Winner Takes All Chapter 1357-1358

Chapter 1357

Xishu Airport.

With a control ban, the entire route between Xishu and the desert north was banned from flying.

This has created quite a stir in the airport.

The halls were filled with complaints and noise.

But as the exclusive seat of the Zhuge family flew onto the runway and was revealed to the public, everyone was silenced.

In Western Shu, the Zhuge family is now the number one family and can be considered to be the most powerful family in the world.

Even ordinary people can pry into some details of the Zhuge family.

For example, ……’s exclusive car, the Rolls Royce Phantom with the Nine to Five number on it.

Just as quickly, the crowd was stunned and dumbfounded.

The Rolls Royce sped up to a waiting plane under the attention of everyone, and as the door opened, Zhuge Laozi and Zhuge Qing got out at the same time, but stood respectfully by the side of the car, and greeted a tall figure dressed in a suit from inside the car.

Because of the distance, the crowd could only see the back of that figure.

But the respectfulness of Elder Zhuge and Zhuge Qing came from a long distance away.

It was as if it was a heavy hammer that hit everyone’s eyeballs with a bang.

The whole room was dead silent and dumbfounded.

This scene …… was real?

In Western Shu, who could make the family head of the Zhuge Family, respectful like this?

Personally seeing him off and getting out of the car to greet him, who was that man …… anyway?

Until the plane took off, the people in the airport lobby never saw that figure’s front face.

But, just a back figure, but engraved into everyone’s heart, shockingly lingering.

It was only as Elder Zhuge and Zhuge Qing left that the crowd in the hall gradually came back to their senses.

The scene just now was also like a hurricane, spreading rapidly.

Some people who had just woken up hastily took out their mobile phones and photographed the back of Master Zhuge and Zhuge Qing, who were waiting respectfully, and uploaded it onto the internet.

In a very short time, it had caused a crowd on the internet.

Chen Dong, who was the person in question, was sitting on the plane at the moment, looking out at the sea of clouds, but his heart was unable to calm down.

Apprehension, anticipation.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose: “Jun Lin, what exactly did you find out?”

The situation had finally torn open, and once the clues came true, Chen Dong was certain that within a short period of time, he would completely rip open this opening and see what this situation, which was hidden behind the world, really was!

Father, Uncle Daojun, the Gu family, the Iga Ryu, the Li family ……

One by one, the characters and also the forces were intertwined in Chen Dong’s mind.

In the dark, he always felt that it was all related to breaking the Bureau.

From the time the Bureau of Heavenly Killing was first created, he was actually puzzled.

It made sense for the Gu family to kill him because of Old Lady Chen.

But, what about the Iga Ryu and the Blood Angels organisation?

And the sudden appearance of the Empty Master at the back, the Li family to which Li Danggu belonged, what was the purpose?

There are always demons when things go wrong.

There is no inexplicable hatred, nor is there any inexplicable killing intent.

Chen Dong doesn’t believe in fate, he simply doesn’t believe in any heavenly fatalities, destined to commit death!

Everything …… should have a cause and a reason!


When the plane landed at the Mo Bei airport, it was already dusk.

On the way, Chen Dong was always in anticipation and apprehension, and did not sleep.

As soon as the plane stopped, he got off the plane without stopping and hurriedly walked towards the outside of the airport.

From a distance, he saw a red Ferrari parked in the car park outside the airport.

Zheng Junlin was leaning against the side of the car, wearing a trench coat, a cigarette in his mouth, the light breeze blowing his hair, and under the warm sun, his appearance was a little haggard and melancholy.


Chen Dong walked up to Zheng Junlin and looked him up and down, and let out a sigh of relief in his heart.

Although Zheng Junlin looked haggard and melancholy today, he was far better than when the Zheng family had been wiped out overnight.

At least the eyes were no longer as dull and lifeless as they had been back then.

“Brother Dong.”

Zheng Junlin stubbed out his cigarette and smiled, pointing to the inside of the Ferrari: “I’ve already picked up what you want.”

“Let’s talk about it as we go.”

Chen Dong nodded before he got into the pa*senger side.

He had asked Changless to send the Bladeless Heavy Sword over in advance before coming to Desolate North, as this trip was to explore the Pan Gu Project, and there was no guarantee that anything would go wrong in the process, so with the Bladeless Heavy Sword in his hand, he would not be restricted in every way.

With the Bladeless Sword in his hand, he would not be constrained in any way. Even if he faced Gu Cangyue or Li Danggui again, he would be able to deal with them more comfortably.

Zheng Junlin quickly started the car, and the Ferrari burst into a majestic roar as it sped onto the road.

Sitting inside the car, Chen Dong looked askance at Zheng Junlin and smiled gratefully, “I’m surprised that you’ve managed to pull through so quickly.”

The family was wiped out, and in one night, more than a hundred people were left dead on the ground, and blood flowed into the river, such a tragedy, no one would dare to guarantee that they could recover in such a short time like Zheng Junlin.

There was even a high chance that he would be devastated by such a huge shock.

Zheng Junlin smiled gently, “If you don’t fall in ruin, you will be reborn in ruin, the stall my father left behind will have to be picked up on my shoulders, there is no way back, only certain victory.”

Although his words were soft, the firmness in his tone made Chen Dong feel more and more at ease.

After taking a deep breath, Chen Dong asked, “The clue you mentioned, what exactly is it?”

“Let’s talk about it at my home, in fact I can’t be sure if this is a clue or not, so I can only let you come and verify it in person.”

Zheng Junlin’s eyebrows knitted together.

As they chatted along, the moon rose and the two finally returned to the Zheng family estate.

In the past, the Zheng family manor, which was filled with cars and horses, was now deserted and cold.

Even the lights looked a little dim.

“Don’t mind it, the stall has only been tidied up a bit, and there aren’t too many servants in the house, so it looks a bit cold.”

Zheng Junlin smiled awkwardly before inviting Chen Dong to step into the Zheng family manor.

There were no words along the way.

Chen Dong followed Zheng Junlin and walked to a dark room.

Zheng Junlin pushed open the door and gestured for Chen Dong to enter first.

Only when Zheng Junlin stepped into the room, Chen Dong was hearing a heavy breathing sound from Zheng Junlin behind him, as if he was forcing something down.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Dong asked in surprise.

Zheng Junlin, however, stepped across the room and turned on the light in the room.

As the light illuminated the room, he turned back to Chen Dong with red eyes and smiled sadly, “It’s nothing, this room is my father’s old study, he would stay here when he had time.”

Chen Dong’s breath caught and his heart suddenly twitched.

He said solemnly, “I’m sorry, Jun Lin.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about, the past is gone, and my father and the others are all buried in peace.”

Zheng Junlin shrugged his shoulders before raising his hand and pointing to the paintings and calligraphy on the wall.

Chen Dong looked around and saw that on the four walls, except for the door, the other three walls had all kinds of paintings and calligraphy hanging on them, from famous artists’ collections to Master Zheng’s own ink treasures.

But Zheng Junlin took a few steps forward, and his hand fell on one of the paintings, “This is the clue.”

Chen Dong’s gaze was fixed, but he saw on the calligraphy and painting, two lines of words were written in a dragon’s flight.

“The Immortal caressed my top, and taught Little Kunlun.”

What kind of clue was this?

Chapter 1358

What kind of clue is this?

Chen Dong froze, looking at the word painting on the wall, full of confusion.

Zheng Junlin turned around and saw Chen Dong’s face full of doubts and scratched his head awkwardly, “Brother Dong, so I’m also a bit unsure, but you have to explore the urgency that the Pan Gu Project wants, so I had to invite you over and we’ll discuss it together.”

Chen Dong collected his doubts and said with a straight face, “With just a pair of your father’s ink treasures, you can’t tell anything either.”

Zheng Junlin shook his head and removed the calligraphy and painting, presenting it to the bookcase and re-laying it out.

Then only then did he say to Chen Dong, who was following closely, “I wasn’t sure at first, but …… the night the Zheng family was exterminated, although those killers had slaughtered my Zheng family’s entire family and turned it upside down, their target had been me, and that Pan Gu jade pendant, so in many places, they hadn’t actually pay attention.”

“Like this study, for example, although some things were smashed to pieces, many things, were preserved intact.”

Chen Dong scanned the surroundings profoundly, “Like these calligraphy and paintings?”

Zheng Junlin nodded, his smile was a little bitter: “In fact, the writing is nothing, my father’s hands can’t write any good ink treasures, he just became a rich man and wanted to follow the example of the rich and powerful, he can still read the writing, but if he paints, I guess he can only eat rice.”

Chen Dong deflated, “At least it’s your father, spit a little lighter.”

“He can’t hear it anyway, if he hears it he can beat me up, I’m willing to do it.”

Zheng Junlin smiled, his gaze deep as if he was caught in a memory, “What really got my attention was actually the words on this, because after I met you and completely laid down the next head of the Zheng family, my dad had drunkenly recited it in my ears more than once in an environment where it was just me and him, and had also cautioned me that this was the real reason for the rise of the Zheng family, which is why I thought Could this be the clue.”

“The immortal caressed my top and granted a small kunlun ……”

Chen Dong looked astonished, staring at the two lines of words that flew in the dragon’s eyes, and fell into deep thought.

He suddenly felt that this was somewhat ridiculous, even unbelievable!

The rise of the Zheng family was precisely because back then, in order to compete for the Chen family’s headship, my father had supported the Zheng family, which was subordinate to him, to build up a ten billion dollar fortune and become a magnate in the desert north.

Or perhaps his father had already predicted that he would be competing for the next Chen family headship, so he had supported the Zheng family to become a card for him to win.

But no matter what the original intention was, it was an undisputed fact that his father had supported the Zheng family!

And it was proven by both father and Elder Zheng’s mouth!

On the contrary, another reason for the Zheng family’s real rise to power had now come out.

What is this?

A child’s play?

A joke?

Literally, could it be that an immortal touched the top of Master Zheng’s head, preached in a place called Little Kunlun, and then made the Zheng family rise to power?

What a load of crap!

When Zheng Junlin saw the smile on Chen Dong’s face, he said with some uncertainty, “Brother Dong, what are you smiling at?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, and his eyes glowed with a brilliant aura as he looked askance at Zheng Junlin, “Junlin, is there an immortal in the world?”

Zheng Junlin froze for a moment, smashed his mouth for a moment, shook his head and laughed, “What era is it now, how can there be immortals?”

“Since there are no immortals, then this piece of writing probably doesn’t mean anything either, not to mention that you and I both know clearly that the Zheng family rose to prominence all because of my father’s support back then.”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and said despondently, “Perhaps it is just your father’s drunken ink splashing, from this literal meaning alone, immortals cannot understand, or maybe your father is drunkenly comparing my father to an immortal, and this Little Kunlun, we all know where Kunlun Mountain is, but where is Little Kunlun?”

A query made the expectation in Zheng Junlin’s heart, also dissipate.

He frowned and stared intently at the calligraphy and painting on the bookcase, shaking his head helplessly and saying despondently, “If this is not a clue, then I really can’t find any other possibility at the moment.”

Looking at Zheng Junlin’s despondent look.

Chen Dong’s heart was somewhat intolerant, whether it was the words that the Zheng family head had said to Zheng Junlin when he was alive, or this calligraphy and painting, they all had a different meaning to Zheng Junlin, even this study as well.

Walking into this study, recalling the words of the Zheng family head, and facing this room of ink treasures, for Zheng Junlin, it was the greatest pain that set off the deepest part of his heart.

But Chen Dong was not an indecisive person. If it was not a clue, it was not a clue.

He was not so indecisive as to take his time and wind up with Zheng Junlin on this matter.

Even when he said that the owner of the Zheng family had drunkenly compared his father to an immortal, Chen Dong did not hesitate in the slightest, in order to resolve the situation at hand as soon as possible.

After all, the Zheng family was supported by his father, and if he was compared to an immortal, then those two lines could still barely be pushed through.

If it was a traceable clue, even if it wasn’t real and merely looked like it was, he wouldn’t mind taking Zheng Junlin on a search.

But how could he find the contents of this painting?

It was hard not to really soar to the ninth heaven and go straight up to the Moon Palace to see if there really was a Chang’e Fairy?

“It’s alright, since I’m here, I’ll stay for a few more days, we’ll take our time and look for it, perhaps the Zheng family head has left a clue, we just didn’t find it for a while.”

Chen Dong raised his hand and patted Zheng Junlin on the shoulder, comforting him.

The “Pangu Biotechnology Company’s Equity Agreement” left behind by his father and the Pangu jade pendant of the Zheng family head made it difficult for people not to link the two together.

This was why Chen Dong had first thought of Zheng Junlin when he decided to find out more about the “Pangu Project” as soon as possible.

If there was really a connection, even if the Zheng family had been exterminated, there must be a trace of it hidden somewhere!

“Well Brother Dong, it’s getting late, let me walk you to your room.”

Zheng Junlin took a deep breath and cleared the gloom from his face.

After returning to his room, Chen Dong lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling with a worried frown.

Where the hell was the clue ……?

All this night, Chen Dong tossed and turned until almost dawn, when he could not hold on and drifted off to sleep.

Only not long after he had fallen asleep.

He was awakened by a sharp banging on the door.

“Brother Dong, Brother Dong, wake up!”

Hearing the urgent and heavy smashing sound of the door outside, Chen Dong yawned, “Come in Jun Lin.”


Zheng Junlin directly pushed open the door, his face full of excitement, even his face was red, he quickly rushed in and snapped a hand to grab Chen Dong’s hands.

“Brother Dong, perhaps …… may really be a clue!”

Word painting?

Chen Dong frowned.

Following closely, Zheng Junlin looked back, then mysteriously whispered to Chen Dong, “I didn’t sleep all night and used the intelligence power of the Junlin Group to check the ancient geographies in the north of the desert, and in the north of the desert, there really is such a place as Little Kunlun!”


Chen Dong was struck by lightning and instantly woke up with a start.

The so-called geographies were professional books that recorded the evolution of the water and land, history and so on.

But …… there was really a Little Kunlun in the north of the desert?

In an instant, Chen Dong’s breathing became rapid and he hurriedly asked after him, “Where is it?”