Winner Takes All Chapter 1361-1362

Chapter 1361

Zheng Junlin: “? 0?”

Chen Dong’s shout was like a bolt from the blue, bombarding Zheng Junlin with an outer

In a trance.

Zheng Junlin even felt that the sun above his head was not so blinding and scorching anymore.

His throat welled up and he swallowed a mouthful of saliva with a “thud”.


Is Brother Dong crazy?

He’s just confessing to a thief at the drop of a hat?

Zheng Junlin slowly turned his head sideways and stared at Chen Dong with his eyes wide open.

At this moment, Chen Dong was calm, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, his eyes shining brightly, and his whole body was overflowing with the confidence of a confident man.

Even the qi energy in his body had been collected back into his body.

“Dong, brother Dong ……”

Zheng Junlin mouthed his lips, his scalp tingling.

“What’s wrong?”

Chen Dong asked with a light smile.

Without waiting for Zheng Junlin’s response, Chen Dong raised his hand and rubbed his nose, smiling meaningfully, “Do you think that a Qi powerhouse that wants to track us might not be able to hide from me, but might not be able to hide from you?”

If it was before, Chen Dong was still not sure.

But after he had fought with the faceless man on the opposite side, he was certain that being discovered before was not at all something that the faceless man had done on purpose, but on purpose!

Strong qi masters, such as those who had understood qi, were more or less able to use qi to collect and conceal their aura.

One of the effects of such a change is that it is very helpful in tracking and concealing.

To an opponent who is also a Qigong practitioner, such a change may be better than nothing.

But for those below Qi Jin, it can be fatal!

When a fierce beast hunts, it is not how strong the beast itself is, but how close the beast can stalk to its prey without being detected by the prey!

This had its most visual manifestation in the biological chain on the gra*sland.

Zheng Junlin’s gaze flickered for a moment, his throat tightening a little as he slowly glanced sideways at the faceless man in the distance.

From the beginning to the end, the Faceless Man stood in place and did not make another move.

It was only with this glance that Zheng Junlin still felt a kind of sweaty panic, especially when his gaze fell on the white faceless mask’s empty eyes, those two empty holes, so dark and deep that they seemed to be able to suck him right in.

“Brother Ke Dong, what does it mean when you call your father at the drop of a hat?”

Zheng Junlin hurriedly withdrew his gaze and asked after him in an unsure manner.


Chen Dong thrust his bladeless heavy sword into the yellow sand beside him and said slowly, “We are travelling in daylight, there are definitely no tailers on the ground, and I have also paid attention to the air just now, and there is nothing unusual about it either, so there is only one possibility.”

His eyes burned and he raised his hand to point at the faceless man opposite.

“He, instead of tracking, was already here!”

The words were strong and resounding.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s face was filled with a bright smile.

Confidence and certainty, and at the same time, the relief of letting go of a huge stone in his heart!


As soon as the words left his mouth.

“If you don’t want to die, get lost!”

The faceless man on the other side suddenly let out a stern shout.


Gang fierce qi swept out, brutally lifting the yellow sand around him out.

A majestic, hellish killing intent came crushing down in a vast manner.

Zheng Junlin was terrified to the extreme, and his body was as cold as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, did not change his smile and raised his eyebrows.

“I bet you, won’t kill me!”

The words had not yet fallen.

Chen Dong lifted his foot and took a step forward, walking directly towards the faceless man.

This scene frightened Zheng Junlin’s five senses tensed up and his eyes were about to fall to the ground.

“Brother Dong!”

Reason made Zheng Junlin hurriedly catch up with Chen Dong, raising his hand to try to stop it.

However, as soon as his right hand touched Chen Dong’s arm, a soft but irresistible qi force directly flicked Zheng Junlin’s right hand away.

“Jun Lin, stand still.”

Chen Dong smiled proudly and kept his footsteps, “A tiger’s poison does not eat its son, I would like to see if my father, the man who abandoned his family, will put on a mask and then eat his son.

The words were sharp and piercing, and they were straight to the heart.

When he said these words, Chen Dong was staring at the faceless man opposite him.

He needed to use these words to determine whether the faceless man opposite him was his father or not!

The faceless man was motionless, not the slightest bit abnormal.

This caused Chen Dong’s heart to stutter.

Was it really …… a miscalculation?

But it shouldn’t be!

Zheng Junlin was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, watching Chen Dong walk towards the faceless man, but unable to stop him.

In his eyes, Chen Dong’s current move was tantamount to a moth to a flame.

Completely holding on to the idea of giving up on a battle and going straight for it, if the Faceless Man suddenly burst into a rage, the consequences would be unthinkable!

Chen Dong’s words were able to fill in some logic though.

But it was not enough for Zheng Junlin to completely let go of his worries.

The most crucial point, and the one that confused Zheng Junlin the most.

That was …… what made Chen Dong so certain that the faceless man was his father?

The Chen family’s heavenly change, the family head missing, this matter Zheng Junlin was also a personal experience that day.

But Chen Dong’s words only extrapolated that the faceless man was not tracked, but was supposed to be in this windy old city, but did not explain at all why he was certain it was Chen Daolin!

Whether the Faceless Man was Chen Daolin or not was a consequence of two very different things altogether!

The sun was shining brightly.

It stretched the shadows of the three men.

The yellow sand swept by, and the whistling wind sounded.

As Chen Dong took one step, walking idly towards the faceless man.

Zheng Junlin’s scalp exploded and he held his breath, as if the temperature around him had plummeted to freezing.

Tension, apprehension, fear, worry ……

The first thing you need to do is to get your hands dirty.

In the silence, the air seemed to freeze completely.


Without warning, the faceless man’s qi suddenly exploded out like a flood.

The yellow sand was lifted to the sky, sweeping upwards and blurring the vision.

The aura pressure was like a mountain or a prison, and in an instant it was like a big hand pressing across the whole field.

“Brother Dong!”

Zheng Junlin’s vision instantly blurred, his features twisted, and he cried out in terror, desperate as if he had fallen into a boundless hell.

Almost simultaneously.

Out of the tossing yellow sand, Chen Dong’s angry rebuke rang out at the same time.

“Come on! You can leave your family behind, you can live and put the Chen family at risk, what else can you not do?”

The angry rebuke was full of resentment.


Suddenly, the yellow sand swept by the qi energy gave a violent lurch and swirled, quickly settling towards the ground.

Zheng Junlin hurriedly looked away in fear and apprehension.

In the line of sight.

Chen Dong had already arrived close to the Faceless Man, and the Faceless Man’s right hand had already imprisoned Chen Dong’s neck.

With a little force, Chen Dong’s neck could easily be broken!


Just as Zheng Junlin’s gaze was fixed on him.

The Faceless Man slowly lowered his right hand, while raising his hand to remove the faceless mask from his face.

Under the bright sun.

Chen Daolin’s face slowly revealed itself.

With a soft gaze, he looked at Chen Dong in front of him and smiled with relief.

“Brat, how on earth did you find out?”

Chapter 1362

“Really, it’s really the Chen Family Master?!”

Zheng Junlin was completely dumbfounded and rubbed his eyes hard in disbelief.

If he had not seen it with his own eyes, Zheng Junlin would not have believed that Chen Dong had really …… bet right!

The Chen family birthday banquet changed the sky in one day and shook the world.

The cause was the sudden disappearance of Chen Daolin!

However, after confirming that it was really Chen Daolin, the surprise on Zheng Junlin quickly disappeared and was replaced by a gloom shrouding him.

However, at this moment, neither Chen Dong nor Chen Daoling noticed this sudden change in Zheng Junlin.

Facing Chen Daolin’s enquiry.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled confidently, “When Kunlun and I went to Desolate North to look for you, weren’t you also here?”

“That’s all?”

Chen Daolin’s face was filled with amiability and gentleness, devoid of the family head’s unruffled superior demeanour.

At this moment, no one was paying attention within this Feng Bo ancient city.

He was simply a doting father, facing his son and revealing the amiable gentleness he should have.

“I pushed it out against my will.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and gave an odd smile, “At first I also thought you had decided to meet me and Kunlun here on the spur of the moment, but the day the Chen family had an accident and you suddenly disappeared, the Pan Gu plan was used as a reason for all the forces to come straight to me, the Gu family, the Iga Ryu, the Li family, Master Kongkong …… ”

After a pause, Chen Dong shrugged helplessly, “The Gu Family, Iga Ryu and I are all old enemies, but the appearance of the Li Family and Empty Master left me baffled, and on the very day you disappeared, Empty Master directly boarded the Chen Family, threatened with Little Shadow’s life, and forcibly demanded three drops of my blood.”

The words came out.

On Chen Daolin’s placid face, his expression visibly froze for a moment, the corners of his eyes suddenly tightened and his veins pulsed twice.

All of this fell into Chen Dong’s eyes.

Only that Chen Dong did not want to pursue the matter.

He continued, “In itself, I was baffled by the initial Heaven Killing Game, I felt that the situation was no longer just as simple as me becoming the next head of the Chen Family, after the latter, after your disappearance, the huge changes in the Chen Family, and the various forces coming to me, I became even more certain that becoming the next head of the family was just the beginning, the winner is the king is far more than that! ”


Chen Daolin nodded, “Continue.”

Chen Dong smiled and continued, “I was forced to leave the Chen family by all the forces of the Chen family, Uncle Dao Ye and the others desperately solicited trillions of a*sets for me, later on Uncle Dao Ye even brought a few uncles to my door personally and gave me the Pangu Biotechnology Equity Agreement, from this point on I started to feel that something was not right.”

“The latter was when something happened to the Zheng family, the Gu family and the Iga flow exterminated the Zheng family, the Zheng family had over a hundred people, only Jun Lin remained, and it was Jun Lin who gave me the Pangu jade pendant.”

Shrugging his shoulders, a hint of hostility flashed in Chen Dong’s eyes.

The Zheng family’s extermination was a thorn in his heart, and without paying in blood, not to mention Zheng Jun Lin, even he himself would find it difficult to pull out this thorn!

“Even here, after I scouted out the non-existence of Pangu Biotechnology Company, I didn’t even think of doing my best to track it down, until when Li Family and Gu Family’s Gu Cang Yue made a move against Qin Ye to lure me to the Qin Family in Xishu, Li Family’s Li Danggui directly mentioned the Pangu Plan in my face.”

Speaking of this, the hostility in Chen Dong’s eyes grew even thicker, with oozing blood climbing on his eyeballs.

His lips trembled, “In this very battle, my brother, my brother’s wife, and his sister were all seriously injured, you know? Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan had both planned their wedding at that time, but this battle left Zhang Yulan alive but never awake, and it was from that moment that I made a ruthless decision that I had to find out exactly what this Pan Gu plan was!”

Chen Dong took a deep breath, his nasal voice was a little jarred, and his body was trembling a little.

He stomped his foot.

“Jun Lin helped me a lot, he was the one who found the clues left behind by the Zheng family head during his lifetime, Little Kunlun …… Heh, if I didn’t know that Feng Bo Ancient City was Little Kunlun, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to find out even if I ordered the world to investigate thoroughly, right?”

“I’m not asking you to repeat it, but to tell me why you’re certain it’s me!”

Chen Daolin’s brows were knitted together, his face solemn, and he spoke in a deep voice.

“Why don’t I retell it? The source of all of this is the chain reaction caused by your sudden disappearance at the birthday banquet that day, and I am telling you what I and the brothers and friends around me have been going through since you disappeared!”

Chen Dong gritted his teeth, squeezed out a sentence from his teeth, and smiled blatantly, “The Zheng family rose to power because of you, and the Zheng family master left behind ‘The Immortal caressed my top, and taught the Little Kunlun’, which refers directly to this Feng Bo ancient city, so why can’t I still guess?”

“The first time you disappeared, it was here that I met you!”

“This time, without any outsiders, a third person appeared out of nowhere, or deliberately revealed his whereabouts to me, why can’t I bet it was you?”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes and his gaze was as harsh as sword Qi, piercing straight through the heart.

“I’ve been gambling all my life, since I was a child, when I followed my mother step by step in her uprooted life, I’ve been gambling on my life all the time, why do you think I don’t dare to gamble on my life instead now?”

“Dong’er ……”

Chen Daolin’s body trembled and his guilt was undisguised.

Chen Dong, however, exhaled a heavy breath, instantly suppressing the clutter of painful thoughts, and said, “Then, it is now your turn to tell me what exactly the Pan Gu plan is, my good father.”

“I ……”

Chen Daolin was momentarily speechless.

The sun was shining brightly.

The heat should have been raging.

But this side of the world where Chen Dong and the three of them were, seemed to be still and frozen, and the atmosphere was extraordinarily cold and sluggish.

Everything seemed to have been frozen with Chen Daolin’s speech.

There was a full five minutes of silence.

Only then did Chen Daolin slowly say, “Pan Gu opened the heavens, Nuwa created man, the so-called ‘Pan Gu Project’ is actually a genetic transformation, intercepting the top genes of all humans, synthesizing a complete chain of genetic sequences, creating the strongest biochemical human!”

There was no excessive elaboration, a flat narrative, which was obviously the way Chen Daolin had finally decided to choose to spill out in his silence just now.

However, even these few words were still like a thunderclap.

It was still like a shocking thunderstorm, blasting Chen Dong’s mind blank.


Chen Dong staggered back a step with weak steps, his eyes blackened, and all his energy was now empty.

With all his strength, he squeezed out a sentence, “What is the purpose of you doing this?”

“Strength! The pursuit of the strongest strength is the only way to gain more than enough say in this world!”

Chen Daolin did not hesitate any longer at this moment, his gaze was stern as he said, “Underneath the seemingly civilised exterior, the inside is still a savage beast, the weak are strong, the winner is king, not only are we doing it, other forces, too, all are doing it, all are pursuing the pinnacle of strength!”

Chen Dong was dumbfounded, completely and utterly dumbfounded.

A few words, but they had shattered his nearly thirty years of knowledge, completely and utterly.

Before this, he was incomparably longing to know about the Pan Gu plan, but at this moment, every word uttered by his father was like a heavenly thunderbolt that blasted at his body.

He was in a trance.

What was left of his sanity made Chen Dong think of himself.

He smiled sadly, “So the reason they are looking for me is ……”

He raised his finger and pointed at himself, the “Pan Gu Project” had already been revealed, so was it hard to guess the reason why the major powers had inexplicably approached him?


As soon as the words left his mouth.

The guilt on Chen Daolin’s face was like a tidal wave, and he instantly burst into tears.

With a poof!

Without a word, Chen Daolin knelt heavily on the ground, pensively straight.

To his own son, he knelt down!

A father kneeling to his son!