Winner Takes All Chapter 1345-1346

Chapter 1345

The killings continued until nightfall.

All over the Qin family, blood flowed and corpses were strewn all over the place.

The screams and wails only gradually weakened as night fell.

The majestic Qin family, the number one family in Western Shu in the past.

Today, it collapsed and was completely annihilated.

Outside the Qin family, in all four streets, people from the Zhuge family stood, blocking everything.

Even though the major powers of Western Shu had been spying on the Qin family for a long time, they were still unable to find anything.

Under this tight blockade, the Qin family garden was completely transformed into a meat grinder.

The stars and moon were in the sky.

The Qin family is no longer as brightly lit as it used to be, and the dimly lit manor is hidden in the darkness, as cold and desolate as possible.

In one room.

The light is dim, with only a small lamp glowing.

Qin He-nian, with his hair and face covered in blood, sits dumbly in a chair, as if his soul has left his body, as if he is a walking corpse.

He was the only survivor of the Qin family catastrophe!

It was because of that moment of hesitation when he initially rebelled against Chen Dong that he survived.

Of course, it was only a matter of surviving.

Creak ……

The door to the room pushed open, and the night breeze was still a little bit harsh in the early spring night.

The night breeze puffed into the room, but Qin Henian remained motionless, his gaze vacant.

It was only when his nose shrugged a little that his originally empty eyes rippled.

The air was thick with the sickening smell of blood.

Zhuge Qing walked in, his face indifferent as he said, “It’s all been dealt with, the Zhuge family will take care of the aftermath, you don’t need to worry.”


Qin Henian’s eyes rippled and tears came out of his eyes, flowing into two tear tracks.

“It is your fault that the Qin family has come to this point, there is no one else to blame.”

Zhuge Qing had his hands behind his back, after the day’s killings, he could not afford to make any waves: “Compared to the Zhuge family, your Qin family has a better chance of getting close to Mr Chen. If your family had been loyal and willing to submit after Master Qin killed himself, Western Shu would not have been the Zhuge family’s king, but two kings in one place! ”

“It is only a pity that you wolves are ambitious and wild dogs dare to compete with the Canglong!”

Qin Henian’s body trembled, and his pale lips trembled noisily.

Every word of Zhuge Qing’s words seemed like a burning red sharp knife, stabbing Qin Henian fiercely in the heart.

“Mr. Chen should be back soon.”

Zhuge Qing closed the door of the room and leaned against the door frame, his hands clasped over his chest, his face indifferent.

He hadn’t come to show off anything to Qin Henian.

From the moment the Zhuge Family had attached itself to Chen Dong, they, the Zhuge Family, no longer had to look at anyone’s face in Western Shu.

The purpose of his visit was merely to watch over Qin Henian until Chen Dong returned.

The words he said were not meant to show off in the slightest, and even Zhuge Qing felt stifled by the fact that the Qin family had come to this point.

A group of stupid and unaware Qin family members, who clearly had a better choice, did not let go of their unruly and rampant hearts, and completely buried the Qin family.

The sins of God can be forgiven, but the sins of man cannot be lived, let alone the collective sins of the entire Qin family this time!

He waited for about ten minutes.

Outside the door, the sound of hurried footsteps rang out.

Zhuge Qing turned around and opened the door, and when he saw Chen Dong, he respectfully shouted, “Mr. Chen, your injury is nothing serious, right?”

“I’ve bandaged them up a bit, I’ll have to continue some treatment later on, Qin Ye and the others are still in a coma, thanks to your Zhuge family this time!”

Chen Dong said soberly, but his face was a little pale.

After Gu Cangyue and Li Danggui left, he had the Zhuge Family’s people send Qin Ye and the three of them to the hospital at the first opportunity.

Now the three were still being resuscitated, and his heart was hanging in the air.

But returning to the Qin family was something that had to be done immediately.

“Have you thoroughly checked around the Qin family?”

Chen Dong inquired.

Zhuge Qing shook his head, “There is no trace of anything, the surveillance equipment has yielded nothing, even I had people carpet search for traces, they all came up empty.”

“That’s also true, an existence that can block the eyes with a single leaf, if he wants to hide, no one can find him.”

Chen Dong laughed to himself, then his gaze went to Qin Henian who was sitting frozen on the ground, weeping silently.

“Do you want to say something?”

Chen Dong walked up to Qin Henian: “The Qin family is still here, you are willing to return to it, and after Qin Ye and the three of them have recuperated, there will be a place for you in the Qin family.”

At those words.

Qin Henian’s eyes, which were filled with tears, finally glowed a little.

He slowly raised his head, his pale and haggard face, and turned to Chen Dong, his lips mouthing, saying hoarsely, “The family is here, but the people have died!”

“This is your own choice, I have been kind enough to your Qin family.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, his expression was ancient, without the slightest emotion: “Greed has created the Qin family today with corpses all over the place.”

Qin Henian was speechless, and tears were flowing down his face.

How could he not know the whole story?

As Zhuge Qing had said, if only someone from the Qin family had stood up and chosen the right path for the Qin family at the time of the fork in the road, the Qin family would not have been reduced to this state.

He didn’t even think of blaming Chen Dong.

If he were to do it instead, he would only do it more desperately than Chen Dong!

He took a deep breath.

Qin Henian bowed his head in despair and said with a deathly intent, “Give me three feet of white silk, the Qin family is dead, I have no face to live on, and I will go down to face the ancestors of the Qin family.”

The spirit of despair and death was so strong that it seemed to turn into substance.

As soon as the words were spoken, Zhuge Qing’s pupils next to him could not help but contract for a moment.

Chen Dong fell into silence.

Three seconds later.

Chen Dong nodded and turned around, “Zhuge Qing, take the three feet of white silk and send Qin Henian on his way.”


Zhuge Qing nodded his head.

He was not a woman’s man, the Qin family had committed this heinous disaster, and for Chen Dong to leave Qin Henian alive was already a great kindness.

Qin He-nian was full of death wishing to die, and if he stayed, he would be nothing more than a fearful shell.

“Leave this place to your Zhuge family, in addition, the matter will be sealed off until tomorrow and announced to the public, your Zhuge family will take over for me.”

Chen Dong no longer stopped and walked quickly towards the outside, in the hospital, Qin Ye and the others were still waiting for him.

“Released by us?”

Zhuge Qing was a little confused, but did not pursue the matter.

When Chen Dong arrived at the hospital, Qin Xiao Qian had already been pushed out from the resuscitation room.

And Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan were still being resuscitated.

Distraught, Chen Dong went to see Qin Xiao Qian, who was still sleeping, and did not stay long. He walked to the stairwell, lit a cigarette and sat on the stairs.

The whole hospital was the property of the Zhuge family, and it would be much better to have the Zhuge family arrange it.

But Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan’s safety and security had always made him restless.

Everything that had happened during the day had also made his mind busy with thoughts.

“The Pan Gu Plan, what exactly is it?”

Chen Dong murmured with a cigarette in his mouth, rubbed his hair in annoyance and fished out the Pan Gu jade pendant in his trouser pocket, twisting it in his hand to examine it carefully.

Immediately, he took out his mobile phone again and dialled Zheng Junlin’s number.

The matter has come to a head, can only speed up the process of exploring the “Pangu Project”, otherwise he has been kept in the dark, will be bound to act in every way ……

Chapter 1346

“Hey, Brother Dong.”

The phone was quickly answered.

The tone of Zheng Junlin’s voice made Chen Dong’s heart slightly settled.

“Jun Lin, sorry to disturb your rest so late.” Chen Dong said.

“How could I, I am still awake too, busy handling various matters under the Jun Lin Group.”

Zheng Junlin complained, “My father, at the drop of a hat, took his entire family and pa*sed away, leaving behind such a big mess for the Junlin Group, I have to get a handle on it as soon as possible.”

The sound is a complaint, but the calmness in it, but let Chen Dong slightly shocked.

This kid’s …… tolerance exceeded that of many, many people!

“Please do something for me.”

Chen Dong let out a sigh of relief, he had actually been worried that Zheng Junlin was trapped in the tragedy of the Zheng family’s destruction and had fallen.

“You name it, I’ll arrange it down immediately.”

“Do you still remember the Pan Gu jade pendant?”

Chen Dong slowly said, “I still have a copy of the equity agreement of Pangu Biotechnology Company here, I need you to arrange to go down, regardless of everything, and use the fastest time to probe into where this Pangu Biotechnology Company actually is.”

“In addition, I have checked this company in advance, but after using all my powers, there is no news, this company does not exist at all.”

“Eh, then what am I checking for?”

Zheng Junlin said helplessly.

“The Pangu jade pendant is in your Zheng family, so I guess the Pangu Biotechnology Company, was made by my father and your father, you are in the Zheng family, it is easier to check some traces than me.”

Chen Dong frowned, his eyes deep, “You carefully recall something your father said to you before, or explained something, maybe it’s hidden inside.”

“Alright then, I’ll start pushing for this right now.”


Hanging up the phone.

Chen Dong crushed out the cigarette at the corner of his mouth, on the ground.

If it was in the past, he would not have been so eager to push forward with the investigation of the “Pangu Jade Pendant” and the “Pangu Biotechnology Company”, after all, he had checked at the beginning and found that there was no such company at all, so it was a bit ridiculous to speculate everything based on a jade pendant alone.

However, after the experience of Master Kongkong and what happened today.

Project Pan Gu, he had to use the fastest time possible to figure out what it was!

“Only by figuring out the so-called Pan Gu plan, perhaps …… will also be able to figure out what secrets are hidden in me.”

A low murmuring voice echoed in the stairwell.

Chen Dong’s face, however, was sunken and frozen to the point where his gaze was as deep as two black holes.

At the beginning of his father’s birthday banquet, Master Khong Khong descended on the Chen family and forcibly demanded three drops of his blood, and later on, Master Khong Khong made an appearance at the Tianmen Mountain Villa, clearly testing for something.

And today during the day, whether it was Li Danggu or Gu Cang Yue.

Although both of them were bent on letting him die, during the process, Chen Dong could actually feel that both of them were intentionally or unintentionally testing something!

This might be the secret hidden in his body!

From the time he was led onto this path of martial arts by Kunlun, his initial rapid ascension could be attributed to having martial arts talent.

But the subsequent rapid rise in realm, even the mind state that was regarded as a great taboo by all martial artists in the long history of the martial dao, such as the Dao Heart Demon, had been suppressed without limit when it came to him.

Is it possible without the secret ……?

Chen Dong had never considered himself a genius, but after stepping onto this path of the martial dao, he began to doubt his own perceptions and doubted himself like never before.

Rubbing a handful of his face, Chen Dong smiled to himself, “I might be considered the genius who had the most miserable childhood, right?”

With that, he got up and returned to the hospital corridor.

In the empty corridor, he could see the resuscitation room at the end.

The scarlet, stinging resuscitation lights were still on.

At the door, there were several doctors waiting, their faces grave, discussing something with each other.

Upon seeing Chen Dong, several doctors immediately surged up.

“Mr. Chen, the situation is very bad!”

Chen Dong’s heart sank violently, “Qin Ye or Yu Lan, or both?”

“Zhang Yulan.”

The doctor said gruffly, “It’s possible that …… will never wake up!”


Chen Dong was struck by lightning, the sky spun, his body staggered, and he propped himself up on the corridor wall with one hand.

His eyes swished red as he gritted his teeth and said, “I can respectfully invite the great doctors of the world to descend here!”

When he first saved Qin Ye, he was able to invite the great doctors of the world.

Now he could do it again, what harm would it do?

When he first arrived at the hospital during the day, he had actually had this thought, but was stopped by the doctor.

“Mr. Chen, it’s not that we deliberately stopped you from inviting the great doctors of the world, the healers are benevolent, and we doctors are no less happy than your relatives when a patient recovers.”

The doctor in front of him wearily pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose and said in a deep voice, “In fact, when I came in the afternoon, it was actually too late, this was something I told Mr. Chen at the time.”

The doctor rubbed his hands together and looked around at his peers.

Several of them all looked gloomy.

The doctor said slowly, “Qin Xiao Qian was the least injured, so she was the first to be released from the rescue room, Qin Ye was the second, and should not be seriously injured, but Zhang Yulan …… lost too much blood and was injured too badly, so when she was brought in, she was already in her deathbed. It’s also powerless to return to heaven.”

“We have fought for so long, but the only thing we can do is to keep her alive, and if we keep that breath, she may never wake up!

Because they knew of Chen Dong’s relationship with the Zhuge family, the doctors did not hold back when they explained the situation.

Chen Dong leaned against the wall, breathing heavily while his eyes were climbing with blood.

At this moment, he felt as if his chest was stuffed with stones and blocked.

The doctor was explaining the situation, but to him, it was no less than a death sentence!

Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan had come a long way, and were finally about to enter the hall of fame, but now Zhang Yulan had ended up in this situation, how would Qin Ye react when he found out?

Guilt, grief, all sorts of emotions were like sharp knives cutting viciously on Chen Dong’s body.


Just then.

There was a sudden commotion in the resuscitation room where Qin Ye was, a sound of things smashing down, along with the sound of people shouting and screaming.

The sudden scene made Chen Dong and the few doctors all startled.

Chen Dong and the doctors immediately rushed into the resuscitation room.


The door of the resuscitation room was ruthlessly slammed open.

Qin Ye, naked, fell to the ground with a poof.

There was still blood on his body, there were still wounds, and even the resuscitation instruments were still left on his body.

But at this moment, it was as if Qin Ye had gone mad, his scarlet eyes containing tears, full of panic and worry.

Even when he fell to the ground, it was as if he didn’t know the pain, bracing his hands on the ground and crawling out desperately.

“Yatou, I want to find my yatou ……”

“Qin Ye!”

Chen Dong’s heart was like a knife, and he shouted sternly in a deep voice.

Qin Ye’s body trembled, looking up at Chen Dong, tears flowed out with a clamor, wailing and praying.

“Brother Dong, save Yatou, save her, I haven’t had time to marry her yet ……”

The cries and howls, echoing through the corridor, tore at the heart.