Winner Takes All Chapter 1337-1338

Chapter 1337

This smile.

It was like a ghost, like a charm.

Qin Henian was stunned, and for a moment there was a sense of trepidation as the gates of hell opened and the cold wind from the depths of the Nine Hells engulfed his entire body.


The trance looked at the corner of Chen Dong’s mouth that wisp of seeping smile, Qin Henian violently reacted, where the hell is wrong!

Chen Dong …… was weak!

The young master of the Chen family, the head of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, the head of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, the owner of a word and a world of merit, the pen of merit that can be known to the sun and the moon, the glory of a million.

Such an existence, when he fought with people, might have fallen into a disadvantage.

But to fall twice in a row, to give the impression of being weak and decrepit, is bizarre!

When something goes wrong, there must be a demon!

Qin Henian knew that Chen Dong was not weak, so if Chen Dong gave him a weak feeling now, there must be something wrong!

For a moment, Qin Henian, who was lying on the ground, felt that the sun above his head, had become dim.

It was dull and cold.

Everything around him seemed to have become a blur, except for the dozen or so Qin family members who had rushed towards Chen Dong in a frenzy in their sight.

Luring snakes out of their holes!

A word fiercely surfaced in Qin Henian’s mind.

In an instant, his jaws cracked and his heart pounded wildly.

“Come back, come back quickly, you are not fighting against Chen Dong, you are jumping into a pit of fire, you are leading the entire Qin family, into a boundless purgatory!”

Qin Henian’s hot tears filled his eyes and his lips mouthed, wanting to stop, but at this moment, the Qin family was already an arrow off the string, there was no turning back!

What Chen Dong wanted was the attitude of the Qin family!

And now the dozen or so Qin family members who had rushed out with overwhelming killing intent, their attitude had been clearly revealed!

Despair swallowed Qin Henian up!

His teeth clenched his lips, biting through them so hard that blood flowed into his mouth.

But in his heart, he wailed, “Dad, you lost your hundred years of power in one go, the Qin family is in danger!

“Heh ……”

Chen Dong knelt on one knee, his abdomen’s five internal organs twisted in unbearable pain, but the smile at the corner of his mouth became even colder.

“Well, well, after today, the Qin family will return to number one in Western Shu!”

Li Danggui slowly turned his right wrist in a circle, and the Ice Spirit Longsword in his hand, emitted a silky humming sound.

“Chen Dong, you are perfect, and under the heavens, among the younger generation, I am afraid that only I, Li Danggui, can rival you.”

The untamed words came out of Li Danggui’s mouth.

At this moment, Li Danggui’s eyes burned with a flame of confidence, untamed, and his gaze slanted downwards, looking down at Chen Dong who was kneeling on one knee not far away.

Previously, he still had scruples about Chen Dong’s strength.

But the exchange of blows just now had made him feel confident.

Li Danggui slowly narrowed his eyes and snickered, “The so-called prestige is nothing but delusion, today, I will tear off your last shame!”


Chen Dong replied, while slowly standing up, his gaze sternly gazing at Li Danggui, “Next, I hope you can keep your promise!”


Li Danggui’s heart contracted violently as he was watched by Chen Dong.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong looked askance at the Qin family members who were charging towards him and said in a cold voice, “Today …… the entire Qin family can go to hell and there will be no more Qin family in Western Shu!”

The words were cold and harsh, like the voice of a man seeking his life.

In an instant.

The dozen or so Qin family members who were rushing towards Chen Dong stopped abruptly and looked terrified and scared.

As Chen Dong’s gaze swept over them, everyone’s spine chilled, as if they had fallen into an ice cave.

Even the blood courage and madness that had just been ignited had weakened with Chen Dong’s words and his gaze.

“What are you afraid of? With me here, your Qin family is destined for glory!”

Li Danggui laughed untidily.

With these words, it was as if he had given a shot of chicken blood to the terrified Qin family.

“Brothers, what are you afraid of? With Li Danggui here, he Chen Dong can’t make any waves!”

“D*mn it, Chen Dong, today the Qin family is against you, after your death, the Qin family will regain its former glory!”

“Hahahaha …… How can you miss a heavenly opportunity? All of the Qin family, thank you Li Danggui!”


Amidst the clamor and excitement, a furious roar exploded like thunder.

“Qin family members, listen to the order, surround and kill Chen Dong!”

The voice rolled out, echoing through the central courtyard.

As soon as the order was given, footsteps suddenly rang out in all directions.

“Don’t, don’t ah ……”

Qin Henian slumped to the ground in despair, as if his entire body had been emptied of its breath, snotting and crying.

He knew the intentions of these Qin family members, in fact the crowd had already harboured evil intentions when they entered the Qin family with Li Danggui.

These Qin family members were hiding in the shadows as a prearrangement, but they had been unable to grasp the situation and had been holding back.

Now that Li Danggui has ignited everyone’s ambition, the dog’s teeth are now completely exposed!

“Li Danggui, come and fight!”

Chen Dong ignored the Qin family and let out an explosive roar, instantly wrapped in a majestic Qi energy, as powerful as wild thunder, rushing towards Li Danggui.


Li Danggui snorted, gripping his Ice Spirit Longsword tightly, and directly met him.

Qi raged.

The whistle shook his ears.

The moment the two drew closer, the Ice Spirit Longsword in Li Danggui’s hand instantly danced into a sword flower under the Qi energy, forming a seemingly non-existent curtain of sword Qi that directly strangled towards Chen Dong.

In an instant, the smile on Li Danggui’s face was incomparably wide.

With such a wall of sword qi pushing across, Chen Dong, who was unarmed, would be instantly strangled to a pulp.

Victory or defeat, it was already decided!


Bang Teen!

Smoke and debris rose into the air, blurring Chen Dong’s silhouette.

Chen Dong’s figure swayed violently, surrounded by qi energy, as if it was lightning, he moved straight across, bypa*sing the wall of sword qi and rushing directly towards Li Danggui.

How fast!

This, this couldn’t be!

Li Danggui’s body shook violently, his scalp instantly tingling and his features tense to the extreme.

In the midst of his shock, Chen Dong’s low, teasing voice suddenly echoed in Li Danggui’s ears.

“I’m using you as bait, who are you to compete with me?”

Lightning flashed.

Li Danggui’s panic-stricken, rounded perspective of his eyes clearly looked askance at a cold face that looked like a ghost, approaching in front of him.

Bang Teen!

Chen Dong’s left fist landed on Li Danggui’s abdomen.

It was powerful and fancy-free.

Li Danggui’s features were instantly distorted and he flew backwards.

Without waiting to land, Chen Dong was like a maggot on his tarsus, wrapped in majestic qi and rushed to Li Danggui’s side again with killing intent.

“D*mn, why is it so fast?”

Li Danggui, who flew backwards across the sky, was completely shocked.

“I am number one, number one in the world, who are you to rival me?”

The cold, stern voice of domineering rampage exploded in Li Danggu’s ears.

At the same time, Chen Dong’s large hand, wrapped in Qi energy, directly covered Li Danggui’s face.


With a simple and brutal blow, Chen Dong directly pressed Li Danggui’s face and ruthlessly threw it to the ground.

The ground trembled and cracks swept out like a spider’s web as smoke and dust rolled out.

This scene left all of the Qin family dumbfounded and dazed.

How could it be completely different from earlier?

“What should we do?”

One person asked in horror.

Another gritted his teeth and said, “D*mn it, there is no turning back from the opening bow, either Chen Dong dies today or the Qin family dies!”


The sound of shouting and killing suddenly exploded through the Qin family.

The crowd was like a tidal wave, engulfing Chen Dong directly.

Chapter 1338


The sound of shouting and killing echoed over the Qin Family’s Zhuang Yuan.

The quiet and depressing Qin family manor garden was completely broken by this shout of killing.

The entrance of the manor house.

Zhuge Qing quickly rushed out of the gate, killing intent, his voice was stern, and he shouted orders angrily.

“Block off the streets in all four directions and slaughter the …… Qin family!”

The killing intent instantly caused all the people of the Zhuge Family to change their expressions.

But the shouts of murder within the Qin family’s manor garden were deafening, and the crowd knew that things had come to a point where this had to be done.

There were no more words, no hesitation.

As Zhuge Qing gave the order, a single group of men in suits converged, forming a black torrent that moved forward in silence and surged into the Qin house, the only sound being the dense sound of leather shoes hitting the ground.

This dense sound, at this moment, however, seemed to be the death knell of death!

At this moment, the sky had completely changed in Western Shu ……!

After the fall of the Qin family, the Zhuge family did leap to become the number one powerful family in Western Shu.

But the entire upper echelons of the powerful families in Western Shu were clear that even though the Qin family had fallen, with Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian around, it was a power that came under Chen Dong’s command.

On a day-to-day basis, there were not many eyes and ears watching the Qin family.

When Li Dangjia entered the Qin family and the Qin family changed dramatically, all the giants in Western Shu were aware of it, but they were just staying put.

With the entry of Chen Dong into the Qin family, almost the entire upper echelons of the Western Shu gentry were focused on the Qin family.

The sound of shouting and killing, the Zhuge family’s people pouring into the Qin family, this shocking scene was immediately presented to the desks of the upper echelon of the Western Shu gentry.

All of a sudden, people were on tenterhooks and undercurrents were swirling.

All the major gentry and upper-cla*s forces were waiting in the dark, their hearts tumultuous.

For it was clear to all that the final outcome of the Qin family would directly determine the upper echelons of the entire Western Shu!

The Zhuge Family.

Elder Zhuge settled into his tai shi chair with a stony face, his gaze hollow as he murmured slowly.

“Qing’er, you must protect Chen Sheng’s peace. The Zhuge Family must not be allowed to fall from the altar again, otherwise it will be difficult for the Zhuge Family to rise again without the ‘Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram’!”

A heavy murmur echoed through the room.


Inside the Qin family compound, shouting and killing shook the sky.

Under the leadership of the middle-aged people in charge of the Qin family, all of them were crazy, recklessly pouncing on Chen Dong like a desperate man.

Even if, at this moment, the strength Chen Dong displayed was worlds apart from before.

Even though Li Danggui, who had just boasted of leading the Qin family back to glory, had been rubbed viciously on the ground by Chen Dong with his face pressed against the ground.

But no one retreated, they could only advance!

From the moment they took the first step and shouted at Chen Dong to kill him, there was no way back from all this!

Only by moving forward, only by successfully rounding up Chen Dong would the Qin family have a way to live.

Otherwise ……

“Protect Mr. Chen!”

Zhuge Qing rushed in at the head of the omnipresent crowd, the dense sound of footsteps echoing throughout the courtyard like a flood of bells and rhythms.

This scene, when it fell into the eyes of the Qin family, was one of jealousy and numbness.


Without waiting for Zhuge Qing to bring his men over, Chen Dong, who had Li Danggui’s face pinned to the ground with one hand, suddenly raised his head and gave a stern order.

“The Qin family is exterminated!”

The four simple words were like a holy voice descending from the nine heavens.

When Zhuge Qing saw that Chen Dong had the upper hand, he was instantly calm and ordered all the people of the Zhuge family to pounce on the Qin family.

The battle was fierce, and a fierce battle ensued.

The sound of shouting, wailing and screaming echoed through the courtyard of the Qin family.

The formerly majestic Qin family was now transformed into a purgatory with the snap of a finger.

The rich smell of blood rose to the sky and escaped all around.

“It’s over…… completely finished!”

Qin Henian was lying on the ground, trembling all over, crying out in pain.

On the other side.

Crunching …… crunching ……

Chen Dong’s right hand pressed on Li Danggui’s face, slowly rubbing it until Li Danggui’s five senses were distorted and twisted in a gurgle.

The actual fact is that Li Danggui, however, was lying straight on the ground, his body twitching incessantly along with the rubbing of Chen Dong’s right hand.

A complete and utter crushing!

A naked hanging defeat!

If it wasn’t for the fact that both sides were still in a state of counterbalance, Li Danggu’s face would have been strangled into a puddle of flesh by this rubbing alone.

The fresh blood from Li Danggui’s mouth escaped from the fingers of Chen Dong’s right hand, stinging red.

The ragged breathing sounded as if he was pulling a bellows, and was even somewhat blurred because of the fresh blood in his mouth.

“Aren’t you …… arrogant?”

Crunch, crunch.

“Aren’t you …… arrogant?”

Crunch, crunch.

“Aren’t you the only one of the younger generation in the world who can match me?”

Crunch, crunch.

“I don’t even dare to presume to call myself the number one in the world, and you come running to me to match me?”

Crunch, crunch.

Chen Dong sneered coldly as he rubbed.

Bullying and rampant to the extreme!

A cold face, a hideous sneer, a stern gaze, a majestic killing aura, at this moment made Chen Dong as vicious as an evil ghost, hideous and terrifying!

“My brother is lying down, you’ll have to pay with your life!”

The muscles in Chen Dong’s right hand graved up inch by inch, instantly resembling a rock foundation, grabbing Li Danggui’s face hard and dragging the upper half of his body up with him.

“At such a young age, you think you’re not just a dog, you think you’ve come to harm my brother and bully me, Chen Dong?”

Overwhelming killing intent was wildly declared out from Chen Dong at this moment.


A strange change occurred!


The moment the words left his mouth, Chen Dong clearly felt a completely different Qi rippling out from Li Danggui’s body than what he had just felt.

It was as soft as the wind, but it instantly caused Chen Dong’s movements to freeze, and his heart palpitated for a moment.

In a trance.

Chen Dong vaguely perceived that in the location of Li Danggui’s eyes, through the cracks of his fingers, two wisps of dull blue light seemed to be coming through.

This is ……

Chen Dong froze, his eyes rounded with a sense of trance.

Was it a blurred vision, or was it real?

In doubt.

Chen Dong’s body shook violently, and in a flash the sweat on his body stood up at the roots.

An unprecedented sense of death crisis swept over him, a terrifying palpitation that instantly made his heart feel as if it was about to jump out of his chest.

“It’s not Li Danggui!”

Chen Dong’s expression was solemn, and a decision was instantly made in his heart.

In a flash of lightning, almost instinctively, he brazenly pushed the Li Danggui in his hand backhanded against the ground towards his back.

At the same time, like a lightning bolt, he snatched the Ice Spirit Long Sword from Li Danggui’s hand.

The sword was as thin as a cicada’s wing and almost transparent, and it was as light as if it didn’t exist in his hand.

But the moment he held the sword in his right hand, Chen Dong directly slapped his left palm on the ground, using the momentum to flip his body, and his right hand directly slashed out horizontally with the sword.


The long sword slashed across the air, but suddenly there was a metal clash and a cluster of sparks exploded.


Chen Dong’s gaze was fixed, but he saw a silver needle, about ten centimetres long, sticking straight into the ground next to him.

It was so close!

A chilling sensation swept through his body, and Chen Dong could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

If he had been a little slower just now, this silver needle might have directly pierced through a certain part of his body.


At almost the same time, Li Danggui’s miserable scream rang out.

Chen Dong followed the sound and saw that Li Danggui, who had been pushed out by him, had already stopped, while a figure was standing beside Li Danggui, stepping on Li Danggui’s abdomen with a foot, helping Li Danggui to stop his body in an almost brutal way.

It was also at the same time that Chen Dong looked away.

The figure suddenly opened its voice.

“Gu Cang Yue, specially come to kill you, a wild B*****d!”