Winner Takes All Chapter 1333-1334

Chapter 1333

The unexpected scene left everyone dumbfounded and in disbelief.

Whether it was Li Danggui, Qin Henian or the rest of the Qin family, all of them were dumbfounded.

In the courtyard, the only sound that echoed was the reckless laughter of Chen Dong and Qin Ye.

Hoo ……

A light breeze blew through Li Danggui’s long silver-white hair.

His gaze gradually regained focus, cold and stern, resentful and fuming with anger.

The huge pain in his left shoulder blade made his body tremble.

Not from pain, but from shame and anger!

He had calculated everything, using Qin Xiao Qian and Zhang Yulan as leverage to force Qin Ye to stab Chen Dong in return.

He was so sure of everything, but at the last minute, Chen Dong and Qin Ye had played a trick on him.

What is this?

You’re playing me like a monkey?

crunch …… crunch ……

A subtle sound emanated from Li Danggui’s left shoulder blade, underneath his suit, the hole struck by the bullet, and as the sound rang out, more blood flowed.

As Li Danggui’s eyes sank, the bullet originally shot into his left shoulder blade, but was squeezed out and fell to the ground, gently beating twice.

This scene was not noticed by Chen Dong and Qin Ye.

The shocked and dumbfounded Qin family members did not notice either.

As the bullet fell to the ground, Li Danggui suddenly looked hideous, raised his hand violently and pointed at Qin Ye, cursing angrily.

“Are you F**king crazy? Do you F**king want to die yourself, or do you want your woman to die?”

The angry curses echoed through the courtyard.

At this moment, Li Danggui was no longer calm and collected as he was a moment ago, his face was full of fierce and killing intent.

He was so confident that he was invincible, even before Qin Ye’s strike, that he was in a position to win.

However, Qin Ye’s strike was like a fierce slap on his face, instantly shattering all his confidence with a dagger stab!

A disgrace!

A great disgrace!

With his heart, such a situation, in all his projections, could never have occurred!

“If a man doesn’t do it for himself, heaven and earth will be destroyed!”

Li Danggui’s body was trembling as he gritted his teeth, “You F**king don’t want your own life, your sister’s life, your woman’s life for Chen Dong?”

The words were deafening.

At this moment, even the shocked and dazed Qin family members woke up.

No one bothered to look at Li Danggui, and all eyes were focused on Chen Dong and Qin Ye.

These two guys …… were completely and utterly insane?

Chen Dong’s eyebrows were cold and stern as he stared at Li Danggui: “That is your perception, people live a life, sometimes for the sake of some people, they can kill the sky and destroy the earth!”

The stern and cold words caused Li Danggui to freeze instantly.

“I didn’t don’t want my sister and Yu Lan’s life, I just …… spell my own life, this life I have, is given by Brother Dong!”

Qin Ye smiled bitterly, but his gaze drifted to look at Chen Dong: “Brother Dong, Yu Lan is not in danger for now, please, save her!”


Chen Dong responded with a single word.

The words had not yet fallen.

The Qin Ye in his arms, however, had her head tilted and fainted.

To him, from the time he promised Li Danggui, as long as Zhang Yulan was saved, it was actually enough.

Turning against the water?

Qin Ye couldn’t do it!

This scene in front of him was already the optimal solution Qin Ye could think of!

Luckily, Chen Dong, who was his brother, had caught this optimal solution of his!

“Beast, get a good night’s sleep, the rest, Brother Dong will do the rest!”

Chen Dong looked cold and stern as he slowly put the unconscious Qin Ye on the ground.

Then, got up.

With a face as cold as frost, he slowly straightened his suit, and his cold and stern gaze looked at Li Danggui.

“I don’t know who you are, where you come from, what your background is, what your purpose is, but right now, I’m telling you, you …… are going to die!”

Mighty killing intent was declared from Chen Dong’s body.

It was like a shocking wave that swept across all directions.

Li Danggui’s complexion suddenly sank, some scruples in his eyes.

The Qin family members, such as Qin Henian, not far away, retreated in fear, afraid that the city gate would catch fire and affect the fish in the pond.

“Hehe …… Li Danggui, begging for death!”

Faced with Chen Dong’s awe-inspiring killing intent, Li Danggui, however, turned a cold look back in an instant, clasped his fist in a salute and rampantly uttered his voice.



Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong and Li Danggui’s bodies swept out with fierce qi at the same time.

Two swirls of Qi surrounded the two.

Clack ……

The ground where the two stood cracked inch by inch as the qi swept through it, even arching up a little and surging in all directions.

This scene made people’s jaws drop and their sweat stand on end.

Quietly, majestic killing intent leaked out from the two men, invisibly as if countless swords and shadows were intertwined and clashed together.

“So strong, Brother Henian, how should our Qin family deal with itself?”

“I always thought that Chen Dong was already the number one of the younger generation in the world, but this Li Danggui is no better than Chen Dong!”

“Who the hell is this Li Danggui, at such a young age, he is actually as terrifying as this?”


A burst of murmurs and exclaims echoed through the crowd of middle-aged Qin family members.

Everyone was confused, terrified and frightened.

Qin Henian, on the other hand, was in deep thought with his eyebrows knitted together as the crowd’s shocked clamour echoed in his ears.

The next second.


Chen Dong fiercely let out an explosive shout, his Qi energy surging wildly, as if he was out to bet a fierce tiger, directly charging towards Li Danggui.


A snicker appeared at the corner of Li Danggui’s mouth as his feet exploded with a bang and he rushed towards Chen Dong like an arrow off the string.

In an instant.

The battle was on the verge of breaking out.

The moment they collided, they entered into a white-hot battle.

There was no trial and error.

There was no finesse.

Simple, brutal, fist to fist.

But for a Qigong powerhouse, such a fist-to-fist fight was already enough.

In the eyes of Qin Henian and the others, it was a dizzying array of shadows and sounds that followed the shadows.

Bang Bang Bang ……

A sound of explosions echoed through the courtyard.

Each time the explosion sounded, a circle of ripples visible to the naked eye would wash out, distorting the line of sight.

Qin Henian and the others were dumbfounded and their jaws dropped.

They could not see the battle between Chen Dong and Li Danggui, they only felt a blurred residual shadow pa*sing quickly before their eyes.

But it was this blur that was imprinted incomparably clearly on the ground.

On this side of the ground, as Chen Dong and Li Danggui fought, the hard stone slabs were quickly crushed into pieces, turning into smoke and dust and surging in all directions.

This caused the mouths of Qin Henian and the others to cry out in awe.

High-speed battle.

Chen Dong blasted at Li Danggui with a blatant punch, the wind exploding and the qi surrounding him.

A simple and brutal punch, but it contained a terrifying force that could destroy gold and crack stone.


When Chen Dong’s fist was in mid-air, Li Danggui’s qi surged and instead of retreating, he advanced and lunged directly at Chen Dong’s fist.

This scene instantly made the pupils of Chen Dong, who was caught off guard, tighten up.

He did not wait to react.

Li Danggui’s eerie laughter then echoed in Chen Dong’s ears.

“You wouldn’t have been unaware of Pan Gu’s plan until now, would you?”

Chapter 1334

The Pan Gu Plan?

In an instant, Chen Dong’s ears felt as if thunder had exploded, his mind buzzed, and even his fist movements gave a pause in shock.

The Pangu Jade Pendant and the “Pangu Biotechnology Company” had always been questions that he could not understand.

But this sudden appearance of Li Danggui in front of him could actually say “Pangu Project” in the same breath, what was the connection between the two?

His thoughts were tangled and he was shocked.

Li Danggui’s teasing sneer suddenly rang out in Chen Dong’s ears.

“Hasn’t anyone told you that in a life-and-death struggle, distraction is a life-threatening thing?”

It was going to be a disaster!

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened, and a vicious chill ran from the soles of his feet to the sky.

He did not wait for any reaction.


Li Danggui, who was bullying Chen Dong, grabbed Chen Dong’s right fist by the wrist.

The qi wind then climbed onto Chen Dong’s right wrist like a maggot on a bone, instantly cutting the flesh and scraping the skin like countless sharp knives.

“Spread your hand!”

In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong’s expression turned hostile, his right arm muscles were buried inch by inch, and his fierce and domineering Qi energy swept along his arm directly towards the fist blade, trying to break free from Li Danggui’s right hand with brute force.

But to his horror, Li Danggui’s right hand was wrapped in Qi energy as if it was an iron grip, not moving at all.

The Qi that was sweeping away only resisted the erosion of Li Danggui’s Qi on his wrist.

In the snap of a finger, the two were at a standstill.

But this stalemate was only for a moment before it was broken by Li Danggui’s explosive roar.

“Kneel down!”

With a voice like a bell, Li Danggui’s left scapula, which had been shot, actually moved, and his entire left arm, surrounded by qi energy, was like a python dragon in the air, smashing into Chen Dong with a domineering and brutal stance.

He had left a hand?

Chen Dong was instantly shocked, and his body was filled with chills.

Just now, when he had worked with Qin Ye and struck Li Danggui’s left shoulder blade with one shot, he was certain that one of Li Danggui’s hands was temporarily ruined.

In the fight with Li Danggui just now, from the beginning to the end, in the face of his blistering attacks, although Li Danggui had also used his left hand to resist, it gave the impression that he was barely able to exert himself and was forcing himself to hold on.

However, Li Danggu’s left arm was now in the air without any stagnation, as if he was not injured!


In an instant, the faces of the Qin family members watching the battle changed greatly, and there was a sound of shouting and sucking in breath.

As far as they were concerned, this arm would have burst on the spot, not to mention a human head, even if it were a rock of red gold, under the power of Qi!

The destructive power of a martial artist’s Qi is on two different levels!

Not to mention that Li Danggui had surprised everyone by leaving his left hand, which should have been incapacitated by the shot, unharmed!

The first opportunity was enough to seal the victory.

Chen Dong, who had his right hand pinned down, had no choice but to resist the blow, which would have seriously injured him.

It was a close call.


Chen Dong’s five senses suddenly erupted, and with an explosive roar, he fiercely sank his waist and stood on his horse, his waist twisting, his body strength exploding to the limit at this moment.

There was no way to retreat, no way to avoid.

Then, no retreat, no avoidance!

Attack instead of defend!

Chen Dong’s right hand instantly counter-restrained Li Danggui’s right wrist, and just at the moment when Li Danggui’s left arm was about to slash above his head, his right hand violently counter-restrained Li Danggui’s right wrist, while twisting his waist and turning his back, like a dragon inverting a river, he directly threw Li Danggui into the air with a domineering stance.

The two men’s qi collided in an instant, thumping and banging as the wind swept across the air.


Like a broken pocket, Li Danggui was directly thrown out by Chen Dong and fell heavily to the ground, sliding seven or eight metres against the ground and raising a roll of smoke and dust before coming to a halt.

Li Danggui was lying on the ground and did not get up immediately.

Amidst the smoke and dust, Li Danggui lay on the ground, the corners of his mouth stained with blood, his eyes hollow and dazed, mumbling incredulously, “How the hell can this be such a terrifying fighting instinct?”

What had just happened had taken less than a second!

He had forced out the bullet from his left shoulder blade in advance, pretending that his left arm was temporarily weak, just to wait for the final blow just now.

Everything was in his calculations, even the sudden utterance of the “Pan Gu Plan” was intentional, to deliberately distract Chen Dong.

His right hand elbowed Chen Dong’s right fist, not just a simple elbow, but also crossed each other, in order to minimise the distance between him and Chen Dong, and to kill him with a single blow from his left arm!

Li Danggui had calculated this in advance before making this move.

And Chen Dong’s resistance was in the course of that less than a second, a desperate attempt to reverse and flip the situation!

Apart from instinct, even the most powerful master of deduction would never be able to deduce such a divine strike as Chen Dong’s!


In the courtyard where the smoke and dust rolled, there was dead silence.

“Chen Dong is dead, isn’t he?”

A low murmuring voice rang out from the crowd of the Qin Clan.

As the voice rang out, a crowd of Qin family members turned their gazes towards where Chen Dong and Li Danggui had been before, their eyes burning with eagerness to know the outcome.


The moment their eyes gazed, everyone was confused.

“How is this possible?”

“My god, what the hell just happened?”

“How, how did this happen?”


Daoist cries of shock came out of the mouths of the Qin family.

In the line of sight, smoke and dust rolled around, but there was no sign of Li Danggui.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was standing in place.

The smoke and dust was so thick that Chen Dong’s body was half bowed, his back was violently heaving, and even from some distance away, the Qin family could hear the ragged panting from Chen Dong’s mouth and nose.

But …… it was this hunched and tired figure that was like a heavy hammer that ruthlessly struck the eyes of the Qin family.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

For a moment, Qin Henian and the rest of the Qin family looked at Chen Dong as if they were facing a demon god.

It was also at this moment.

Chen Dong, who was hunched over, slowly twisted his head, his scarlet eyes looking straight at Qin Henian and the others, and while gasping for air, he asked, “Do you …… wish for my death?”

As he spoke, the corners of his mouth curled up into an evil and seeping smile.

This smile.

It made the restless and frightened Qin family members, instantly stiffened and silenced, and all of them felt the overwhelming cold intent declaring out from Chen Dong and pressing across the sky.

“Mr. Chen ……”

Qin Henian hurriedly opened his mouth, trying to explain.

However, Chen Dong ignored it and turned his head to fall back on Li Danggui in the smoke and dust in the distance.

“Li Danggui, tell us what you know about Pan Gu’s plan, and there is still something to discuss between you and me!”


Under his silvery white hair, his eyes narrowed into slits, staring at Chen Dong like a poisonous snake, “How can we discuss?”

Chen Dong smiled blatantly, “To discuss whether to leave your body whole or to cut it into pieces.”

His words were overbearing and his killing intent was as majestic as a thunderclap.