Winner Takes All Chapter 1359-1360

Chapter 1359

This moment.

Even Chen Dong’s mind set off an uproar.

He was certain that the Zheng family head’s calligraphy and paintings were not clues because the contents were simply too ethereal.

But if there really was a Little Kunlun, the so-called evanescence would have fallen to the ground and there would be traces of it!

Zheng Junlin was panting, not knowing whether it was due to excitement or to the fact that he had just rushed over.

He did not speak immediately, but let go of Chen Dong, turned around and closed the door, and after folding back to Chen Dong’s side, he looked around a little more.

Everything seemed so cautious!

Chen Dong did not rush, for a single Pan Gu jade pendant had brought about the Zheng family’s tragic death.

What were the a*sa*sins of the Gu family and the Iga Ryu seeking for a mere jade pendant?

Obviously it was the “Pangu Plan” behind the pendant!

There are ears on the wall, so be careful!

Immediately afterwards, Zheng Junlin whispered to Chen Dong, “Ancient City of Wind and Waves.”

The Ancient City of Wind and Waves?

Chen Dong froze for a moment, feeling that the name was somewhat familiar.

Instantly, his brow furrowed into a “Chuan”.

In the end ……


A roar went through Chen Dong’s mind and his body shook violently.

The five senses even became distorted and trembled as the memory surfaced.

He remembered!

When his father had first disappeared and he had come to the Zheng family in the desert to look for traces of him, the place where his father had asked him to meet him was – the Feng Bo ancient city!

At that time, he and Kunlun drove there, and not only did he meet his father there, but he also encountered an aerial chase by three helicopters!

As memories surfaced, a scene from that time also jumped out clearly in Chen Dong’s mind.

He even remembered what his father, who was driving the car, had said to him when he was facing a critical situation and Kunlun was seriously injured!

“The weak are controlled, the strong control themselves, and the king controls everything!”

These words were always a warning to him.

But he never imagined that what was at first nothing more than a ruined ancient city site would be …… Little Kunlun!

If the Feng Bo Ancient City was Little Kunlun, and the calligraphy and paintings left behind by the Zheng Family Master were indeed clues, then perhaps the original appointment for his father to meet at the Feng Bo Ancient City was not at all some impromptu venue decided upon, but …… he had simply been there all along!

For a while, as memories surfaced, Chen Dong’s thoughts flew around and he thought of many, many things.

When Zheng Junlin saw Chen Dong staring motionlessly, he could not help but urge, “Brother Dong, perhaps …… we have really found it!”

The voice came out as if he was squeezing his throat with all his might because he was so excited.

Last night, Chen Dong’s words made him all but take it for granted and give up the idea.

It was only when he returned to his room and lay on his bed that he tossed and turned and found it hard to sleep, his mind kept coming back to what his father had said when he was drunk, making it difficult for him to give up the thought, as if a hook was always hooked in his heart.

That was why Zheng Junlin had used the Zheng family’s intelligence agency overnight to find out where Little Kunlun was.

Of course, this was the only thing that could be found out in the two lines of text!

Although the Zheng family had been exterminated, those who had been exterminated were all those in the Zheng family’s mansion, as for the Jun Lin Group, and the Zheng family’s industries, as well as the Zheng family’s intelligence force, they hadn’t been broken at all.

After he quickly took over everything from the Zheng family, he quickly smoothed out the turmoil in all the properties under his command.

Even Zheng Junlin himself did not expect that his reluctant investigation would really turn the tide of events around!

“Let’s go, to Feng Bo Ancient City!”

Chen Dong forced down the complicated thoughts in his mind, and his eyes shone brightly.

As long as he could figure out the Pan Gu Plan, he would be able to clear up the clouds and the situation before him, as well as the killing intent of the major powers towards him and the secrets he was carrying.

A series of doubts, like a fog, were woven into an invisible net in Chen Dong’s mind, covering him in a deadly way, suffocating him like a drowning man.

He hated this feeling.

Now that he had a clue, it was time to put everything together and find out what was going on!

Ten minutes later.

A black jeep, drove out of the Zheng family mansion.

Not long after it sped along the road, the black jeep whipped around and went straight off the road, swooping into the roiling yellow sand, sweeping up the rolling sand and eventually disappearing from sight.

It was bumpy and ups and downs.

Zheng Junlin gripped the steering wheel with both hands, trying hard to pick slightly better ground to pa*s on to reduce the bumps.

Chen Dong, meanwhile, sat on the pa*senger side, his gaze deep and fixed ahead.

“Brother Dong, aren’t we being too rash in doing this?”

Zheng Junlin said with some concern, “It’s too much of a splash for us to charge straight to Feng Bo Ancient City in broad daylight, just in case ……”

“If someone is really following, is it necessarily better to go at night than during the day?”

Chen Dong teasingly smiled and raised his finger to point at the car’s rearview mirror, “Look at the rolling yellow sand behind the car, on the endless desert, what better way to spot a tracker?”

Zheng Junlin glanced at it diagonally and instantly understood.

This was not in another region, but in the north of the desert, an endless desert where the rolling yellow sand took up almost ninety percent of it, and at a glance, vegetation was nothing more than a speck in the yellow sand.

During the day their movements would be exposed, but if they were tracked, they would also certainly stir up the rolling yellow sand, and it would not be difficult to spot them. Once discovered, there was more scope for making changes halfway through the trail.

And at night, when the moon is clear and the stars are thin, even if the sands are stirred up, they will be hidden in the night.

“It’s a long way from Zheng’s house to Feng Bo Ancient City, and the only way someone would want to follow them is up there, apart from driving.”

Chen Dong pointed overhead and smiled gently, “We can discard one tracking method during the day, at night, the other side can have more options in the way they track.”

“Understood, Brother Dong.”

Zheng Junlin dispelled the doubts in his mind and increased the throttle once again.

The jeep was like a beast, and with a hiss, its speed increased once again.

While Chen Dongduan sat on the pa*senger side, he slowly turned back and looked at the bladeless heavy sword in the back seat.

Let’s hope …… won’t even use it!

When Chen Dong and Zheng Junlin drove to Feng Bo Ancient City, there was yellow sand and broken walls as far as the eye could see.

A trail of crumbling walls stood everywhere, and vague traces of the ruins of the ancient city could still be spied.

Only compared to the last time, the Feng Bo ancient city was now clearly covered with thicker yellow sand.

“This yellow sand is really fast.”

Chen Dong got off the cart, carrying his bladeless heavy sword, and lamented, “Last time I came, I wasn’t submerged this deep.”

“It’s normal, the sands in the north of the desert are like that, the change of seasons and the change of wind direction might also expose more of the Feng Bo ancient city.” Zheng Junlin said.

With a whirl.

The two of them were walking towards the ruins of the Wind Wave Ancient City against the sun.

The sun in the north of the desert was now a bit scorching, and the shadows of the two men were stretched out in the sunlight.

It was quiet all around, except for the sound of the wind and sand whistling.

But when Chen Dong and Zheng Junlin swept past a broken wall, the corner of Chen Dong’s eye inadvertently caught a glimpse of something shifting in the slant.

This made his calm expression instantly stern, his eyebrows knitted, and the coldness in his eyes even colder.

Chapter 1360

Zheng Junlin did not notice, and walked forward with a focused expression.

Chen Dong also did not remind, the slightest movement at this point would have alerted the snake.

He paused and frowned in the direction of the diagonal spike.

There was a rammed earth wall spanning there, which was somewhat obscured, so the shaking just now, Chen Dong was not sure if it was really there or if he was just blind.


When Chen Dong’s gaze fell to the other side of the rammed earth wall, it was empty and there was nothing.

Was it really a blur?

Chen Dong raised his head and looked at the sun in the sky.

The sky was as clear as blue, and the sun was surrounded by a few circles of light, which was a bit blinding.

He did not linger, but quickly followed Zheng Junlin.

But the “flowery eyes” just now had always left Chen Dong with a lump in his throat, and his state was no longer as relaxed and casual as it was at first.

“Brother Dong ……”

When Chen Dong followed Zheng Jun Lin, who had been walking unhurriedly, he suddenly looked at Chen Dong in a meaningful manner.

Chen Dong’s heart and soul flinched.

The look in Zheng Junlin’s eyes was clearly asking, just now he did not fail to notice, but pretended to be fine before continuing forward!

This kid …… has grown up really fast!

If the Zheng family head knew in heaven that he could see Jun Lin growing up this fast, he should also be relieved.

Chen Dong shook his head stonily at Zheng Junlin, the hesitation in his heart, however, became certain at this moment.

If it was just himself, he might have been mistaken.

But Zheng Junlin was aware of it, so obviously that scene just now had really happened!

Side by side, the two of them continued to walk deeper into the Wind Waves Ancient City.

As they went deeper, the broken walls around them, too, became more dense, like a forest, intricate and intertwined.

Coupled with the whistling wind and sand, it was impossible to keep one’s eyes open, greatly obstructing one’s vision.

Apart from the whistling wind, the only sound around was the “rustling” of the two men’s feet on the yellow sand.

It was deadly silent.

But the scene just now was like a lingering haze that hung over Chen Dong and Zheng Junlin.

Although the two men remained in silence.

They did not speak up, nor did they look for traces of the “Pan Gu Project”, but instead they wandered haphazardly through the broken walls and ruins.

“King’s Landing ……”

As he wandered, Chen Dong suddenly called out in a soft voice.

The voice was so soft that it was almost inaudible over the “whistling” wind.

Zheng Junlin turned his head towards Chen Dong and looked at him.

Chen Dong’s gaze gestured to his left and right.

Zheng Junlin immediately understood, showing a dazed look.

The next second.

Without warning, the two of them ran out towards the left and right at the same time.

Since they knew that there might be someone in the shadows, the first priority was not to look for clues, but to lure that person out and …… cut him down!


Chen Dong had just run out wildly about ten meters away and rounded a wall when, not far away, there was a sudden muffled sound, along with a miserable scream from Zheng Junlin.

“D*mn it!”

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened and he immediately rushed towards Zheng Junlin’s location.

He wanted to lure the man in the shadows to reveal himself, but he did not expect that the other party would be so rampant that they did not hesitate in the slightest, and in an instant, they chose the soft persimmon, Zheng Junlin, and squeezed it fiercely!

“Brother Dong, help!”

Zheng Junlin’s cry for help came from him.

Chen Dong’s gaze looked out and saw a roll of yellow sand lifting up behind the rammed earth wall not far away.


In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong directly raised his bladeless heavy sword.

A fierce and domineering sword Qi swept through the blade of the Bladeless Heavy Sword.

With an explosive cry, the sword slashed directly at the rammed earth wall on the opposite side.

The sword qi was rampant and overbearing.

It ploughed the ground along the way, raising rolls of yellow sand, and slashed at the rammed earth wall with a blast.

There was a loud boom.

The wall of rammed earth, which had endured through time without falling, exploded into a large hole in response.

Smoke and dust rolled.

Chen Dong could vaguely see a human figure rushing towards him in the smoke and dust.

“Brother Dong, it’s me!”

Zheng Junlin’s voice then exploded.


The words had not yet fallen.

Behind Zheng Junlin, the wind suddenly gusted, and the fierce wind swept the rolling yellow sand towards Chen Dong and Zheng Junlin.

Vaguely, a human figure leapt up in the air, like an eagle swooping down to hunt, directly pouncing on Zheng Junlin.

“Jun Lin, get down!”

Chen Dong’s expression was stern as his Qi surged, shooting out like a cannonball.

Zheng Junlin, who was running wildly, was full of panic and blood was still left at the corner of his mouth.

At the same time as Chen Dong shouted, he did not hesitate in the slightest and his body smashed directly onto the yellow sand.


A sword qi grazed Zheng Junlin’s back and cut directly across the man behind him.

Just as the sword qi reached the falling man, an invisible, fierce qi swept out from that man’s body.

There was a bang!

The sword qi dissipated.

Chen Dong, however, took advantage of this gap and had already reached Zheng Junlin’s side, his bladeless heavy sword roaring in his hand as if it was a great mountain moving across, slapping directly at the killer.

Bang Teen!

There was a loud sound, and the impact of Qi energy turned into a wave of Qi visible to the naked eye, sweeping across the air in mid-air.

The killer was swatted away by Chen Dong’s sword.

At the moment of impact, a terrifying force instantly swept along the bladeless heavy sword and swept towards Chen Dong’s right arm.

Chen Dong staggered back two steps and fixed himself with a thud as his foot sank into the yellow sand.

However, his right arm kept trembling, and he could even feel a paralyzing sensation, as if a million ants were biting him.

What a domineering force!

Chen Dong’s heart was greatly alarmed, and his expression was grave as he looked towards the figure in the distance who had also been shaken out.

Yellow sand filled the air.

The figure stood in place, with two deep footprints beneath his feet, apparently also forcing the ground to collapse and hold his form.

The figure was tall, wrapped in a black robe, and beneath a spacious hood was a white, faceless mask, except for two round holes in his eyes, revealing two stern, domineering gazes.

Such a costume, set against the deadly silence of the surroundings, looks extremely eerie and ominous.

It was like a ghostly haunting.

Qi energy swept up from beneath the man’s feet, drumming up the black robes to dance gently.

“Brother Dong, this guy is very strong!”

Zheng Junlin, who had escaped, scrambled up from the ground and stared at the faceless man across from him with fear and trepidation.

Chen Dong’s lips mumbled and was about to speak when his gaze suddenly froze.

While Zheng Junlin was speaking, he raised his right hand.

In his right hand, he was holding a pistol that had been bent into a pile of scrap metal.

But it was only a shock.

In the brief exchange of blows just now, the qi displayed by the other party and the strong and domineering power, it was as easy as a hand to instantly turn the pistol into a pile of scrap iron.

To put it politely, Chen Dong himself could do the same!

After his astonishment, Chen Dong looked around with a deep gaze, but as far as he could see, there was nothing else but the broken walls of Feng Bo Ancient City and the yellow sand in the distance.

Immediately, he shook his head again and looked at the turquoise sky, the halo of the sun was equally blinding.

“Brother Dong, be careful!”

Zheng Junlin reminded fearfully, “It’s already this late, why are you distracted and looking around?”


As soon as the words left his mouth.

However, Chen Dong let out a “pfft” laugh.

Zheng Junlin was instantly confused.

He did not wait for him to ask a question.

But Chen Dong shouted with a smile, “Dad!”