Winner Takes All Chapter 1341-1342

Chapter 1341

Under the warm sun.

Inside the Shura Prison Field.

Chen Dong was still surrounded by Qi energy, but without any warning, he put his long sword up in front of him and closed his eyes.

This scene was unbelievable.

When it fell into Li Danggu’s eyes, it even directly made Li Danggu dumbfounded.

What the hell was this guy …… doing?

Facing Gu Cang Yue, the strength was not even on the same level, and still closed his eyes relative to each other, looking for death?

“Has given up the dying struggle?”

Li Danggui muttered, but then shook his head and discarded the idea, and then snorted, “Should be knowingly unbeatable, deliberately trying to fight for luck, right?”

“Heh ……”

A smile pulled up on Gu Cang Yue’s vicissitudes and cold face, just along with the centipede-like scars that pulled at his face, making this smile of his incomparably seeping.

“Chen Dong, fighting with your eyes closed is a death sentence for you, you have not yet reached the point where your ears can hear all directions and your mind can be viewed!”

The laughter echoed.

Gu Cangyue, however, was confident with his chest.

However, Chen Dong’s response caused the smile on Gu Cang Yue’s face to disappear abruptly, replaced by a lion-like fury.

Chen Dong closed his eyes, his face expressionless, and slowly spoke.

“I, Chen Dong, do not need to explain my actions to you, one battle will determine life and death, come and fight!”

The tone of his voice was calm and unruffled.

But the words were arrogant to the extreme!


Gu Cangyue narrowed his eyes, his Qi surging, and bowed his body slightly, as if he was a pale wolf hunting for prey in the gra*sland.

The next second.


The astral wind whistled and struck the heavens.

Gu Cangyue’s figure swayed violently and disappeared in place.

Pieces of remnants dragged behind him, and with the momentum of lightning, he charged directly towards Chen Dong with a silver needle in his hand.

“It’s over!”

Looking at this scene, Li Danggui calmed down.

All the stifled grievances would dissipate in the next blow.

His original intention was to kill Chen Dong, whether it was his own strike or Gu Cangyue’s, as long as his objective was achieved, it would be enough.



A cluster of sparks suddenly exploded.

Just as Gu Cangyue rushed to Chen Dong’s close proximity, she diagonally stabbed a needle straight into Chen Dong’s temple.

Chen Dong, who was motionless, suddenly shifted his Ice Spirit Longsword sideways.

It was only a slight shift, but it blocked the silver needle with unerring accuracy!

Qi energy raged.

Gu Cangyue was suddenly shocked.

Not far away, Li Danggui’s body even trembled violently, exclaiming out of breath, “D*mn, this is impossible!”

He had not directly fought with Gu Cangyue, but from the battle between Chen Dong and Gu Cangyue, he could tell that the difference in their strength was so vast that it was comparable to clouds and mud.

On the contrary, Chen Dong, who had his eyes open, could not block Gu Cangyue’s attack and was slashed by silver needles all over his body.

At this moment, Chen Dong, who had closed his eyes and discarded one of his senses, was able to lightly block Gu Cang Yue’s attack?

How the hell …… could this be possible?


The moment the silver needles came into contact with the icy longsword, Chen Dong’s qi force swept onto the icy longsword.

The fierce and harsh sword qi boomed, directly shaking back Gu Cangyue.

After Gu Cangyue landed on the ground, he still could not hide his shock.

“At your age, there is no way you could have reached this level, it is absolutely impossible!”

Chen Dong withdrew his sword and continued to hold it upright in front of him, his face expressionless as he stood with his eyes closed.

“Whether it is possible or not, we will know in one battle, mother-in-law, why don’t you come and take my life?”

With a single word, Gu Cang Yue’s face instantly tumbled with anger.

No more words were spoken.

With a shake of his body, Gu Cang Yue once again rushed towards Chen Dong.

Qi whistled and his body was like a swimming dragon.

After the experience she had just had, Gu Cangyue became much more careful this time.

Instead of going straight ahead, he moved from side to side, blurring Chen Dong’s hearing with the whistling of Qi energy.

At a level like his, his combat experience and talent were unparalleled in the world.

During a martial artist’s battle, when one sense was lost, the remaining sensory abilities could indeed be substantially enhanced.

In this way, it was indeed possible for Chen Dong to catch up to his speed with his ears alone.

But only if the martial artist had specially conducted special training during the day!

He did not believe that Chen Dong could really listen to all directions and observe his mind. With Chen Dong’s age, martial arts experience and talent, it was impossible for him to have entered into this kind of “biased” training at an early stage.

“It must have happened! Even if you have training in this area, it is impossible for you to avoid it every time, messing up your hearing, I’ll see how you can still tell?”

This was the thought in Gu Cang Yue’s mind.

Those who had the same thought as him were also Li Danggui!

At Li Danggui’s age, he was already proud of himself for being able to perceive “Qi” in the martial arts.

A genius had the pride and arrogance of a genius.

But when he faced Chen Dong, his pride and arrogance were shattered with a bang!

Even Li Danggui did not believe that Chen Dong’s martial strength had soared to such a sensational level at such a young age!

Boom, boom, boom ……

As Gu Cangyue moved around like a wandering dragon, majestic Qi energy whistled and echoed around Chen Dong.

Gu Cang Yue clearly saw that the frown on Chen Dong’s frontless face was tightly knitted, revealing a look of strain.

This instantly made Gu Cangyue’s heart and soul lift.

The next second.

Gu Cangyue moved across once, and took advantage of the moment when the whistling of Qi around her had not yet been broken, and directly stabbed a silver needle at Chen Dong’s throat.



Just as the silver needle was about to reach Chen Dong’s throat, the Ice Spirit Longsword shifted slightly sideways once again, blocking Gu Cangyue’s silver needle with unerring precision.

Sparks erupted.

Sword Qi stirred.

Gu Cang Yue drew back and flew back, shocked beyond words, his features even twisted a little from the shock.

“This …… this ……”

Li Danggu was completely dumbfounded, his lips were mumbling, but he could not spit out a complete sentence.

Once is a coincidence!

What about twice?

How is this guy …… so demonic?

Gu Cang Yue landed steadily, looking at Chen Dong with eyes full of shock and complexity.

Only as soon as he landed.

Chen Dong’s cold and indifferent voice followed.

“If you want to take my life, then hurry up, don’t try one move after another, show the aura you had just now!”

The indifferent voice, however, seemed like countless sharp needles, instantly stirring Gu Cangyue’s nerves.


A strange shame!

What right did a junior with a far different age have to speak with such a tone?

“Hehe, no wonder that girl Dragonfly always has a strange feeling towards you.”

Gu Cang Yue pulled up the corner of his mouth and smiled fiercely, but in his heart he added.

A whirlwind.

The strong wind howled and his body was like a swimming dragon.

This time, Gu Cang Yue no longer tried, but strongly suppressed her shock, holding silver needles in her hand and sweeping her qi, a stormy attack, directly towards Chen Dong.

Clang clang clang ……

Sparks burst out, sword qi stirred.

No matter how Gu Cang Yue attacked, Chen Dong, who held his sword with his eyes closed, could always resist with his sword in a godlike posture.

This scene left Li Danggu dumbfounded and speechless.

In his line of sight, Chen Dong stood still, lofty, his Ice Spirit Longsword in his hand only moving within a tiny range.

The strength of Gu Cang Yue, who was already at an advantage, was now charging left and right, like a jumping clown, attacking Chen Dong like crazy.

But …… every attack was easily defeated by Chen Dong, who remained motionless.

If this scene were put into the world martial arts world, it would be enough to shock the world martial arts world in one battle!

In contrast to Li Danggui, the party in question, Gu Cang Yue, has even more tremendous waves in his heart at this moment.

The stormy attacks seemed to hit the air time and time again, and this feeling made him, who was originally confident, hesitant and horrified, and his mind was in turmoil.

“Impossible, you’re so young, you can’t possibly have achieved this level!”

“If a demon like you were to emerge from the world’s martial dao, the martial dao would flourish and restore the glory of the martial dao in the long history!”

“This Chen Dong, just how much weight has been put on him by those two madmen?”


The more he fought, the more frightened he became.

Gu Cang Yue’s entire being was in a state of annoyance.

In the midst of the fierce battle.

Chen Dong’s expressionless face, however, suddenly emerged with a sneer.

“Do you know that after not moving like a mountain, you are moving like a thunderbolt?”

Chapter 1342


Gu Cang Yue’s expression was solemn, his eyes suddenly somewhat scornful.

Not moving like a mountain ……

In an instant, Gu Cang Yue was enlightened and snapped out of it.

“Good boy, relying on defence instead of attack to bridge the speed gap between us, good one, not moving like a mountain!”

As Chen Dong’s sneer rang out, Gu Cangyue, who had originally attacked but could not, was instantly clear in his thoughts.

His speed was originally crushing to Chen Dong.

The two were not on the same level of strength at all.

The previous fight had also proven that.

After Chen Dong changed his fighting style, he was able to make up for the speed difference.

A seemingly weak change, even in a high-intensity fight, almost a death-defying change, but it was able to bring death to life!

His speed was indeed terrifying, but after Chen Dong stationed himself in place, he did not have to pursue speed at all, and simply sought all his strength to fend off his attacks.

The trajectory of movement and distance travelled was greatly shortened and used to make up for the gap in speed.

It was as if the trajectory of his movement, Gu Cang Yue, was a circle drawn with Chen Dong at its centre, dashing left and right inside the circle, waiting for an opportunity to move.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was like a point, simply raising his hand and waving his sword.

As fast as he was, it was nowhere near as fast as Chen Dong raising his hand and waving his sword!

Gu Cangyue’s brows knitted together as he stared at Chen Dong’s tightly closed eyes in confusion.

Changing his combat style could indeed make up for the speed gap, but how could this be explained when his ears were listening to all directions and his mind was watching?

The mind that had just calmed down rippled again as it gazed towards Chen Dong’s tightly closed eyes.

“Changing the way he fought, responding to all changes with immobility, bridging the gap in speed, and then drastically closing the gap between the two sides by discarding his vision and enhancing his ears, is this really a fighting style that he was able to contemplate in such a short period of time at his age?”

Gu Cangyue’s heartbeat banged faster, and at this moment, the look in Chen Dong’s eyes completely changed.

No longer disdainful and contemptuous as before, instead, there were a few more moments of gravity, and even …… fear!

As a member of the Gu family, the first time he came out of customs, Chen Dong’s intelligence information was presented to him.

A person who had reached his present achievements in the martial arts in just over a year’s time, crowned the top of the ancient world, not just the number one in the current young generation, but also definitely ranked among the top in the entire long history of the martial arts.

It was only after this battle with Chen Dong that Gu Cangyue realised how much he had underestimated this young man in front of him!

When he thought of the disdain and contempt he had previously held for Chen Dong, Gu Cang Yue even felt ridiculous himself.

Being able to find a way to cope so quickly in a situation of absolute weakness, greatly narrowing the gap between the two sides.

This combat instinct …… was so terrifying that it sent chills down one’s back!


Chen Dong, who held his sword in both hands and stood with his eyes closed, spoke slowly.

His tone was as calm as a puddle of stagnant water, with no ripples.

At this moment, Chen Dong, who was dressed in a blood-stained suit and standing motionless, was surrounded by qi energy, but he gave people a majestic feeling as thick and heavy as a mountain.


Gu Cangyue looked solemn, not daring to be the least bit underestimated or careless: “Let me see where your limits are in the face of death!”


A majestic qi energy instantly emanated from Gu Cangyue’s body, like a waterfall rolling backwards and rushing up to the sky.

The originally clear sky was suddenly darkened as Gu Cangyue’s Qi surged into the sky.

The wind howled and wreaked havoc in all directions, and the stone slabs on the ground where Gu Cangyue was standing cracked under the raging Qi, spreading out in all directions.

This scene was incomparably shocking.

Even the Zhuge family and the Qin family, who had killed each other, were shocked by this huge movement and came to an abrupt halt at the same time.

“Mr. Chen ……”

In the crowd, Zhuge Qing, who was covered in blood, looked at Chen Dong who was not far away with a terrified expression, “Must, be alright!”

On the other side, Li Danggui was ecstatic as he met Gu Cang Yue’s qi astral wind.

“Full strength, the full strength of the Gu family’s Cang Yue, Chen Dong …… you will surely die today even if you are a heavenly god descending to earth!”

The words have not yet fallen.

The momentum of Gu Cang Yue brazenly lifted up the astral wind that covered the sky, and his body turned into several streaks of shadow, like a ghost, directly pouncing on Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s calm face trembled as the astral wind blew on it.

In an instant, the fearful killing intent that emanated from Gu Cang Yue’s body enveloped his body, causing him to stiffen and fall into an ice cave.

But …… his eyes, they still did not open!

“The fish …… has taken the bait!”

Chen Dong thought in his mind, and the corners of his mouth could not help but once again sketch a quirky smile.


A strong wind whistled from the slant.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows trembled lightly and he instantly moved his Ice Spirit Longsword across.


Sparks erupted and sword qi stirred out, directly shaking Gu Cang Yue back.

“Are you faster, or am I faster!”

Gu Cang Yue’s expression was solemn, his body was filled with a stern and majestic killing intent, no longer pausing, when his blow was shaken back, he immediately reversed his direction and attacked again to kill.

Clang clang clang ……

The wind raged and sparks burst.

In the face of Gu Cang Yue’s attack, Chen Dong did not move, only holding his sword with both hands, gently swinging it out again and again, cleansing it all with an antelope hanging from the corner of his head in an exquisite gesture.

The seemingly dangerous game of certain death had, at this moment, strangely fallen into a stalemate.

This scene made Li Danggu in the distance look pale, like a lump in his throat.

Every now and then, when his gaze fell on Chen Dong, he became even more terrified, as if he was facing the evil spirits of hell directly.

His fighting instincts, did they have no upper limit?

“Faster, faster, Chen Dong …… will die if he doesn’t!”

Amidst the fierce wind and rain of attacks, Gu Cang Yue blasted out in a stern voice.

With Chen Dong as the centre, as Gu Cang Yue’s attack, majestic Qi swept, as if forming a tornado, sweeping up into the sky.

Gu Cang Yue kept changing his stance, immediately retreating when he missed a blow, and then picking his angle again to continue his attack.

“Soon, we’ll find it soon, everyone’s battles have their own patterns and habits, there is never a trace-free battle in this world!”

Chen Dong stood tall and indifferent, parrying Gu Cang Yue’s attacks time and again, seemingly calm and composed, but his mind was spinning rapidly.

“You don’t need to make too many moves to kill someone, one move, one move is enough!”

Quietly, a fine bead of sweat seeped out from Chen Dong’s forehead.

Just at that moment.

The wind behind him suddenly rose up, and the biting wind seemed like countless sharp knives, tearing at his back.

In an instant, Chen Dong’s eyes fiercely opened, and his sharp aura burst out, his killing intent blazing.

“I’ve got you!”

In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong’s Qi energy blasted and coalesced his feet, and his entire body was like a cannonball, and without turning around, he shot directly towards his back.

“This is ……”

At the same time, the face of Gu Cang Yue, who was right behind Chen Dong, changed greatly.

He looked in shock at the back of Chen Dong who was shooting radically, his heart suddenly palpitating at this moment.

It was just that with the distance between the two, plus the fact that he had simply not expected Chen Dong, who had been as motionless as a mountain, to suddenly surge up just now.

At this moment, it was too late for him to dodge!


Almost simultaneously.

Li Danggui’s explosive roar exploded over the Qin family.

Under the warm sun, Chen Dong, who had shot behind him, brazenly raised his Ice Spirit Longsword and aimed it at his left shoulder blade without the slightest hesitation.


Fresh blood flew into the air.

The Ice Spirit Longsword pierced straight through Chen Dong’s left shoulder blade, bringing blood with it and revealing itself behind him.

The next instant.


Chen Dong’s back struck Gu Cangyue’s predecessor, while the Ice Spirit Longsword that pierced through his left shoulder blade also unerringly penetrated into the middle of Gu Cangyue’s chest cavity ……