s brows lowered, his shoulders drooped, and all at once he looked like a deflated ball.

The wind and sand howled.

Chen Dong’s despondent and dishevelled voice rang out.

“But you, no, you guys, never asked, what kind of life I …… really want.”

Chen Daolin froze.

Chen Dong slowly raised his head, his bloodshot eyes, mist welling up.

“I want a very simple ah, is Mom and Dad I, a family, can be plain, can be ordinary, can be simple, and then like ordinary people, live life on the line, at least when Mom and I encounter things, there is a mountain-like figure standing in front of us, to protect us, rather than when I was a child, have to rely on my mother’s frail body in front of me. ”

The words were tinged with tears.

Chen Dong was in tears, his lips trembling.

Chen Daolin, on the other hand, was even more frozen at this moment.

Feeling Chen Dong’s gaze, it was as if his entire person had instantly aged by dozens of years.

Half a long time later.

Chen Daolin smiled bitterly, “There is no choice, you are the bloodline of the Chen family, born as a king, destined for glory, even if you are no longer willing, there is no choice, all you can do is to compromise, the same compromise, Dad has also done.”

There was a pause.

Chen Daolin added: “Don’t blame your uncle, his eyesight gaze is farther than anyone else’s, he is also far beyond what we can compare to, back then, my generation of family head competition, I can become the family head, all thanks to your uncle’s commitment, he did all that, indeed cruel, but there must be his reasons.”

Chen Dong’s gaze froze.

He looked at Chen Daolin, and when Chen Daolin finished these words, his lips parted a few times, obviously hesitating about what to say or not to continue.

In the end, Chen Daolin chose to stop!

Chen Dong asked, “So, to what extent has this genetic transformation of mine been carried out?”

Chen Daolin’s gaze drifted for a moment and he bowed his head, “The same thing is being done by many powers, you are the crowned one, that is why they are looking for you, as for the extent, actually ……”

Chen Daolin deliberately stopped for a moment, his expression becoming incredibly complicated.

There was a few seconds of silence before he said helplessly, “No one is sure just how far you have been transformed now, even your Uncle Daojun is not sure, your genetic sequence transformation is beyond expectation, for example, your Dao heart seeding is far beyond your Uncle’s expectation!”

Chen Dong’s eyebrows knitted together and he clenched his teeth.

He did not wait for him to speak.

Behind him, a crying and hissing sound suddenly rang out.

“Why? Why do you want my Zheng family to be exterminated? It’s only a few dozen kilometres, why didn’t you save my Zheng family?”

Zheng Junlin!

Chen Dong’s body shook.

In an instant.

He felt a figure slanting and pouncing over.

There was a bang!

Zheng Junlin directly pounced on Chen Daoling, acting as if he was crazy, his hands deadlocked around Chen Daoling’s neck, gnashing his teeth ……