Winner Takes All Chapter 1353-1354

Chapter 1353

It took a moment of silence before Zakkhaza gave the order.

“Call the army’s great doctor to heal him immediately.”

Timuron looked embarra*sed and respectfully withdrew from the tent.

Zakkhaza did not step forward, but gazed deep into the campfire at Master Khong Khong, who had been kicked to fainting death.

“Let’s hope that kick didn’t send him to the Buddha.”

Following closely, he rubbed his temples again, worrying, “It’s just that the old monk is too strong, how should we get him to the King’s City safely and unharmed?”


Both he and Timuron were clear that the reason why Master Khong Khong was important.

It was not because of anything else, but the strength that Master Khong Khong had shown was too strong and terrifying.

Timuron had already touched the threshold of “Qi”, yet he was able to lift his breath and capture him on the spot when he was seriously injured.

If the fight had been a desperate one, it would have been more than a takedown, it would have been a killing blow!

How much more terrifying would it have been if he hadn’t been injured?

When one is strong enough, so strong that one is desperate.

It’s not just the iron rules that change, even …… can change people’s minds.

Leaving aside the identity of the Empty Master domainers.

With this kind of strength, it would be hard not to be respected in the weak and powerful extra-territory, where the strong are feared.

Even if one is a military commander, even if one is a military general, or even …… the Queen of the Huns!

When a person is so strong that they are beyond everyone’s perception, it is enough to make people put aside some of their blood and sea preconceptions and willingly send them closer to “study” them!

It’s ridiculous.

But it is the reality.

The army doctor soon followed Timuron into the tent.

After a few consultations, even the army doctor was impressed by the strength of Master Kongkong’s body.

“Your Excellency, this monk is simply too terrifying, obviously he is already as weak as a wisp of air, but this wisp of wisp is tough and strong, holding him up, if it were anyone else, he would have died already!”

After the army’s great doctor had done everything, he was sweating profusely and looked at Zakkhaza with a look of fear: “The monk’s injuries, he just needs to continue to recuperate and he will recover.”

A word was spoken.

Zakkhaza and Timuron simultaneously sucked in a breath of cold air.


The thirteen cities of the Huns.

The lights were out and all were onyx.

In the royal palace.

As the night receded, the affairs of the kingdom slowed down a bit.

For the city of Zhenjiang, the night was the time of greatest crisis.

For the Hundred Tribes outside the realm, how could it not be a time of the heaviest pressure to plan?

Shying Xing was handling official business.

But his brow was less seductive and more calm and majestic.

Barbara was sitting on the threshold of the king’s hall, her little hand resting on her chin, staring into the distance.

Suddenly, a hint of fear surfaced on Barbara’s tender face.

She hurriedly got up and turned to run to Shying, “Auntie Shying.”

“What’s wrong, Barbara.”

Shying put down her affairs and looked at Barbara.

“That fierce uncle is here.”

Barbara burrowed into Shying’s arms and buried her head in Shying’s arms.

In the king’s palace, perhaps …… Xixing was the only person who could make her feel safe.

Apart from that, looking at her eyes, even though Barbara was young and ignorant, she could feel the fierceness and disgust mixed in those eyes.

“Demon Lady, I heard about that incident.”

Kui Gang walked into the king’s hall with big strides and said sharply, “It’s too risky for you to do that!”

Xixing’s face sank, “Kui Gang, where are the manners?”

Kui Gang’s impatient colour froze.

He hurriedly knelt down on one knee and said respectfully, “Kui Gang pays respects to the Queen.”

Xixing’s face eased, “Get up.”

Kui Gang got up and continued, “It is indeed too risky for you to do so, even if he is a monk, he is a monk from the domain. those stragglers, it wouldn’t be a takedown, it would be a killing blow!”

The more he spoke, the more excited Kui Gang became.

He pointed out with his backhand, “After you learned of that monk’s situation, you arbitrarily allowed Zakkhaza to send that monk to the King’s City without consulting the ministers… What difference is there between this and expelling a ferocious beast to close quarters and being under its mouth?”

“But his strength is what we need now!”

The monk’s strength exceeds that of everyone in the Huns, including you!”

The corners of Kui Gang’s mouth twitched a few times, but he was speechless.

He wasn’t sure how he could hold on to a master who had reached the threshold of “qi” while he was seriously injured.

After a pause, Xie Xing said again.

“After the announcement of the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies, it is true that we are now reaping a great harvest, but it is too slow, and it is still too slow to build up a top fighting force!”

“That monk, perhaps a chance, allow me the luxury, if …… can recruit him to return to the Hun, you imagine ……”

The words were not finished.

Kui Gang suddenly exploded in anger.

His face was red, his tiger eyes were wide open, and he directly interrupted Xixing’s words in an angry voice.

“Just how much more do you want to dream?”

With a single angry rebuke, the atmosphere in the king’s hall suddenly dropped to a freezing point.

Even if Kui Gang was the number one warrior in Xiongnu, such an angry rebuke was already disobedient!

A cold intent covered Xixing’s beautiful face.

But as if he did not notice, Kui Gang growled loudly.

“Is it because you dreamed, is it because you had the luxury of forgetting that man?”

“It was because of you that that scum from the domain entered my Hun in the first place, penning the shame and leaving my Hun hanging on the pillar of shame of the hundred tribes outside the domain, how long has it been since the statue on the square of that royal court was plucked? How long has it taken for the resentment of the people to be quelled?”

“And the old king, how long has he been in the coffin?”

“You shut up!”

Shying’s heart pumped hard as thunder exploded in anger.

“I shut up? Why should I shut up? Even if you want to cut me to pieces today, I will still speak!”

Kui Gang said angrily, “You are the king of the Huns, and you have a blood feud with the domain, why are you so partial to the domain? Before, it was that scum from the domain that caused my Xiongnu’s sky to change, and now you want to save a monk from the domain straight into Xiongnu’s kingdom, both are from the domain, do you think there is a difference between that monk and that scum?”

The words were sharp and incomparably harsh.

Xixing’s chest rose and fell in anger, and his face changed to blue and red.

Kui Gang’s angry rebuke was like ripping open the most painful part of her heart, completely and utterly, and then sprinkling salt on it viciously!

Only the sulking Xixing did not feel in the least that Barbara, who was curled up in fear in her arms, was now trembling more and more on her delicate body.

“Shying, you’ve already fallen once on that domain scum, take my advice and don’t fall a second time!”

Kui Gang was overbearing, his voice echoing through the king’s hall.

“Ah! I forbid you to curse my uncle!”

Suddenly, Barbara let out a shrill whistle and rushed out of Xixing’s arms.

As small as she was, she was no longer afraid of Kui Gang at the moment.

There was only anger, which was written all over her tender face.

“Barbara, come back!”

Shying was caught off guard and it was too late to stop her.

As she watched Barbara rush towards Kui Gang, her heart sank to the bottom.


Barbara jumped in front of Kui Gang, waved her hands and hit him hard, crying and hissing, “I forbid you to curse Uncle, that’s Barbara’s uncle, I forbid you to curse him, you’re a bad person, a big bad person… …”

Kui Gang stood tall and looked down on Barbara with a face full of disdain.

In his eyes, Barbarian was no different from a mole.

Even if Barbarian had used all his strength, to him, it was just a scratch.

Suddenly, the angry Barbarian bit down on Kui Gang’s thigh.

Tears flowed from his eyes as Barbara closed her eyes and used all her strength, rubbing her teeth fiercely.


The pain-stricken Kui Gang’s face turned pale, and in his fury, he brazenly grabbed Barbara’s neck and lifted her straight into the air.


A slap landed fiercely on Barbarian’s tender face.

Barbara let out a miserable cry, her head tilted and a mouthful of blood spurted out directly.

But the stubborn young girl was still indignantly saying, “I forbid …… you to scold Barbara’s uncle ……”

Kui Gang, who was raging with anger, instantly had killing intent in his eyes and a hideous smile on his lips, “Oh, one mouthful of uncle, since you defend your uncle so much, then take your life to defend it!”

Chapter 1354

A harsh killing intent stirred the king’s hall.

Kui Gang’s face was fierce, and his right hand was strangling Barbara’s neck with a quick burst of force.

“Kui Gang, stop!”


In the nick of time, Xixing let out a shout and shook his hand to shoot the pen on the case table towards Kui Gang.


Like a sharp arrow, the pen entered Kui Gang’s sturdy chest.

Kui Gang’s tiger body shook violently, looking down at the pen stuck in his chest in disbelief, stabbing pain swept through him, blood wetting his robe.

“Xixing, you did it to me?”

Kui Gang slowly raised his head and snorted, “For the sake of this little feral seed, you would not even lay a hand on me?”

“You’re crazy!”

Xixing was dressed in a phoenix robe, her majesty was overwhelming, and her stunning face was covered with a layer of bone-chilling and seeping frost: “Put down Barbara, or …… don’t blame me for turning my face away!”

“She’s just a little wild child! A wild child who is bent on following that scum away!”

Kui Gang hissed undauntedly.

The stinging pain on his chest was nothing to him, with his physical strength, a mere pen would not even be able to break his defenses against him.

But, he was resentful, resentful at the way Shying had treated Barbara!

He was the number one warrior of the Huns, and what was Barbarian ……?

A little wild child who almost became a slave because of that man who changed his fate against the odds, the man who made everything that is now Xiongnu, and Xixing actually protects Barbara?

This F**king …… is ridiculous!

“I, let, you, let, go!”

Xixing said word for word, like a thunderclap, and could not be refuted.

“Fine, I’ll let go!”

Kui Gang smiled coldly, and his right hand then released Barbara.

Barbara fell towards the ground in a smooth motion.

But in mid-air, there was a sudden change.

The cold smile on Kui Gang’s face suddenly disappeared and was replaced by a fierce beast-like grimace.


He blatantly kicked Barbara’s petite body, and with a miserable scream, Barbara flew straight across the air.

“Ah Barbara!”

Shying lost her face and leapt in the air, catching Barbara in the air and landing on the ground.

As soon as she landed on the ground, she looked at Barbara in her arms with fear and anxiety, and her heart immediately jerked so hard that she could not breathe.

Barbara’s fair and tender face was covered in blood, and as she landed, her head gradually tilted to the side, only her mouth continued to murmur: I forbid you to curse my uncle.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t use my full strength, I won’t die yet!”

Kui Gang shrugged, with an indifferent look.

“Kui Gang ……”

At this moment, Xixing’s body emitted a biting and piercing coldness, and the space where she was, seemed to have fallen into a low pressure.

She gazed at Barbara in her arms and sneered without raising her head, “I really didn’t expect that the number one warrior of my Great Xiongnu would be so ratty as to reach such a level, it’s simply …… laughable!”

Kui Gang’s expression sank.

Xixing’s words seemed like an invisible slap, slapping him hard on the face, burning with panic.

“You think it’s my intention?”

Xie Xing looked askance at Kui Gang, the corners of his mouth curled up in a contemptuous smile, “What the border army commander and general can figure out, you, the number one warrior of Xiongnu and the future commander of the entire Xiongnu army, would actually limit yourself to such an inch of light?”

“You ……”

Kui Gang was about to retort.

Shying’s long hair was violently blown up by a strong wind, and he interrupted in a stern voice.

“Shut up! This king has opened up seventy-two Heavenly Wolf martial bodies, what is before the Huns is to use the fastest time to upgrade more soldier officers, you are indeed strong, but you are still no match for Huo Zhenxiao!”

“And that monk from the domain, even if he is a monk from the domain, he is strong enough, strong enough to make your jaw drop and mine, if we can bring him into the Hun kingdom, it will give us a glimpse of a higher peak of martial dao!”

“It’s true that the 72 Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies are the quintessential inheritance of the martial dao, but no matter who it is, enlightening the Martial Dao Bodies is like crossing the river by feeling the stones, even you, Kui Gang, are no exception!”

The words were harsh, sharp and piercing.

Kui Gang’s face turned red, and his gaze flashed as if he had an understanding.

Xixing scolded sternly, “You, Kui Gang, are already the first Xiongnu, do you dare to say a word of ease further up the ladder? Bring that old monk into the King’s City, let the people see that the martial path is even higher, use you as the mountainside, use the old monk as the summit, forge a path of climbing for the Xiongnu people, if they follow your path of enlightenment, they will inevitably be able to reach the water, have you ever thought of this?”

“Which is easier, crossing the river by feeling the stones, or reaching the water?”


Kui Gang’s tiger body shook, his face turned blue and red in an instant, his lips mumbled, but he could not refute.

He was the number one person in Xiongnu, and knew better than anyone how difficult it was to comprehend the 72 Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies, and even now, his comprehension process was mired in a quagmire.

Compared to the situation in Xiongnu today, what is wanted is not at all which martial artist enlightens little by little and seeks his own direction of martial dao cultivation.

What is really wanted …… is how to make all the soldiers of the army, in a short period of time, a big step up in strength!

If the old monk can really be taken under the Huns, then use him, Kui Gang, and the old monk as the fulcrum to connect a line, and then continue to look for suitable candidates downwards and continue to hook up to the bottom.

In this way, it’s a simple and brutal route to martial arts promotion!

“Now …… do you know shame?”

Looking at the dumbfounded Kui Gang, Xie Xing gritted his teeth.


Kui Gang fell to his knees, “I’m sorry Xie Xing, I was in too much of a hurry just now, I didn’t think about this at all!”

“Get out!”

Shying said in a stern voice.

Immediately afterwards, it was a heartfelt caress of Barbara’s blood-covered face: “Silly girl, why do you have to be so stupid, you’ll die, don’t you know? That man, let you be so attached to it that you don’t even want to live?”

At the end of the sentence, Xixing’s voice took on a crying tone.



Chen Dong, who was sleeping, sneezed violently and woke up with a start.

“Ah Man!”

In a trance, Chen Dong blurted out.

But as soon as he saw that he was in a hospital room, Chen Dong’s expression fell forlorn and gloomy: “So it was just a dream.”

He had a dream that he had personally travelled to Xiongnu, picked up Barbara and brought her home, took Gu Qingying and Barbara with him at night, and sat on the rooftop of the Tianmen Mountain villa, looking at the starry sky.

Only …… is just a dream!

It would still take some time to pick up Barbara.

Chen Dong rubbed his eyes and glanced at Qin Ye who was still unconscious on the hospital bed.

He then got up and went into the bathroom and splashed two handfuls of hot water on his face, and he was quite refreshed.

He had been in Xishu for the past few days, guarding Qin Ye and the others.

Now, with the series of changes that had taken place in the past few days, he had become a lonely man.

All the people he could use were lying in the hospital, and the only one he could use, Chang, was in doubt.

Before, Chen Dong had never even thought of such a dilemma.

Exhausted and helpless, he walked out of the bathroom.

A voice instantly swept Chen Dong’s exhaustion away.

“Brother Dong!”

Chen Dong’s heart was lifted and with a fierce twist of his head, he saw that Qin Ye on the hospital bed had awakened and was looking at himself.