Winner Takes All Chapter 1347-1348

Chapter 1347

The sound of heart-rending cries moved those who heard them.

Several doctors looked gloomy, and some female doctors even turned their heads to wipe their tears.

“Qin Ye, calm down, Yu Lan has to be saved, and you can’t be okay!”

Chen Dong’s eyes were red and his nostrils were sour as he squatted on the ground, trying to help Qin Ye up.

Looking at Qin Ye’s appearance, his heart felt like a knife and his guilt was like a tidal wave.

“Brother Dong, I can die, please you must save Yu Lan, save her!”


Qin Ye cried snotty tears, like a broken child, his hands clutching Chen Dong: “I promised her that I would marry her, that I would put on a wedding dress for her and hold flowers in my hands ……”

While crying and begging, because of too much excitement, so much so that it made Qin Ye’s injuries all over his body collapse again, the crimson stinging blood, halo stained the gauze red.

But this moment of Qin Ye, as if completely unconscious.

Is this …… really the man who once killed his father?

Chen Dong’s red eyes, also covered with blood, Qin Ye’s cries were like sharp knives, lingering on his body.

For a moment, he didn’t even know how to tell Qin Ye about Zhang Yulan’s result.

The truer the love, the deeper the wound.

Zhang Yulan’s situation at this time, once Qin Ye knew about it, it was like …… the sky had collapsed!

When hesitating, Qin Ye’s tear-filled eyes suddenly erupted with two brilliant auras, as if he thought of something.

He shook Chen Dong excitedly, as if a dying man had grabbed the last straw to save his life.

“Right, Brother Dong, aren’t you able to invite the world’s great doctors? When I was seriously injured and dying, it was you who gave the order to invite the world’s great doctors and snatched me back from the hands of the King of Hell!”

“Please, Brother Dong, please hire one more time to save Yatou. ……”

As he said that, Qin Ye smashed his head on the ground with force.

At this moment, Qin Ye, where is the half of his original appearance of lights and wine, sound and fame!

Crumbling, crying out, praying, defying everything.

Even if …… it was dignity!

Looking at the Qin Ye in front of him, Chen Dong’s heart was bitter to the extreme.

The same thought, why hadn’t he ever surfaced?

But it was too late!

The doctors’ words had already “pronounced” the verdict, not to mention the great doctors of the world, even if all the gods and goddesses in heaven were to come down, there was nothing they could do to return to heaven!

“Mr. Chen, Mr. Qin’s injury can’t be delayed!”

The doctor’s reminder sounded behind him.

Chen Dong took a deep breath and rose with abrupt determination.

He picked up Qin Ye with force and swept him directly into his arms, his gaze determined as he said in a deep voice, “Qin Ye, I’m sorry, Yu Lan she …… won’t wake up, all the doctors can do is to save this last breath of hers!”


The calm, low voice, in an instant, was like a bolt from the blue, exploding in the corridor.

Chen Dong could clearly feel that the Qin Ye in his arms trembled and her body tensed up quickly.

The next second.


Qin Ye suddenly roared, his entire body seemed like a beast as he struggled, trying to break free from Chen Dong.

“Let go of me, I want to see Yu Lan, Brother Dong, you lied to me, right? Brother Dong, you are joking with me right?”

No matter how much Qin Ye struggled, Chen Dong did not relax even half a bit: “Qin Ye, no joke, it’s all true!”

What was to come would always come, the most urgent task was to get Qin Ye back on the operating table to receive treatment as soon as possible, the quickest way to cut through the chaos, dragging on and covering up would only drag on for longer.

This would not do any good to Zhang Yulan, who had already made a decision, but would do great harm to Qin Ye.

At moments like this, Chen Dong had to make himself ruthless and get Qin Ye back on the operating table as soon as possible.

“Impossible, I don’t believe it, I want to see Yu Lan, Dong let go of me, please let go of me!”

Qin Ye struggled desperately, but he was only an ordinary man, his strength was nothing compared to Chen Dong’s, whose arms were like iron pincers, imprisoning him in a deadly grip.

Faced with Qin Ye’s pleading, Chen Dong ignored it and said sternly to the doctors, “Calm down!”

The doctors standing at the entrance to the operating theatre turned around in a panic to prepare.

Chen Dong, however, was red-eyed, forcing back the soreness in his nostrils and hugging Qin Ye tightly.

Hearing Chen Dong’s words, Qin Ye struggled even more, hissing and wailing as if he were a manic and mad beast.

Blood flowed from his wounds, stinging red and staining Chen Dong’s clothes.

Soon the doctors came running out with the sedation.

“Beast, brother will not harm you!”

Chen Dong spoke in a deep voice, but his right hand directly lifted Qin Ye’s arm up, “You sleep first, I will take care of Yu Lan.”

“No, please don’t …… let me see her, just one look!”

Qin Ye cried and howled, his arm twisting, but to no avail.

As the sedation hit his body, Qin Ye’s struggle became weaker and weaker.

From beginning to end, Chen Dong did not relax even half a bit.

Until, when Qin Ye was about to pa*s out.

A weak voice suddenly rang out in Chen Dong’s ears.

“Brother Dong, I want …… to marry her.”


Chen Dong answered, feeling the Qin Ye in his arms completely limp as tears came to his eyes.

The doctors and nurses gathered around, and Chen Dong finally let go of Qin Ye, stumbling back two steps with feeble footsteps.

Looking at the doctors and nurses carrying Qin Ye back to the operating theatre.

The scene just now surfaced in his mind, as if countless sharp needles were stirring every nerve.

“Li family …… up poor and down yellow spring, I, Chen Dong, swear to exterminate your whole family!”

A chiseled, ruthless voice emanated from Chen Dong’s mouth and echoed down the corridor.

In an instant, the temperature in the corridor seemed to plummet to the freezing point, piercing the bones to the marrow.

This night, Chen Dong was lost in thought, guarding the door of the resuscitation room.

On the floor, was a pile of cigarette butts.

Qin Ye’s collapse seemed like a nightmare, constantly floating in his mind.

When the light of day dawned.

The red light on the resuscitation room, finally went out.

Chen Dong got up and greeted him, and the doctors and nurses quickly pushed Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan out of the operating theatre.

Both were in a coma, the only difference being that Qin Ye would soon wake up, while Zhang Yulan …… would never wake up again.

Looking at the unconscious and sleeping Zhang Yulan, Chen Dong’s heart contracted fiercely, suffocating in pain.

The doctors and nurses were all tired, and after a hurried greeting with Chen Dong, they pushed the two into the general ward.

Chen Dong adjusted himself and was about to follow, when in the distance, Zhuge Qing came in a hurry.

“Mr Chen, you haven’t slept all night, why don’t you take a rest?”

Zhuge Qing looked at Chen Dong’s exhausted and haggard face and said in a comforting manner.

Chen Dong waved his hand, “Have you announced the news?”

“It has already been announced.”

Zhuge Qing nodded, “The Western Shu Magnates have completely exploded.”

“Well, from now on, no one will dare to shake your Zhuge Family’s position as the number one powerful family in Western Shu!”

Chen Dong said, and was about to sweep past Zhuge Qing and head towards the ward when his mobile phone rang.

As soon as he saw that it was Chen Daojun’s number, Chen Dong’s eyebrows knitted together.

In a trance, an unprecedented weakness swept through his body.

Could it be that something had happened to the few people from …… Black Prison as well?

Chapter 1348

Chen Dong wasn’t just thinking blindly.

It was really because the succession of events that had occurred had made his whole person a little bit cupid and snake.

Chen Daojun had always been low-key and mysterious, and would not easily contact him if it was not an important matter.

After taking Kunlun and the others into the Black Prison, the sudden call at this moment made Chen Dong feel apprehensive.

However, Chen Dong still picked up the phone.

“I know about Qin Ye and the others.”

As soon as he was connected, Chen Daojun said straight away.

Chen Dong was not surprised, even though Chen Daogun was in the Black Prison, it was still very easy for a single person to know the news of the outside world when he wanted to oppress the existence of a prison.

To those in the Black Prison, the Black Prison was a prison.

But to Chen Daojun, the Black Prison was a virtual void.

What’s more, this time, it was the people from the Gu and Li families who had struck, directly causing the destruction of the Qin family.

Such a sensation could not be considered too big!

But, what Chen Dong did not expect was this.

Chen Daogun’s one sentence, however, caused Chen Dong to instantly look gloomy and full of resentment.

Over the phone, Chen Daogun said slowly, “Dong’er, for the time being, do not seek revenge on the Gu and Li families!”

Chen Dong’s complexion suddenly turned gloomy to the extreme, as if he was a bloodthirsty beast.

He gritted his teeth and said, “I’m sorry, this is not negotiable, the Gu and Li families deserve blood.

A bitter killing intent was released from Chen Dong’s body.


Chen Daogun’s next words caused the killing intent on Chen Dong’s body to give a sudden pause, and his face was full of astonishment.

Over the phone, Chen Daogun said, “As long as you listen to me, I have a way to make Zhang Yulan wake up sometime in the future!”


The calm tone without sorrow or joy was like a terrifying thunderstorm that boomed in Chen Dong’s ears.

“You, how is that possible? The doctors they ……”

Chen Dong was so shocked that his voice stuttered, his eyes were wide open and his eyes were about to fall to the ground.

The words of the doctors last night were still ringing in his ears.

How did Uncle Daojun have a way to revive Zhang Yulan?

“Just because the doctors don’t have a solution doesn’t mean that I, Chen Daojun, don’t have a solution, listen to my words, in the future Zhang Yulan will wake up!”

Chen Daogun’s voice was devoid of sorrow and joy, clearly expounding on something amazing, yet it seemed as if it was plain as day.

Chen Dong was stunned.

After a three-second standoff, he suddenly snorted, “Uncle Daojun, you just want to delay my revenge, right?”

He was not stupid.

Nor did he doubt the medical skills of the doctors in this hospital.

How could Uncle Daojun, who was merely a martial arts madman, have the power to return to heaven for something that even the doctors were clueless about?

“There is no need for me to delay you with deception, if I say there is a way, then there is a way!”

Chen Daogun said in a deep voice, “You are the key to Pan Gu’s plan, before everything is completely clarified, you can’t make any slip-ups, everyone can die, you can’t die!”

It was the F**king Pan Gu plan again!

Anger instantly filled Chen Dong’s chest, as if it was a volcano that wanted to erupt.

Chen Dong said in a stern voice, “The Pan Gu Plan, what exactly is it? My brother, my wife, everyone around me, I don’t want them to be in the slightest bit of danger, but it’s this Pan Gu Plus ……”

“Shut up, when it’s your turn to know, you will naturally know.”

Chen Daogun interrupted Chen Dong with a stern drink, “Go do what you need to do, trillions of a*sets are given to you, go make him spin up and collect money like crazy, don’t mind the rest!”


The phone hung up straight away.

From beginning to end, Chen Daogun’s tone did not have much ripple, giving Chen Dong a cold-blooded and brutal feeling.

“The Pan Gu Plan, it’s all F**king Pan Gu Plan, and since I’m the key, why the F**k do I not know about the Pan Gu Plan?”


Chen Dong’s angry voice was accompanied by a fierce slamming of his phone against the wall, breaking it into pieces.

Anger, guilt, resentment …… all sorts of emotions seemed to engulf Chen Dong like a tidal wave.

He stood in place, trembling all over, ragged gasps coming from his mouth and nose, and his eyes were full of blood.

Chen Dong hated this feeling!

This feeling of deception, of being blinded, of not being able to see everything, yet having to carry the weight forward.

From childhood to adulthood, step by step, Chen Dong had long since washed away his lead and presented himself as a vegetarian, impatience and impulsiveness were not in his vocabulary, but at this moment it was a complete and utter mania.

He could endure it, just as he had endured the darkness of his childhood, but he and his mother had gritted their teeth and endured it step by step, leading to the light.

But what he could not endure was having to go through a little bit of hurt and separation between his relatives and brothers while being kept in the dark.

Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan, how long had it taken to get to this point?

There was suffering, there was drama, there was crying, there was laughter!

They were just one step away from becoming a couple, but now …… they are in this situation because of the “Pan Gu Project”.

As a big brother, he saw it in his eyes and felt the pain in his heart.

The actual fact is, the blood feud is so great that you have to endure it at this moment.

Chen Dong’s sudden outburst of anger caused Zhuge Qing’s face behind him to change greatly, full of fear and confusion.

The Pan Gu plan, what exactly was it?

Just now, Zhuge Qing had not heard Chen Daojun’s voice on the phone, but he had actually heard Chen Dong’s words!

While full of doubts, Zhuge Qing’s face was filled with fear and confusion.

The Chen Dong in front of him was like a fierce beast in a frenzy, making Zhuge Qing feel timid and cold just by looking at him.

“Mr. Chen ……”

Zhuge Qing gritted his teeth and slowly spoke as he held back his fear.

“I will go and take care of my brother.”

Chen Dong, who was originally manic, was suddenly quiet.

It was just a voice, but it was as if it was squeezed out of his teeth with all his might.

Zhuge Qing could not see Chen Dong’s face, but Chen Dong’s words caused his heart to bang and beat wildly.

Looking at Chen Dong, who was leaving at a fast pace, Zhuge Qing even felt that even the light of the place Chen Dong pa*sed had become dim.

The feeling of forcibly holding back his killing intent and anger was like substance, making Zhuge Qing’s scalp tingle with feelings.

In the sickroom.

Chen Dong dragged his body and pushed the door in.

Looking at Qin Ye, who was still unconscious on the hospital bed with all kinds of instruments inserted, Chen Dong’s eyes flushed red and rippled.

Step by step, as if his legs were filled with lead, he walked up to the hospital bed.

There was a poof!

Chen Dong sat down paralyzed on the chair and rubbed his face fiercely, “Beast, when you recover some, I will definitely let you marry Yu Lan in a big way, a wedding that will attract the attention of the world!”

At Uncle Daojun’s cold and determined attitude, Chen Dong was furious.

But he had to force himself to endure it.

Blood feud, anger …… and so on, all had to be endured.

He didn’t know what the Pan Gu Project was, but he knew that it was being watched by many people, not just his father and Uncle Daojun, but also by many more powerful forces hiding under the sun.

And his becoming the next head of the Chen family might just be the first step in the Pan Gu Plan!

With such a monstrous plan, it is only at some point in the future that the light will shine through!