Winner Takes All Chapter 1349-1350

Chapter 1349

The former number one family in Western Shu was exterminated overnight.

As the first rays of sunlight fell on the earth and the Zhuge family made the news public, the entire Western Shu region exploded.

Even though some of the giants had already had their suspicions, when the facts were laid out in front of them, it was still a thunderstorm of shock.

After all, what was the Qin family like in the past?

Even though the building was about to tumble and it had lost its prestige as the number one family in Western Shu and was under Chen Dong’s command, everyone knew that a thin camel was bigger than a horse.

And this time, overnight, it was uprooted!

As giants of the same powerful family, there was inevitably a sense of fear and shock that the lips were dying and the teeth were cold.

The death of the Qin family continued to fester in Western Shu for three days before it gradually subsided.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, remained in the hospital during these three days, indifferent to the rumours from the outside world.

He asked the Zhuge Family to announce the news in order to help the Zhuge Family establish its majesty as the number one powerful family in Western Shu, so that the rest of the powerful giants would not dare to pick up the Zhuge Family’s fronts again.

The situation was too chaotic, and he did not have much time and energy to let the Zhuge family consolidate its prestige in Western Shu little by little.

The Zhuge family’s prestige in Western Shu had declined too much over the centuries, and using the former number one family in Western Shu as a stepping stone would allow the family to return to its position as the number one family in Western Shu more quickly.

For him, it was a simple matter of choosing whether to announce the news of the Qin family’s extermination himself or the Zhuge family.

But for the Zhuge family, it was a rare “opportunity”!

For three days, Chen Dong did not just stay at the hospital, taking care of Qin Ye, Zhang Yulan and Qin Xiao Qian.

He had promised Qin Ye that he would organise a wedding for Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan that would attract worldwide attention.

During these three days, invitations, like snowflakes, flew out to all parts of the world and were presented to the heads of the families of the world’s top powers and powerful families.


The snowy plains of the Northern Region.

The extreme night faded, leaving the land covered in silver again.

Cold winds, cold snow.

This has been the only tone in the snowy plains of the North for ages.

The caravan moves on, but the atmosphere is breathtakingly heavy.

From the far north, to the Huns.

It is a long road that would be a difficult challenge for any caravan to face death.

Not to mention the fact that the caravan itself was a collection of old and weak women and children, and even the strong adult men had been wounded in the previous battles.

From time to time, cold bodies had to be dumped inside the caravan during this period.

These were all people who had been unable to withstand the extreme cold weather during the rush and had quietly fallen asleep.

A cruel choice, but the law of survival in the snowy north.

When the last breath is taken, the man is no longer a man, and the corpse becomes a burden that weighs down the caravan.

The only thing that can be achieved is perhaps a brief pause for the caravan.

The only thing that could be done was for the caravan to stop for a few moments and for Master Khong Khong in the caravan to recite a few verses of the scripture of the afterlife.

“All beings suffer, Amitabha Buddha!”

Master Empty Sky slowly let go of his hand, allowing the wind and snow to cover the old man’s body in front of him.

Whirling, with a solemn expression, he turned around abruptly and returned to the carriage.

With a call from the chief, the caravan moved again.

“Master, the Huns are ahead!”

The chieftain steered his horse alongside the caravan, and a rare touch of joy appeared on his face, which was covered in frostbite.

In successive rushes, people kept dying, people kept being left behind.

But no one in the caravan ever retorted, let alone objected.

For everyone, the Huns, who had abolished slavery after the destruction of their villages and the deaths of their families, were now the only holy land in the snowy north!

The human world is not a holy land, each has its own suffering, but when it appears, it is worth fighting for with one’s life.

“Amitabha Buddha, great goodness, great goodness.”

A warm smile appeared on Master Empty Sky’s pale face as he folded his hands and nodded slightly.

The grown men guarding the perimeter of the caravan, on the other hand, had a gloomy and complicated look on their tired faces at the moment.

“Chief, is it really …… possible to get in?”

A man finally couldn’t help but ask: “The Xiongnu king was prince, the new king ascended to the throne, the Xiongnu nation held mourning for 300 days, now the Xiongnu queen although abolished slavery, but I heard from the people of the caravan, Xiongnu is now a windy, foreigners into Xiongnu, it is difficult to move an inch, not to mention ……. ”

said, his eyes looked at the carriage on the empty empty master, want to say.

Although their village was remote, it did not mean that information was closed in this great land of the snowy plains in the North.

It was no longer a secret that the Xiongnu had raised their country to change, in the snowy plains of the North.

The chief’s face sank and he hesitated for a few seconds before smiling bitterly: “Do we, have a choice? Take our lives and fight for it, or …… be slaves for eternity?”

The man inquiring was stunned for a moment and gave the same bitter smile.

The men around them, after hearing the chief’s words, their gloomy and complicated expressions dissipated, glanced at each other and smiled bitterly at the same time.

“The Wolf will bless us, we just move forward.”

The chief raised the battle sword in his hand, “Not a slave!”

Master Empty Sky looked at the crowd and slowly closed his eyes.

His state did not allow him much time for distraction, and most of the time during this rush, he spent with his eyes closed, maintaining his current state as much as possible to keep his injuries from continuing to deteriorate.

As we approached the Huns, the speed of the caravan could not help but increase.

It was while Master Khong Khong was resting his eyes.

The chief called softly, causing Master Khong Khong to open his eyes.

The chief handed a hooded robe to Master Khong Khong.

“Please wrap yourself in this robe, Master, you are about to enter the Huns, and the face of a Master’s domainer is too much of a nuisance.”

It was no secret what was going on within the Huns in the snowy plains outside the domain.

If the Huns had scruples against foreigners, it was a complete and utter certainty for the domainers now!

Master Khong Khong had been a re-creation of the whole party, and when Master Khong Khong wanted to accompany the caravan, he could not bear to refuse, after all, in those circumstances, with Master Khong Khong’s state of health, he might not have survived if he had not cuddled up with them.

Now that they were about to enter the Huns, they had to be prepared in advance.

“What non sequiturs?”

Master Empyrean frowned.

The chief smiled bitterly and did not explain, “Master, please, I have to think of my villagers too.”

With a nod of his head, Master Empty Sky wrapped his robe around his body and bowed his head.

With such a movement, his face was barely visible to outsiders.

The caravan moved on quickly, but the crowd was silent.

The wind and snow wailed around them, and the sound of the horses’ hooves echoed.

Only, not long into the journey, the ground suddenly rumbled and shook.

The sudden change of events caused an uproar among the crowd.

In the distance, in the icy snow, with the roar of the shaking, but swept up a rolling wave of snow, and vaguely could be seen a vast array of horses coming.

“It’s the Hun border guards! Don’t make any sudden moves!”

The chief’s face changed and he ordered at once.

Almost simultaneously.


In the distance, an arrow tore through the wind and snow and shot straight towards us.

Vaguely, one could even see a spiral wave of air sweeping up from the front of the arrow.

Bang Teen!

The ordinary arrow violently penetrated the ground in front of the caravan, instantly exploding with a terrifying destructive force, directly lifting the snow around it and forming a huge crater.


Master Khong Khong, who was hiding low in his robes, let out a startled cry, his cloudy eyes fiercely blooming with astonishment as he gazed up at the arrow stuck in the ground.

“When did the barbarians from outside the realm become so strong? The man who shoots the arrow has actually stepped on the threshold of enlightening ‘Qi’.”

Chapter 1350

In his astonishment, Master Khong Khong even ignored the vast Xiongnu border guards coming in the distance.

In the path of martial arts, the enlightenment of “Qi” is a watershed in the form of a heavenly rift.

Even if a martial artist’s strength is measured in a comprehensive manner, there are many ways to improve it.

For example, fighting techniques, control of muscles …… and so on!

But there is still no substitute for “Qi” as a watershed in the martial arts.

A martial artist who can perceive qi is enough to take the world by storm.

The only way to get to the top of the world is to be able to understand it.

A martial artist who could reach the threshold of Qi was already good enough to be the commander of an army!

In the distance, the Xiongnu border guards, though powerful, were not nearly as powerful as an army.

The caravan, now in a state of fear and trepidation, were all staring at the Xiong Nu border guards raging in the distance, and no one noticed Master Kong Kong, who was now looking up and showing his face.

As the army swept in, the snow and wind swept over the land.

“Dare to trespa*s on my Xiongnu territory, seeking death!”

The general at the front of the army gave a furious rebuke.

The border guards split into two columns and surrounded the caravan in the blink of an eye.

“Kneel down, kneel down now!”

The leader of the caravan looked terrified and immediately ordered.

In an instant, all the men prostrated and knelt down with their heads on the ground.

Even the old and weak women and children on the carriage, under the leader’s scolding, hurriedly got off the carriage and knelt down.

In the panic.

The chief subconsciously glanced at Master Kongkong.

As soon as he saw Master Khong Khong sitting motionlessly, with his head tilted back and his face exposed.

His mind exploded, his eyes went black and the sky spun.

It was over!

In a flash of lightning, the chief gritted his teeth and crept closer to the carriage, trying to alert the dazed Master Khongkong.

But he had just moved a little.

But he had just moved.

A spear, flashing with a cold light, pierced the doorpost of the carriage, just a stone’s throw away from Master Khong Khong’s face!

“A man from the domain?!”

Almost simultaneously, a startled voice, sounded.

It sounded as if it was the sound of a life-seeking Brahma.

The chief’s face was as pale as paper, and his eyes swished red.

Gritting his teeth, he swept guiltily towards the villagers around him and swept his child into his arms.

It was over!

It was all over now!

With the certainty of the Hun nation’s attitude towards the domainers these days, he knew exactly what was going to happen to him and the villagers next!

All the extravagant hopes thumped into thin air at this moment.

Even if they had come to surrender in good faith, the presence of Master Khong Khong, an inlander in the caravan, was enough to send everyone to the grave with him!

Despair, fear, guilt ……

In an instant, it brought tears to the man’s eyes.

The crowd of caravan villagers also reacted at this moment, looking as close to the chief as they could get, if not more so.

Some of the old men and women were so frightened that they cried out in pain.

The Hun border guards around them were now also filled with murderous intent, and their ruthless gazes were directed at Master Kong Kong, gnashing their teeth.

“Commander, kill them all!”

“This old monk is from the mainland and has come to Xiongnu with these barbarians, so they must be colluding with each other to spy on Xiongnu!

“Kill them all, kill them all!”


The soldiers were furious, and the shouts of killing and screaming were deafening.

The caravan of villagers, amidst the ear-splitting shouts, were completely plunged into great fear, howling and crying interspersed with a chorus of shouts and kills.

Master Empty Sky returned to his senses and slowly swept his gaze over the crowd of villagers, his expression becoming compa*sionate.

“If the poor monk does not enter hell, who will? I will not kill Bo Ren, but if Bo Ren dies because of me, this is a great sin!”

As he murmured, he slowly rose, but his gaze fell on the frosty-faced commander riding a war horse in front of him.

The shot just now, although he was walking away, he felt it even more clearly than the arrow just now.

“Amitabha Buddha, as a commander in chief, yet he has already touched the threshold of Qi, the Lord Commander will have a bright future!”

Ignoring the deafening shouts of murder around him, Master Empty Sky calmly folded his hands and gave a slight nod to the Commander: “I hope you will understand, although I come from the domain, I am a monk in cloth, and I was in trouble in the snowy plains outside the domain. As far as the poor monk is concerned, they are the poor monk’s life-saving benefactors who have come to join the Xiongnu, if they are to be killed, I would ask the Lord Commander to kill the poor monk and spare them.”

“Heh ……”

The corner of the Lord Commander’s mouth pulled up a cold smile of disdain, “Do you take me for a three-year-old child?”

The moment the words left his mouth.

The chief kneeling on the ground cried out in fear and pleaded.

“Lord Commander, we are a village tribe near the extreme north, suffering from the bloodshed of village extermination, I am the leader of a village, hearing that the Hun Queen has abolished slavery, so I have come from far away with the remaining villagers, to join them, please let us go.”

As he spoke, the man wept bitterly, smashing his head heavily on the cold, hard ground again and again.

Just a few times, his forehead cracked and bled.

With the leader leading the way, the villagers also seemed to have grabbed the last straw as if they were about to die, crying out in pain and grabbing the ground with their heads.


The commander on his war horse swept a glance at the crowd, and instead of showing the slightest sympathy, the killing intent surged up on his face.

“Blame it on the fact that there is a man from the domain in your group, this revenge is unforgivable, all of you will be sent to jail!”

As soon as the words left his mouth.

Master Empty Sky suddenly looked solemn.

“I’m sorry!”

An apology was uttered.


The robe wrapped around his body instantly exploded, revealing a tattered monk’s robe.

As the qi swept through him, Master Kongkong’s white eyebrows and white beard flew up in the air.

The golden light burst out from the qi, setting off Master Kong Kong’s solemn and majestic appearance.

The sudden scene drew the attention of the whole crowd, which shouted in amazement.

To the chief and the other villagers, who had already witnessed it once before, it did not yet affect them too much.

But to the entire Hun border guards, Master Kong Kong, who was standing tall at that moment, was like a god descending!

Even the commander of the army changed his expression and was lost in thought for a moment.

That was the moment.

Master Empty Sky took a step, his qi sweeping around the soles of his feet, sending out ripples of golden light as lotuses sprang up beneath his feet.

With this step, he actually stepped into the air, a step in the air, directly in front of the Commander’s war horse.


As Master Kongkong landed his hand on the war horse’s neck.

The strong war horse let out a miserable hiss and fell to the ground with a bang.

“A qi powerhouse?!”

The commander was instantly shocked, and the moment the war horse fell to the ground, he was slapping his palm on the horse’s back, using his strength to rise up in the air.


Not waiting for the Commander to land on the ground.

Master Empty Sky suddenly tilted his head, his eyes faintly glowing with golden light as he looked straight at the Commander in the air.

It was this stare.

The Commander’s body instantly stiffened and fear surged out from the bottom of his heart.

It was like facing a god or a Buddha, and a great prison of fear was crushed into his body, causing his mind to go blank and even the thought of resisting to dissipate.


Grandmaster Empty Sky slapped his palm against the Commander’s chest.

The Commander let out a miserable cry and spurted out a large mouthful of blood.

The next second.

Master Empty Sky moved again and reached behind the Commander, raising his hand and strangling the Commander’s throat.

The move was as quick as lightning.

While the crowd was still dumbfounded, Master Kongkong had already captured the Border Guard Commander.

However, no one noticed that when Master Kongkong came around behind the commander, his majestic face was suddenly twisted with pain.

Master Khong Khong forced himself to endure the pain, and with a face as cold as frost, he looked straight at the entire Hun border guards and shouted in a stern voice.

“Let these people go, the poor monk binds his hands and lets you kill them, otherwise …… your commander dies!”